Latest Poll Has Akin Down 9 Points to McCaskill in One Week

In one week Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) slid to a nine point deficit behind Claire McCaskill in Missouri. And, McCaskill has not even started to run ads in the state.
Akin now trails Claire McCaskill 50-41.

Cook Political says Akin is unelectable following his outrageous rape comments.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported:

U.S. Senate challenger Todd Akin’s support in Missouri has plummeted since his remarks a week ago about “legitimate rape” and pregnancy, putting him 9 points behind Sen. Claire McCaskill in a race he was previously winning, according to a new Post-Dispatch/News 4 poll.

More than half of Missouri voters now view the Republican congressman unfavorably, the poll indicates, and fewer than one in five view him favorably.

Akin’s fall is especially dramatic among women. They were about evenly split between Akin and McCaskill in a similar poll at the end of July, but women now oppose him by almost 20 percentage points. Even in rural areas where Akin retains the lead, his support has dropped significantly from a month ago…

…Akin, long a staunch opponent of abortion rights, was comfortably leading McCaskill, the incumbent Democrat, before the recent controversy. A Post-Dispatch/News 4 poll in July, before the Republican primary, showed Akin ahead of McCaskill by 5 points in a hypothetical matchup, 49-44

…Akin’s favorability rating in a Mason-Dixon poll conducted in July was double his unfavorable rating, 24-11 percent. More than 40 percent of respondents at that time held a neutral view of him, and 23 percent didn’t know who he was.

The new poll has Akin’s favorable-unfavorable numbers at a dismal 17 to 56 percent. An additional 24 percent held a neutral view, while only 3 percent say they don’t know who he is.

But the data also show that Akin has kept majority support in rural Missouri, where he still beats McCaskill with 50 percent or more of the vote. But in those same regions in the July poll, his support was around 60 percent.

In the St. Louis and Kansas City areas, where Akin lagged McCaskill by around 5 to 15 points a month ago, almost two-thirds of voters are now against him.

That, combined with national GOP vows to withhold millions of dollars in financial support that would otherwise have been coming Akin’s way, makes his path to victory especially narrow, Coker said.

“Grass-roots fundraising in a U.S. Senate race doesn’t cut it,” Coker said. “For McCaskill, the resources are going to pour in (nationally). This is a Senate seat Democrats can save that they weren’t sure about” before Akin’s remarks.

Akin has raised $206,000 from Republican and Democrat supporters since his rape comments.

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  • Patty

    Missouri conservatives rally to Akin, blast Republican “establishment”

    Missouri conservatives say they are rallying around U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin despite his controversial comments about rape because they are outraged that “establishment” Republican Party leaders tried to railroad him out of the race.

    A backlash has set in here in Akin’s suburban St. Louis congressional district, where supporters said the national party had no right to attempt to force out a duly-elected candidate.

    Backers described Akin as the “real deal,” a politician fiercely committed to their social causes such as opposition to abortion, and to the Tea Party drive to downsize government.

    Akin, 65, has defied widespread calls, including from Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, to step aside after he said women’s bodies have natural defenses against pregnancy from “legitimate rape.”

    The uproar knocked Romney’s campaign off message days before the Republican National Convention, and major party paymasters pulled millions of dollars in campaign advertising for Akin.[………….]

  • midusdew

    Yesterday it was 10 now 9……

  • Scott

    The time has come for me to remove Gateway Pundit from my “favorites”.

    Enjoy your conservative bashing.

  • a former dem

    I hope this doesn’t mean Romney will lose MO. Akin is toast. I just hope MO still turns out and votes out Barry Soetero.

    A winnable seat gone, maybe repubs can pick up a seat elsewhere. Of course then there are debates, so who knows what Akins will spout out there.

  • Sasja

    Oh, blah, blah, blah. Akin can’t win. We’re doomed. We’re pathetic whiners.

  • Sasja

    Meanwhile, the dems convention theme is all abortion all the time with a disbarred, impeached serial womanizer and accused rapist giving the keynote.

  • old one

    I voted for Sarah Steelman in the primary, but…will vote for “anybody but McCaskill”, including Akin.

  • old one

    …in the general election, that is.

  • Sasja

    Maybe I should have put “serial lecher.”

