Missouri GOP Primaries – Spence Wins – Akin Leads Senate Race – Ann Wagner Wins …UPDATE: Todd Akin Wins!! …Update: Ed Martin and Peter Kinder Win!

Rep. Todd Akin wins hotly contested GOP Senate Primary–

Congressman Todd Akin won a hard-fought Republican primary for the right to challenge Democratic U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill.

Missouri went to the polls today to pick their candidates for the November election.

CSPAN has the results.

Here’s the Missouri Secretary of State’s website with results.

At 8:30 PM CST here are the results on the GOP Senate race with 7% reporting:
Akin, Todd GOP 17,143 34%
Steelman, Sarah GOP 15,601 31%
Brunner, John GOP 15,156 30%

UPDATE: 9:15 PM CST here are the latest results:
1072 of 3428 Precincts Reporting – 31%
Name Party Votes Vote %
Akin, Todd GOP 71,062 36%
Steelman, Sarah GOP 59,741 30%
Brunner, John GOP 58,859 29%

UPDATE: Dave Spence won the GOP primary for governor.

UPDATE: At 10:00 PM EST:
2366 of 3428 Precincts Reporting – 69%
Name Party Votes Vote %
Akin, Todd GOP 163,871 36%
Brunner, John GOP 134,222 30%
Steelman, Sarah GOP 130,327 29%

UPDATE: Ann Wagner wins the Dictrict 2 GOP primary:
437 of 470 Precincts Reporting – 93%
Name Party Votes Vote %
Wagner, Ann GOP 40,438 67%
Jotte, Randy GOP 13,786 23%
Morris, John GOP 4,294 7%
Baker, James GOP 2,220 4%

Race is called at 10:15 PM CST
U.S. Senate – GOP Primary
2764 of 3428 Precincts Reporting – 81%
Name Party Votes Vote %
Akin, Todd GOP 197,871 36%
Brunner, John GOP 161,176 30%
Steelman, Sarah GOP 158,775 29%

UPDATE: Peter Kinder won the hotly contested GOP primary for Lt. Governor.
Lieutenant Governor – GOP Primary
3413 of 3420 Precincts Reporting – 99%
Name Party Votes Vote %
Kinder, Peter (i) GOP 254,795 44%
Lager, Brad GOP 239,536 42%
Carter, Mike GOP 47,201 8%
Kullmann, Charles GOP 34,906 6%

UPDATE: Ed Martin wins the primary of GOP Attorney General.
Attorney General – GOP Primary
3413 of 3420 Precincts Reporting – 99%
Name Party Votes Vote %
Martin, Ed GOP 373,006 72%
Warren, Adam GOP 148,301 28%

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  • Patty

    Thank you, Mr. Hoft, one good thing in this upside down, world.

  • Vicky Hernandez

    Well, hopefully they didn’t pick another RINO. However, whomever the GOP candidate is, may they beat McRascal! Missourians can take care of the RINO, later.

  • juandos

    Well bummer!

    I voted for Steelman…

    Still Todd Aikin is a good choice too…

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  • Mope

    Top 2 runoff if under 50%?

  • FurryGuy

    Oh whee, looks like the servers are overloaded with requests:

    Service Unavailable

    HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

  • FurryGuy

    Washington State also held a primary election today, results available tonight at 8pm (PDT)

  • FurryGuy

    BTW, WA is now a by-mail vote, thanks to both parties here that wanted to eliminate the secret ballot. All in the oxymoron of “saving money”.

  • http://en.gravatar.com/teachx3 TeachX3

    It was reported that there was only a 25% voter turnout expected (which boils my blood!)… anybody heard any different?

  • a bit of behind the scenes manipulation, perhaps?

    McCaskill et al wanted Akin; he has been wimpy and malleable.

    Brunner polled the highest against McCaskill, so it was quite odd that Palin endosed Steelman just in the past couple of days.

    The secy of state web site (showing county by county returns) is conveniently not functioning.

    The days of free and fair elections may be long gone.

  • Dale

    WTF??????????? Seriously, c’mon retarded Repubs, Sarah Palin endorsed Steelman, what the matter is wrong with you folks, what more do you need??? I seriously hope the Joplin disenfranchised voters and the 10,000 votes that Eric Holder has stolen will not throw the Senate election to the Dems this Nov!!!

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  • Sarah

    I haven’t been following these races. Anyone got the low down on the various candidates, i.e. who’s good and who’s not? If so, please share…

  • Redwine

    Thanks for the link, FurryGuy @7. Wishin’ and hopin’.

  • http://en.gravatar.com/teachx3 TeachX3

    YES! Results are looking good so far 😀

  • FurryGuy

    #14 August 7, 2012 at 9:52 pm
    Redwine commented:

    Sure would be sweet if Cantwell were to lose in this primary election.

  • Redwine

    #16 August 7, 2012 at 9:57 pm
    FurryGuy commented:

    #14 August 7, 2012 at 9:52 pm
    Redwine commented:

    Sure would be sweet if Cantwell were to lose in this primary election.

    Damn right.

    Praying for Art Coday.

  • Tom in CA


    All we retarded conservatives want is McCaskill gone.

    Then, we come after your pension and put you in a nice ol’ 401K plan. Plus, force you to contribute to your medical plan. Have a nice night. Dream about Wisconsin.

  • Tim in Cali

    OT…Urgent Breaking News..latest attack on Romney

    Romney’s dad was given lifetime pass, for a free meal at McDnalds, from founder Ray Kroc


    I’ve heard of shooting blanks, but……Libs are taking desperation to a new level

  • Nelle

    Steelman, Akin and Brunner are all conservatives. Akin has been around a long time and I’m sure McCaskill is well prepared with a cascade of lies and insinuations to unleash. But I think we can get behind Akin and put Air Claire out of business.