Mitt Romney: “Obama Promised to Slow the Rise of the Oceans & Heal the Planet… My Promise Is to Help You and Your Family” (Video)

Best line of the night -And well delivered…
Mitt Romney:

“President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans… And to heal the planet… My promise is to help you and your family.”


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  • Sarah

    That was a good line and well delivered. Overall, the speech was not that great, but Mitt is not a great orator. Let’s hope and pray we start to unleash some powerful ads because the election is drawing near and there’s a lot of ground to cover.

  • owl

    Your right. That’s the message and he gave it perfectly.

  • Rightdawg

    Next in Obama’s playbook is a full-scale assault on Mitt’s Mormonism. It is already happening in the liberal hypocrite media at the beckoning of Obama.

    Mitt’s response: Blanket the media with Jeremiah Wright as Obama’s spiritual advisor for over 20 years. Show “God Damn America” over and over and over again with Obama’s image in the background and all those abysmal economic statistics rolling on the screen.

  • bg


    Amen to everything he stated..

    damn, i wish McCain had never run..


  • mg4us

    Slow the ocean’s rise/heal the planet or help me and my family. . hmmmmm

    I’ll take the later any day. . .


    But what about the polar bears?

  • owl

    Hey, we agree #5…………………that was the perfect moment.

  • bigkahuna

    Obama will finally create a few jobs come Jan…..The movers taking his sh*t back to Chicago.

  • donh

    How about helping that aching sore back of Todd Akin Mr Romney ???? ..>

  • Someone on MSNBC is going to spin Mitts phrase ” Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the Oceans ” and somehow tie it in with the tragedy’s in Louisiana, saying that Mitt made that a racial remark towards Obie and the people of Louisiana… ( If it has not already )…
    I’ll bet my house on it….More proof why i can’t stand the double L’s….Liars & Liberals….

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  • Mad Hatter

    Does anyone know if Romney took matching funds before leaving the Convention. I hope not since he can keep raising money at the record pace he’s been doing. Sheldon Alderson said he would put up $100 million dollars if needed to defeat Obama.

  • Terry Gain

    The speech was great. It’s going to be so nice to have an adult in charge.

  • Kathteach

    Hey folks – remember when Hilary mocked Obama for “the celestial lights coming down and the seas parting” in her last leg of her ill-fated primary campaign against him?

    I sure remember.

    And I think I have spent the last three and a half years wondering who would be worse in the White House – Obama or Hilary…..

    But let’s give the Romney folks a nod for the great meme they captured from the 2008 campaign…..

    LOL and – then again – not so much…..

  • Redwine

    We absolutely loved Mitt’s speech over here. He evoked Reagan quite a bit. The man has vision and a great love for this nation. We must help him succeed. There’s so much more we need to do to keep the evil regime at bay. But, for once, I feel like a great weight is slowly being lifted off my shoulders.

  • Tim in Cali

    Good meat and potatoes speech.

    I don’t need or want flashy styrofoam greek columns

    Leave that for Barry Kardashian

    America needs the adults back in charge

  • Kathteach

    #16 – My family and friends were chanting USA at the Olympic speakers and they never stopped – we all loved Mitt’s speech.

    But we have actually loved him since 2008.

    He is the one we need now in America. No doubt.

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  • Limousine Barry

    So I lied. Big deal! I do it all the time. And, you forgot my Free Gas!

    Besides, when I made those idiotic promises they were just to get your money and your votes. Now that I have them – I say screw you! That goes for my crappy donors! They stink.

    If you like high gas prices and even higher unemployment vote for me. And, this is important! Send me $36,999.99 before midnight. My campaign is going broke!

    My campaign bus is running out of oil and Davy Axelrod has another scam for my Hollywood Talking Heads. This scam is a variation of the Musical Chairs scam. I cannot go into details because it has not been executed. My idiot Hollywood Talking Heads always vote for me. I say take their money and give them the shaft. Good day.

  • Mitt Romney

    So much stupidity in one thread. My brain hurts…

  • Patty

    And he will. I couldn’t believe when analysis after Romney’s speech by some of Fox’s regulars was so perplexing for me.

    I thought we learned more about Romney than the media or Obama ever allowed us to know about him. And those who were spellbound by Obama in 2008 had heads filled with the fluff exactly what Obama wanted and as Sarah said, the economy meltdown was the only reason Obama won. And Obama hope and change was the medicine that voters needed.

    As far as I am concerned this business about People know Obama and they still don’t know Romney really didn’t hear the entire convention. What do they want, blood? Because Obama’s real past and motivations were cover up and hidden to the public. We learned more about him after he was elected.