  • Patty

    #7 August 25, 2012 at 12:37 pm
    old one commented:


    And I posted an article yesterday on that very thing. Missourians want anyone but McCaskill


    A different article is interesting:

    McCaskill having a hard time escaping Obama’s shadow

    In the minds of many Missourians, Sen. Claire McCaskill’s greatest failing in representing the state was she simply got too close to the country’s first African American president.

    McCaskill early on became a great supporter of Barack Obama in his campaign for the White House. She supported the Affordable Care Act and a lot of Obama’s initiatives.

    But Missouri didn’t. It was a red state in 2008 and is expected to be blood red in November.

    It’s why Republican Todd Akin, despite his foul and offensive statements about rape and abortion, maintains a slight lead over McCaskill in a recent poll. The contest in the former slave state had been framed as anybody but McCaskill among Missouri voters.

    Rep. Akin’s goof up and Republicans trying to distance themselves from him now will give more people pause when they go to the polls. But his backward statements will likely be a distant memory in November.

    However, in Missouri people will long retain images of McCaskill, a white woman, being too close for their comfort to Obama, who’s black. Yes, race still matters, and America is far from any post-racial era.

    Read more here:

  • paha poika

    Hold your nose and vote for this knob Akin in an anybody but Claire effort. Then turn him out in the next primary.

    The only problem with this is that independents now hate him more than Claire. The “Show Me State” may show Akin that they believe him to be a tool. I don’t think Akin can attract enough indy voters to win. Hope I’m wrong about this.

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  • CT

    I can see the November 8, 2012 headlines Missouri Taliban takes down Romney Dems control Senate and Obama re-elected. Unconfirmed reports Todd Akin in hiding. What’s left of the Republic Party in bloody purge.

  • CT

    There’s none so blind than those that refuse to see.

  • Toddski

    Tired of hearing this already………Both Aiken and Huckabee should smash theri heads together…..Jackasses…….They are ruining everything !

  • Votemout2012

    Good job Mr. Hoft. Keep on with hatchet job on Todd Akin. I Am sure Claire loves it. McCaskill might even start retweeting your articles. She may even have a spot for you on their media team. What did conservative pundits expect from the 24/7 media hit job from our own side. Meanwhile you having no respect for the voters who worked hard to get him elected. I am sure your good friends and media vultures Malkin and Coulter are very proud of you too.

  • Sarah

    The more we allow this topic to the be center of conversation the more the Left dances with glee. Let’s move on and return to the big picture. We’re just rehashing and reittering what’s been said over and over here and on a zillion other sites. The convention is a few days away and we have a republic to save. Let’s focus on what we need to do, on where to focus our energies, on how to raise money and work for the November 6th goal. Let’s learn from the Democrats and ignore a big mess by changing the conversation. While they have the media to help them, we’re not powerless. YOU are the meda. Change the conversation.

  • donh

    He’s gained 3% in a day 38 to 41 and cut deficit 10 to 9. All while BOTH parties campaining HARD against him. Todd is not an Al Green or even a Christine O’Donnell level candidate. He can still win this. People won’t be manipulated over the long term by mercinary media hacks harping another macaca smear to railroad another descent human being from office…not while the real criminals still go free. …but JIM NEEDS Akin to lose to save face and you can count on 5 negative attack posts a day from now until Nov 2.

  • Mad Hatter

    #13 CT,

    Why are you obsessed with calling Americans that you disagree with the Taliban?

    How long have you been mentally ill?

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    And, McCaskill has not even started to run ads in the state.

    The only ads she could run are likely to be negative ones; that’s probably why there hasn’t been any progress on that front with McCaskill. Too many negative ads aired too early only end up pissing people off.

  • donh

    ” And, McCaskill has not even started to run ads in the state.”

    No McCasKILL hasn’t even called for Akin to resign…yet she’s a woman and women are supposed to be all ” OFFENDED ” by the fairly benign term ” legitimate rape “……..More proof of faux angst ….by opportunists who hunger for somebody of lesser morals to hold that Senate seat….somebody who will easily shaft the voters who trusted you with their seat . Someone who will make false their promises and betray our agenda once in office . Somebody who has dropped to their knee at the altar of Kane and sworn his oath to the loyal order of brother backstabbers.

  • mcashc

    The network media is the real enemy of a free America. If it was possible for them to report facts void of political correctness, Romney would win in a landslide. But too many hard working people get all their info from the msm at 530 while they are eating supper. The communists bought off the msm a long time ago.

