BREAKING: Akin Is In… “Unelectable” Senate Candidate Says He’s In to Win (Video)

U.S. Rep Todd Akin announced at his press conference this afternoon that he is staying in until the end.

Here is breaking video from the press conference:

Jim Hoft was at the press conference and took the following pictures:

They asked Todd Akin supporters to stand up front to show support. Six people stood up.
Only six!

Here’s the flyer they were handing out before the press conference.
…Attacking Claire McCaskill

The flyer the Akin Campaign handed out.

The Akin Team, led by his twenty-something year old son, told reporters they would only take 5 questions! Then he took off.
“Unelectable” Super Todd Akin is in to win!

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  • MicahStone

    FYI: The famous Univ of Colorado analysis that recently showed Romney winning the election via the Electoral College vote total had Missouri a win for Romney. Imbecile Akin has certainly destroyed that, and he might even help dingy-harry retain d-cRAT control of the Senate.

    (With one A-hole potentially causes so much electoral destruction, I’m beginning to believe that seemingly crazy notion that a butterfly flapping its wings could cause significant changes elsewhere in the world.)

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  • Interesting

    I wonder how much the Dems are paying him to stay in and toss the race to Claire? I know it is of record that the Dems contributed one and a half million to his campaign.. how much to buy him off completely? I suppose some people win the lottery.. others go into politics to get rich. I am sure he will retire (after losing) very rich. What will be the final buyout figure, do you think?

  • old one

    I understand he could still drop out, by September 25. I guess he was required to resign his Rep. seat, and Ann Wagner is looking good for that seat. So, I guess he needs a job…

  • Mad Hatter

    The press conference was uninspiring. I thought he would try and persuade Conservatives to support him, and for voters to look past his comment.

    Instead, I seen him walk to the podium, unfold a prepared statement like an unprepared high school kid that was getting ready to speak to a class for the first time.

    If he thinks he’s going to win the Senate seat, he has to be a lot more motivating than that.

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  • RKae

    He has to be a saboteur or a sleeper agent working for the democrats. No one could be that stupid and still have the power to walk unaided.

  • Objective Analysis

    yep, he is a democrat plant. Socialist and Nazi sympathizer with his comments about rape. Yeah, Claire the sleeze definitely wanted him to be the one she ran against. When you have democrats 10-20% voting in Republican primary to get him over the top, what do you expect.

  • Kate

    The man is delusional. I really don’t see what he will have to offer in the Senate if he is as insipid as he was in the press conference. You’re right. Wasn’t motivating at all. “Vote for me because you hate Claire” isn’t a grand call to support Akin.

  • bg


    Godspeed & God Bless Mr. Akin!!

    with the exception of Paul Ryan..

    you are an official enemy of the Republican establishment pimps..


  • Interesting

    Democrats spent $1.5 mil to help Akin win GOP primary
    August 20, 2012

    Call it a wise investment in light of his recent comments: Democrats wanted Missouri Republican congressman Todd Akin to win his state’s hotly contested Senate GOP primary because they believed he gave incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill her best shot at retaining her seat. As the Washington Post reported earlier this month:

    There’s a reason why Democrats spent over $1.5 million trying to help Akin win his three-way primary. He was the most conservative candidate in the field — and the most unpredictable one.

    Here’s how the Democrats did it, running ads in the GOP primary that were intended to boost his appeal among the most conservative primary voters…

    While Democrats are now blasting Akin’s comments on “legitimate rape,” one person is resisting calls for Akin to step aside: Claire McCaskill…
    Forgive me for being cynical, but how often does McCaskill worry about the concerns of GOP primary voters? It is something to bear in mind as you read about the growing media frenzy over Akin’s remarks. He got the nomination in large part because the Democrats wanted him to win because they hoped he would say something really stupid. Lucky for them, he obliged. Now that he has, they don’t want him to go away because if he does, so does the controversy he created.

  • mg4us

    Hopefully he will do the Honorable thing in short time. . . So a stronger candidate can carry the state.

  • bg


    😆 Democrat plant is just as true
    as the LIE perpetrated upon him..


  • Interesting

    Whether he is a stooge or bought and paid for by the Dems.. the result is the same.
    Isn’t it?

  • dwd

    If his numbers plummet fast enough, he might get the drift and finally bow out.

    It’s all about perception now, Todd, and whatever you meant to say, whatever you thought the “science” was, your mouth made you unelectable. Get out so we can win this seat. Get out so Romney doesn’t get dragged down with you.

  • Diamnond Girl

    “Unelectable” ….if your site keeps fighting him, you’ll be contributing to the leftist agenda. – Sad!

  • bg


    win or lose Mr. Akin, you are man
    of principle, as is VP Paul Ryan!!


  • bg




  • sandbox

    IMO a write-in alternate has to be proposed and supported now. Qualifications: moderate Republican or Independant (who will caucus with Republicans), prominent, well-know person in Missouri, ready to start running now. To pull this off the candidate has to be able to win independant and some Democratic voters.

  • Todd Akin needs a new slogan:

    You’re supposed to be more concerned about something I said than you are about what Claire McCaskill will do if she is reelected.

  • bg


    re: #18 August 24, 2012 at 5:04 pm bg

    was re: GP headline

    he’s only unelectable if the faux
    conservatives keep perpetrating
    the MSM Dem et al LIES.. 🙁

    they’ve already affected the male vote,
    oddly enough, not the female, go figure..


  • Diamnond Girl

    #19….and doing a ‘write-in’ would only enable the dem side of the aisle, or don’t you see that? – This isn’t Alaska!

  • sandbox…does Ross Perot have a legal residence in Missouri? He might still be willing to “look under the hood”…it worked for Bill Clinton, it would probably ensure a McCaskill victory at this stage of the process.

  • Sarah

    Not sure about the exclamation points in the headline. It makes it read as if you’re happy, excited, enthused. I take it from your writing that you are not, but the punctuation gives the impession you are. How about no exclamation points and maybe even lower case letters:
    akin in

    We’ve got 7 toss ups and 3 GOP leaning states. Let’s get to work!

  • Sasja

    I thought this had already been decided? Interesting though; the dems funneling all that money to his campaign. Seems their hunting dog was good at sniffing out the weak lynx.

    This still doesn’t mean Romney is going to lose Missouri.

  • bg


    Opaobie #20 August 24, 2012 at 5:06 pm

    shameful a statement as it be, yhat is the ironic truth.. 🙁

    deja vu, 2008 election = Republicans lose it!!

    what that they say about doing the
    same thing over & over again?? 🙄

    aah, if you can’t keep it true, keep it classy, oh wait..


  • Truth Teller

    Perhaps we need to rally outside his office and demand he step down.

  • bg


    Sasja #25 August 24, 2012 at 5:10 pm

    link please..

    i know the Dems spent thousands in ads


  • Self-serving bulbous headed prat with a bad comb-over doesn’t care. He doesn’t give a sh-t. He’s gonna take what he wants. He’s a goddamn honey badger.

  • Sasja

    He may have made the decision to stay in and lose this contest as payback for the unrelenting attacks spewing from the mouths of those he thought were allies.

  • Ghost

    Everybody go back and re-read #11

    as soon as I instinctively go, “hmmm”, I start asking questions and “Interesting” nails it,

    “There’s a reason why Democrats spent over $1.5 million trying to help Akin win his three-way primary”


    “one person is resisting calls for Akin to step aside: Claire McCaskill…”

    hmmm, if they were really outraged…?

    the only thing I wonder about is if they were “hoping” he’d trip up-
    Evil is NOT stupid, and quite often is very sophisticated

    btw, I enjoyed your insights and ability to manipulate the font type

  • bg


    YES, we faux conservatives demand you step down Mr. Akin!!

    how dare you not only win the primary, and stand
    up for the unborn, but confront our collective LIES..

    have you NO BACKBONE, i mean, SHAME SIR?? /s/

    morons to the left, imbeciles to the right..

    and God is nowhere to be found.. *sigh*


  • Sasja

    bg. Go to Interesting @#11 for the link. My comment addressed that post.

  • Winston Wolfe

    He may have made the decision to stay in and lose this contest as payback for the unrelenting attacks spewing from the mouths of those he thought were allies.

    Yeah. Blame the people who aren’t willing to go off the cliff with him.

    By all means, don’t blame the person whose big mouth got him into this situation.

    No. Blame the people who are aghast that somebody running for Senate could not only say something so mind-numbingly stupid, but then is arrogant enough to ‘payback’ those who called him out on his stupidity. Even at the cost of not only this Senate seat, but control of the Senate and quite possibly the Presidency.

    Do people like you even hear yourselves?

    You want to drink hemlock with this clown? Go right ahead. But don’t expect the rest of us to join you.

  • John Cooper

    It’s really embarrassing to see a demonstration of how republicans (lower case intentional) fail to stand up for one of their own who made a stupid statement but is a good candidate otherwise. When discussing “respect for women”, did we hear a single republican bring up Bill Clinton and Juanita Broaddrick? Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne? Jesse Jackson and Karin Stanford? John Edwards and Rielle Hunter? Of course not. They ran away in panic and abandoned their candidate at the first sign of trouble. Would anybody want any of these guys covering your rear in combat? I certainly wouldn’t.

    One can only conclude that the GOP is insanely afraid that people will discover that their position on abortion is substantially the same as Akin’s. I’m sorry, but if McCaskill is elected, the cowardly GOP (with the lone exception of Mike Huckabee) will be primarily to blame.