    When it comes to soul, there is Romney and there is Obama. Soul is in example and living the AMERICAN DREAM, and when Romney said he is an America, I wonder if those words had underlying meaning. You see, when you are constantly looking for someone to blame and disguising your past under the cover of media, do you know a person. That person is Obama.

    How does it work when these pundits keep saying people know Obama, when he has been one of the most secretive and radical, yet they like him personally. We now, thanks to the internet and real reporting know Obama four years later. And we don’t like what we see and now, Obama is taking cover again, his record of disastrous leadership and spending.

    Consequences for his lack of leadership.

  • Warren Peece

    I thought this was the best speech Romney’s ever done. I have to admit I wasn’t all that fired up about Romney being the nominee, but now I honestly feel Mitt’s the man for the time. He’s going to be a wonderful President.

  • A good speech with no fruity oratory read off teleprompters in front of Greek columns. Just a well spoken no nonsense speech with realistic promises befitting the serious situation. Now let’s make Mr. Romney the next president of the U.S.

  • Patty

    #23 August 31, 2012 at 12:22 am
    Warren Peece commented:

    I thought this was the best speech Romney’s ever done. I have to admit I wasn’t all that fired up about Romney being the nominee, but now I honestly feel Mitt’s the man for the time. He’s going to be a wonderful President.


  • Patty

    #24 August 31, 2012 at 12:22 am
    S. Wolf commented:


  • Patty

    Ryan and Rubio, the New Generation of the Republican Party. God Bless them both.

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  • Patty

    The stories of so many were so emotional, Rubio’s, Condi’s, Romney’s, Ryan’s, Suzanna Governor of New Mexico, and then the ex fire fighter and wife, and the woman who just lost her daughter who took care of Romney boys.

    Lots of love in that auditorium and for me, this convention was just the medicine I needed, we all needed. We are so proud. And if possible prouder come November because we are turning this ship around and in the right direction.

  • bigkahuna

    Patty, I agree.. I could care less if he gave a speech full of BSA like Obama who says and does nothing more than false hope and promise. The Fox so called smart ones are full of crap. Charles seemed to be fine with it but others all seem to downplay it.

    I learned a ton about Mitts character, background, business and governing philosophy, ability, determination, dedication to family, faith and friends. He walked the walk and talked the talk Obama never has. We found out more about Romney in 3 days than the Past 5 years of Obama…. Who vouched for Obama from his past ? Jeremiah Wright ? Bill Errors,? Bernadine Doren or whatever?, Barney Fwank ? any busiess people he saved or helped create ? any educators of the opposite party ? Any women he helped or families with ill children he helped ?

    Maybe some old classmates or Olympians who benefitted from his Chicago Olympics attempt ? Maybe those who gave him a Noballs Peace Prize for drone attacks ?

    Maybe a fake compilation of family or girlfriends ?

    A brother who he lets live in poverty stricken hut ? or an illegal aunt on Welfare ? No I dont rember them. Maybe his grandma who raised him… That old typ white woman?????

    If it wasnt for media propping this clown up Mitt would be up by 30%

  • Simsalabim

    2nd time in our nation’s history that we won’t have a Christian president. 1st time was in 2008.

  • Kathteach

    #31 Simsalabim Maybe you ought to go back to your Akin fellows for a welcome….you really have no idea what you are up to when you suggest we only need your kind of ‘bona fide’ Christians to run this country back to the right track.

    What particular sect do you adhere to? Please – tell us all about your superior position in God’s world.

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  • dwillmore

    Where is the Akin bashing post with the new poll numbers out? You know, the poll that show he is statistically tied with his opponent even after the RNC and talking heads crucifixion of a man over a single terrible interview answer. Even after the RNC pulled all funding?

  • Kathteach

    #34 – If Missouri is so messed up that they will vote for Claire – well – there really is not talking to any of you folks.

    Who cares if this bozo (and he sure seems like one) made a mistake in his speech – I just think you have to consider this bozo compared to your current US Senator.

    I mean – you poor guys in Missouri really only have a “hold your nose and vote for the lesser bozo” thing going on. It is what it is.

    But please – do your job. Our nation needs a GOP majority Senate to give Romney and Ryan the boost they need to get our country back on the right track.

    Like Paul Ryan wisely cautioned us all Wednesday night – “We do not have a lot of time left”.

    Thank the Lord we do not have to hold our nose to vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket this time around.

    I know I sure had to when voting for McCain. I loved Sarah (Still do) but – boy oh boy – McCain was not my cup of tea.

