Republican donor Sheldon Adelson filed a $60 million defamation lawsuit yesterday against the National Jewish Democratic Council. The lawsuit alleges the Washington-based Council said Adelson personally approved of prostitution in resorts owned by Sands China Limited. Adelson accuses the Democratic Council of assassinating his character.
The AP reported:

Billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson has filed a defamation lawsuit in New York against the National Jewish Democratic Council and top officials, saying they made libelous statements regarding his political contributions.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday in federal court in Manhattan seeks $60 million in damages. Adelson is chairman and chief executive officer of Las Vegas Sands Corp. and donates to Republican campaigns.

The lawsuit alleges the Washington-based Council said Adelson personally approved of prostitution in resorts owned by Sands China Limited, a subsidiary of Las Vegas Sands. The suit accuses the Council of “assassinating” Adelson’s character.

The Council said its reports referenced mainstream press accounts and were “wholly appropriate.”

Adelson had previously threatened to file suit against the DCCC until they apologized for similar statements last month.




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  1. Um, so the pubs actually fight back?

    Does this mean that my smear team headed by Davy Axelrod and Georgie Soros will get called into court?

    This could muckup my sleazy campaign plans. I thrive off of sleaze, slander and innuendo! I hope I don’t choke on my own crap.

  2. Good for Adelson! Past time to fight back, Romney campaign, and not with stupid comments about Romneycare (which Republicans don’t like any better than Obamacare) -

  3. I don’t like lawsuits, but this time I hope he wins and is awarded a large sum.

  4. The outright lies and character assassinations that are the hallmark of the democratic machine under Obama are simply ASTOUNDING. I have never in all my life seen the like.

  5. I hope they have to pay a Hugh amount…

  6. Adelson will win, but it will be after the election, the group will have spent all it’s cash and will simply morph into several other groups with the same agenda like ACORN did.

  7. It’s about time…let them pay millions in law fees

    Adelson has lawyers sitting around, waiting for something to do

    With deep pockets to make it happen…more ..more ..more

  8. Good.

  9. He’ll get discovery out of this and that might turn up some of the Dems’ odious plans, but defamation lawsuits typically go no where, only giving employment to lawyers and the makers of paper and toner cartridges.

  10. Sadly, absolutely nothing will become of this.

    If that Jewish Dem group starts to feel the heat from this lawsuit, they’ll transfer their assets to some other Jewish Dem group and, if they lose the lawsuit, they won’t be able to pay and will file for bankruptcy.

    In the meantime, they’ll make sure that their fellow Dems in the Obama Administration will be sending EVERY gov’t agency they can think of after Adelson & Co looking for some dirt on him and his organization. And if they find so much as an unpaid parking ticket on this guy or that his company took too big of a tax deduction somewhere in the last 10 years, they’ll use that as leverage to get him to drop his lawsuit. When he does drop the lawsuit, they’ll claim victory and be all over the news stating that their initial charges against Adelson were true!

    Remember… the truth absolutely does not matter to these people.

  11. Good for him.

  12. NJDC has been punked by the wealthiest Jew in the world. I love it.

  13. Add another 0 to that number. Time to lawsuit the crap out of every one of these bastards.

  14. Can I contribute a spit in the bucket for Adelson lawsuit. It takes money and this guy has plenty of it.

    Nice to see that someone is doing something to the DCCC.

  15. You go, Shel. Make their court experience as expensive as possible, keep watch on where their money is going, make them wish they had given it all to the “poor”.

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