  • Bob

    If I lived in MO I would still have to vote for him.

  • Restless

    I’ll bet there are quite a few Dems who have sent him donations in recent days to give him the illusion that he has “support” out there.

  • bg
  • Texas_Treeroach

    I couldn’t believe my eyes!

    There in Wednesday’s Houston Chronicle was a complete (unexpurgated) AP article about Todd Akin. My first thought was: Oh Lord! How bad are they going to rake this guy over the coals?

    Then I read the whole thing in its entirety — It was a long article; and it went into depth about Akin’s personal life, his political life, and Akin as a person.

    Missouri – The article painted this man a true conservative American – THIS coming from the liberal Houston Chronicle!!! WTF?

    Throughout my reading, I felt a bit ashamed of my own (and the GOP’s) myopia regarding Akin. Is it possible to reduce (discard) a man’s entire life to a singular and obscure statement? After reading the article, I could no longer do that.

    I know what many of you are going through right now — I went ballistic on this guy immediately. But, I think I may have been wrong in doing so.

    So much is at stake. Please — It might be a good thing for all conservatives in Missouri to step back and really examine the ENTIRE man. Then make your best decision in November.

  • Sasja

    Do I respond to Winston’s idiotic rant over my theorizing why Akin would harm our chances to capture another Senate seat?


  • Ace

    Funded by Democrats…

    Elected by Democrats…

    Akin for Senate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sandbox

    #22 not necessarily. If the correct write-in candidate is chosen now, and supported with funds from RNC etc., they will gain support. If the polls then show the write-in as coming in 2nd to McCaskill, with Akin 3rd, then the dynamic of the race changes as those who are planning to vote for Akin understand that he will lose–so they start shifting to Mr or Mrs. #2. This is what happened with Joe L. in Conn and Lisa M. in Alaska.

  • Ace

    Some of the delusional commenters here ought to rent “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” tonight!

  • Diamnond Girl

    #35 John Cooper….

    Hear! Hear!

    I Second every single word you posted. ~

  • Lars

    John Brunner should be the likely write-in candidate, because he would smother Air-claire with the Truth.

  • Sasja

    John Cooper. You can’t leave out Robert and John F Kennedy.

  • bg


    “In times of universal deceit, telling
    the truth will be a revolutionary act.”

    ~ George Orwell


  • Lars

    With Akin’s master campaign plan of wife/son overseers he was likely to epic fail anyway.

  • CT

    Todd Akin is a representative of the Taliban-wing of the Republican Party and just as despicable as the Taliban in Afghanistan. When I look at this Asshat I see the same dead mindset locked between his ears as any fanatic with their god on their side.

  • Sasja

    Texas, the GOP’s knee-jerk reaction to anything they think negatively reflects on them is exactly what happened to Akin. While I thought his comment was a little, well, stupid, I never thought it warranted such an avalanche of condemnation, especially from our side.
    I guess mob mentality took over and there was no stopping the lynching which ensued.

  • Diamnond Girl

    #42…The RNC, GOP, Rove and all should have kept their mouths shut about this and stated this race was up to the voters in Missouri instead of throwing him under the bus like they have, let alone threatening him with a cut-off of funds.

    Btw…what the heck did we gain from a RINO like Lisa M except a senate seat who votes with the dems half the time, she is NOTHING like her dad was, nothing.

    We should stand by men/women like Akin…not join the rat-pack of those throwing him over-ship…he is a real conservative, look at his voting record and such.

    A third party write-in would be a disaster for our side of the aisle…it’s exactly what the left is glamoring for.

  • Missouri Apologist

    I will admit I voted for akin in primary as a favor to my father, now I see my mistake . Sorry America.

  • tom

    Not sure who is running his campaign but they all need to be informed they will NEVER work for a republican candidate and think that candidate will get the financial support of the party- making them undesirable by any candidate who wants the support of the party. Once again, personal priorities more important then the people…

  • bg


    John Cooper #35 August 24, 2012 at 5:28 pm

    many others support him, ie: Phyllis Schlafly for one..

    but alas i digress from your point..

    why are so many self identified conservative Republicans hell bent on
    crucifying Akin based on a LIE vs exposing the evils of McCaskill based
    on the TRUTH?? unless of course, they aren’t what they claim to be..


  • sandbox

    Re write-in, when you’ve got lemons, make lemonade. Let’s get started! Waiting for Akin to drop out is a waste of time.

  • Kathy

    I have been blocked from Todd’s facebook page now, but you can comment on his page at: that is, until you get blocked. LOL

  • bg


    Sasja #46 August 24, 2012 at 5:37 pm

    they RAPED women??


  • darcy

    #39 —

    Go to Diana West’s blog and see her story today on Akin.

    First, know this: I am 100% in agreement with her.

    Akin has been the victim of hysteria, IMO. And worse, he’s been a victim of the establishment that seeks to silence conservatives ONCE AND FOR ALL. And much as I love Levin and Malkin, I think they ARE WRONG. The very idea that a duly-nominated candidate should be hounded out of the contest based on FEAR OF WHAT THE MARXIST MEDIA will say about a candidate’s poor choice of words is nothing but rank dhimmitude to liberalism.

  • Restless

    The problem is that Akin is going to motivate some otherwise “unlikely” voters to show up to the polls to vote against him. These are voters who otherwise would have stayed home. How many of those anti-Akin voters are also going to pull the lever for Obama? Just a thought…

  • Mad Hatter

    CT commented:

    “Todd Akin is a representative of the Taliban-wing of the Republican Party and just as despicable as the Taliban in Afghanistan.”

    I’m no fan of Akin but do you really believe what you just typed?

    You’re going to tell me that Conservative Christians want to prevent little girls from going to school like the Taliban does?

    You’re going to tell me that Conservative Christians believe that women should wear body covers where you can only see their eyes like the Taliban does?

    You’re going to tell me that Conservative Christians believe in giving clitorectomies to young girls like the Taliban does?

    You’re going to tell me that Conservative Christians believe in Honor Killings the way the Taliban does?

    You’re going to tell me that Conservative Christians believe in strapping bombs to themselves and killing people as they yell “Allah Akbar” the way the Taliban does?

    You’re going to tell me that Conservative Christians believe in killing others that leave their Religion the way the Taliban does?

    Think before you type your next reckless comment so you won’t further embarrass yourself.

  • Akin Staff

    “We have many more blunders coming, along with the equally offensive apologies, so do not give up on us yet!”

  • bg


    Kathy #57 August 24, 2012 at 5:47 pm

    seems everyone is so called ‘blocked” from
    that faux website for faux conservatives..

    Congressman Todd Akin


  • billy sol

    I became interested, and involved in politics, both presidential and local since I was a teeneger. This will be the first time that I will vote AGAINST a candidate based on an underwhelming record. I plan to vote for ANYONE that runs against Mc Caskill . .regardless of who that person may be! I proudly voted for John Brunner in the August primary. This state, this country cannot afford to re-elect a buffone like Mc Caskill for another six years!

  • bg
  • Akin Staff

    I meant funders, not blunders!

  • bg


    re: #65 August 24, 2012 at 5:59 pm bg

    pardon typo’s.. 😆


  • donh

    Akin is running for the SENATE…that body that seats Al Frankin …who jokes about rape….the body that seats Scott Brown who was raped as a boy by an older man and refuses to name his molester publically ….the body that sat Rick Santorum who throught Jerry Sandusky and Joe Parterno were award winning guys..the body that sat Bob Packwood who sexually harassed his female pages. ….Akin stands head and shoulders above the reprobates seated in the US Senate.

  • BetseyRoss

    Until I see him out campaigning and going after the lovely and gracious Claire he needs to go. If he can reclaim his spot in the polls in a week or so I will be impressed. I don’t see him out there doing the work of rectifying his mistake. He should have been out there on Tuesday, but so far nothing has happened.

  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    My word, what a bunch of asswipes. No wonder this country is in the toilet.

    Most of you sound like the f”cking Libtards we are trying to get rid of.

    F*ck all of you that fit the description.

  • [email protected]

    #11 August 24, 2012 at 4:55 pm
    Interesting commented:

    I believe the Dem’s kicked in money to get rid of the real Tea Partier Sarah Steelman!

  • Jack

    Seems to me we should change the conversation to the dems headlining the Comander in Chief of the War on Women – Slick Willie. Akin’s in so deal with it and quit talking about it.

  • Ann Ominous

    Never fear! UnderDog is here! ☻
    and the know all, be all goes to bat once again and once again strikes out. sure can pick ’em.

  • Diamnond Girl


    Thanks for that great link, great read and I couldn’t agree with her more. – She hit the nail directly on the head and then some!

  • SoLongSong

    The thing I notice is that those of us who think Akin should get out – in my case BASED ON HIS STUPID COMMENTS ALONE, not because of the media or anything else – the majority of those comments are against Mr. Akin himself.

    Those on here that disagree with fellow conservatives who feel as I do resort to name-calling and vitriol. You remind me of the MSM with your badgering ways.

  • Rightdawg

    Missouri, the fate of the nation could rest in your hands. It will be a tragedy if Romney wins POTUS but fails to win a Republican Senate for Todd Akin. Best case is for Akin to drop out of the race before the Democrap convention. If Akin is still in the race during the D Convention, he will be ruthlessly attached to Romney on prime time TV and the compliant liberal media will also take full advantage to associate Akin to Romney. Unfortunately, millions of Americans will buy into the charade. As Rush said yesterday, Obama’s entire election strategy is predicated on winning the gullible “moron vote” in America.

