Former Vice President Dick Cheney was on with Sean Hannity tonight. The former Vice President said this on Obama,

“Here’s a man who doesn’t believe in a lot of those things most American’s believe in.”

Sean Hannity: What do you think you know about him (Obama) now or believe about him now that you didn’t believe four years ago in terms of his ideology, philosophy, governing philosophy?

Dick Cheney: As I looked at him back in that time frame, of course, we’re on our way out of office, not running for anything in 2008. And, what I thought was if he wins this is going to be a traditional typical Democratic administration. Liberal, certainly more liberal than I would have liked. Um, that’s not what’s it’s been. It’s way over there to the left…

…And, I think what’s happened, at least in my own conviction, is here’s a man who who doesn’t believe in a lot of those things most American’s believe in. In terms of a strong international role for the United States of America. We’ve got all kinds of developments in the Middle East and he’s heading to the exits. And, our friends and allies over there, Israel, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, countries over there that look for the United States for leadership… And what they see is the United States heading for the hills and pulling out as fast as we can.

I think as far as the economy, I think the whole thing was encapsulated in that statement the other day that “if you got a small business you didn’t build it somebody else did.” I’ve got friends that that’s been the success story of their lives. That is one of the great success stories of America that we can do that sort of thing in the United States. Barack Obama doesn’t appreciate it or understand it or have any sympathy whatsoever. He thinks everything that happens that’s good in the country comes from the government.




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  1. Well, he may not be the best judge of Sarah Palin but he sure has Barack Obama’s number.

  2. Obama excels at attaining power, but he has no leadership skills. He doesn’t know how to effectively wield power once he has attained it.

    The man has absolutely no practical skills. He exists purely by exploiting others. Left alone in the wilderness, he would die within days. Left with a group of people in the wilderness and he becomes the dictator of a small nation.

  3. A better word might be ‘Parasite’.

  4. #1
    He was exactly right about Palin.
    The only thing he was “wrong” about is misjudging the fact that Right and Left have reached a consensus that what is more important in Presidential qualifications is rhetoric over record.

  5. Mr e m t you couldn’t wear Palins jock, if she wore one. Cheney said that the mistake was McCains not Palin.

  6. Obama believes in something–whatever the poll number tells him to. That’s why he needs a teleprompter, so he can keep all his lies in check.


    Come on, let’s get real. Haven’t we seen enough of the august (not the month, inbred libs who may be reading this) higher ground statements????

    Is it REALLY any surprise the dems are b**** slapping the taste out of GOPers mouths at every turn????

    This is shameful, and shows better than anything why Romney is on the ropes–and cut the “media biased polls” crap…Romney IS going to have to come from behind and pull a rabbit out of his hat to get to 270.

    You have Harry Reid basically calling Romney a law breaking felon scumbag from the floor of the senate (uh…they throw tax cheats into PRISON–and please, cram the Geithner crap), and Gateway and the other Right blogs are short stroking this empty STUPID statement by Cheney.

    Unreal. The GOP doesn’t have what it takes to play the cess pool game the dems are so damn good at playing. Well, keep playing the “higher ground, focussed on the issues” game, hapless hopeless GOP. In 92 days, the battle cry will be…”WAIT UNTIL 2016!! Go Jindal!! Boooyaaaa Marco Rubio!! We’ll have some real A-team heavyweights, then!!!”

    It’s enough to make a person want to puke.

  8. #7 you are right.
    Big jocks do not fit in small straps.
    Palin does not have a principle or conviction she has not sold out.
    If she had there would not be so many on the Right who are displeased/upset at her and you would not sit and stutter spew and spit about the fact that she has twice endorsed mccain, endorsed newt and endorsed half a dozen other rinos who were running against TEA party conservatives.
    And that is not even getting into her record of signing bills that destroyed job growth in alaska or appointing a pro abortion judge and “crony” appointing her high school best friend to Agriculture director.

    List of SOME of the rino endorsements against TEA Partiers by Sarah:
    Carly Fiorina, Orin Hatch, Mccain, Newt, Jeff Flake.

  9. She never indorsed Newt, she wanted the primary to continue. She simply said IF she lived in the state she would vote for him to keep it going. McCain? What would you have done? Rinos she indorsed, obviously you know nothing of politics, sometimes the lesser of two evils is the right course, but put all that aside. Who has a better track record? Who brings crowds out in huge numbers? Who makes more sense than anyone else out there? You seem to say exactly what the elites say.


  11. #12 her husband endorsed newt and she showed him more favor than any other candidate including the multiple times she announced that she would vote for him in the local races.
    Last time i checked telling people who you would vote for is an endorsement.
    Water it down all you want, she sullied her name in the presidential races with her behavior.
    AS for as “what I would have done”
    I supported Perry till the end since he was head and shoulders the most constitutional candidate with the strongest record to support his platform running.
    The only one that came close to his record was Bachman, however her pandering and rhetoric are an embarrassment to any group she attaches herself to.

  12. Dick Cheney is quoted as saying: ‘And, what I thought was if he wins this is going to be a traditional typical Democratic administration. Liberal, certainly more liberal than I would have liked. Um, that’s not what’s it’s been. It’s way over there to the left…’

    As a long-time admirer of Dick Cheney and his work, I don’t believe that. He must be playing to the press for some angle.

    If an idiot (me) could read the blogs back then and know Obama’s character and values fairly accurately, how could the vice president not know? We all knew where Obama was coming from, in spite (and partly because) of the mass media doing their best to hide his true past and character. And Cheney says he was surprised when this administration seemed leftist? Nonsense.

    Anyone who says he was fooled by Obama’s hard left tendencies never bothered to look closely at the man. There were hundreds of online sources speaking openly about his true past and character well before his election.

    Someone’s being played for a fool in this interview.

    Best regards, Peter Warner.

  13. What’s wrong?

    So, you are saying that don’t believe in a strong international role? Are you saying that I don’t have sympathy for the little business person? Are you saying that is suck and lead from behind?

    Yes, it is true!

    Look, I don’t have time for the Middle East or even my economic advisers! I have a campaign to run!

    Screw the little business person! I have to concentrate on my $40,000.00 per plate fund raisers! My own job is at stake. I don’t have time for America!

    If you like the way have I have increased unemployment, Taxes, Red-tape, and cronyism then send me $3.00 before midnight. My campaign is running out of money.

    My campaign bus is sucking air and David Axelrod has a new scam for my Hollywood Donors. It’s version of Ream The Donkey’s Arse. We put a feed back on the donkey’s head, get behind him and screw the dickens out of him. I cannot go into any details. They are too messy. Good day.

  14. At this pont in time, the real question is WHY does the propaganda msm continue this drivel of total lies to support the totalitarian wannabe Obama?

    Can this media possibly think that they will not become the target of socialists like Obama in the future?

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