Akin Blames “Lib Media” For Trying to Make Him Drop Out …(Is Mitt Romney Lib Media?)

Oh dear. This is seriously crazy.
Todd Akin blamed the liberal media tonight for trying to make him drop out of the race.

Are Mitt Romney, John Ashcroft, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin the liberal media?

Over half of Missouri voters want Akin to drop.
Liberal media?

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  • The writing is on the wall. And shouting from the speakers!

  • exceller

    how the hell did this guy win the nomination Missouri?
    he’s clueless.

  • a former dem

    what a pathetic moron. A safe seat pickup gone.

  • Larkin

    Truly, the most disturbing thought to come out of all of this is that politicians the caliber and dim intelligence of Akin seem to have no trouble being elected in the first place.

    But to really highlight the clueless-ness of the voting public, they are actually re-elected, multiple times.

  • sandbox

    As Akin’s poll numbers sink, how about a well-known moderate republican (assuming they exist in Missouri) goes independant third party like Joe Lieberman or Lisa M. from Alaska did. The National Republicans Party can even support such a candidiate. It could work–there is time.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Just what we needed. A completely clueless self absorbed nut job making this election about rape and abortion. God help us. Does he even have any idea how bad he is making Republicans look all the feed his own overstuffed ego?

  • Adam

    The truly sad thing is that 12 people favorited that tweet and there’s quite a few people on the internet and twitter who believe it.

  • Blackbird

    Actually the liberals are hoping he stays. None of them want him to drop out. None.
    I bet McCaskill is blind drunk tonight in celebration. 🙁

  • Skip

    Akin is toast. Well…there goes one seat for the Senate the GOP thought they would win. If by chance the Republican Party has a shot at defeating Obamacare they have to retain the House, win the Senate and remove Obama from the White House.

    Thanks to Akin he may have cost all of us this chance to win the Senate. Clearly what he said to put himself into hot water was brainless and his decision to stay in the race should show us all what he is.

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  • Kathteach

    Not to worry folks. He will be ancient history in a week. Believe it.

  • Jim W

    This guy has lost his mind.

  • bg


    i agree..

    both the OLD & the NEW.. 😡


  • Granny Kate

    So who are we all getting behind on the write-in campaign? Brunner? Steeleman? We need to decide and make it stick!

    Don’t forget, we are actually from the state that elected a dead man 14 years ago. We can make things happen.

  • myohmy

    Missouri has voted McCaskill a number of times. Why not vote for a different dim wit? Akin is staying and let Missouri decide their fate. Romney and Ryan are big boys, they can fight their own battle. Stop the witch of Missouri being re-elected. Vote Akin.

  • bg


    Jim W #12 August 21, 2012 at 8:49 pm

    speaking of minds one note, i’m still waiting
    (as if an answer is forthcoming, whistle 🙄 )


  • sandbox

    Who’s on the Libertarian line for US Senate in Mo.?

  • Democrat Strategist

    Just to let you guys know how we intend to play this. We will use Akin’s views as a wedge between Romney and Paul. At every opportunity we will make a Paul Ryan exclaim the vote killing message that raped women should be forced to give birth to their rapist’s child. You’ve given us more than we could ever have hoped for. We’re going to pull at that thread and watch the whole GOP campaign unravel into bitter recrimination, mudslinging and confusion.

    We have some fantastic ads being produced designed to manipulate this situation to inflict absolute political carnage on Paul Ryan. It’s going to be beautiful

    Once again guys, thanks for securing Obama’s election. We owe you one.

    The early indications is that the national impact on the polls has been rather significant, especially amongst female voters. It’s so funny, we can’t stop laughing about how the GOP has handed Obama this election on a plate



  • Nate

    Now we know why Comrade Caskill wanted him so bad. Hello people, they are in it together and this was bought and paid for a long time ago. She helped him buy the seat because he gauranteed her a loss at any cost in exchange for???? Just wait for the other shoe to drop. She’s dispicable and ruthless.