    Akin, if you are a true patriot, drop out and don’t let your ego get in the way of the broader conservative cause. Find another vehicle to make you point, not a critical Senate race.

    Missouri, if Akin does not drop out, you may have no choice but to vote for Akin because McCrapskill is Barack Obama in a woman’s body.

    Missouri, the fate of the nation could rest in your hands. Do the right thing!

  • bg
  • Kate

    “Via Mediaite, the money line comes at 3:55. I’m not sure which principle he means. Presumably he’s referring to respecting the will of primary voters, but in this case those voters went to the polls without knowing yet that he’d quickly become unelectably toxic. Maybe he means the principle of putting your own electoral ambitions above the conservative movement’s desperate, years-long drive to roll back ObamaCare? Or is it the principle of being able to say anything, no matter how hugely damaging it is to your own candidacy and potentially even the GOP ticket, and have your ideological allies circle the wagons on your behalf? If you can figure out the principle at stake, apart from ensuring the viability of left-wing health-care “reforms” for years to come, let me know.

    One thing I’ll say for Akin: His decision here is entirely rational in the truest sense of that word. He’s acting logically according to his own self-interest. If he wins, he’s the comeback kid and a U.S. Senator. If he loses, he’s a martyr to social conservative leaders like Huckabee who are now backing him and who seem convinced that the truly troubling element in all this is that the GOP “establishment” (which in this case includes most of the grassroots, including the Tea Party Express) would abandon a guy who’s about to fumble away an easily winnable seat. Here’s a safe bet: If, as expected, Akin ends up losing badly to McCaskill, not one of his current allies will offer a “gee, I guess that rape comment hurt him more than we thought” mea culpa. Instead his loss will be blamed on the RINOs who snatched defeat from the jaws of glorious victory by moving to politically quarantine this guy before he could drag Romney and Ryan down with him. Ace is already hearing from this crowd, in fact, enough so that he’s gone ahead and posted a public apology for sinking poor Todd Akin’s chances by professing public skepticism about him. At least one person’s willing to acknowledge his mistakes.

    Speaking of which, Nate Silver notes that the two splashy polls of Missouri taken this week had very different results but one important thing in common: The number of Republicans who intend to vote for Akin right now is dramatically lower than the number of Democrats who intend to vote for McCaskill. Some of that is surely a byproduct of hard feelings among Brunner and Steelman supporters after a tough three-way primary, but no one knows how much. If there’s some chunk of Republicans in Missouri who plan on sitting this race out in disgust, then it’s not just Akin who’s in trouble there. Potentially, it’s Romney too.”

    IMO, very well said.

  • Jeannie

    BG, please explain to me that many here, who you previously were allied with, now, due to one post, are traitors. How could you possibly label them as faux conservative and traitors and idiots BASED ON ONE POST?

    Now, please tell me that you haven’t decided that all of us who want Akin to step down, simply do no have the compassion and individual intelligence to assesss the situation and often regretfully determine that he has been compromised?

    Is it easier to think, based on individual sometimes only single posts, that we are all just stupid?

    How is that assessment of us any different from what you accusing us of doing to Akin, based upon now successive actions and words from Akin himself?

    What the democrat party has always had going for them is that they will band together and support murderers if it will keep them in power (Pelosi, Boxer, Ms Clinton are all supporters of partial birth abortion, which I qualify as murder).

    Republicans are up against a media/academia/legislative MACHINE that is fueled by the least amount of division. They feed on our fear. ONce elected, RINOs have turned out to often be willing to go along with Dems.

    Akins Record means nothing if he is willing to draw major oxygen from a race that demands all of our collective oxygen in order for us to win.

    If he is unwilling to recognize how many other Republicans, good, moral, well intentioned, have had to fall on their swords because unfortunate pieces of history or choices of words have been turned into kryptonite, then he is stupid, pure and simple.

    You cannot be purely pro life in this election, it cannot be your frontispiece. Economy, everyone understood, HAS to be the focus.

    Now, might things die down? Of course, but there is every chance that with Akins’ allowing a leak in the dam, we are now more vulnerable, primarily because the media has won very very often by being able to twist an unfortunate comment, turn it into a lie, broadcast that to voters who do NOT come to the web for real news, and then find buzzwords in the speeches of other candidates to slur them with association.’

    Case in point, Ryan, who you yourself, call a good guy, has asked him to step down. With Akin NOT doing so, Ryan now becomes kryptonized by voters who only learn of Akin through regular media, now learning of Ryan’s alliance with Akin.

    sure, there is a chance the left will blow it bigger, but this election has ZERO room for haphazard luck.

    WE have to make our own luck and that doesn’t happen with rogue candidates who use tea party language to defend themselves when even tea partiers ask them to step down and realize that their careers may have to take a pass this election.

    If Akin loses, his career is finished. Our country is possibly finished. His family is finished. The pro life movement’s best chance for GOVERNMENTAL integrity on their side is finished.

    I work with pro lifers. Those who cannot handle themselves in front of abortion clinics, who get defensive against hecklers and use exaggerated language to try and influence terrified mothers facing the choice of abortion…we ask NOT to come to the pro life front.

    Todd Akins would have been wonderful for our side….had he just refrained from engaging in public discussion on a topic that need not have ever been brought up to get him elected when the economy is McCaskill’s vulnerability.

  • bg


    the whole thisng is basd on a lie for political expediency..

    iow: the government representation the
    powers that be want, not “we the people”..

    there are none so blind as those who will not see that BOTH the DEM &
    REP establishment work hand in hand, ergo, will say and do anything to
    hold on to their control..

    good luck, you are all lemmings now..

    HEY MO – who said every vote counts?? 🙁


  • Jeannie

    #78 – well said too.

  • SoLongSong

    #79 Jeannie: THANK you. Well put!

    #80 bg: Yet another name calling….sigh.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Jim Hoft,

    First of all, credit is due to you that you allow us to disagree with you, some even quite vehemently and heatedly — that you have not gone on a CJ-style “purge” is amazing, given the tendencies of many bloggers to do so these days.

    Second, I wish that you would get in here, this comment section, and argue your positions, which would hone your skills and, if done correctly, increase your knowledge and that of those you are engaging in debate.

    What you are doing now is posting-and-running, it seems.

    Most of us don’t hold commenters who do that in very high esteem, and grant a bit more integrity to those dissenting commenters who stick around, take the heat, and give as good as they get.

  • Jeannie

    Bg, if you believe that what were you doing commenting on a site that has chosen the Republican side? Who did you want to win?

    This is pure curiosity. I happen to agree with you that career politicians ought not to be trusted but in this election,with two choices, we either choose the Repub side or we’re voting for Obama.

    Akin just became third party,historically, unelectable.

    I believe that your argument now bears a familiar refrain with the Ron Paul crowd who has been willing to concede the Republican loss because they basically put Ron Paul up on a pedestal and are so upset that he was not nominated that they refuse to vote for Romney, not wanting to acknowledge that in a two party race that means, irrefutably, that they are choosing to vote for Obama.

    I believe lemmings vote for Obama.

  • raybojabo

    Akin just poked you Missourians in the eye with a pointy stick and reminded you that you are his hostages and he will do what ever he wants because you have no choice. What an A-hole.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #79 Jeannie, excellent comment.

    God says: “Come, and let us reason together.”

    Not: “Come, and let us scream at each other.”

  • SoLongSong

    #85: Actually, he just pointed AMERICA in the eye with a pointy stick. Hope we can pick up another seat in MO’s place to repeal obamacare.

  • Jim

    #79 Jeannie. Outstanding!!!!

    Akin=Albatross for the Republicans!!!!

    Will the same blind fools who supported Christine O’Donnell’s awful senate run admit to their error? Probably not. I suspect as we’ve seen with people like bg, the nation will NOT get an apology for supporting Akin after he loses, poisons the campaigns of other Republicans, and hurts Romney and Ryan.

    To all the Akin supporters like bg:


  • Barb

    So I guess all of you think Claire McCaskill is better? The person who voted with O nearly 100 % of the time. Lets all hope for the best to win this seat.

  • bg


    great lesson as to how a defeat is
    grabbed from the jaws of victory..

    Congrats Claire & Barry..

    just remember, you couldn’t have done it
    w/out the conservatives eating their own..

    well, with the exception of Paul Ryan & a few notable others that shall
    remain unnoted so as to leave more time for conservatives to zealously
    go about crucifying Todd Akin based on a lie they’ve transformed into a
    self perpetrated truth.. 🙁


  • donh

    Look what happened to Rush following his ADVERTENT gratuitously pornographic rant against Sandra Fluke. What he did was far more vulgar and offensive and premeditated….His apology forced after many days. Advertisers fled, politicians read him the riot act, but all the AM radio hosts calling for Akin to leave defended Rush…and Rush doesn’t have the grace of morals to come to Akin’s strong defense…after HE received the gift of forgiveness of his listeners ……All of this moral bankruptcy hangs over the heads of the wretched LOSERS telling everybody else what to think and what to do for the good of the ” team ” and costs you a heavy price.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #91 donh


  • SoLongSong

    #91 donh: Anyone that claims to spend THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR on birth control probably IS a Fluke!

