She Feels Your Pain – Michelle Obama Sports $6,800 Jacket to London Soiree …Update: Jacket Cost More Than What Average US Family Makes in 1 Month

The liberal media was all upset that “elitist” Ann Romney wore a $990 top during a May interview on “This Morning.” Yet this same media cheered the fashion and style of Queen Michelle Obama whose taste in sweaters cost her over $2,000 a pop.

But, yesterday Michelle Obama outdid herself.

Michelle Obama wore silver-and-white J Mendel for the evening soiree at Buckingham Palace. (Daily Mail)

The Embroidered Cap Sleeve Jacket costs $6,800.
Just a drop in the bucket.

Hat Tip Rachel

The jacket cost more than the average American family makes in a month ($4,284).

And, she does this as Americans continue to suffer through a deep recession and record unemployment.
Michelle feels your pain.

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  • Chris

    The Obama’s live by the old adage”Do as I say not as I do.”

    Wonder what she’ll wear when they’re booted out of the White House in November?

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  • Robodog7

    #2 Wonder what she’ll wear when they’re booted out of the White House in November?

    Tar & Feathers?

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  • LadyLiberty!

    “Does this $6,800.00 top make my butt look big?” Goes to proves, you cannot buy class.

  • RKflorida

    “Does this $6,800.00 top make my butt look big?” No, your butt makes your butt look big.

  • Adi

    What a disgusting pig!

  • larry1536

    Reminds me of a plow horse wearing a fancy hat.

  • Dan

    She can wear whatever she wants, ……………………… it’s not going to change anything, …………………. for she’s one of the most ugly, repugnant women in the country.

    That was one of the reasons the media gang raped Sarah Palin by the way. There they were, pushing obama and his wife, extolling him to the heavens and rhapsodizing about how supposedly “beautiful” the wife was.

    Then all of a sudden McCain names Palin, —————- and America gets a reminder of what a REAL beautiful woman looks like.

    Moreover, the Palins set off in stark relief the image of a GENUINE marriage, where the husband and the wife ACTUALLY have sexual relations with one another, with that of the obama arrangement, where michelle is the beard for obama, while he spends hours and hours and hours alone, behind closed doors, with Reggie…………

    The obama, ————– freighted with falsehoods on so many levels…………….

    And the thing is too, ———– black Americans are already quietly suspecting that their first black President is really the first down low president…….

  • Granny

    No matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, it is still a pig.

    I saved this photo and took a screen shot of the page. I had better not EVER hear another word about a mere $900 blouse on Mrs. Romney’s back or Sarah Palin’s $300 shoes. EVER.


    Being the bitter-half of the of ILLEGAL Kenyan Occupier of 1600, does have its privileges.

  • Truth Teller

    I think Chewbacca Obama is so disconnected from reality that she thinks by putting on that overpriced “jacket”, she will look like the model wearing it in the ad.

  • bigkahuna

    Lipstick on a pig

  • KornKing

    Hey! Being cool is expensive.

  • snap boy

    Does the price rise for sizes larger than a 2?

  • bigkahuna

    Honestly I could care less what Moochelle wears…I care about how her husband and her and liberals f*ck up this country( on purpose)

  • P. Aaron

    She spends & spends and the result: the look never improves. Just like liberalism itself.

  • bigL

    we;;, at least it was tailored to her. It looks better thast the layered Filene’s Basement/
    Thrift-shop look she usually wears.
    Hey, Mee Ho-how bout Macy’s

  • lizzy84

    Another view of FLOTUS…….doesn’t it make you proud?

  • Dan

    Whatever she wears, wherever she goes, whatever event she attends, ——— it doesn’t matter, because it can’t make up for the fact that she’s a beard in an arranged marriage, and her husband has about as much time for her as we do, which is none at all.

    She’s MISERABLE.

    And you can see it oozing out from her ugly mug time after time after time.

    All of the ugliness inside her, all of the bitterness, all of the malevolence, all of the malignancy, it just oozes out of her eyes, her demeanor, and her commentary.

    She’s a real piece of work that one is.

  • Dave-O

    I’m glad that Moochelle can spend a little time out of Washington now that the annual Martha’s Vineyard vacay has been scratched temporarily – and now it’s off to cool and rainy London for the Olympics — has there been any word as to which team she is rooting for???¿

  • Kalipay

    She looks chic. And, if she didn’t wear the $6800 top, she’d be damned for being ghetto at the Olympics. No one says she actually paid $6800, that’s just how much is charged. So this is a big deal over nothing,

  • USMC Thomas

    A burka couldn’t hide that caboose behind.