  • Multitude

    Stepping back from the Akin fiasco a bit, it’s interesting to compare the track records between the “stupid” former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and the media darling former Arkansas governor Huckabee. The former has helped support numerous small government, fiscal conservatives to the forefront who also express conservative family values. Huckabee has advanced a few disasters, and strangely seems incapable of screening for Concealed Kook Disease.

    May the manufactured media machine continue to underestimate the former. May we step up the challenges to the latter.

  • Democratic Smear Machine

    Just to let you guys know how we intend to play this. We will use Akin’s views as a wedge between Romney and Paul. At every opportunity we will make a Paul Ryan exclaim the vote killing message that raped women should be forced to give birth to their rapist’s child. You’ve given us more than we could ever have hoped for. We’re going to pull at that thread and watch the whole GOP campaign unravel into bitter recrimination, mudslinging and confusion.

    We have some fantastic ads being produced designed to manipulate this situation to inflict absolute political carnage on Paul Ryan. It’s going to be beautiful

    Once again guys, thanks for securing Obama’s election. We owe you one.

    The early indications is that the national impact on the polls has been rather significant, especially amongst female voters. It’s so funny, we can’t stop laughing about how the GOP has handed Obama this election on a plate

    Akin is our favourite guy ever. We think you should give him a bigger role in the party,

  • Nate

    Of course I’m almost convinced to vote for Obummer just so we can speed up the suicide of this country so we can rid ourselves of liberal filth and hit the reset button on our republic. If we drag it out too long we won’t have anything to re-establish with.

  • Democratic Smear Machine

    Funny how only last week you were all crowing about how Romney was going to beat the odds and win the election. LOL, so much for that.

  • Multitude

    #18 Democratic Strategist:

    You fail to mention your plan has two flaws: Obama and Biden.

    As long as the Republicans flush the turds and punish, scorn and shun the schemers like Huckabee who perpetrate these fiascos, they’ll deprive your strategy of fuel. As to attacking the left, they merely have to stand back and let your candidates own actions and words speak for themselves.

    It must suck to have such a lousy product that you’re left with the sole strategy of scaring the public away from any alternative. The progressives have sadly returned to the ideology of scaring the slaves, manufacturing myths of abolitionists who actually want slaves to flee the plantation so they can kill the men, rape the women and eat the babies… anything to keep the slave from discovering the truth of the Democratic Progressive Klan.

  • Democratic Smear Machine


    You’re just bitter because we’re better at it. Just watch the polls, watch support from Romney slide asa the public is made aware that Paul Ryan golds *exactly* the same views and Akin on rape abortion

  • Multitude

    “Akin is our favourite guy ever. We think you should give him a bigger role in the party.”

    Funny. Obama and Biden are our favorites. It’s hard to top Preezie and VP.

    And you know what the best thing about Obama’s legacy is? He’s assembled some awesome extra-constitutional powers that should be useful in eradicating the concealed Klan we know hides behind the mask of the progressive label. Just think… all your gmails, your facebook posts, your private emails, will belong to us. No bother deleting them now… Obama’s ensured they’re already archived. Combine that with all these fancy new domestic Federal powers, as well as the consensus that the President can make or ignore law at will, without consequence, and it’s going to be entertaining. I’d suggest moving your money to Switzerland and hiding out in Canada, but Obama’s even taken care of that for us too.

  • Democratic Strategist


  • Democratic Strategist

    If you think Romney is going to win this election you belong in a mental hospital.

  • Multitude

    #25: There’s no bitterness nor envy; I absolutely concur that the left is far better at this kind of game. It really comes down to whether you can conceal the extreme incompetence and dishonesty of your candidate.

    Unlike the bible thumpers and other social reactionary freaks on the right, I would have gladly celebrated Obama had he not turned out to be an anti-American global capital fascist. Guantanamo? Drones? He makes some of the more pathologically neurotic narcissistic Roman emperors look humble and modest. To say Obama’s damaged goods insults shoddy merchandise. And Biden? Drunk Uncle Joe? Friend, I do not envy your challenge.

