Best line of the night -And well delivered…
Mitt Romney:

“President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans… And to heal the planet… My promise is to help you and your family.”





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  1. That was a good line and well delivered. Overall, the speech was not that great, but Mitt is not a great orator. Let’s hope and pray we start to unleash some powerful ads because the election is drawing near and there’s a lot of ground to cover.

  2. Your right. That’s the message and he gave it perfectly.

  3. Next in Obama’s playbook is a full-scale assault on Mitt’s Mormonism. It is already happening in the liberal hypocrite media at the beckoning of Obama.

    Mitt’s response: Blanket the media with Jeremiah Wright as Obama’s spiritual advisor for over 20 years. Show “God Damn America” over and over and over again with Obama’s image in the background and all those abysmal economic statistics rolling on the screen.

  4. ++

    Amen to everything he stated..

    damn, i wish McCain had never run..


  5. Slow the ocean’s rise/heal the planet or help me and my family. . hmmmmm

    I’ll take the later any day. . .

  6. But what about the polar bears?

  7. Hey, we agree #5…………………that was the perfect moment.

  8. Obama will finally create a few jobs come Jan…..The movers taking his sh*t back to Chicago.

  9. How about helping that aching sore back of Todd Akin Mr Romney ???? ..>

  10. Someone on MSNBC is going to spin Mitts phrase ” Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the Oceans ” and somehow tie it in with the tragedy’s in Louisiana, saying that Mitt made that a racial remark towards Obie and the people of Louisiana… ( If it has not already )…
    I’ll bet my house on it….More proof why i can’t stand the double L’s….Liars & Liberals….

  11. The speech was great. It’s going to be so nice to have an adult in charge.

  12. Does anyone know if Romney took matching funds before leaving the Convention. I hope not since he can keep raising money at the record pace he’s been doing. Sheldon Alderson said he would put up $100 million dollars if needed to defeat Obama.

  13. Hey folks – remember when Hilary mocked Obama for “the celestial lights coming down and the seas parting” in her last leg of her ill-fated primary campaign against him?

    I sure remember.

    And I think I have spent the last three and a half years wondering who would be worse in the White House – Obama or Hilary…..

    But let’s give the Romney folks a nod for the great meme they captured from the 2008 campaign…..

    LOL and – then again – not so much…..

  14. We absolutely loved Mitt’s speech over here. He evoked Reagan quite a bit. The man has vision and a great love for this nation. We must help him succeed. There’s so much more we need to do to keep the evil regime at bay. But, for once, I feel like a great weight is slowly being lifted off my shoulders.

  15. Good meat and potatoes speech.

    I don’t need or want flashy styrofoam greek columns

    Leave that for Barry Kardashian

    America needs the adults back in charge

  16. #16 – My family and friends were chanting USA at the Olympic speakers and they never stopped – we all loved Mitt’s speech.

    But we have actually loved him since 2008.

    He is the one we need now in America. No doubt.

  17. So I lied. Big deal! I do it all the time. And, you forgot my Free Gas!

    Besides, when I made those idiotic promises they were just to get your money and your votes. Now that I have them – I say screw you! That goes for my crappy donors! They stink.

    If you like high gas prices and even higher unemployment vote for me. And, this is important! Send me $36,999.99 before midnight. My campaign is going broke!

    My campaign bus is running out of oil and Davy Axelrod has another scam for my Hollywood Talking Heads. This scam is a variation of the Musical Chairs scam. I cannot go into details because it has not been executed. My idiot Hollywood Talking Heads always vote for me. I say take their money and give them the shaft. Good day.

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