Mitt Romney: I Will Restore Barack Obama’s $716 Billion Cuts to Medicare (Video)

Go Mitt!
The media hasn’t said much about Obama’s $716 billion cut to Medicare so Mitt today pledged to restore it.
From his This Morning interview on CBS:


“And my campaign has made it very clear: the President’s cuts of $716 billion to Medicare, those cuts are going to be restored if I become President and Paul Ryan becomes Vice President. The President, when he was campaigning in Denver, Colorado, four years ago, said that Medicare was on a pathway to become bankrupt. And yet, he’s taking $716 billion from the Medicare trust fund to finance Obamacare, a new risky federal takeover of healthcare. My commitment is, if I become President, I’m going to restore that $716 billion to the Medicare trust fund, so that current seniors can know that trust fund is not being raided and we’re going to make sure and get Medicare on track to be solvent long-term on a permanent basis.”

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  • GregInSeattle

    An awesome example of political ju-jitsue – the Dems think they own the Medicare issue, but they’re the ones trying to destroy Medicare in order to foist the Obamacare beast on us. Mitt and Paul are the champions of Medicare!

  • Mikey

    @ #7 neoNKoen

    what? You’re telling us that Romney was in the House or Senate during 0bama’s term as President, and voted with 0bama to raid the 716 BILLION dollars from the Medicare trust fund?

    whew (rolls his eyes). Glad ABC straightened that out for us.

  • lizzy84


    developing..Shooting at Family Research Council Offices

  • bg


    NeonKoan #7 August 15, 2012 at 10:45 am

    re: Obama in 2010 on Paul Ryan’s Plan:
    “This Is An Entirely Legitimate Proposal”

    here’s the thing: (#66)

    [Democrats are still hammering an old, and since replaced, GOP proposal,
    claiming it would “end Medicare,” and cost seniors $6,000 more a year for
    their health care. The newest Republican budget, proposed by Rep.
    Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, keeps traditional Medicare — unlike his plan
    from 2011 — and the increased cost claim is no longer applicable to

    ergo, that clip is, well, outdated??

    December 12, 2011

    Ron Wyden and Paul Ryan’s Bipartisan
    Plan for Health Care and Medicare Reform

    [The heart of the Wyden-Ryan plan is to use competitive bidding
    to allow private insurers to compete with traditional, 1965-vintage
    fee-for-service Medicare. If you want to learn more about competitive
    bidding, see this piece I wrote about Mitt Romney’s proposal for
    Medicare reform. If that doesn’t quench your thirst, you can read
    the definitive book on competitive bidding: Bring Market Prices to
    Medicare, by Robert Coulam, Roger Feldman, and Bryan Dowd.]

    August 13, 2012

    Sen. Wyden distances himself from
    Medicare plan he crafted with Ryan

    [But this year, Ryan unveiled a new proposal, with Wyden at his side.
    The revised plan would give seniors a choice between private insurance
    and traditional Medicare. When Ryan and Wyden unveiled the policy,
    Democratic officials insisted that it wouldn’t weaken their attacks on
    the Ryan budget.]

    however, there is one thing i agree with, one
    way or another, they’re all in bed together.. 😡


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  • Patty


    Obama Targets Romney’s Dog, Again

    President Obama Tuesday cracked up a supportive Iowa audience by making a joke about Mitt Romney putting his dog Seamus on the roof of his car.

    The remark came during a discussion of windmills. From the White House transcript:

    His running mate, Congressman Ryan, calls them a “fad.” Then during a speech a few months ago, Governor Romney explained his energy policy this way — “You can’t drive a car with a windmill on it.” That’s what he said about wind power. Now, I know he’s tried some other things on top of a car. (Laughter and applause.) I didn’t know he had tried windmills on top of a car. (Applause.) But maybe he tried it. I would have liked to have seen that. (Laughter.)

    The Obama campaign had previously seized on the story about Romney’s dog, suggesting it was a sign of Romney’s callousness, until the strategy backfired when it emerged that Obama had admitted to eating dogs as a child.

    But the joke appeared to be part of Obama’s prepared remarks, suggesting the president is ready to introduce Seamus back into the campaign.

    Republicans responded by noting that Obama had just himself grumbled about the pettiness of politics.

    “After sanctimoniously complaining about making a ‘big election about small things,’ President Obama continues to embarrass himself and diminish his office with his un-presidential behavior,” Romney spokesman Ryan Williams said in a statement.


  • bg


    The Obama normal versus the Romney prosperity

    by Newt Gingrich
    August 15, 2012

    [In 1896 Democrats chose the youngest nominee in history. William Jennings Bryan won the nomination at 36 as a Populist, anti-industrial, anti-urban candidate. Bryan was a brilliant, compelling orator. He called for “grass to grow in the streets” and condemned the emerging industrial, urban America. His demagogic spirit of negative campaigning and class warfare deeply influences the Democratic Party to this day.