  • Redwine

    Jim, PLEASE, stop the caterwauling! Do you really want to kill a win against McCaskill? Are you so petty and vindictive that you are willing to sell out MO and the US Senate fight against the regime because Akin isn’t your guy? Are you working to kill the vote for Romney in MO? THINK!!

    Look, Akin is problematic because he failed to articulate a position that seems to be founded on spurious research. He may be an idiot. But he’s OUR idiot. And that’s no reason to kick him and the conservative cause to the curb. Look at the crap on the other side. Every [email protected] one of them is a corrupt, raving lunatic. Do you think they’re going to throw Wasserman-Schultz, Rangel, Biden or any of their jerks under the bus? NO! They double-down on keeping them in. They’re the stars of the show!

    Please take Mark Levin’s sage advice and work like crazy to elect “even an orange juice can” against the Dem opponent. Your “orange juice can” is Akin. You, Missourians, Republicans and conservatives everywhere MUST raise the funds, work for and drag this guy over the finish line.

  • BS61

    I expect better than you Jim H.

  • dwillmore

    So this means he has gained a point since Monday’s poll right? Just imagine where he would be if Republicans and people calling themselves conservatives would control their own public tongues…..ah but you like that trash talk don’t you.

    So what was so egregious that Akin said? For me it was the statement of legitimate rape even though I know there is such a thing prevalent in our society as illegitimate rape. But that just sounded bad and mean. But that is a talking point and a gaffe. He pulled that back. The repubs and conservatives said it was equal to Akin actually raping women himself….that is funny because that is usually a Kennedy thing but I digress.

    Does anyone really think Akin is for raping women? Is he for disallowing raped women from seeking justice?

    No, the problem is that Akin made it known that even in cases of rape he believes in the rights of innocent human rights over the desire of a woman to abort.

    Maybe the rub is that Akin believed published comments from an MD that without female fluids being present to allow sperm to transport to ovum that it reduces the chances of pregnancy, or that a hormone produced during stress further prohibits pregnancy. Yeah, I don’t believe that theory proves out, but have you ever researched how to make a baby when a couple is having problems conceiving? There are some interesting suggestions by doctors to help conception to happen…including the time of month and day intercourse occurs.

    But all of this LOOK AT ME I LOVE WOMEN because I HATE EVERYTHING AKIN stands for makes me angry. Just maybe if the right had controlled its tongue and the situation Akin would only be down 5 points after an interview stumble or less….Hell the president wants to kill babies after they are born and no one seems to care.

    Discussing the topic and stating how dumb it was to say what Akin said is one thing, but you all unleashed hate on the man in an effort to make yourself look good to the left and media. Fools.

    And the calls by talking heads on the right to focus on the economy and not ‘social’ issues such as abortion can bite me. Just like homosexual factions believe that marriage equality is the same issue as equal rights (which I disagree) to me and many like me abortion is WORSE than slavery. A slave lived, and could have a chance to find freedom while the aborted never do either.

    So to me you talking heads would be screaming to Lincoln not to wage war and instead save the economy…avoid the whole slave issue as we did at the nation’s founding. Sure we disagree with slavery, but we need the greenbacks to keep coming in after all we have the whole Mexican thing and Western expansion thing going on.

    I could go on, but have written more than anyone will read. May your sons never impregnate a woman at a time and in a way that would make her seek killing her own child, and may your daughter never kill her child unless it was a direct act of saving her life.

    Sex is but a handshake now. Women bearing and caring for their children is an obscenity in our civilization. And we wonder why our country is the way it is. Fools

  • Patty


    I don’t know much about Missouri Senatorial candidate Todd Akin but I am giving serious consideration to going out to Missouri and volunteering for his campaign.

    It is about time somebody stood up to the Republican establishment and the man-haters who are responsible for the neutering of the American male.

    Instead of worrying about the lesbian-cabal currently purging America of any vestiges of the patriarchal leadership that made America great, the media, in cahoots with the Republican establishment, are doing everything they can do to run Christianity and Christian values out of the public square.

    I can’t believe how blind “conservatives” are.

    Skinny-dipping in the Sea of Galilee gets more attention than Fast and Furious. Expecting women to pay for their own contraceptives is considered a “war on women,” and defending the right to life of all unborn children, no matter who his/her daddy is, now disqualifies one from holding office.