    Since Walter Lippman, you guys have owned the production of the narrative and rightfully so. The right has stayed stuck in naive Modernity, ignorant that their Universals were facades. The left made tremendous progress to which many of us proclaimed allegiance until it sold out to other globalists, factions with nasty totalitarian interests. You strike me as a believer so I doubt much of this will register, though perhaps it will in time. Believers are implicated in their refusal to challenge their grounding myths. Then again, you might be one of the amoral prostitutes who will attack anything for a buck; a closet capitalist. Who knows… it’s probably not a terribly interesting story or else you wouldn’t be aligned with the fascists you’re working for.

    We’ll see if these intellectual sluggards on the right can fight their way out of the wet sacks they keep getting entangled in. They are a pathetic lot… but at least they tend to care little for the gas chamber that lies directly within your movement’s trajectory.

  • American Patriot

    I have never really been a Todd Akin fan, I voted for him in the past because he was the R on the ticket. During this year’s primaries, I was hoping either of his rivals would get the nod. That wasn’t the case, so I sucked it up, again, and figured that in November I would cast my vote not so much FOR Akin, but AGAINST that idiot McCaskill.

    I was feeling pretty good about the GOP presidential ticket, then Akin decides to go on local TV and develop a case of run away mouth. Now when confronted with the chance to do the right thing (step down), he doubles down instead and digs in.

    He proved my intuition about him was correct: Akin is just another egocentric, power hungry politician, more concerned about holding onto his place at the feed trough, instead of worrying about not just what is good for his constituents at home, but what’s best for this nation overall. And yes, I’ll vote for him again because he’s all we got.

    No wonder people of sick of politicians!

  • bg


    #18 August 21, 2012 at 8:58 pm
    Democrat Strategist

    your lies are as bad as the Republicans..

    what the hell has GP turned into.. *sigh*


  • bg




    and the fools parade of poser conservatives
    can’t pound him into mulch fast enough.. 🙄



  • Democratic Strategist


    Akin’s is great. He’s gone mental, saying crazy nonsense on twitter, now he’s even mentioned that it is his belief that Paul Ryan shares his views so he cannot understand Romney’s attitude towards him. He’s taken an axe to Romeny’s presidential bid and pretty much destroyed it. What a guy.

  • Democratic Strategist


    But he’s electoral poison on a national level now. As a Republican why would you defend a guy that just obliterated you party’s chance of victory?

  • Multitude

    and DS #28: Now you’re boxing your own shadow. It’s amusing to watch, but sort of pathetic at the same time. Who said they believe Romney’s going to win this election? If these guys don’t crap their pants daily, I’m eager to give them a gold star.

    If your supervisor is watching, I’d suggest they dock your pay for that sloppiness. Then again, perhaps we’ve got Drunk Uncle Joe commenting tonight since apparently he doesn’t have anything else to do until the election per Preezie’s orders.

    Joe… stand up Joe… oh damn! Give Drunk Uncle Joe a hand everyone!

  • Todd Akin

    The liberal media is using mind control to make me say all these things

  • Democrat Strategist


    Oh, I see. So you do in fact gully expect Romney to lose. If so that is at odds with the prevailing rhetoric here.

  • Rape Baby

    Every time mommy looks into my eyes she cries.

  • S. West

    I think this has gotten just ridiculous. The Liberal media isn’t making him look bad and he isn’t even making himself look as bad as all these conservative pundit talking heads and politicians. They are all the ones making this look like a much bigger issue than it is. Thank God for sensible people like Kirk Cameron. Someone makes a mistake trying to get his point across and he is slaughtered out there. Let’s just get back to some commen sense shall we!

  • bg


    Lies = Losers

    Truths = Triumphs


  • mcc

    Watch Palin on Greta’s show echo what many of us are saying.

    Todd Akin should have “taken one for the team.”

  • bg


    #34 August 21, 2012 at 9:27 pm
    Democratic Strategist

    there is a God, and we are the people, Amen..

    politicians do not do our thinking for US, not anymore..