    Plus, sounds like you’re trying to tell some of US what to THINK.

  • SoLongSong

    Golden trojans with diamonds studs….yeah, that could add up I guess….

  • Jeannie

    #76, good on you.

    I didn’t realize that Akin has had a relatively long career in politics. That makes him one of those who HAS to have an ego and HAS to have compromised his values at some point, no matter if he has some great voting records.

    We ARE risking electing RINOs here, but the difference I see is that Romney is bringing in genuine conservatives as advisors. What is more this Romney HAS changed his pattern of campaigning in just a couple months and by all accounts is listening to the public’s voices through their own words and Tea party and conservative spokespeople.

    WHO also would have made the decision to give a major interview to a globally listened to satellite Catholic television station with an interviewer who did not lob him softball questions, despite the fact that he was courteous and, gasp!, let Romney answer in his own time, completely.

    A Mormon and a Catholic NOT visibly uncomfortable but clearly allied through American values that they share.

    Which is why Tea Party has been thriving.It’s non-partisan.

    Akin has been asked by everyone but the one party, who wants a purely partisan, religious unfriendly America, to step down from this election. If there was such an unreported majority for him, that man would have been energized when he read his press release and a surprise huge crowd would have been there disproving the theory that he has no base.

    I don’t know how tall he is, but he appears to have a napoleonic ego of his own and has borrowed a bit of paranoia from Nixon’s famous ‘you won’t have me or my dog Checkers to kick around’ moment.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #89 Barb

    “…all of you…”

    Have you read this and other long threads on this subject in the last few days here?

    A third of us are against reflexively tossing Akin under the bus, a third of us are FOR tossing akin under the bus (for whatever reasoning, some quite well-thought-out), and another third of us are waiting and closely watching the whole thing.

    And, as you’ve demonstrated just now, some of us are watching, but not very closely at all.

  • bg


    Jim #88 August 24, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    you know it’s not true, but i’m sure
    that will help you sleep at night..


  • Sasja

    I almost didn’t come back to this thread so

    bg. Who said anything about rape? JKF and Robert were notorius womanizers. Jack having his way with a 19-year-old intern (what is it with dems and interns?), Mimi Alford; of course there’s his and Robert’s dalliances (I never could spell that word) with Marilyn Monroe, Jacks involvement with the East German Rometsch. Some thought she was a spy and she was quickly dispatched (not killed, just sent home). Peter Lawford, and Robert, acted as Jack’s pimps from time to time. Of course, there is doubt good ole Peter and Robert had anything to do with Marilyn’s committing suicide just because they paid her a visit that day.

  • Jeannie

    #91, advertisers did not flee. Rush had triple the advertisers after that and those who did flee (carbonite anyone?) BEGGED him to return. Additionallly, his listener base nearly doubled after the Fluke remark.

    He apologized for his wording.

    also if you read Rush, he was very clearly uncomfortable SUGGESTING Akin step down because he didn’t think it was his place.

    As he put it had he actually DEMANDED Akin step down, Akin would have since Rush’s influence, while not that of Svengali as the left asserts, is nonetheless immense enough to have gotten Akin out of there.

    As he put it, Akin took the wrong message from this.

    Rush built his media without any political or media support and so he has never been dependent upon them for his success.

    Akin has had to depend ENTIRELY upon political support for his career. Unless he has always been rogue in the REpublican party, he himself has participated, willingly, through many rounds of purging of other candidates.

    Rush is no hypocrite. His reasons were well documented and the proof of his stance is by the measured INCREASE in approval for him.

    Had Akin been similarly correct SOMEWHERE he would have been supported. Instead it is Huckabee and Buchanan, both major fumblers in their own presidential bids, who support their fellow foot in mouth, happy to get the chance to take a swing at the horrible Republicans.
    ALL of them being painted with the same brush.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    “Of course, there is doubt good ole Peter and Robert had anything to do with Marilyn’s committing suicide just because they paid her a visit that day.”

    After ransacking her house and intimidating her with the full force of any post-WW2 Communist government, so that she wouldn’t “spill the beans” about her encounters with JFK.

    THAT VERY SAME EVENING, Ms. Monroe killed herself.

    Hell, they probably raped her while they were there. They’re commies and thugs.

    Always and forever.

  • Kate

    #99 Jeannie, well said.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    And, like Commies and mob thugs — after doing all that, they probably said “And, Ms. Hollywood Starlet, if you talk about any of this, ever, we’ll do worse.”

    Because that’s what demons do. And Communism and the Mob are demons.

  • Sasja

    Well, my position is since he says he staying in then the only alternative I see is to get behind him and after kicking him in the patooty for luck, try like heck to get him elected. What else have they got? Or who else have they got? Isn’t getting rid of McCaskill paramount?

  • Jeannie

    #89, I cannot speak for those who support Akin, but nobody who wants him gone thinks McCaskill is better. Apparently though, Akin supporters must subconsciously, since she is the most outspoken in her schizo encouragement to Todd to stay in/media slur of Todd’s ‘women hating’ comment

    wouldn’t you, if you were an honest person, think twice if your biggest supporter in your field was your primary opponent?

    The mind reels at his hubris.

    Poor babies who clearly fall second to his personal glory.

  • Sasja

    Aw, Taqyi. I was thinking of bg’s sensibilities. She probably fell for that Camelot nonsense back in the day.

  • bg


    MO: listen to those Republicans who not only know what is best for you,
    but for the entire nation, and no matter the lies and distortions on Akins
    views on abortions, do not stand in their way!!

    and to each & every one of you i say, please, don’t worry,
    be happy, you’re vote does not count, so toss Akin out..

    we must win at any way we can at any cost, truth, justice
    and common sense be damned, it’s for the GREATER GOOD!!

    God Bless America, no freer place on Earth!!

    well, except perhaps Egypt or Saudi Arabia anyways,

    oh wait, i heard they have free elections now too.. 🙂


  • Ann Ominous

    What #79 said, ditto. ☻

  • bg



    McCaskill is the most HONEST DEMOCRAT on the Planet..

    thank you thank, you thank so for warding US away from a total disaster
    Claire, don’t know how we will ever be able show our sincere gratitude..

    God bless you Claire, if not for you, we would have fallen for one of
    the most conservative candidates (the kind we so crave, but are near
    impossible to find) to have ever come down the pike!! “whew” that
    was a close one, you saved US yes you did!! again, bless you Claire!!


  • Jeannie

    #103, Sasja, again, we have to concentrate our battles and cannot afford to now have to spend more might, media and money against all the fallout battles this will now bring.

    Missouri was a given for us and so we could focus on the economy.

    There is a limit of oxygen for any campaign. It does not increase because a rogue candidate suddenly needs more attention and oxygen.

    Akin’s words can now be multiplied and echoed in many other campaigns and oxygen that could have been used to focus offensively on Obama and the economy, topics very very dear to women’s hearts, including liberal women, unfortunately flaky and fickly, now has to be spent deflecting defensively for which ever candidate happens to also be allied with pro life and even more unfortunately with Akin.

    We have to now get behind and push for Akin?

    Where are we supposed to get all of that extra time and money to do so? he will now need MAJOR effort.

    Obama and his nuts have been spending as if money grew on trees and budgets are just bothersome gnats of no use.

    Is it not similar thinking that in a campaign that requires unity, extreme financial abundance and concentration, we can suddenly expend massive amounts of time and money to plug a leak that could be fixed with Akin’s resignation and nearly any other favored republican replacing him?

    This is why McCaskill didn’t want anyone BUT Akin.

  • donh

    Maybe the shred of conscience that held Rush back from joining the Akin dog pile will save his soul in final judgement, but his lack of positive support for Akin in light of his Fluking around is a sin of omission … the fact few Republicans ever take Rush’s advice and are not owed any favors from Rush….Akin isn’t in the class of politicians to stand around gawking in pleasure as he drowns.

  • Jeannie

    A true conservative would have respected the opinions of other true conservatives. I think it’s safe to say that Akin has dropped his conservative membership.

    Hatch and Snowe have a new friend.

    Had he been a democrat Akin would be salvageable, but only those not steeped in reality are unable to understand that there is a double standard that we are subjected to and have to tolerate in order to win.

  • bg


    Jeannie #79 August 24, 2012 at 6:20 pm

    ONE POST??

    try UMPTEEN, frankly, i lost count of GP’s anti-Akin posts.. 🙁

    try rifling through these, also sure there’s a few here & here as well..

    btw, i have never been a GROUP THINKER, i also don’t give bats guano
    about who posted what, what counts is what is stated, and if it’s TRUE
    or not.. and if you supposedly know so much about me, how come you
    din’t at least know those two basic facts about me??


  • Jeannie


    As Rush said of Akin, you miss the point.

    Akin is not the only candidate for pro life and thanks to him, others who might be in better place to fight that fight, right in the eyes of God, may very well not get the chance.

    God makes no bones about those who do harm to his most innocent. While on the surface Akin might be pleasing to God, I have never seen any sign that God rewards hubris. On the other hand, much of the delusional language, citing his own popularity and evidence for having done the right thing, of our president, bears no little similarity, in spirit, to Akins cries.

    OBama blames Bush, Rush, a (guffaw) overly critical media, bitter clingers.

    Akin? Rush, Tea Partiers, Media, RINOs.

    Self deluders. A dime a dozen and of no use to the future generations who need real heroes.