  • PaulNYCUS

    Surprised the thing even begins to cover her big fat ass i

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  • DeeDee

    Let’s give her a break. She has to wear expensive clothing because she cheapens anything that she wears. I had a friend who could wear jeans and a t-shirt and look elegant but there are people that can wear expensive designer clothes and still look like if they are wearing seconds.

  • Sheri

    That jacket costs more than I make in 6 months on Social Security…Disgusting…

  • kimdi01

    To those that think this is a “big deal over nothing” then answer this, who paid for the clothes? If you have a job and are paying taxes, YOU DID!
    Lard Butt should have worn a much longer jacket to cover that extra wide caboose.
    And she does not feel our pain! She doesn’t care about our pain. Queenie Lard Butt cares about her pleasures at our expense.

  • Truth Teller

    Really #23 (Kalipay)??? Are you that stupid? Really??? Let me guess…you think the Fat First Lady’s husband is doing a good job?

  • Dugway

    She should wear whatever she likes if she bought it with personal money. I don’t know why everyone forgets this, but the Obama’s are millionaires too.

  • BK

    A Prison Jumpsuit would have fit her better?

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  • retire05

    Moochelle thinks she is the black Jackie Kennedy. But there is a slight difference that has nothing to do with skin color. Jackie Kennedy had the class. Moochelle just has the ass.

  • Alex

    If the economy was doing great no one would care “BUT”, it’s doing awful and they’re doing a great job showing us how phoney they are. She’s lucky she’s a Democrat, if she was a Republican MSM would be ripping into her like a monkey into a cupcake.

  • Truth Teller

    Damn #33…you beat me to the punch…

    Agree that an orange jumpsuit and chains would look much more appropriate…

  • LEL MN

    As long as I or any other taxpayers didn’t pay for it……..

  • Truth Teller

    Hilarious #34!

  • tramky

    I don’t pay any attention to what ANYONE says or write about what the wives of politicians–or politicians themselves–wear! Who cares! The Obamas are millionaires and I would expect them to look like it, at least some of the time, and certainly on an occasion such as this.

    Whether the media get all wound up about one thing or another is up to them, but I pay no attention to any of it. I guess that makes all their writing and bloviating about such things a WASTE OF TIME. I don’t care–it’s THEIR wasted time.

  • Truth Teller

    I doubt anyone on this blog cares about fashion and what others wear – we are simply pointing out the double-standard employed by the “unbiased media” regarding the Fat First Lady and any conservative.

  • Steve

    What a big FAT ARSE

  • juandos

    Ahhhh, Michelle ‘the mooch‘ Obama, what’s that old saying about lipstick on a pig?

  • Yuri

    I can’t wait until this greedy disgusting hate filled woman and her husband are out of DC

  • Squeakasaurus

    I love the side-by-side photos. Catherine looks amazing! Beautiful and elegant. Then there’s moochelle. Everyone (but her) knows you do NOT go sleeveless to a formal evening affair. And, I don’t know official protocols, but is it proper to go sleeveless when meeting with The Queen? I wish mush-tush would cover up when appropriate. She is such an embarrassment!

  • Sasja

    I wouldn’t care what she wore if she paid for it herself, but we all know her entitlement mentality demands they use taxpayer money for everything. Wonder what the price for this outfit was. Maybe it’s from one of her trips to Target.

  • Pete

    As long as tax payer money wasn’t used to buy it who cares what she wears, it is her choice.
    If she wants to flaunt a $6,800 jacket to the people it her choice. Her and her husband’s supporters won’t see it or hear about it anyway. Just remember she didn’t make it someone else did.

  • Dutra

    100% of that jacket couldn’t cover 1% of her humungous booty. Dang! That thang is getting big.

  • Malcom

    That’s one very expensive horse blanket, waving at 45 degrees at the back end!

  • Susan Daniels

    What do you get if you put lipstick on a pig? A pig wearing lipstick.

  • ekj

    This world could be a better place

  • junkmail

    shelly got ripped off, the jacket does not cover or make her butt look smaller.

  • E. James Willrich

    I think Michelle Obama is not only one of the most beautiful women in the world but one of the smartest. She is American royalty. She gives hope to all the other brilliant and beautiful people who are waiting for their opportunity to achieve their American Dreams too!!