  • bg


    mcc #41 August 21, 2012 at 9:37 pm

    i don’t worship at the alter of anyone
    but GOD, there within lies the TRUTH..


  • mcc

    Sarah Steelman is also ProLife.

  • Democrat Strategist


    religious drivel.

    god is about as real as romney’s chances of winning the election.

  • bg


    ps re: #43 August 21, 2012 at 9:39 pm bg

    i like Palin very much, i like Rush very much, as well as many others,
    that doesn’t mean i have to agree with them 24-7 seven to speak..


  • bg


    #45 August 21, 2012 at 9:42 pm
    Democrat Strategist



  • Rape Baby

    when I ask mommy where daddy is she cries

  • Rape Baby

    mommy says every day of my existence is like a dagger in her heart

  • bg
  • bg


    Rape Baby troll, you’re an (_’o’_)


  • bg, #51 … there are a lot of those here on GP lately.

  • Rape Baby

    mommy says daddy violated her on the way in and i violated her on the way out

  • Sarah

    He continues to prove he’s an ass. I shudder to think what else he will say between now and election day that will make me want to pull the blankets over me and request a wake up call when it’s over.

  • Jayne on Left Coast

    Thinking of all the incredibly stupid nasty statements made by the rats in just the past nine years alone. What Akin said seems very tame in comparison.

  • Rape Baby

    I am a baby born of rape
    Daddy forced mommy to copulate

    I am a baby born of rape
    I am the embodiment of daddy’s hate

    I am a baby born of rape
    A living wound that seeps and gapes

  • mcc

    #46 — And I’m not suggesting you do, bg.

    But if I were in disagreement with (a good number of) people whose opinions I’ve valued, I’d stop to give my position a bit more thought.

    Similarly, Todd Akin chose not to listen to anyone who disagreed with him…instead one could say that – as GP’s post points out – he has LIED (to himself is no one else) that it’s the “LIB MEDIA” trying to make him drop out.

    He’s not in a good place now and he seems to be spiraling downward.

    You know that scripture you think I “twisted”? I was sharing that – speaking to Akin as one Christian to another. From a position of love. I’m okay if you don’t believe me on that, but I’ve walked – and stumbled – my own Christian road enough to have discovered a thing or two. This is what I would have liked to have shared with him:

    It’s my belief that we lie *first* to ourselves and are usually the *last* to figure it out.

    And it’s the devil who’s at work day and night to deceive us: he’s that “ruler of the darkness” from Eph. 6:12. To beat him, we have to do what no man really wants to do: look deep into our own hearts to see how we might be deceiving ourselves. On a daily basis, would be best.

    But we don’t do that: we’re human. It’s far easier to point the finger and blame someone else.

    Today might have been a good day for Todd Akin to have searched his heart for the motivation that truly keeps him in the race. I cannot know his heart, but I will pray and trust that God covers all of us with His mercies. We are all vulnerable to being far less than His High Calling.

  • Multitude

    bg: Though we disagree, I admire your defending someone in spite of their flaws. That’s a meaningful character statement and speaks well of you. Unfortunately, this is not a fair fight and flawed people like Akin will destroy any hope this motley faction of interests has at stopping Obama’s totalitarian ascent.

    btw, have you noticed that the piece worker “Democratic Strategist” (Drunk Uncle Joe, more likely) has not been able to respond to a single comment about the fiasco he’s left defending, namely Obama and his record? It all appears as offense… attack anything, even shadows, but never, ever defend for it reveals the gutted, rotten core that is Obama. There’s something much more significant that’s going on which I don’t see yet sufficiently exposed by Levin or others:

    Look at what is happening with Occupy, Anonymous, Jewish Americans, Black Americans of faith, and Julian Assange. Last week Assange was in the embarrassing position of pleading with the Drone King for mercy: “Do the right thing, Obama” he begged before an indifferent sovereign. Can you imagine the shock poor Julian is encountering at discovering his Messiah is a fraud? Worse yet is the lot for Jewish and Black Americans, for the former’s realized that Jews may not yet be shipped again via rail but Obama’s quite receptive to their homeland being eradicated. Black Americans have begun to discover that Obama is not black; he’s used them, masqueraded as a black, learned by studying their ways, sitting in their churches, listening to their ministry, in an attempt to steal their influence for his masters purposes. Occupy, dear Occupy… how fooled they were in their hope for change.