    McKinley was the calm, sober, well organized advocate of an urban, industrial America. His symbol was the full lunch pail. He developed a deliberate contrast with Bryan’s frantic campaigning and emotional speeches by waging a “front porch” campaign. Bryan’s campaign literally transported hundreds of thousands of voters by train to McKinley’s home in Canton, Ohio in the best organized campaign in American history.]

    more excellence @ link.. 😉


  • bg


    Patty #26 August 15, 2012 at 12:05 pm

    yeah, he may be barking poor dog, but
    you know he was thinking YUMME.. 😆


  • bg


    lizzy84 #23 August 15, 2012 at 11:50 am

    dang, too bad someone didn’t make a call
    identifying the perp as a teabagger.. /s/


  • Winston Wolfe

    I understand Romney has to say these things in order to placate the senior vote, but I don’t mind 700 billion being cut from Medicare.

    I call it a good start.

  • bg


    Winston Wolfe #30 August 15, 2012 at 12:48 pm

    that’s not the point, the point is he not only lied, but it went
    to ObamaCare (think death panels and taxes), not Medicare..


  • redneck

    Romney and Ryan need to keep pounding away about Obama robbing medicare to fund ObamaCare,because most older Americans have no clue what is going on because of commie media refuses to report the truth…..Medicare is now replaced with death-panels for Americans older than 55…….

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  • hmp49

    Not one penny is being “taken from the MEdicare trust fund”

    These are cuts in COSTS, not cuts in Benefits.

    If I’m wrong, point one ONE BENEFIT that is being eliminated.

    On the contrary, the donut hole is being eliminated, and free annual wellness exams included.

  • bg


    August 15, 2012

    Romney’s Politically Brilliant Medicare Move

    [Democrats launch knee-jerk Medicare attacks at Republicans as a matter of course and with Ryan on the ticket, you can expect to see more of it than usual as they try to mislead seniors about his plan. What this does is turn the whole issue around. Not only is Romney not going to be on the defensive, he’s going to be the guy who takes the 716 billion dollars out of Obamacare and puts it into Medicare. That makes it impossible for Obama to hold the high ground on the issue. He can’t claim to be the guy protecting Medicare from those SCARY Republicans when he’s the one who wants to pillage 716 billion dollars out of a wildly popular program to put into his atrocious health care bill that polls about as well as whooping cough. Now, every time Obama brings the subject up, Romney has a powerful, easy-to-understand talking point that will give him the upper hand on the issue. “Destroy Medicare? We’re the ones who’re trying to save it. In fact, we’re going to take the 716 billion dollars you took out of Medicare and put it back into the program.”

    Game. Set. Match. Romney wins the debate on the issue.]

    based on the facts of the matter, i concur.. 😉


  • bg



    August 15, 2012

    Former Obama Co-Chair from 2008 Joins Romney Campaign

    [In 2008, he was one of the biggest champions for Barack Obama,
    even serving as an Obama campaign co-chairman and seconding
    Obama’s nomination at the Democratic National Convention.

    But that was then and this is now.

    Today, Artur Davis, a former four-term Democratic congressman from
    Alabama is now supporting Republican Mitt Romney for president, and
    is joining him on the campaign trail in Arlington, Va.

    Just last month in Falls Church, Va., Davis gave a rousing address to
    the Northern Virginia Tea Party, rallying the crowd to defeat his former
    ally Obama.]

    okay, where’s Questionman when an answer to RACISM is needed?? 😆


  • Flintstone F.

    Obama and his administration have lied about the costs of Obamacare from day one. Those of us who know liberals, knew what they planned to do.

    Sebelius was put on the spot and had to admit to lying about the money from Medicare.

    Romney very recently stated that Medicare is an unfunded liability to the tune of 33 trillion dollars. I also want to hear him say “repeal Obamacare” (it’s been a while).

  • William W. Wexler

    The problem with your story is that the claim is false.

    First off, the cuts do not affect the benefits of Medicare recipients. Period. The cuts are in excess payments to providers. This will actually make Medicare more solvent.

    Second, the Romney/Ryan plan is actually to reduce Medicare benefits and ultimately eliminate it. They raise the eligibility age to 67. The costs of the plan will temporarily shift $6300 a year to seniors, then even more as the drug “donut hole” reopens.

    Please get your facts straight on this issue before you vote, especially if you are NOT already on Medicare. The Romney/Ryan plan is to put you on vouchers, eliminating Medicare entirely. If you believe that Medicare should be eliminated, fine. If you think that they are telling you the truth about Obama and Medicare and the ACA, you are mistaken… they are not.


  • William W. Wexler

    bg— one former black campaign official changes sides and this proves… what? That the GOP is not the party of white men?

    Really!? What percentage of black voters, or for that matter, let’s include all people of color, is the GOP going to draw this year? If it’s 5% that would be a miracle.

    Almost as much of a miracle as Jesus and Satan being twin brothers. Or God and Jesus being flesh and blood just like you and me. Or the rejection of God’s grace for some other hogwash dogma.

    You’ve got a Mormon problem on your hands. Republicans I know will NOT vote for a Mormon because they understand that Mormons are a cult.

    LOL that’s funny, though, you rejoicing and claiming the GOP is not racist.

    Maybe you also ought to do a bit of research on the “Curse of Cain”. Just Google it.


  • William W. Wexler