  • l.barney

    nothing but the best for her “majesty” ugh! If the media people start going on about her great body and “toned thighs” i’ll scream. My sister said flat out “She’s an amazon!”

  • BitterClingerMan

    Nothing to see here…. move along …. hey – Ann Romney and dressage over there!!!

  • Rhoda

    At least she didn’t wear another June Cleaver dress..

  • ObserverOnThe Hill

    A great book on how the communists have taken over our
    institutions – churches, schools, businesses, government, Military and now our
    court system is

    – The Naked Truth: The Naked Communist – Revisited
    by James C. Bowers

    He discusses how W. Cleon Skousen ( author of the 5000 Year Leap )
    was an FBI agent for 16 years and was concerned about the
    implementation of what he felt were the top 45 stated goals of the communists
    at that time. You will be shocked how successfully their plans have been
    completed. A MUST READ book for any freedom loving American. Please pass on to others when done reading – SPREAD THE WORD

    Also – A MUST SEE – We were warned – watch the youtube video of Yuri Bezmenov, from the 80’s !! with G. Edward Griffin ( Jekyll Island author ). A Soviet KGB defector, he tells how it was his job to infiltrate these institutions and place communist supporters in positions of leadership and power.

    He was successful in doing so. Mind boggling stuff.

  • creeper

    Sheri commented:

    “That jacket costs more than I make in 6 months on Social Security…Disgusting…”

    I’ll go you one better. That jacket cost more than my entire SS income FOR ONE YEAR.

  • Amash

    Try to find the picture of Mooshell in which she is being picked up by an American wrestler. No hiding her enormous butt in this picture. It’s probably off the net now. Mooshell would have thrown a fit and had it removed.
    Why isn’t the lame stream media talking about her expensive clothes, I wonder. Not really. No matter what she wears, she is beyond unattractive.

  • Judy

    Hey, and she wants every poor sucker to give up their wedding presents.


    Everytime Muchelle shows America her designer duds, or takes an expensive trip, she is giving all of us the finger. This, self appointed USA queen, is especially good at giving the finger because in doing so, she lets us all know once again that she is the consumate angry back woman who now sits on the throne, and knows exactly how to spend other people’s money.

  • ObserverOnThe Hill

    No doubt, for simply modeling it, there was no cost to Moochelle while Mrs Romney paid for ALL of her stuff with money they actually EARNED.

  • Keith

    “Eat Cake…”
    How do people who have never held a real job afford such lavish trips, clothes etc? Amazing…

  • pjean

    Can we please discuss the hypocrisy of the Obama campaign and not the physical appearance of Michelle Obama? I’m not voting for her husband, but even I can see that we do not serve our cause by taking cheap shots.

  • Walknot

    Perception is reality so giving the impression that you are living large on the public dime is not going to sit well, especialy during finacialy hard times is political suicide. The irony that their core supporters, who despise the kind of excess in conservatives, have to defend it…well, thats just a bonus.

  • Nomo

    Libtards never believe the penalties they prescribe for others apply to themselves. Liberals believe that others need to be taxed, punished and penalized in order to provide more benefits to liberals. And also so they can buy the votes of leeches with their huge stash of your money.

  • Camelia

    I always said and still say she is nothing but a gold digger, a shame to our nation. She must be exposed for what she really is, a narcissist self absorbed gold digger believing she is a queen without a crown so she goes on lofty vacations, wears couture clothing and she still has a nerve to talk about the rich enslaving the poor?!!!
    Shut it down lady, you are soon to be ousted from our high office!

  • DockyWocky

    Her Royal Highness simply loves showing off her expensive tastes for all the peons to see.

    While King Barack wows ’em with Executive Orders, the First Momma simply assaults the Obama Family checkbook and splurges on items sure to draw attention.

    I personally don’t give a cr*a about her taste in expensive clothing that still comes off the rack, but I do care about the huge expenses the taxpayers have to put up with to underwrite Her Majesties travel. How many large aircraft were involved in hauling her heinie to Merry Old, and how many Secret Service personnel and vehicles were also airlifted to Britain to protect her heinie from the evil folks who might do her heinie harm?

    The ongoing and ever-enlarging imperialization of the American president’s family has to stop. Michelle wants to go to see the Olympics? – Michelle wanna bring the First Brats? – all that ought to come out of the Obama family coffers and their ability to purchase First Class seats and accommodations along with local transportation, not mine.