    Who does Obama deliver for? National workers unions and a particular faction of global state capitalists. Anything that advances the agenda of state-run capitalism in the solidarity with a single worker’s party, be it ObamaCare, GM, government green energy “investments,” deals with state capital cronies, it’s all a curious recurrence of an old Italian and German playbook.

    What does Obama and his coalition of state capitalists and workers parties fear the most? An awakening of the factions they’ve exploited to seize and sustain their power. They’re between first and second revolution and they can’t dare have the New Black Panthers, Occupy, the GLBT community, American Jews and other factions discover that what awaits them is exploitation or eradication of their identity as a political factor. Blacks already “do not matter” as a political identity to Obama as their interests are no longer of need as long as they vote Obama one more time.

    What is the vital and necessary strategy for keeping these exploited interest groups together for this final election? The production of fear that keeps them from listening and questioning, hearing competing viewpoints that would expose the reality that they’re really supporting state capitalists who will eventually shed them as unnecessary baggage. Why would a unified state workers party and state-controlled Capital desire the interference of minority groups, the annoyance of “lazy Occupy agitators” and the persistent whinings of the GLBT community? Take one look at AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka and ask yourself how much he cares about the queer community? His kind buries those who dare complain under ten feet of concrete.

    If the right doesn’t produce sufficient reason for these groups to fear, they will begin to question the incoherence of the Obama narrative, particularly when contrasted with the economic and social fiasco. They’ll learn that numerous international agencies are actually regarding Obama as potentially guilty of greater war crimes than that evil Bush. They’ll face the associations implicating Obama with rather unsavory state Capitalists.

    That’s why we can’t tolerate lower level candidates for political office like Akin providing Obama’s little media fascists with tangible ground to scare the Left’s own foot soldiers. The very real possibility that they may awaken and discover they’ve been duped would unravel the whole progressive plan.

  • mcc

    should be (to himself IF no one else)…sorry typo.

  • bg


    Multitude #58 August 21, 2012 at 10:10 pm

    excuse me, flaws according to YOU, not ME..


  • bg


    Multitude #58 August 21, 2012 at 10:10 pm

    Obama believes the Constitution is deeply flawed, does that make it so??

    sorry, i see more “flaws” in Akin detractors than anything the MSM et al
    could ever fake but accurately report in regards to what he stated, not
    to mention so called conservatives trying to tie him to NAZI’s, really?? i
    mean, REALLY?? *sigh*


  • Where’s the MF money Jon?

    Remember this day. It is the day one selfish out of control and crazy republican lost the presidential election for Romney and made retaking the senate impossible.
    #18 Dem Strategist is correct.
    The republican party just gave this election to the democrats.
    I love politics but this train wreck is over. Go Galt now.

  • bg


    #62 August 21, 2012 at 10:37 pm
    Where’s the MF money Jon?

    and of course Reps & Romney
    had nothing to do with it.. 🙄


  • Morgan

    “sorry, i see more “flaws” in Akin detractors than anything the MSM ”

    Akin’s detractors:
    –Mitt Romney who signed into law a healthcare mandate that forces MA taxpayers to pay for all abortions TO THIS DAY
    –Paul Ryan who voted for every bailout that came down the pike
    –Matt Blount who wants to keep the “good features” of Obamacare
    –Jack Danforth who promoted stealing taxpayers wealth to destroy human embryos for fake cures
    –John Ashcroft who gifted us with Federally funded babysitting

    Could just one person turn this thing back on McCaskill??
    –Claire steered $40M of funding to her pals at the Stowers Inst for human embro cloning
    –Claire thinks it’s OK to jab scissors into a baby’s skull and suck out its brains. Yup, it’s in the Constitution.
    –Claire was MO auditor for years but dodged paying personal property taxes on her plane for YEARS.
    –Claire thinks raising the debt ceiling 7 times counts as passing a budget. Yes, she said that.
    –Claire declared that MO voters were just too dumb to realize how great Obamacare is
    –Claire held healthcare town halls to tell us she’s voting for Obamacare so go home & STFU

    But Akin misspoke, apologized, and now you doorknobs ARE THE ONES who will elect McCaskill.