    Thank God Todd Akin didn’t bend-over to those who wanted to rape him of his legitimately earned candidacy for the US Senate in Missouri.

    Distract, distract, distract. That is all politics is about. Both parties have turned liberal. The Republicans just aren’t as aggressive with their socialism. The take “conservative” positions…they just don’t fight for them.

    Wake up!! This is not your father’s Democrat Party. But it is not your Papa’s Republican Party either.

    Have you noticed that the one’s screaming the loudest for Todd Akin to quit are the Establishment hierarchy and their hand-picked socialist-lite candidate Willard Romney?

    And what was Akin’s sin? He challenged the thought that not every woman who cries “rape” was actually raped. He didn’t rape anyone nor cover-up the rape of anyone. He merely stated what law-enforcement statistics have proven. Not every rape is a forcible rape. Can you say Tawana Brawly? How about Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas?

    Did you know that thousands of men across America have been accused of rape where no actual rape occurred? Did you know that with the introduction of DNA as evidence literally thousands of men have been released from prison after having spent years in jail for rape?

    Akin should have used the term “forcible rape” rather than legitimate rape. Either way, miss-characterizing rape is not the same as committing rape. But don’t tell the Republican Party. [……………..]

    Read more, much more here:

  • So, up by 1 in a few days after the last poll? I think the guy should have stepped down and let someone else run, but I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see him beat McCaskill. People strongly underestimate the annoyance with McCaskill in Missouri and in a few weeks this will have been largely forgotten. By November, we’ll wonder what the fuss was all about.

  • Arkie

    Akin has got to be the most selfish person in the history of the universe. He’s willing to blithely sacrifice this Senate seat and possibly the Presidency to his own selfish ambitions. Rather than stopping the discussion of his asinine behavior, we should continue to demonstrate to this ass that he will not get support from anybody (with the possible exception of Huckabee), and that he should come to his senses and join in petitioning the Court to be allowed to withdraw from the race before the late September deadline passes.

    And in response to a comment above, why should Claire McCaskill call for him to leave the race — he’s the answer to her prayers. And as far as his half-ass apology, it sounds like something Obama would say. The original apology was a good first step, but since then he’s regressed into acting like he just made a slight grammatical error — no biggie — and everyone is just overreacting. This man is delusional. He’s riding to sure defeat on one of Obama’s unicorns.

    And for those who are trying to characterize this as an attack on the pro-life community, you are wrong. If Akin had clearly stated his belief that even a pregnancy that resulted from rape should not be terminated, he would not be in this trouble. But he had to try to be slick with it by trying to say that it really wasn’t all that important, because rapes didn’t result in pregnancies; and here we all are in the proverbial deep doo doo that he created. This is the difference between Sarah Palin and Akin. She is an honorable person who resigned her governorship when it was in the best interests of her family and the State of Alaska. She had to know that there would be those who would call her a quitter, but she decided the best and most honorable course and took it. Akin is apparently going to selfishly stay in this race, no matter the harm to the State of Missouri or the country.

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  • CT

    #19 Mad Hatter

    There is nothing more Taliban-like in American politics than the obstinate self-righteous anti-abortion in-your-business conservative. These uncompromising right-wing religious fanatics will martyr the Republican Party to get their way. Well it isn’t going to happen in Real World and as I’ve commented before there’s none so blind than those that refuse to see.

  • Jim W

    If he loses and the Senate can appoint liberal justices to the Supreme Court, that will have a devastating effect for decades. That is too big a gamble to take. That can make life even more miserable for prolife cause.

  • Then I guess us knuckle-draggers will just have to VOTE, won’t we.

    Akin will win.

    Romney will win Mo going away.

    Post Dispatch-Gateway Fund it

  • John

    Ditto to #3 – Jim, I am not sure what your deal is now… Face it – he is staying in … you obviously do not know him personally.. The primary is over – this is what we have… There are things much worse than Akin as Senator… see Claire McCaskill

  • Mad Hatter


    You haven’t studied the Taliban have you?

    Here’s “Taliban like”,

    Preventing girls from going to school to get an education.

    Requiring women to wear body covers where you can only see their eyes.

    Throwing acid in the face of women and girls as a form of punishment.

