A Berlin court allowed a far-right group to display provocative caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) during planned demonstrations outside mosques last weekend. (On Islam)

A 54 year-old Egyptian tossed explosives at the German Embassy after the Prophet Mohammad was insulted on Sunday.
Emirates 24-7 reported, via ROP:

Egyptian police arrested a man who threw two soda cans packed with gun powder at the German embassy on Wednesday, security officials said.

One of the two cans exploded inside the embassy’s grounds, the officials said, adding that the 54-year-old man then threw a third can that did not explode at a policeman who was chasing him.

The man said he attacked the embassy because he believed German extremists insulted Prophet Mohammed, the officials said.

A far right German group had displayed a caricature of the prophet outside a Berlin mosque on Saturday amid a heavy police presence. Islamic law prohibits depictions of the prophet.




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  1. Jim, please do not use the word “prophet” in your headlines to describe Mohammad. It is insulting to Christians and Jews alike. Further, it gives some legitimacy to the Muz and their actions.

  2. I would love to have this translated into Arabic: There is no God but God, and Jesus is His son. Plaster that all over the place. Not to offend my Jewish friends of course, their beliefs do not offend me nor do any other peaceful religions that don’t preach violence in the name of God. There is only one wanna be god who preaches that and we all know where he lives.

  3. Muhammad Badger don’t care!

  4. ROP-MA

    And Jim – please edit out the ” (PBUH) ” because I don’t care to know what The Prophet did with his peanut butter. (Though I *AM* comforted to know that whatever-it-was didn’t involve jelly in any way.)

  5. we should all refer to him as “Mo’ Ham, Ed!”

  6. #1 August 23, 2012 at 2:06 pm
    john b commented:

    Jim, please do not use the word “prophet” in your headlines to describe Mohammad.


    Agreed. A prophet is someone who has “prophesized”. Mad Mo was a rapist, serial mass murderer, liar and thief who never prophesized about anything. Rather, he set upon the world a death cult of fanatical followers that has wreaked untold horror upon the world since virtually its inception… and they’re still at it!

    Mad Mo is truly one of the most despicable characters in human history to ever have walked planet earth and surely, if there is a hell, resides in that netherworld land of fire and brimstone alongside Satan himself and so many other historical figures of ill-repute.

  7. Geez, Jim. Not even far-Left media outlets would dare put “(PBUH)” in their news stories. I hope you were being sarcastic or have fun losing all of your readers.

  8. Ah, it appears you just copy pasted from that “on islam” site. Might want to go back and edit out the (PBUH) before you seriously alienate your readership.

    I also don’t appreciate non-muslim media outlets referring to muammad as “the prophet muhammad”. It smacks of islamic imperialism.

  9. Hey there folks, just wanted to say that I am related to everyone that previously commented and need to get something off my chest.

    I am an alcoholic that sleeps with my siblings and I have gotten her pregnant and I don’t know what to do. I tried beating the baby out of her but it’s still moving the damn bastard. I also gave my sister to the guys down at the local watering hole and let all the guys have a turn, see that way I can say it ain’t mine. But then I heard about DNA tests and I’m worried, cuz I can’t afford child support.

    Also, anyone need any cars fixing I good at that too.


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