  • Peggy R

    I am shocked by how quickly and harshly the party has dropped Akin. How did the party let this story get so big? Interesting that the tea party and Establishment agree on this.

    Romney didn’t have to throw the pro-life voters under the bus in his distancing from Akin.

    I am to the point that I think Akin should stay in to say screw you to the Establishment bullies. If Danforth, who hates social conservatives, wants him out, he should stay in.

  • Morgan

    I forgot to mention Akin detractor Kit Bond, who cast votes to confirm Eric Holder and Ruth Bader Ginsberg, in between voting for Cash For Clunkers and numerous debt ceilings.

    You know GP morons, if I can overlook the many shortcomings of Missouri’s stupidest Republicans, you can vote for Akin. Unlike Paul Ryan, faux budget hawk, Akin did NOT vote for the GM bailout, TARP bailout, AIG bailout.

    Stay home and elect Claire. She’s a Missouri tradition and I’ll bet many of you voted for her before.

  • Multitude

    bg #61: I’ll try to give you a rather authentic answer, not the shallow, polemic stuff people throw back and forth. I mean it per the above that while I think you’re missing the ugly realism of the situation, you’re noble in defending Akin and are acting as a rather decent human being should. I guess I’m much more the pragmatic bastard.

    To your question “Obama believes the Constitution is deeply flawed, does that make it so?”

    There are a lot of ways one could try to answer this, particularly because you ask the question about whether Obama’s construction of a belief creates a reality. I’d suggest if that’s really the question (and this is close to where I do work academically), there are a lot of factors that determine whether or not society will resonate with the constructed fiction he appears to advance in declaring it “flawed” (not to mention the necessity of understanding what it means to be deeply flawed). But I’m not sure that’s the question you’re asking. Whether or not Obama can effectuate sufficient power to alter the resonant social memes and myths regarding the vitality of the Constitution seems ancillary and academic.

    Does Obama think its flawed? Most certainly. Do I think he has sufficient ground to make the claim? Flawed, yes. Deeply flawed, no. Flawed to the point that it’s of no use, absolutely no. Flawed to the point it should be materially changed? No.

    The Constitution is a founding statement, reflecting a moment where greatly different interests came together in a grand compromise to oppose a great enemy. To a degree, social and fiscal conservatives, libertarians, etc. face a similar challenge today against the threat of totalitarian state-capital progressivism. We see this threat as victorious in China, Russia and elsewhere and it has its target set on the United States now. The Constitution-as-Process is an exceptional document, arguably unprecedented to date. That small and large states, rural and urban, south and north, and other groups of profound differences entered into a contract is remarkable. Any scholar of reasonable intellect and authenticity would regard it as “necessarily flawed” given any such document would require profound compromise. Seeking perfection, as the foolish idealists frequently demand, would have doomed the effort to failure.

    When Obama and his D- “scholars” complain that the Constitution is a flawed document, they are fools. They’ve ignored history, process theory and a whole slew of sociological dimensions. They engage in counterfactual fraud, suggesting it would have been possible to create a better document that 1) had the knowledge we have today about identity construction, tolerance of difference, etc., and 2) could have still been agreed upon by the parties of the contract in the grand compromise.

    So, flawed, yes. Remarkable document, yes. Obama’s a remarkably miserable, D- student who wouldn’t have passed a community college history course? Yes.

  • mg4us

    Akin needs to go

    And when Akin does go, let’s use his announcement to draw attention to Dem Congressman caught in public sex with 17 year old. . .

    or Bill Clintons indiscretions including an alleged rape. . .

  • owl

    Shame that guy that insulted our mama and threw the first punch didn’t go down, because this has been a heck of a bar brawl.