  • Interesting

    bg, IF you were right, then the people would NOT have dropped Akin so quickly. They would have stayed there, stood on principle, and said they didn’t want Claire.. but they are not that smart. The problem is living in the real world.. the one where we want the best possible outcome in an imperfect world. You are RIGHT!! They SHOULD do what you said, keep with Akin based on PRINCIPLE.. but WILL THEY?

    Proverbs 14:15 The simple believe every word: but the prudent man looks well to his going.

    I think the polls show they will not. A HUGE double digit drop in only a week.. sounds like rats leaving a sinking ship. And there is a lot more than one man’s political career riding on this, as Jeannie (post 79) says:

    If Akin loses, his career is finished. Our country is possibly finished. His family is finished. The pro life movement’s best chance for GOVERNMENTAL integrity on their side is finished.

    C’mon.. let’s see what is real here, can we? If they all thought like you we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place. No way intelligent, principled people will actually go out and vote for Claire, no matter what happens.. so where did that swing in popularity come from? (See the Scripture, above.) We are dealing with a lot of people who already showed they do not have enough discernment to NOT elect Claire in the first place.. so where do we go from there? If we want a normal, moral, God-fearing nation (which then can be blessed by God and prosperous and protected by Him), how can we let it all go down in flames if the PEOPLE won’t stick by principled candidates (yes, Akin Goes To Washington would have been nice.. BUT…).

    I think the only realistic thing is to cut the losses. If we lived in the days of the founding fathers, your view would be truth and principle.. which would definitely win out. But we live today.. and you know the records.. I saw your posted links (I always appreciate that, btw, great fan of yours). But exactly HOW did they get in power in the first place? Why are we in this mess? We have to go with the winning horses, and this, sadly, is a must-do sacrifice to the greater good. I don’t disagree with your points AT ALL.. he is a good, conservative candidate. I just don’t want to see the entire platform turned into a circus by people who are grasping at some straw to take the victory from us when we are almost there!! The key is to not lose when we can win big and for EVERYONE in the current political climate to sacrifice toward that greater good and goal.

    Romney WILL get in.. but let’s get the power needed to make the right change of direction.. and that means getting a clean slate which cannot have the mud they throw at us STICK. Think it over.. I’d appreciate it.

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  • akin stepped on his own d**ck. no one else. he turned it into a defensive race against mcaskle instead of an offensive race.

    they will brutalize tar and feather him as saying rape victims who are pregnant are liars.

    he did this.

    he’s a selfish man and all you who still support him cant get rid of the fact that he did this to himself and the adds they are going to run against him will doom him. he is an anchor.

  • Ghost

    #61 Mad Hatter

    I think he meant the way Conservative Christians throw acid in women’s faces.
    (what would I sacrifice to go Taliban on his ass?)

  • Jeannie

    bg, I have read all that you have and I believe that you were ready to paint them as dreadful from their first posts, were you not?

    I couldn’t be more sympathetic about the pro life movement but to bring that up when just a little self restraint AND political savvy (which you would think a seasoned representative would have) would have flipped any question back to the economy,is not just unfortunate in this particular election, it is a mortal wound.

    We only have so much plasma, blood and anti-biotics to dole out in this campaign and presumably as we get closer more of that will be needed.

    not knowing what we still face, how dare Akin now ask for major medical care on his behalf for a self-inflicted wound that a seasoned and self-disciplined campaigner should have been easily able to avoid.

    As it is, had his remarks today been delivered with dynamism and electricity, I could have given up alot of my skepticism. Instead he was dug in, sheepish and unwilling to face the fray AND visibly without the masses of support we’d need to see to believe in his faith in electability.

    if it walks, talks and avoids eye contact like a loser…

    I want my pro lifers vibrant, full of joy and passion and able to fend off any attacks with wit, wisdom and political wizardry. Switching to the economy would have fulfilled all of that.

    I am not unsympathetic, I just think that you took a page from the liberal book here and put too much into ‘feelings’.

    I did the same thing the other night and realized afterward how poorly it resonated.

    I hope you see the light, sincerely.

  • bg


    Interesting #114 August 24, 2012 at 7:14 pm

    what i am matters not..

    Todd Akin is right to stand up for what he honestly won, and not be bullied
    by the throngs of haters based on nothing less than the truth twisted into
    a LIE..

    Rape Pregnancies Are Rare

    John C. Willke, M.D.
    April 1999

    [Finally, factor in what is certainly one of the most important reasons why a rape victim rarely gets pregnant, and that’s physical trauma. Every woman is aware that stress and emotional factors can alter her menstrual cycle. To get and stay pregnant a woman’s body must produce a very sophisticated mix of hormones. Hormone production is controlled by a part of the brain that is easily influenced by emotions. There’s no greater emotional trauma that can be experienced by a woman than an assault rape. This can radically upset her possibility of ovulation, fertilization, implantation and even nurturing of a pregnancy. So what further percentage reduction in pregnancy will this cause? No one knows, but this factor certainly cuts this last figure by at least 50 percent and probably more. If we use the 50 percent figure, we have a final figure of 225 (or 370) women pregnant each year. These numbers closely match the 200 that have been documented in clinical studies.]

    Full Interview With Todd Akin

    more here (#7)

    “It seems to me, from what I understand from doctors, that’s really
    rare,” [Mr. Akin said of pregnancies from rape.] “If it’s a legitimate rape,
    the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. But let’s
    assume that maybe that didn’t work or something: I think there should be
    some punishment, but the punishment ought to be of the rapist, and not
    attacking the child.”

    Dave Catanese, Politico Reporter,
    Defends Todd Akin Rape Comments

    [“So perhaps some can agree that all rapes that are reported are not
    actually rapes? Or are we gonna really deny that for PC sake?” he said.
    “So looks like he meant to say — ‘If a woman was REALLY raped, it’s
    statistically less likely for her to get pregnant.’ What’s the science?”]

    Akin comments stemmed from a paper written by:
    John C. Willke, M.D who endorsed Romney in 2007

    and here (#89)

    Chris and Dana Loesch. The conservative commentary power couple
    both lept to Akin’s defense. Chris claimed that “what [Akin] said was
    medically correct” while Dana wrote that Akin’s comments were less
    bad than his opponent Claire McCaskill’s record by “any real standard
    of measurement.”

    Bryan Fischer: Akin: Hyenas in the GOP
    ignore medical science, eat their own..

    [The bottom line for Shapiro? There is now “scientific evidence that
    stress delays time of conception in healthy women…even low levels
    of stress can have an impact on conception.” In fact, she adds,
    “Stress is the one consistent factor that shows an effect on how long
    it takes to get pregnant, of all the lifestyle factors studied to date.”

    Who knew? Well, Todd Akin, for one.]

    Godspeed, God Bless & Thank You Mr. Akin

    “You can trust a thief, but you can’t trust a liar” ~ Mom


  • bg


    Jeannie #118 August 24, 2012 at 7:22 pm

    if what you’re trying to say is:

    i’m wrong for not thinking exactly like you want
    me to, namely just like you, then i’m wrong..

    okay, got it..

    now let me tell you something, if you’re right, i’d rather be wrong..


  • kato

    If he’s in and there’s no alternative, then better support him, even if it’s on the Q.T.

    Keep him away from Romney and Ryan, but help him buy some ads.

    (Anyone who by some extremely remote chance tracks every utterance by kato will realize that I am reversing myself here. The other day I wrote I wouldn’t want to see him in the Senate making important decisions. But he couldn’t be worse than McCaskill.)

  • NoelArmourson

    There was a similar situation in the Colorado Governor’s race a few years ago.
    Who is paying Akin to stay in?

  • sandbox

    Many candidates run for office knowing they will lose. They do it to represent a point of view or a party that needs to be represented. For example, the Republican Party Candidate for Congress in Berkeley will lose this year and he or she knows it, and the Democratic Party Candidate for Congress in Todd Akin’s old District also knows they will lose. However there was a reasonable expectation that in 2012 the Republican Party Candidate for US Senate in Missouri would win. Now we have a situation where that candidate, due to his own foolish statements, is running just to make a point and to fill a ballot line. He is no longer running to win. That’s why he should get out of the race.

  • Jeannie

    bg, I have to laugh I’m sorry. If you think our opinionated, frequently clashing bunch are ‘group thinkers’ I’m dumbfounded.

    Did you think Palin was a group thinker? Rush?

    I mean I’m with you that we are inundated with RINOs but do you not see that in THIS group there are represented people who you yourself have viewed as previously independent?

    Is there the slightest chance that this is your Ron Paul moment, when you are willing to stand on principle, tragically not seeing that your alliance this time is not with the right ‘group’?

    What I notice from those who support Akin is a surfeit of anger and a lot of ‘pious’ judgment of the state of their souls.

    That is dangerous territory and anyone who goes there needs to take a step back and examine their own state. I hardly think that this group, energized for our country where most are not, is comprised of people lacking compassion and integrity and individual discernment.

    If you take a step back and see that the anger towards Akin would in a heartbeat translate to full encouragement for his FUTURE career if he’d only step down THIS time, I think it might make for a different view.

    I pray you see the difference. WE all want our country better freer and safer for our kids. McCaskill doesn’t . she is living for this, HER moment, not caring about her descendants or caring ONLY for those who will be taken care of by the sweet crony retirement package of death culture bills and tax evading savings that her policies will have injected into our country.

