Conservative radio host called on Obama to yank serial woman abuser Bill Clinton as keynote speaker from the DNC lineup.
Via Pat Dollard:




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  1. I’m sure he’s not the only pervert who will be giving a speech. If they remove all of them all that will be left in the stadium are the homeless, the winos, drug addicts, and anyone else they can persuade to attend.

  2. Levin is brilliant and this is just one more rant that is on the mark. Every single word of it. God bless Mark Levin.

  3. Mark Levin, “The Great One” is once again right on! If we think that the Dems will use Akin against us….and they will….I’d make sure all of Clinton’s victims are front and center in Florida. Don’t think that Hillary wants to re-live that time in her life. Maybe Bill can come down with some malady that will get him out of it, because I don’t think he REALLY loves Obama that much to put himself and his wife through that S@#$ again.

  4. Levin nails it. The RNC should add the “War on Women” to their convention agenda and blast the hypocritical Dems to kingdom come on it. They could easily make an effective campaign video just on Clinton as a sexual predator, not to mention Wiener, disgraced Oregon rep David Wu, and so many other Dems for their sick sexual predatory activities and pronouncements.

  5. Absolutely start punching back at the Dems about Clintons rape of Juanita Broderick and his impeachment . Start punching back with the statistics on abortion and the realities of partial birth abortion. If rape and abortion are at the forefront of the political conversation use it to inform the public of the hideousness of the Democrat Party.

  6. Yes.

    And then, why is it left to a television and radio personality and author to do the work that the RNC and the Romney campaign should be doing?

    That question was rhetorical.

  7. I haven’t even listened to it and I know I’m gonna love it.

    Thank you, Mark Levin!

    “The Great One” is an understatement.

  8. Thanks, Mark Levin, for doing some heavy lifting on the right side of the debate.

    It is laughable to think that the lefty loons think they can preach to us about a ‘War on Women’ with the lineup of scoundrels they’ve had over the years.

  9. #6 listingsb

    Levin is not part of the RNC, nor a part of the Romney campaign.

    If this is “punching back”, then so is someone jumping into a boxing ring from the audience, punching his favorite boxer’s opponent, and then exiting the ring.

    When the F is Romney going to “punch back”?

    I’m betting “never”.

  10. And this should have been ‘the right’s’ response with Akin. Instead, we keep squishing him and give an anemic poke at who needs a loud thunderous kick in the ass…the criminals in the democrat party. The molesters, the rapists, the pedophiles, the tax cheats, the partial birth aborters, the ATF murderers.

  11. Look, folks. If we want Romney to beat Obama, we’re going to have to do it for him.

    He and his campaign won’t ever dare say what needs to be said, since they are cowards.

  12. So let’s all hope Levin, Rush, and others continue “punching back” in lieu of Romney.

  13. Oh…I’m listening to it now…

    Dems! OUCH!

    As Cigar Willy would say,

    “You might wanna put some ice on it.”

  14. Y’all starting to get it yet?

    Electing Romney is up to US.

    And this is becoming more apparent each day.

    He doesn’t want to win, and I predicted this for our eventual candidate years ago.

  15. mcc

    Did Bill say that to Juanita Broderick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, or Gennifer Flowers?

    It’s hard to keep it all straight, when there were so many.

  16. Let’s us NOT FORGET that the only US president charged with RAPE is bill “monica-stain” clinton (and the d-cRAT socialists still claim that all women should be “thankful” for him and his party !!!!)

  17. I remember Hilary calling the Monica Lewinsky allegations part of a “vast right-wing conspiracy”.

    Every one of these women who accused Clinton of rape were fellow travellers, die-hard Democrats, adoring Liberals, and absolutely IDOLIZED this powerful man.

  18. #16 — Taq. —

    Juanita Broderick…

    He’d bit her lip.

    Said it when he was at the door

    about to leave…I’ll never forget reading about it.


  19. Uh…still hard to believe, but FOX or someone

    today reported BC’s favorables at 65%…

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