  • AnthonyG

    #73 That was over the line. You could have expressed yourself without demeaning an entire continent and people of which i am one. I do believe the Obama’s are at the best the worst hypocrites we have seen in a while. I look forward to their farewell helicopter ride leaving Washington on Jan. 20 2013.

  • bigkahuna

    Her jerk husband is the cause of our pain.

    She can wear a trash bag for all I care…anyone who pays $6800 for a top is an idiot and has no brains much less class. It is sympotomatic of the liberal mentality though… Its ok if I am rich and spend you money wastefully just so long as I dont have to pay for anything or work for it.

  • Jackie

    But who really paid for the jacket? Was it donated as many of her clothes are? On the other hand, her husband makes $400,000 a year so I think they can afford it.

  • MSR1960USA

    Compared to the other horros she has worn, this look halfway decent. However… I’ve noticed her boobs keep changing position/location in all her pics. Now that’s just weird. And the jacket is overpriced; that would buy groceries for a year.

  • William Penn

    You peasants had better understand that our rulers can do as they please.

  • pele

    Did she pay for it or did the taxpayers?

  • AnthonyG

    That last posting was referring to Posting #70 from Vuil Uil .

  • joyce

    And how much did that ugly white skirt cost?!!

  • Jake Johnson

    Well, the Obama’s are not nearly as self-indulgent as the Romneys. They took a $77, 000 tax credit for a horse. (Maybe we’re getting a glimpse of why Mr. Romney is hiding his tax returns.):

  • Priscilla

    And how much extra cost to add the extra yard of fabric in the back?

  • Looneytoonsindville

    She’s an Ann Romney wanna be.

  • danthman114

    way to give up a slice of that pie, michelle. i swear liberals are the BIGGEST hipocrites on the face of the earth…

  • Inthe O.C.

    All that money spent and still, Michelle looks out of her depth somehow. My criticism is not about her or her husband’s politics. It is about HER and her “style”. She “tries”, spends oodles and oodles of (somebody’s) $$$$$, and it doesn’t work. The top DOES look much better on the model, no doubt. And Michelle’s derriere’ DOES show up way too much in that white, pleated skirt. In fact, it accentuates it. She DOES need a longer silouette to cover the problems with her body type. And she STILL does NOT get it. That’s the truth. Whomever is convincing her that the size of her butt doesn’t matter CONTINUES to do her a disservice. And a BIG one – to match the butt.

  • jmbaum

    Hey 23! I agree but the press needs to lay off Ann Romney for wearing a $900 top last May. Very biased!!!

  • That can’t be true. I saw photos of her shopping at Target(choke).

  • S sewald

    It is classless to attend a formal affair such as this in a sleeveless top. The money she is spending to be there is wrong. The things she has said about America and our people are wrong. Her husbands policies are wrong, though he is just a puppet for a whole lot of people behind the scenes. But let’s quit being classless ourselves. Who does it serve to utter racist, mean comments. It serves the socialist liberals.

  • F Stiles

    Do you remember the “Beverly Hillbillies”. Enough said!!

  • puhleeze

    #74 – So can the Republican wear a $900 top without you calling her a rich bitch hater one percenter? Or is this the usual “it’s different when we do it” crap we get from you tards whenever your hypocrisy is exposed on a daily basis?

  • Don

    This only makes sense…why the uproar?

    Michelle is the elected Queen of the Socialist United States.

    She has a RIGHT to wear whatever she likes.

    You don’t approve?

    You voted for her…and her Kenyan partner.

  • sein

    you look stupid in it, save the receipt and return it. You should stick to GAP, it suits you better

  • Ann Onymous

    She has no class or manners whatsoever and has proved this time and time again. Why is that? Because they are “white people’s” concepts and rules and she ain’t gonna do that sh*t! No honkey rules for her!!

  • a. kramden

    And just how proud of America is she now? Strutting her big a$$ around in a 7 very large (and thats not her size either) outfit. How did this mess ever get into the WH? Elections matter folks…Thats how. NOBAMA or Moochele 2012

  • Jim in Houston

    She forgot to say: “Barry, does this jacket make my @ss still look big?”

  • donh

    #67…Meeeshell’s physical appearance does matter in this case. If that corset were modelled by an hispanic woman , she never would have noticed the outfit…… It shows her poor judgement and how easily Meeeshell gets manipulated by the fashionistas who rip us off through Meeeechell’s predictable black is beautiful race bias…… You could slap a plastic garbage bag on a model , price it $3,000…and if the model is black ….Meeeshell will buy it. The fashion designers count on this to scam their overpriced rags.