    And now, speaking of oxygen, I have just used 3000% of it here and need to leave it to the rest of you.

    God bless America. Oh please God, bless it.

  • bg


    #122 August 24, 2012 at 7:34 pm

    Gateway Pundit!!


  • bg


    Jeannie #124 August 24, 2012 at 7:35 pm

    ask me if i give a flying bats guano what you think of me..

    i have nothing to do with the FACTS..

    well, except for posting them anyways..


  • bg


    re: #125 August 24, 2012 at 7:36 pm bg

    DO OVER!!

    Gateway Pundit!! 😆

    although, ah, nah, i won’t go there..


  • CLN

    You forgot Ted Kennedy..he was a reprobate Senator too. Noone died as a result of Akin’s dumb words.

    And Obama was a senator. Medal tossing John Kerry still is. I wanted Akin to drop out but I’d rather have a stupid conservative than a glib lib.

  • retire05

    Well, in the last “Akin” thread, I asked if Jim Hoft would work to help Akin get elected if he stayed in, or would Hoft work to get Akin defeated. The lede to this thread answers that question. Hoft intends to continue to muddy the waters for the Missouri primary voters choice, therefore giving the election to Claire McCaskill.

    Sorry, Jim, you have no right to call yourself a true conservative any longer. You have forfeited that right. Akin is the Republican candidate, and no matter how much you may have wanted someone else, you’re stuck with him and you need to back him with everything you have in order to defeat Criminal Claire McCaskill and her ACORN friends.

    I would like to point out something to all those still screaming for Todd Akin’s head:

    I do not like Mitt Romney. He was not my choice in 2008, and he was not my choice this primary season. Romney is an eastern squish who funded abortion clinics in Romneycare, who created a state health care system that is accessible to illegals, who actually knowing allowed illegals to do his yard work, who created a “state” healthcare plan that every taxpayer in American pays for and who personally issued marriage licenses (under a little known Massachussets law) to a number of same-sex couples. He is, in no way, what I consider a Reagan conservative. But…………………….

    he is the Republican candidate, and I will work my tail off for him because the alternative is unthinkable. I cannot bear the thought of Obama in the Oval Office for four more years, being a president that has nothing to lose and who will violate every Constitutional restraint he can.

    It is going to be hard enough to defeat McCaskill with the regrouping of ACORN who will most certainly send in the troops to taint the election. You, who live in Missouri, and especially YOU, Jim Hoft, need to get behind Todd Akin in spite of the fact that the person you wanted didn’t get the nomination. If you don’t, and Claire McCaskill wins AGAIN, it will be your fault. No one else’s. You don’t have to like it, you just have to make up your mind that six more years of Claire McCaskill is an unthinkable disaster.

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  • Mary

    Let’s see…a “press conference” was called fairly last minute. Generally, isn’t it prety much just PRESS that show up? I find your “only 6” comment to be rude and terribly misleading.
    I find it damn sad that not only are we having to fight the Democrats (any of the 3 candidates would have had to do that) but now we have to fight the GOP and some in the so-called grassroots media.
    Obviously Akin was never your candidate. What RINO would you and the GOP be happy with?

  • bg


    i’ve read more foolish statements by Akin
    detractors than he could ever make if he
    sincerely tried..

    he misspoke ONE lousy word (albeit it factually correct) and everyone
    under the Sun took it ran with it until it became a mountainous LIE..

    but the most revealing thing of all is, we individually exposed
    ourselves for who we truly are, and a lot of us aren’t pretty..

    will we ever learn??

    well, if being around for almost 7 decades gives me
    license to proffer an educated guess, i fear not.. 🙁

    “Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition
    you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained
    the struggle against overwhelming odds.”

    ~ Orison Swett Marden


  • Taqiyyotomist

    #126 bg

    Please, as long as you are posting things all these years which, as a commenter, I can only assume that you would prefer others to read, explore, and digest (because otherwise, why would you post them, right?)… I wish you would do the same to comments that others desire you to read, explore, and digest.

    Such as Jeannie’s #124.

    What she “thinks of you”, bg, — by posting that very comment — is that you are capable of digesting and regarding truth that you yourself have not discovered and posted as a comment.

    What she “thinks of you” is nothing but love. Same with me.

    I don’t give a s&&t that you don’t “care what people think of you”.

    Still, I love you, enough to tell you truth with which you may disagree.

    And so would any Christian, and so would any long-time “acquaintance”, as much as we all are.

    There are even lefty “trolls” at Flopping Aces who are loved by the community, enough to tell them when they are wrong. And you’re pretty far from that category. How much more so do we love you, then?


    Can’t you just listen, and digest, and be introspective for a change?

    Combative or not. It’s your choice, I suppose. Don’t go nuts on us, bg. For your sake.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    …don’t go nuts on us, bg…

    And that’s coming from Taqiyyotomist. For what that’s worth.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    That guy whom perhaps 60% of GP commenters usually think is nucking futz.

  • SoLongSong

    Wow! From the mouths of babes….er, Taqqs…Potayto, potahto, in this case.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    God bless you, Jeannie, Jim Hoft, and bg.

    And all the rest of this peanut gallery to Jim Hoft’s posts.

    Let us ALL consider 1 John chapter 4 in all that we type.

  • bg


    retire05 #129 August 24, 2012 at 7:54 pm

    for the most part i agree, however..

    re: [I do not like Mitt Romney. He was not my choice in 2008, and he
    was not my choice this primary season. Romney is an eastern squish
    who funded abortion clinics in Romneycare, who created a state health
    care system that is accessible to illegals, who actually knowing allowed
    illegals to do his yard work, who created a “state” healthcare plan that
    every taxpayer in American pays for and who personally issued marriage
    licenses (under a little known Massachussets law) to a number of same-
    sex couples. He is, in no way, what I consider a Reagan conservative.

    you and i both know a lot, if not all, of that was debunked..

    but whatever, the truth always reveals itself, always..

    re: the rest of your post..



  • Sasja

    Taqyi. We only think you’re “nucking futz” on rare occasion and love you anyway.

    “Still My Akin Heart”

  • Taqiyyotomist
  • Ann Ominous

    too syrupy for me, but at least everyone finally see

  • bg


    Taqiyyotomist #133 August 24, 2012 at 8:08 pm

    all i can say is my TRUTHS are based on FACTS, not FEELINGS..

    i LOVE everyone, yet i must sincerely
    ask, what’s love got to do with it??


  • retire05

    #138, bg, actually NONE of it was debunked since everything I said about Romney is fact. Or have you forgotten Romney on Bill O’Reilly’s show saying that Romneycare was ALWAYS meant to be a state/federal endeavor? Yep, you and I pay for Romneycare via our taxes even though we live in different states.

    What else you think was debunked because I damn sure can back up my claims.

  • Taqiyyotomist


    Thx. I do understand exactly why, on those (as you kindly portray) “rare” occasions, I am considered a few fries short of a Happy Meal™. And like bg, I don’t really care most times.


  • bg


    ps re: #142 August 24, 2012 at 8:17 pm bg

    forgot to mention:

    a fact is a fact is a fact whether i love it or hate it.. 😀


  • donh

    Now you want to drag Palin into this….The ” don’t let the media pick your candidates ” woman who quit her elected office for a FOX media job telling people what candidates to pick….A woman who has been repeatedly gang raped by the media…even her own daughters …joining the Karl Rove’s pack of FOX hole paid hack mercinaries assigned to pushing aside a democratically elected candidate… to replace with a hand picked political insider who will goose step in conformity to the counterfit conservative machine….Someone who will vote for the next tarp program, the next bail out, the next socialist take over, and the next debt ceiling raise, the next eugenuics policy ….while claiming with a straight face to be conservative……claiming Obama is the one who is a tyrant, unamerican, and dictatorial ….while you hang Akin from his heels.

  • Sasja

    On those “rare occasions” I just become worried about you.

  • Mary

    “Only 6”?
    Rush Limbaugh: “I’m looking at the call board up here, and, folks, there are lot of people who think that Todd Akin’s being done dirty. A lot of people think Todd Akin is being mistreated, and a lot of people have decided they want to stand by him and that everybody else should, too.”

  • Simsalabim

    Love him or hate him…

    We all have to get behind Todd now because he is our conservative Republican candidate.

    We all have to get behind Mittens now because he is our liberal Republican candidate.

    Primaries have consequences.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    LOL! Thanks again Sasja.

    Worry about MC, with the powder, if you’re going to worry.

    Or Jim Hoft, with the temptation of Media lucre.

    On those occasions, I’ve usually just had a few more beers than I should have.

    I belong to Christ Jesus.

    Bible is dry.

  • Skip

    What bothers me most about so many people on this board is that a few of them actually vote. Akin won because of the Democat voters. He will now lose along with an almost sure Senate seat for the GOP.

    He is a moron. He does not deserve to be a member of the Senate…his brain does not properly function.

  • bg


    retire05 143 August 24, 2012 at 8:18 pm

    like i said, whatever..

    not going to worry about it, i know the truth..

    believe whatever you like, as long as you
    can back it up with more than opinion..

    because i’m not going to rehash your
    one note talking points yet again..


  • bg


    so many opinions,

    so little facts to back them up..

    why is that?? /s/


  • retire05

    bg, oh, I see; when asked exactly what I said about Romney has been debunked, you do your disappearance trick again. Sorry, toots, I have been dealing with you for far too long on this board. I know your m.o. Cut and run. One note taking points? Why the need for insult? Or is it that you are now reverting to the old bg who slams anyone who dares to disagree with you?