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  • Granny

    #14 August 30, 2012 at 11:49 pm
    Mad Hatter commented:

    Does anyone know if Romney took matching funds before leaving the Convention. I hope not since he can keep raising money at the record pace he’s been doing. Sheldon Alderson said he would put up $100 million dollars if needed to defeat Obama.

    Why on earth would he do that? Obama put Paid to anybody being fool enough to take matching funds when he agreed to do so with McCain and the minute McCain had done so Obama then went back on his word.

    I suspect it is a fair bet that had Obama actually kept his word we would have had a President McCain instead.

    I also suspect that had more of the American voters paid attention to the worth of the man’s word, sworn in public and then cast aside like an old shoe, Obama would never have seen inauguration day. That one incident proved him a LIAR of the first order. Only utter fools trust a blatant liar.

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  • Right Wing Conservative

    #32, #35

    Bad night for you? I’ll pray for you and all of us, in Jesus name. Take it how you want it, but sincerity is it’s base.

    Dear lord please help us to be kind when responding to each other, a fellow Christian or anyone that believes in you. As you made us in your image, please guide us to reflect on the grace, beauty, wisdom, and kindness that is you.

    Also I would like to ask that you help each of us strive to show our best side through this election. Help us so that we refrain from name calling, negative insinuations and ridicule that should be left out of our lives. Please help us represent ourselves in a manner in which we would want others to treat us.

    Let the Christ in all of us shine. In Jesus name, Amen!

  • While the audience was caught up in the Red frenzy, they really didn’t let what Mitt say sink in….the unprecedented extreme weather patterns from global warming (not the cyclical of climate change), cost taxpayers so much more than promised jobs that may not come to fruition…while Obama has let down those that care about global warming and the drill baby drill mantra that speeds this all up with so much methane losses from the industry, at least Obama admits the climate is a problem. I guess drought and clean up from storms creates jobs though…hmmm

  • switzer

    The lofty one has been cast down to the earth.

  • Male Silverback

    Good speech. Well delivered. Made me feel good and most importantly, it made me feel as though his concern was for the country and not himself.

  • Ghost

    “Red frenzy”?
    uhhh, hey tootsie pop, GREEN is the new Red- you’re just another ‘useful idiot’

    I presume you have a computer, but even if you’re in a Lefty warehouse, where do you think the electricity comes from? or, don’t they teach you that in Gaia nunnery?

    But don’t think that I DON’T believe in Global warming, NO! I Do, I Do… it’s true, on Mars

  • Tom in CA


    What extreme weather patterns?

    Global warming has already been exposed as a fraud.

    Cleanup from storms are usually taken care of by existing jobs. It does not create a new industry. It becomes a temporary bump in business for those companies already there.

  • mg4us

    Unbelievable Convention with a simple theme to Restore and Renew America. . that it is time to set things right again. . .

    Romney’s speech,. . . on top of Paul Ryan’s speech combined with ALL the great Speeches of Successful DIVERSE Women Governors, a former African-American Secretary of State, A Latino Senator, An African-American DemocRAT turned Republ-I-CAN that second Obama’s nomination at Dem Convention in 2008 (Arthur Davis), and an in-you-face Jersey Gov and you get an awesome team and message!!!

    So good that the RATs are fleeing the sinking ship. . the DemocRATs convention. . .
    Hilary Clinton staying away
    MO Senator McCaskill staying away
    Union buses staying away (gas prices too high plus they blew their money in Wisconsin)
    so many people staying away thatTeam Obama now giving away free tickets to attend

  • BobM

    For the first time in a long time I have returned to optimism . Well done speech, good honest man, brilliant businessman and family man backed by a talented group of young guns in the party. Their stories of success from humble beginnings should resonate with all Americans and not just Republicans. We can not afford four more years of the Obama administration. While not perfect, the Romney/Ryan ticket seems to be a case of being in the right place at the right time!

  • So with the Arctic sea ice setting another record, Greenland breaking melt records, during a major US drought and a year of record-setting heat and with parts of the country facing flooding exacerbated by rising sea levels, Romney decides to mock the position of every relevant scientific institution of nation or international standing on the planet and write off the threat presented by the radical idea that we can fundamentally alter the chemical composition of the oceans and atmosphere. Classy.

  • Jerry C

    @ #41 Kim Feil

    Dear Kim,

    All these natural disasters are a direct result of the sun. It has absolutely nothing to do with human beings (well, technically, it’s like 1/4 of a %). Climate Change, as claiming human beings causal, has been proven to be a fraud.

