GOP Leader Priebus: “If They Want to Punch Us We’re Going to Punch Them Back With Brass Knuckles” (Video)

I ♥ Reince Priebus!

GOP Leader Reince Priebus and Sean Hannity discussed the Obama Administration’s campaign of anger and hate tonight. Priebus promised,

“If they want to punch us we’re going to punch them back with brass knuckles.”

Let’s hope so.

Here’s what Reince Priebus told Sean Hannity:

“I really think this president has a problem with the American dream. And, you know, I don’t think parents out there, Democrats and Republicans alike, are looking for the glass half empty America that Barack Obama wants to sell this country. That’s not what we are. So we’re going to be aggressive. So my view is if they want to punch us we’re going to punch them back with brass knuckles and that’s what we have to do… At the end of the day, the only things that are shovel ready around here are the words coming out of Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s mouth.

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  • Practical Jane

    Stand Your Ground.

  • Winston Wolfe


    Stop the sniveling and whining about the mean things the Democrats are saying.

    Fight fire with fire.

    I’ve said it before, if they want war … let’s give it to them.

  • Larkin

    That would certainly be a departure from the norm.

  • Mad Hatter

    Give em’ a dose of their own medicine.

  • Winston Wolfe

    Oh, and to any of the Leftists who may be reading these comments?

    Take your phony calls for civility and stick ’em somewhere.

  • lizzy84

    Good job. Punch them back–even harder–every time.

    {Reince Preibus..his name is cool.}

    R2 2012

  • joyo

    It’s about time! Personally, I think the Jour-NO-Lists (Journ-O-Lists?) have crawled out from under the rocks where they’ve been hiding since the 2008 elections. I wonder if they’re the same group of Lefties or if they have some new members! It looks like they’re all working overtime.

  • katy

    I have been praying for this fight. A real fight.

    Defining Obama, who he is, what he represents, what he is selling and the lies and BS he has been freely able to spew unopposed.

    Romney and Ryan know this the final fight that will determine our future. AND I LOVE PRIEBUS. He is out there with both barrels giving it to ’em like they have never seen before.

    This is going to get very ugly but a necessary ugly!!

  • Mad Hatter

    The Romney Campaign isn’t taking any of Obama’s sh*t.

    “Mr. President, take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago,” Romney said while campaigning in Ohio.

  • TeachX3

    “the only things that are shovel ready around here are the words coming out of Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s mouth.“

    ROFLOL, man I do LOVE that truth finally being spoken! GO>FIGHT>WIN! R&R 2012

  • StrangernFiction

    So they’re going to call Obama a socialist?

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  • Mutnodjmet

    Anyone who wants an absolute laugh needs to check out a sneak-peak of the movie “Two de Force” – China vs the US. It contains a scene of Obama being lectured by the Chinese Chairman on “fairness”. I am still laughing.

  • Mad Hatter

    John Sununu Tells Soledad O’Brien “Put a Obama Bumper Sticker on Your Head When You Do This”

    LOL, I freakin’ love it.

  • bigL

    You should check out the montage, one of Rush’s famous montages-on Rush yesterday.I can’t recall the phrase, but he had 11 different hacks, saying exactly the same phrase. Smae four words! Poster above mentioned Jour-O-list.I think there is collusion and so forth and these folks are reading the same mem0

  • Economan

    Well we know these Statist bastards can’t run on Obama’s miserable record. They’re gonna be demonizing, and smearing our side any chance they get.


    Chick-fil-A Chicago… MUST SEE

  • jainphx

    For years I have been waiting for our side to fight back, to take them on where they live. The Elites in our party want to win by keeping there skirts clean, absorbing the filthy blows, but “staying above the fray” I used to get spitting mad when wooses like McCain “reached” across the aisle, while they were kicking his teeth in. The 8 years that Bush sat on his hands and allowed the filthy left to lie and denigrate him. I sure hope this isn’t the start and the end, fight back, show us you aren’t afraid. I can just say keep it up.

  • jainphx

    So=== we have Sununu and Gingrich pulling no punches, now we have Priebus and it seems a growing number. Please FIGHT you will never know how many people will stand up and cheer.