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  • Maudie Frickit

    You’re wasting your breath #67. This one’s mind is set in dried mud.


    Please don’t leave Gateway Pundit out of those who have called for Akin to withdraw at a very early stage in this. Yes, some of us can identify bias, whether it comes from the right(?) or the Left.

    And, no, Mitt is not the liberal media; just a guy who was waaaayyyy left of center prior to 2007 (about the time, coincidentally, he obtained presidential aspirations).
    Be of good cheer, I’ll vote for him, but not because he’s a great conservative; he is the lesser of two evils.

  • Finncrisp

    Fast forward to the Senate, and by some chance Akin wins. Who does he caucus with? They will probably assign him and office in the basement of the Dept of Interior. He will not be welcomed by his own party if he survives. Tea Party betrayed by his sensless comments. He’ll run alone, with no visible support outside of himself. How’s that work?

    Perfect example of how to make a bad situation worse. Why does this happen in MO? This should have been a safe seat running against Obamaclaire.

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  • BurmaShave

    @#65 August 21, 2012 at 10:48 pm
    Peggy R

    Todd Akin’s problem is that he said very publicly something incandescently silly, and it plays straight into the Liberals’ meme that pro-lifers are morons. With that in their hands, and the clip to repeat forever, they will bang that drum, not just for the next three months but for the rest of Todd Akin’s life. It’s what they do; it is everybody does actually, but when the one-sided MSM is involved, it is pretty much a one-sided situation: Dan Quayle: potatoe; Bush: “Mission accomplished”; Gerald Ford: skiing pratfall; etc. On extremely rare occasions it even happens to Liberals, for example, Anthony Weiner.

    In other words, he is done. Of course, it is not fair. Life is not fair. And most especially the MSM is not fair. Maybe the MSM will eventually get its comeuppance; I hope so. If it ever happens, it could be as ugly as the fall of Saddam Hussein; and so far as I am concerned it should be. But for now what it means is that Conservatives are held to a much higher standard than philandering Clinton, Fraudulent Obama, and truly idiotic babbling Biden; and actually that is a good thing.

    It would be much easier for Todd Akin to swim the English Channel in an overcoat than win Senate race now. By staying in the race, he is assuring McCaskill gets to keep her Senate seat even if she goes on vacation for the next three months, which might be a good strategy for her.

  • jb


    70+ comments about a politician who slipped and told the truth, and he is a threat to folks who have already decided upon another certain politician to tell them how to live and what to do.

    Absolutely hilarious. And very, very sad that so few of you seem capable of independent thought. And one wonders why we are in the fix we presently find ourselves?

  • BurmaShave

    In addition to my comment #76 I should add this:

    If Todd akin cannot see the situation for what it is, and what the consequences are going to be by his doubling down, he is showing a lack of perspective needed to be a good representative.

    It certainly is unfortunate for him; but his turning down the best way out of his mess is going to be much unfortunate for him and a whole lot more.

  • W1cked

    Akin’s comments were foolish and he deserves the scorn he is getting. However, I don’t think that Missouri, and in fact the rest of the country, deserves to be punished by having Clare McCaskill as a Senator for 6 more years. This is Harry Reid’s election all over again. Missouri has an unpopular hard left leaning rubber stamp senator that is vulnerable and instead of running someone moderate they are running someone extremely right wing that had merely to moderate what he said but couldn’t keep his mouth shut.
    I’m pretty sure that repeal of Row v. Wade isn’t going to come up for a vote in the US congress any time soon so what anyone’s opinion on abortion is doesn’t really interest me right now. Akin, the GOP and Everyone else needs to be focusing on the economy, entitlement reform, and healthcare reform. The abortion issue is a total distraction. If this is going to be the focus then at least I would like to see an ad which states Clare’s position that she believes in government funded abortion at any time for any reason.

    I don’t vote for Republicans, I vote against Democrats

  • Peggy R


    I completely “get” what’s going on and why. I am in the STL media market, though in IL. I am quite up to speed. I think the Establishment should go to he**.