    But none of that changes the fact that I think Romney is a left leaning moderate, not a Reagan conservative, but I will back him all the way to the White House.

    Sad I can’t say the same applied to Jim Hoft who is obviously going to do everything in his power to make damn sure Akin loses to McCaskill.

  • bg


    by Mychal Massie
    August 22, 2012

    Shouldn’t We Trust The Person?

    Help me out here if you can. Shouldn’t a person running for office be a
    person in whom we can have confidence that his yes is yes and his no
    is no? Shouldn’t a person who is running for a political office, and asking
    us to trust them, be trustworthy? Shouldn’t they be willing to say what
    they believe and stand by it regardless of the consequences? In other
    words, shouldn’t a person running for office be veracious? Shouldn’t the
    voters have confidence that a politician says what he/she believes and
    that the politician will not succumb to saying anything just to get elected?

    Recently, we witnessed leftist groups and homosexuals react with their
    typical knee-jerk apoplexy, when the owner of Chick-Fil-A spoke openly
    and honestly of his personal point of view. Now granted, this man is not
    a politician, but wouldn’t it be refreshing to see a politician stand by their
    convictions instead of making their convictions whatever will get them

    That is exactly what I would do if I were the Republican Senatorial
    candidate from Missouri Todd Akin. Akin has come under fire and pressure
    to abandon his race for the Senate because he gave an honest answer to
    a question about abortion. When asked if he opposed abortion even in the
    case of rape, he should have answered “yes” and moved on to the next
    question. Instead, he answered yes and then tried to legitimize his
    answer with medical evidence.

    Truth be told, there is medical opinion that supports his answer: “From
    what I understand from doctors…if it’s a legitimate rape, the female body
    has ways to try to shut [the female reproduction ability down].” I recall
    reading the same thing going back to my early years of college. And more
    mportant, I can recall hearing adults saying the same thing when I was a

    Democrat Elizabeth Warren can lie about her ethnicity in order to defraud
    and cheat the government to get student loans. Democrat Richard
    Blumenthal lied about his non-existent Vietnam War record all the way to
    reelection. Bill Clinton can lie about sexual relations. Obama can lie about
    his mother’s death; can lie about his father’s non-existent military record
    and can lie about his past (by keeping all documents pursuant to same
    sealed). Mitt Romney has flipped, flopped, and flipped again to the point
    that who knows what he really believes. But Akin speaks his mind and
    position truthfully and Karl Rove and Republican leadership throw him
    under the bus faster than they threw Trent Lott under the bus for making
    a jocund comment at the late Strom Thurmond’s birthday party.

    Republicans need to figure out that standing up for what a person believes
    in shouldn’t disqualify a person from office. I would double down on Akin
    and tell the media we’ll stop supporting Akin when Obama stops supporting
    Eric Holder and Joe Biden. Go Akin.

    Amen Mychal!!


  • bg


    retire05 #154 August 24, 2012 at 8:41 pm

    i excerpted it for you..

    if i’m up to it, i’ll get back to you tomorrow,
    i’ve no patience for your petty bs right now..

    albeit i knew better than to
    even read your post, my bad..

    okay, i’m a (fitb) a (fitb) & a (fitb), whatever!!

    but here comes 50 more irrelevant posts anyways.. 🙄


  • bg


    retire05 #154 August 24, 2012 at 8:41 pm

    btw, Reagan (#54) was more left leaning than Romney or Bush..

    Gingrich was the conservative who saved the Reps back then.. 🙂


  • Alana

    Things I’m tired of:

    (1) Being told that one is not a conservative, and may even pay with their soul in hell, if one doesn’t get behind Akins.

    (2) Being told that Akins spoke “the truth” and any other view of what he said wasn’t the truth is a “lie.” I don’t agree with his assessment that pregnancy after rape is rare due to something women’s bodies due (or even due to stress), and I’m not lying about it. I don’t believe it is the truth. I believe he’s wrong.

    (3) People implying that those who feel that way are just lemmings doing what “the Republican elite” tells us to do. (See a prior poster who pointed out that it was his own reaction; not something pushed into his head. Ditto for me.)

    (4) Accusing Jim Hoft of succumbing to “the temptations of media lucre,” as one poster put it, and similar remarks from others. Unfair, rude, shocking, and miserable, and if you want to spout things like that, then I think the better part of valor would be include taking it to another site.

    Seems like we’re either weak or greedy and possibly even damned to hell if we don’t back a “truth” spoken by one politician.

    Even though we disagree that it IS a truth.

    I think some people don’t realize just how egregious Akin’s “controversial” remarks were, including to many conservatives. This is no small matter.

    Still – differences of opinion on how egregious they were would be fine, and we could disagree on that.

    But this “my way or the highway” business makes me think I’m sharing this board with some fanatics.

  • bg


    retire05 #154 August 24, 2012 at 8:41 pm

    re: [But none of that changes the fact that I think Romney is a left
    leaning moderate, [,,] but I will back him all the way to the White

    Sad I can’t say the same applied to Jim Hoft who is obviously going
    to do everything in his power to make damn sure Akin loses to McCaskill.]

    i concur..


  • Alana

    I’m going to stop being polite about it pretty soon here.

  • bg


    ipso facto:


    that is the molehill LIE this INSANE mountain
    of perpetuated bs has been built on.. *sigh*


  • joe

    BG you’re a demoKKKrat moron…how much do you get paid per post?

  • bg




  • retire05

    #158 Alana

    1) we don’t always get the candidate of our choice

    2) that is the American system of elections

    3) if we subscribe to a the platform of a certain party, and we don’t get the candidate we would have chosen, we have a responsibility to back the candidate the majority of our party selected

    4) Fertility doctors will tell you that stress can be contributing factor in the inability to conceive. Rape causes stress.

    5) the number of abortions due to rape AND incest compined is less than 1%.

    6) Republicans should learn to stop eating their own and caving to the demands of both the Democrats and the press (really one and the same)

  • bg


    joe #162 August 24, 2012 at 9:03 pm

    ask GP,

    he knows me a hell of a lot longer than any of you..


  • joe

    we have the responsibility to back the candidate the majority of our party selected? maybe if you’re a easily led uneducated loser…but for the rest of us we don’t have to vote for anyone we don’t want to…if you want to be a goose-stepper join the demoKKKRats.

  • bg


    joe #166 August 24, 2012 at 9:08 pm

    got that bass ackwards we much??


  • joe

    I can’t believe anyone is stupid enough to back that egomaniac akins…all he cares about is power…with his son as campaign manager…politics is the akins family business….

    and yes he did say legitimate rape…and that bs about the women’s body shutting down is just assinine…anyone actually backing him, and not democrats who back him for obvious reasons, should be ashamed of themselves…as akin should be…if he had ANY honor he would step down..but he’s too damned greedy for that….he’s trash…so is anyone who supports him

  • joe

    no bg…you have your head up your ass apparently…or you’re just a good demoKKKrat having a little fun..

  • Sasja

    Right now, Akin is the nominee, like him or not. You all can keep bitching about him or you can at least try to pull a win out of this fiasco.

    Alana, your outrage is noted; several times.

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  • Taqiyyotomist

    Alana, I don’t know if you are a Bible-believing Christian or not.

    I do know, in my brain and my heart both, that right now, our current television and mass-media culture is both lucrative and cowardly. Cowardly as a result of the former, lucrative.

    Even the Most Hated Person Ever, Rush Limbaugh, will not dare to mention Donald Young, Larry Sinclair, Nate Spencer, or Larry Bland. Rush will never mention Obama’s CT SSN. He will never discuss NALCO and Rezko and BP and Soros and Deepwater Horizon.

    Just the “safe” topics.

    And don’t even mention any FOXNews personalities. They are all more cowardly and craven and afraid than even Rush.

    Money will be gone soon, though, except as a vague, remembered concept.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Truth will remain.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Shaddup, joe.

    Would you say that s&&t to a great grandmother, or any woman, with several good-old-boys present?

    Sure you would.



  • Right Wing Conservative


    Like I said before back when this Akin bashing first started.

    If you are a Christian pro-life, vote Akin

    If you are a Republican, Vote Akin

    If you want Clair McCaskil out of our senate, Vote Akin

    If you want obama out of the White House, Vote Republican

    If you vote republican all the way we win.

    We can worry about getting the bad apples out later, trust me it will be easier to remove a republican than it is to remove a democrat. The democrats will back eachother up no matter what the crime, we’ve all seen this. Republicans have a pecking order and will take out the weak links.

    Oh and one more thing….

    Stop fighting, enough is enough.

  • Jeannie

    #176, it is not US whose votes we are afraid of losing. It is the folks who will never come to a site like this, who will never check out Akin’s previous record, who will never veer from the abc networks for their news.

    People are trying to convince US to vote conservative. We would because we know we have to fall on our swords thsi election.

    The matter is not so clear cut for a number of independents and democrats who were timidly approaching Akin because he is not the disaster of McCaskill.

    But those independents are some of them lib women and they will be trotting right back to their comfort zone, a liberal woman.

    WE are not who need to be convinced. That is why the lunacy of Akinites and Paulites so frustrates.

  • Sharom

    Go Todd Akin! Vote for Akin!

