Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh Throw Todd Akin Under Bus

Glenn Beck ripped Todd Akin this morning on his radio show.

Rush Limbaugh just threw Todd Akin under the bus.
Rush said, “For the good of the country, he knows what he should do.” Rush also called Akin “absurd” and “unintelligent.”

Dana Loesch has Todd Akin on her program today from noon to three.

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  • Jim W

    They didn’t throw him, Akin stepped in front of the bus.

  • Mutnodjmet

    Various newspapers are making the claim that Todd Akin was “Tea Party”. NO! Akin was never Tea Party. Akin beat the tea party candidate and the one endorsed by Sarah Palin, Sarah Steelman in the primaries.

    It seems Claire McCaskill was hoping Akin would be her opponent, hoping he would implode. Sadly, he did — far too early for her, as the GOP seems to be taking measures to get another candidate in Akin’s place. I hope the GOP swiftly finds a replacement — the race and its important to the country is such a priority we need someone in there who knows how to handle the stress.

  • snap boy

    No one is throwing Akin under the bus; Akin crawled there himself.

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  • Mad Hatter

    #1, Good point.

    Akin gave the left ammunition to use against him this November, it’s time for him to step in front of the target he put on himself. Republican candidates need to learn to take their time, and think things out before they blurt out an answer.

    If/when Romney wins, which I believe he will, the Senate is on the line.

    If Akin loses, the Republicans can lose the Senate.

    If Republicans lose their chance to win the Senate, the Republicans lose the chance to overturn Obamacare.

    If Obamacare is not overturned, we lose our freedom.

    Akin can step aside, then take the $1.5 million the Democrats raised for him, start a Super PAC for the new Republican Senate candidate to defeat McCaskill. That’s the best thing Todd Akin can do.

  • Mad Hatter

    it’s time for him to step out from in front of the target he put on himself. Typo****

  • dwd

    Any other Republican candidate will easily beat McCaskill. Akin, for the good of your party and country, step aside. If you lose and cost us the Senate, you and John Roberts will go down in history as the two people who cemented Obamacare in place forever.

  • reliapundit

    akin should fall on his sword for the party and the nation

  • bg


    mark my words..

    we will pay dearly for this Republican, Obama,
    Democratic, MSM, bloggers et al deception..

    this is what the man said:

    “It seems to me, from what I understand from doctors, that’s really
    [Mr. Akin said of pregnancies from rape.] “If it’s a legitimate rape,
    the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. But let’s
    assume that maybe that didn’t work or something: I think there should be
    some punishment, but the punishment ought to be of the rapist, and not
    attacking the child.”

    video & more here..

    read & listen to it “in context”..

    Dave Catanese, Politico Reporter,
    Defends Todd Akin Rape Comments

    [“So perhaps some can agree that all rapes that are reported are not
    actually rapes? Or are we gonna really deny that for PC sake?” he said.
    “So looks like he meant to say — ‘If a woman was REALLY raped, it’s
    statistically less likely for her to get pregnant.’ What’s the science?”]

    Updated: Politico’s Dave Catanese pulled off Todd Akin story

    [For the sake of “argument,” Catanese tried to see the controversy
    from Akin’s side, writing, “We all know what he was trying to say.”]

    Godspeed, God Bless & Thank You Mr. Akin..


  • Bob

    Why give the left ammo right now. Bye Congressman

  • bg


    tis no wonder to me how IslaMarxist
    intimidation works so well on US.. :-(


  • Scott

    I wish Republicans would stop pretending that his comments were taken out of context or distorted.

    His assertion that the female body can somehow discern the semen of a rapist and shut down the reproductive process is nothing short of insane. And what is up with the phrase “legitimate rape”? WTF is an illegitimate rape?

    Akin needs psychiatric care.

  • pink tie Republican

    Glenn Beck, who cares, he is a nut case.
    Rush led me on today, first taking Akin’s side, THEN eventually throwing him under the bus. Rush you disappointed me.

  • Karen

    We can’t have a candidate as politically stupid and medically ingorant as Akin. We had the democrats on the rope about Medicare, unemployment, the deficit, etc. and this guy Akins opens his mouth and gives the dems a legitimate issue. Anyone supporting Akin should be boycotted because they are going to be responsible for a democrat landslide.

  • Skinner

    Interesting blog post title there Jim.

    Obviously you see nothing wrong with Akin at all.

    Why do you think he should stay?

    It’s your blog, therefore your opinion.

    I’m sure your readers would like to hear it.

  • bg


    Rush just lost a patron.. :-(

    and yes, i know, he has 2xtea & millions more to bank on, ergo,
    no great loss, well, i for one am on Gods side, i can’t say who’s
    side he or anyone else is on..

    at any rate, how dumbed down are we??

    to paraphrase GP’s false statement, “verily we are screwed”..

    oh yeah, don’t listen to Glenn Beck anyways..


  • averagemelon

    So many people are very harsh on this man. He answered part of this question very poorly BUT THE CHILD OF A RAPE VICTIM HAS HALF HIS DNA FROM MOM. It might take a strong, strong woman to NOT KILL HER BABY no matter if it is the consequence of a rape. You are either PRO LIFE or NOT and in my opinion, God is SHOWING THIS NATION WHO WE REALLY ARE through this event. Does NO ONE have ANY PITY for the poor child?

  • bg


    Scott #13 August 21, 2012 at 12:06 pm

    i gather you’re not a Rep, and please
    point out the pretense, thank you..


  • Highlander

    Scott, it is statistically true that women who have sex willingly are far more likely to become pregnant. I agree with bg … the comments were misinterpreted, and he is being victimized by an irresponsible and partisan media. The mistake he made was even discussing this issue, because you cannot safely discuss this subject with anyone from the left, regardless of how knowledgeable you are …