  • 44Guyton

    Personally I don’t care what the first lady wears or what she spends. However note there isn’t a peep from the main stream media when a Democrat first lady wears expensive clothes but the main stream media will go NUTS when a Republican first lady wears expensive clothes.
    Remember when the wardrobe became an issue for Sarah Palin? YIKES! The furor was insane.

  • AxiOlogee

    One way to make a difference in changing our culture is to refer to MO by calling her by first name Michelle, or the wife of Barack H Obama, or Mrs Obama.

    Here is the reason to do so. The myth of “first lady” was created by a Washington Post journalist. Other journalists picked up on the myth to satisfy their need to worship, and the rest of the world has been brainwashed into following this myth as if appropriate.

    Ask yourself “first lady of what? – politics would be the logical answer. No truth to it.

    The US Constitution clearly states in Article 1, last paragraph of Section 9, that “No title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States” …

    Now is the time to make the change and restore our Constitution. No more first ladies.

  • gunrightforamericans

    and while we are busy with what meeshell is wearing, whats the most conservative person on the supreme court talking about on national tv?

  • mrsharfer

    You could dress her in gold gossamer and she would still be ghetto trash. If she wants to cover that big a z z, the jacket should be longer. Also, when she visited the Queen last time, she wore a black skirt and white blouse. How come the need to fancy up her maid outfit?

  • StageCoachDriver

    Live it up kid, you’ve only got 3 months of your newly found high life style left and then it’s back to Chicago’s south side.

  • Wake up America

    She does feel our pain! That’s why she treats herself to expensive cloths and vacations. Plus the media basically gives them a pass because they love her and Obama. Ann Romey of course old get crucified and it would be all over the Obama run networks. Wake up America, this has become a Hugo Chazev nation. And I’d you think Obama has transform this nation, think again, he’s just beginning. Obama will become our ruler!

  • Fashion Plotz

    I’m just glad she isn’t wearing a sun dress and clogs to meet the Queen again.

    Hey – what happened to the ubiquitous wide black leather belt that she usually straps across her waist (over both dress and jacket and vest or whatever usually) to hold her fat rolls in? She usually finds a way to work that in to ANY outfit.

    Why don’t you go jump on Air Force One cuz you hungry and go grab another cheeseburger and milkshake (banned for the little people!) in Hawaii, you ugly (inside and out) POS.

  • atthebeach

    Micihelle can never get quite get it. . .. Too expensive; and the ever-present, short sleeves so as to broadcast her biceps; in hopes people will not notice her face, hips et al. And pleats – a disaster – given the girth they accent and enhance. . .and sadly ‘white’. . .rather than perhaps a grey or black taffeta. Whatever; a big ‘no’ to this multitude of ‘white pleats’! And too bad; again; she cannot force herself to more appropriately, ‘suit up’ and cover her arms. They may be her best feature; but it is not about ‘her’ right?

  • Mannie

    I came from the people, they need to adore me
    So Christian Dior me from my head to my toes
    I need to be dazzling, I want to be Rainbow High
    They must have excitement, and so must I

    [Eva’s dressers:]
    Eyes, hair, mouth, figure
    Dress, voice, style, image

    Aw, shaddup and eat your cake.

  • Free Willy

    Yet another “Let them eat cake” moment. Funny how quickly she adjusted to the lifestyle isn’t it?

  • JuryJoejoe

    Sounds like a 1%er to me. Maybe they are protesting the wrong street.

  • goaheadscanme

    All that money spent on clothing and she still looks like someone who is trying hard to fit in with the uber rich.

    Where does the unemployed first ‘lady’ get that kind of money anyway. And once Obummer is run out of the White House does she get to keep the clothes?

  • D2Boston

    I am NO fan of the Obamas (I quite loathe them), and I understand the perceived duplicity here… but quite frankly, I don’t mind Mrs. Obama dressing in expensive clothes. She’s the First Lady — there are plenty of times in the carrying out of her duties for her to be “one of the people,” but she’s representing the administration and attending an event with the British monarchy, she should be able to go in whatever style she deems appropriate. She’ll/they’ll have to deal with the appearance of it, but that’s the way it is.

    The hypocrisy of the media, however, is deplorable in light of it’s reaction to anything Ann Romney wears, does, etc.