  • Sarah

    An interesting take on this situation by Daniel Greenfield in his Friday afternoon round-up:

    What I have to say isn’t so much about Akin specifically, but in general terms how to react to cases like this. Much of the public takes its general impression of whether there is a problem by how the people who are running things react to it. If they react with hysteria, apologies, condemnations and a circular firing squad… they assume that there is a problem and that it is a very serious problem and that it indicates a basic failure of leadership.

    Paradoxically the more Republicans eat their own, the more the public blames them for whatever it is they are trying to disassociate themselves from. This is a corollary to Rule 1. The more you talk about a problem, the worse it gets.

    That doesn’t mean that Akin shouldn’t be forced off the ticket, but loud condemnations don’t really disassociate Republicans from him,they associate Republicans with him. They make Republicans look like they got caught with their pants down, which is the impression that the Democrats want to create.

    When ABC screened a video showing Obama’s pastor and mentor screaming “GOD DAMN AMERICA” after September 11, the Democrats pretended there was no problem. They talked about it as little as possible. When they had to talk about it, Obama want on TV and turned it into a discussion about racism. General racism. When Wright became too much of a burden, he was quietly dumped.

    Media bias makes this more feasible for Democrats than Republicans, but there are still lessons to learn here. Republicans are operating with old-fashioned values that call for taking responsibility and apologizing. These values are unfortunately a political liability. Politicians who brazen it out have a much better chance of winning. Politicians who refuse to discuss a scandal and mean it, have a much better chance of surviving. A party that allows itself to the sidelined by distractions like these will not be competitive.

    Blog articles telling Akin to bow out will not get him to leave. Radio chatters telling Akin to leave will not make him leave. This is local politics and it is going to have to be dealt with locally. And the more this is talked about, the more it helps the left set the narrative.

  • Right Wing Conservative

    #177 You’re preaching to the choir here, I am aware of the position you are trying to make.

    I know that on these boards this bickering has gone on long enough, and yes what happens here doesn’t stay here, it trails out into our everyday lives.

    If the people on these pundits stop bickering and grasp the whole picture that we need a more conservative base it will trickle out into their lives and to their family and friends.

    I voted McCain in ’08 and so did my family, we were aware of obama/soetoro mainly due to my personal research on him. I didn’t stand firm with him though duly because of the way Republicans had characterized obama. I didn’t see obama then as the threat to our country that I see now. So I speak up now and tell everyone I know to go Republican just to get him out, along with pelosi, holder, reed and all the other marxist, socialist, progressives and losers. I don’t want the soros’s, alanski commie b’s running our country any more.

    Believe it or not I went to Hillary’s site back around ’06 to study her background because I was going to vote in the Democratic primary for her and I found a link on her web pages about obama being Kenyan born. It’s no longer there, was taken down the moment obama won the primary. From there I was linked to this site via commenter, and have been here ever since.

    Back then had I come to this site and seen all of this I would probably have felt a bit threatened by both parties with a sickening feeling that it doesn’t matter who I vote for it won’t matter.

    I don’t believe all this bickering is helping us, not one bit, and I don’t want this trickeling out into my life anymore than I want someone new finding this site and seeing all of this and taking away a feeling of helplessness from seeing this.

    We need to stop bickering.

    The Republicans need to come to grips with reality that Todd Akins was selected by the MO voters and do everything they can now to see to it that from this point on Todd doesn’t let this happen again.

    Get him the advisors he needs and give him the structural support to guide him. If Akins doesn’t fall in step then support him all the way anyway and basically mute him in the Senate until he realizes that he can’t bring forth these crazy opinions of his.

    I want to say something to everyone here

    When I was a young woman if your husband raped you it wasn’t considered rape. If you even uttered a word of it you were basically told that he had that right being your husband. If you became pregnant to many times you were told it takes two to tango and ridiculed for having so many kids.

    I experienced this, I have three wonderful children from my first husband, and it wasn’t consensual intercourse, it was stressful on me and I did fight against it. Every day I look into my children’s eyes all I see is the amount of pure love they all have for me and how much I have loved each of them even during my pregnancies, and I know that their right to life was more important than my emotions.

    Each and every day those memories flood me. I can’t be in a completely quiet room alone or I start crying because those memories come into my life. Lately they have been more frequent and it doesn’t seem to matter if the television is on or not, the memories are right there. It was forced and I did become pregnant, 3 times before I could finally get the help I needed to leave with my children.

    If anyone has a reason not to like Mr. Akin for his remarks it would be me and others like me.

    I don’t feel any dislike for him though. I look at it this way, I wasn’t stoned by my family for not staying with my ex, and I wasn’t treated anywhere near the way muslim women are treated once they go through a divorce, it’s horrible. I would rather deal with trying to get Mr. Akin out of office if he doesn’t show a different charactor mind set, than to deal with trying to get obama and his ilk out of our government all the while fighting against everything he stands for.

    Get obama and his sidekicks out now. Vote Republican.

  • Jeannie

    #180, I understand your side too.
    Had Akin dropped out there would not BE any bickering and we would not have another schism like the Ron Paul group who daily threaten to erupt and go third party on us ala Ross Perot.

    You are right in that we need to move on, but the harm has been done because the division within the ranks nearly always leads to more cracks and that is what the left has been waiting for all along.

    there is no evidence to suggest akin actually won any majority, meaning that some of those votes will be going to McCaskill, there was never any majority for Akin, unlike the other candidates who had non-inflated numbers and would have been a threat…hence were NOT given support and aid by McCaskill’s camp who handpicked her opponent.

    That is what is so sad, there is no evidence that there are enough conservatives in Missouri who will vote for ANYONE other than McCaskill, whereas they might have voted for a man or woman who was more fiscally responsible as were his more popular co-candidates.

    Aikin presumably is the least popular candidate in Missouri, judging by the pre-election numbers and then the infusion of phony Dem votes to get him as the opponent for the real election.

    Since all Missourians are not staunch conservatives it is not a very safe bet that they will vote for the least popular candidate. What is more,most casual voters do not even understand hte electoral college and will not associate one of their candidate wins with the country’s needs. I am not trying to say dumb, it’s just a complicated system and nobody is naive enough to believe national education has taught people how to understand it. Not in age of dumb ’em down indoctrination education.

  • Right Wing Conservative



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  • Jonah Vark

    Missouri conservatives rally to Akin, blast Republican “establishment”

    Reuters) – Missouri conservatives say they are rallying around U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin despite his controversial comments about rape because they are outraged that “establishment” Republican Party leaders tried to railroad him out of the race.

    A backlash has set in here in Akin’s suburban St. Louis congressional district, where supporters said the national party had no right to attempt to force out a duly-elected candidate.

  • Ripped

    Akin won because of the Democrat voters. What is wrong with you people have you never heard of the Libertarian party?

    Jonathan Dine Libertarian candidate seeking election to the U.S. Senate from Missouri.

    He has to be a better alternative than Claire or Akin!

  • mcc

    Thank you, PAUL RYAN.

    For saying what we’ve all been saying…

    “Todd Akin should step down.”

    You and I agree on the ProLife issue and

    we agree Todd Akin should step down.

    But help me out here: Can you tell me

    why BG praises you: YOU’RE PRINCIPLED

    and she disses me: I’M A FAUX CONSERVATIVE??

    Oh, but you’ll be happy to know BG would

    most likely STEP DOWN if she were Todd Akin.

    She didn’t say “NO”… so I took it to be “YES”.

    It was probably hard for her to, you know,


    when she’s been saying Todd’s her HERO and all…

    Well, we just won’t let those things bother us,

    now will we?! Have a great day!

  • I find is deplorable that many of the comments here are asking the author to hold back from criticizing Akin, as it would help the “leftist” cause. Well if your moral integrity would allow you to support a man who has demonstrated a completely disgusting moral compass and utter ignorance for the issues, simply because he’s on your team, then you are no better than Akin himself.

  • acheybreaky

    Looks like everyone has conveniently forgotten that ObamaClaire McCaskill “forgot” to pay several years of personal property taxes on her private plane. She also charged her usage of the plan to taxpayers. She only paid up when she got caught. If commercials reminding voters of that aren’t running already, they should be.

    Romney is going to win Missouri.

    Akin’s mess up will not result in Obama winning Missouri. You’re buying into socialist Democrat talking points and those socialist pigs are smiling because you’ve fallen for their con.

    Missourians are mad as hades at both Obama & Obama butt kisser Claire McCaskill.

    Akin can still win, just based on the majority who simple want to VOTE AGAINST McCaskill.
    If you write in someone against ObamaClaire, you’re throwing your vote away in favor of McCaskill.

  • Ann Ominous

    the further adventures of the commenter gang discussing politics at Gateway with video.

    brewskee slappd da f*** outta c. hill – YouTube

  • joe


    yeah I would…and dare those ‘good old boys’ to do something about it….

  • Patty

    Missouri conservatives rally to Akin, blast Republican “establishment”

    (Reuters) – Missouri conservatives say they are rallying around U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin despite his controversial comments about rape because they are outraged that “establishment” Republican Party leaders tried to railroad him out of the race.

    A backlash has set in here in Akin’s suburban St. Louis congressional district, where supporters said the national party had no right to attempt to force out a duly-elected candidate.

  • Cactus

    Thanks Jeannie for your insightful comments. And Alana too.

  • bg


    ooh, you go GPO’s!!

    gotta hand it to ya, you sure
    know how to pile on the pooh..

    ht Larse