Ann Coulter: “Anyone Who Donates to Mitt Romney Ought to Call & Say If Andrea Saul Is Not Fired They Will Not Give Another Dime” (Video)

Ann Coulter called on Mitt Romney to fire spokesperson Andrea Saul after the campaign’s horrible response yesterday to the outrageous Obama-Soptic attack ad.

“And then we have Romney Campaign spokesperson Andrea Saul and her response was that, not that it was despicable, not that Romney had left Bain five years earlier, or that the woman died five years after the plant closed and did not even get insurance from her husband. Her response was, “Well if she had lived in Massachusetts with Mitt Romney’s health care plan she would have had health insurance.”

Anyone who donates to Mitt Romney and I mean the big donors should call and say if Andrea Saul is not fired and off the campaign tomorrow they’re not giving another dime. Because it is not worth fighting for this man if this is the kind of spokesman he has. By responding to an ad like this by citing health care in Massachusetts?… No, I’m serious about this. There’s no point you doing your show, there’s no point in us going to a convention and pushing for this man if he is employing people like this. This ad is the turning point and he has nearly snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.”

She’s right.
Playing kissy-kissy with Chicago thugs won’t win you an election.

Allahpundit added:

I think she’s irritated mainly because Saul is playing Obama’s game by treating the steelworker ad as legitimate. You don’t respond to a smear like that by addressing it on the merits; you respond by explaining why it’s a smear and how it reveals just what a fraud the Hopenchange aura is. It’s an opportunity to attack with righteous fury, and somehow Saul blew it by stepping on her own message with the health-care aside.

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  • Jack

    Saw it. I also saw Hannity change the subject immediately. Michele Malkin basically said the same thing later in the show.

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    andrea saul and stephanie cutter; two perfect examples of how little the RNC and DNC care about the american people. just tell the fools anything to get them to vote for us. don’t worry about the truth.

  • Nanna

    I totally agree with Ann Coulter. I haven’t agreed with her on the Chris Christie for president thlng, but she is so right, along with Michelle Malkin, that Romney MUST start fighting back HARD. Not just pussy foot around like McCain did.
    Get rid of the spokespeople you have!!!

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  • Militant conservative

    Just pick Allen West or

    Marco Rubio and you’ll be


  • Jackosan

    Who the hell did not see this coming , Romney is just Bush ,Mcain ,Dole all roled up into a “lets all go along to gety along” RINO . This is why I left the Repubs. Weak, lazy, Stupid, cowardly. But hey lets all party while Rome burns!! There will be no tax reform, no immigration reform or repeal of obamacare . In fact I will bet anyone he will increase spending and increase the size and scope of the Gov.

  • Chris W.

    Nothing to do with reacting as if the ad was legitimate. The response is weak and unbelievably stupid because it is playing to Romneys biggest weakness: Massachussets Romneycare, which = Obamacare. How can Ropmney possibly run on an anti-Obamacare platform when his own spokespeople are expousing Obamacare-like (failed) programs?

    This woman is trying to sink Romney from the inside. The fix is in.

  • MustComment

    I agree, I agree, I agree!!! Woke up this morning after processing Malkin’s words on Hannity last night and I’m having a sick feeling that we will relive another 2008 WHIMPY McCain campaign. This time it’s way too important to BLOW IT! If the GOP hand this over to Obama, this time around, it’s all over for the hardworking “American citizens” who really care about our country. I want to slap Mitt, he needs to wake up and fight hard!!!

  • bear

    I used to like ann coulter, and then she endorsed romney over every actual Conservative.

    NOW she’s outraged at romney’s pathetic campaign?!!

    That spokesperson only said what she was told to say. Coulter and all the rino supporters should be doing a mea culpa, not blaming the messenger. By hollering, “It’s HER fault!” they are hoping to deflect this disaster from romney’s doorstep.

    This country needs a real man or woman in the WH, not a commie or Casper Milquetoast.

  • Jon

    Heartily concur. We want a LEADER, not another milquetoast pol like Dole/McCain/Ford. We want another Reagan. The Tea Party movement continues to grow precisely because true patriotic conservative Americans are sick and tired of idiots like McCain and Saul painting the bullseye on themselves, loading the magazine into the rifle, boresighting for accuracy, then wiping the dust from the weapon before putting it on a silver platter and handing it to the collectivist enemy and wishing them good luck as the leftist smear machine takes aim and fires. ENOUGH! Get rid of the pansies and start arming the warriors. WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!

  • bg


    forget his VP list..

    Karl Rove ought to be first on his “fire” list, followed by Andrea Saul..

    we are in a race to save our Constitutional Freedoms..

    and Romney strategists are playing a lets wait and see game??

    this is no time to play the Tortoise vs the Hare..

    to reiterate Palins advice..


    not put US to sleep..


  • Robb

    bg, you nailed it, as is your custom.

  • Jack

    She is a Romney spokesperson speaking for the Romney campaign. Probably worked in the McCain campaign too.

  • mcc

    This explains it all: this Andrea Saul person came from the MCCAIN team, according to Coulter.

    Rule #1 – Take NO ONE from McCain. The stench of defeat should be enough of a tipoff.

    I can’t believe Team Romney let anyone from that losing team near his campaign. This woman even looked strange on TV – so much so that it had me trying to figure out who she was ’til Coulter explained it. In her eyes…something like no soul, life in them. Always wondered if the commiedems didn’t infiltrate McCain’s camp and, if so, this one looks like one of them. And she’s the “official spokesman!” DO NOT TRUST THIS WOMAN.

  • Glen Harness

    Is Coulter trying to rehab her image after completely going to the tank for Romney? Is she just now seeing what everyone else saw months ago?

  • Spider

    In some future campaign a true conservative will be the nominee, and it will be a beautiful thing to behold.

    The lefties and the RINO’s have to play a balancing act, that always fails and leaves them looking like hypocrites or worse.

    A true Conservative has the truth on his/her side, so doesn’t have to hedge or triangulate or do all the BS that we have grown so accustom to.

  • TXGuitarMan

    “Welcome to the party, pal!”

    Are we really supposed to believe, Ms. Coulter, that you JUST NOW are figuring out how toxic Mittends is to authentic conservatism and to our only really hope to take this country back from the abyss?

    Mittends should have been disqualified on the one point that he has to cede the entire issue of killing ObamaCare. Romney IS ObamaCare – why should anyone be surprised that one of his supplicants would run out with this idiotic comment that legitimizes the solcialist piece of trash and his health care scheme?

    I totally agree with those who say the fix is in and has been from day one on killing all conservative thought and candidacies. The establishment has never wanted a conservative in the WH and isn’t going to get one now. They know they have us under the barrel, willing to hold our nose and vote for the carbon-based life form with an (R) behind its name to get the socialist piece of trash out of the WH. They are thumbs their noses at us by giving us Mittends.

    Why get rid of this staffer? This is EXACTLY who he is going to surround himself with in the next admin, RINO types like himself. They are all just a few shades right of the socialist piece of trash in the WH.

    So save it, Ms. Coulter. You pushed for this RINO now eat it.

  • MN Jim

    mcc commented: Rule #1 – Take NO ONE from McCain.

    I’d still take Sarah Palin, but scrap the rest.

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  • Jack

    #16 Spider I can only think of one conservative who has; run against a super powerhouse politicain and won, taken on corrupt politicians and initiated ethics reform, worked with both dems and repubs to get vital legislation passed for the good of the state and the people, taken on the biggest corportation in the world and won, cut the budget by going through a bloated budget submitted by the “old guard” line-by-line, got rid of costly failing state programs and believes in constitutionalism and limited government.

    She lives in Alaska!