    Forcing young girls to undergo clitorectomies.

    Honor Killings.

    Strapping bombs to themselves and killing people as they yell “Allah Akbar”.

    Killing others that leave their Religion.

    To try and label the Conservative Christians that are Pro Life as “Taliban like” in politics shows how desperate you are to smear people you disagree with.

    I would expect that type of comparison from the children at the Daily Kook site.

  • Fame lust is a sad thing to witness…

  • JoyO

    If I were a Missouri resident, I would vote for anyone but Claire — and that includes voting for Akin. What Akin said was stupid but HE DID NOT VOTE FOR OBAMACARE AND CLAIRE DID! We must get 51 Senators to take over the Senate so that Obamacare can be repealed. Do not let the MSM make you lose site of that fact. If the Progressives RETAIN the majority in the Senate, we will never repeal Obamacare AND WE MAY NEVER SEE ANOTHER BUDGET PASSED!

  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    Let’s see a show of hands –

    Who wants to throw Claire the PIG and Obunghole out of office?

    Who wants to allow Obamacare to fully implement by spending all of your energy trashing Todd Akin, a solid CONSERVATIVE vote?

    Any questions?

  • donh

    Pro lifers have been working very hard for a Romney win….the Kill AKIN order is an unprovoked attack by the pro abortion republicans who favor eugenics . Romney is using his new found leadership of the party to trim his coatails and shred pro lifers from down ticket. He is also running the party like its Bain capital. Romney assumes he can just terminate and fire duely elected primary nominees at will by purchasing some hack media mericnaries to vandalize those candidates and railroad a vacancy for his hand picked underlords . The conflict this is stoking is of Romney’s doing….not Akin, and it may just cost Romney the election.

  • CT

    #34 Mad Hatter

    Look in a mirror, I’m not the one who’s desperate.

    I am a Conservative without all the extremist look at me hang-ups and very grateful to have been brought up knowing Christ.

  • retire05

    So while Jim Hoft continues with his Chicken Little screaming “the sky is falling, the sky is falling” and continues to take a tire iron to Todd Akin’s kneecaps, perhaps a little history will put to rest this “Akin is going to cause Romney to lose the election” crap:

    St. Louis Postdispatch/Mason-Dixon Poll


    Romney 50%
    Obama 43%


    Romney 51%
    Obama 42%

    Romney had lost one percentage point in all the broohaha over Todd Adkin.

    Missouri polls averages:


    McCain 49.7% up by 7
    Obama 42.7%


    McCain 50.0% up by 4.7
    Obama 45.3%


    McCain 47.8% up by 3/10th of a percent
    Obama 47.5% (almost dead even)


    McCain 47.8% down by 2/10th of a percent
    Obama 48.0% (Obama overtakes McCain)


    McCain 48.5%
    Obama 47.5% (McCain lead by extremely narrow 1%)

    What the 2008 polls show is that the closer election day came, Obama seemed to gain in Missouri. By election day, McCain and Obama were almost in a dead heat. And Todd Akin was not on anyone’s radar then.

    So how do we explain John McCain’s falling in the polls from 8/24/08 to election day if not for Todd Akin?

    If you look at the poll on Akin/McCaskill that Jim Hoft provided, McCaskill only leads in those two areas, St. Louis and Kansas City, that had the benefit of ACORN thugs rallying for McCaskill. It was St. Louis, and Kansas City, were Jim Hoft, himself, reported such rampant voter fraud. Didn’t I read not too long ago that the Missiouri Attorney General refused to abide by federal law and purge the Missouri voter rolls of illegitimate voters?

    Now, since ACORN has regrouped, even going so far as to use the very same name, is there anyone who thinks that Todd Akin stood a chance in St. Louis, even before the gaffe?

  • paulejb

    But it’s the Republican establishment and the “librul” media that’s Todd Akin’s problem, right?

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  • bizjetmech

    I find it interesting to note that the only places where Akin trails McCaskill are the liberal bastions of KC and STL.

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  • dunce

    The idea that he is the only republican that can and will support family and Christian values is utter nonsense. His naked lust for power is on full display and it is pornographic.

  • “This Is Not Your Father’s Democratic Party is a lively and humorous historical analysis of the Democratic Party as told by a lifelong liberal with close ties to the Kennedy family. Political junkies of all stripes will find it provocative and interesting.”