    What is its purpose? It’s to bring in a “climate change” tax, because the rest of the world doesn’t like the prosperity that America has attained. It’s the same-old game. Tax those who earn it and spread it around to those who don’t.

    You really should spend some time and actually research the truth instead of repeating what you’ve been told. Life isn’t fair. Get over it and move forward.

  • bg


    Kim Feil #41 August 31, 2012 at 6:16 am

    let it sink in


  • bg


    Kim Feil #41 August 31, 2012 at 6:16 am

    the truth about climate change is, we’ve always has climate change and
    we always will have climate change, heck the plates are still active, ergo

    the LIE about Global Warming, and much more here (#60),
    in connecting links and threads, so yes please, do let it sink


  • bg


    Jane Edmonds

    more here..


  • FurryGuy

    Looks like the economic dominoes are about to start falling:

    Japan plans to cut state spending, could run out of money in a month

    Too bad this will only make Barry speed up the spending with that fiscal iceberg sighted ahead.

  • FurryGuy

    #41 August 31, 2012 at 6:16 am
    Kim Feil commented:

    The media feeding frenzy for government control was just as frenetic back in the 1970’s when Global Cooling was the mantra for taking control of the masses. The “settled science” was wrong then as it is wrong now. Too bad useful idiots never use their atrophied grey matter to do anything other than chant mindless mantras.

  • bg


    Byron Smith #48 August 31, 2012 at 8:28 am

    no one denies there is “climate change”..

    the problems what causes it, that is what the LIE has been all about,
    a LIE conjured up in order to not only make huge profits off of, but to
    control the masses.. i implore you to do some research of your own,
    and employ the use of the brain i’m sure you posses..


  • bg


    just to set the record straight..

    re: #55 August 31, 2012 at 9:27 am bg

    the “fallacious logic” had nothing to do with climate change, what
    Romney stated was referencing the Messianic Narcissism of Obama..

    okay, between the total misrepresentation of what Akin stated, and
    now this utter nonsense, i give up on mans ability to comprehend.. 🙁


  • bg
  • Lindasadly

    Without one you can’t have the other. We are interconnected with our environment. We are entrusted to take care of this miracle called earth.

  • Tom in CA


    That’s deep. I need a moment. OK, it’s over.


  • mg4us

    Obama promised to slow the rise of the oceans. . .tell that to the flood soaked folks in Louisiana. . .

    And worse, Obama ignores them and goes fund-raising. . after all who would donate when underwater (which most of America is when it comes to debt!)

    Unlike Romney who is heading over to join Gov Jindal

    Now who is the REAL Leader America????. . .

    Who is the Real Nice care who cares????

  • mg4us

    Even worse is that flying back from Colorado or heading to Texas next door, Obama won’t even do a fly-over!

    Obama flew so flew so far north. . . and yet MSM gave Bush grief during Katrina. . .

    Obama is a Gutter-boy if ever there was one. . .

  • Right On

    Obama…your tin foil hat is ready!

  • Winston Wolfe

    My promise is to help you and your family.

    Thing is, Mitt, I don’t want your help. I want you – and the rest of government – to stay the hell out of my way.

    Leave me alone. That’s ‘help’ enough.

  • It’s Me

    #63 Wolfe:

    C’mon…lets think outside the box here a little. “Help” is a HUGE word that has a lot of tentacles in it’s meaning. Let me help you out…
    “My promise is to help you and your family”…
    …by taking a choke hold off small business so you/your family can resume the american lifestyle
    …by firing all the tzars the little punk has implemented to strangle your/our every move
    …by creating energy independence
    …by securing our borders from, not only illegals of any sort, but by monitoring who the hell comes through them

    These are but a few examples. Sounds like you’re reading too much of the Ted Kaczynski handbook

  • mg4us

    Obama clearly not a leader. . but a VERY SLOW Follower. .

    Now not getting to Louisiana until Monday

    What is he doing Saturday and Sunday. . .
    oooops forgot. .playing golf

  • MamaGriz68

    When Paul Ryan was named as the VP pick, I said I was sad that I would be voting for the VP once again. Up until this convention, I was voting mostly against Obama. I was so inspired after these three nights. With Ann Romney’s speech and that video last night, then Mitt’s passionate speech, I am now enthusiastically voting for Mr. Romney. He reminds me of my dad and my husband. He loves America as much as I do. I have a good feeling that his business expertise will help get this country going in the right direction. Let’s roll!

  • James


  • Bozo

    Romney just stated that he’s from the government and he’s here to help you and your family.


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