  • Bo the dawg

    Just like all progressives, Michelle needs a cloak to hide what’s inside. No matter how much they try, the ugly is hard to hide. Fortunately, this country is on to them. It is time to vote for some real change at the WH in November.

  • west1890

    Goes to show ya…. all that money and her ass still looks huge….. Her other ass, Barack, looks smaller every day.

  • gator

    “All this about a damn (h)ag!”

  • Kathy

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me!!!!!!

  • Shawn


  • larry

    I’m sure she can sell it (donate it, charity auction it) for twice what she paid for it now that she’s worn it. So, in fact, due to her celebrity, it costs her nothing to wear, so all you white folks can pull out and untwist your panties.

    I know what this is really about. Y’all hate it when black folks dress up like rich white folks and meet dukes, counts, kings and such-like royalty; it’s insulting, an awful parody. To all you old timey slave owners, it’s like the world’s turned upside down.

    Y’all can just scratch yor bellies, drink another Bud, slap yo mother/sister upside her haed, and then vote for another Republican president to finish off what Reagan, and Bush started…making us the biggest debtor nation in the world with the richest, non-tax paying owners.

  • D2Boston

    The hypocrisy of the media, however, is deplorable in light of ITS reaction to anything Ann Romney wears, does, etc.

    (sorry for the earlier typo)

  • Ana

    Who paid for that? Did she use her own money, like Ann Romney did for the $1,000.00 shirt the media made so much hooey over? I’d really like to know.

  • MustangMajor

    Trash is trash, no matter what kind of a bag you put it in.

  • larry

    The difference, dummies, is that ann wore a $900 T-shirt(!) to a morning interview. Obama wore appropriate clothing for a President’s wife at a state function overseas. Also, Obama can now sell that top for double what she paid…or more likely, she’ll donate it to a charity auction where it will bring some good cause twice or triple that amount.

  • Matt

    One must wonder when this blatant disregard for the suffering will end? People here in America are going hungry and doing without medical coverage while the Obama’s prance around rubbing their money and “expensive college educations” in everyones face.

    Is there ANY justice at all in the world? Any fairness? Any accountability?

  • owl

    Just another Professional Pooper Scooper moment. They paint Anne Romney as a rich, rich, rich, out of touch little rich elite that rides very, very, very expensive horses and fakes her illness because we all know that if you have this illness, you do not ride horses. She is so rich that she wears $900 tops.

    This FLOTUS wears it on her feet to the soup kitchen and they call her classy. Shovel ready!

  • kp

    let’s face it she always looks bad but at least she didn’t make it worse with that belt she normally wears 12 inches above her waist – that makes me cringe!

  • I do NOT support Obama’s politics, but when he and the First Lady step out, I have no problem with her looking nice with a top she purchased with her own money.

    She does, in a sense, represent the United States so she better look nice.

  • Fred

    The Obama’s won the lottery when there were elected . They spend the money like its never going to run out. Get rid of them.

  • RejectRight

    How much did Laura Bush’s clothes cost, Nancy Reagan’s, etc.? You guys are disgusting.

  • Rickg

    Great comparison with pictures. On the right an example of class, on the left… well, the word is a little shorter.

  • interpcurves



    fwiw, ANN ROMNEY is an ELEGANT LADY compared this is MO PARASITE

  • Preci all!sion Mary

    WHAT??? NO BOOB BELT? (ala Christopher Walken)


    i’m not shouting btw, it’s jst to get your attention to the fact that THIS woman-thing has no BOOB BELT!
    love to all,
    Precision Mary

  • Brangaloonie

    It’s a beautiful jacket but it looks better on the model. Anywho, where is the outrage of the expensive jacket like there was about Ann Romney’s blouse?????????? The double standard is stunning.

  • MA

    the saying is so true ” You can’t put a white shirt on a pig”

  • Brian

    Well, at least we have this to distract us from things that really matter. Wouldn’t want the populace to be informed about anything important.

  • sixpacktr

    I’m curious. Where did they find a size that would fit the 1st Sasquatch? Was it made special for it?

  • USA#1

    Well put lipstick on a pig… Its still a pig… She has a big fatt can and even a $7000 Mo Mo cant hide the fact she is a fat ass liberal

  • suzanna

    now kids stop it, this IS elegant. Marxist are like this, they know how to spend other people’s money but they live like kings while they keep you in the poor house. If you don’t know this we can’t help you. Why did so many people vote for these liars is a puzzle to me.

    They don’t even help their family, auntie Toodie is on welfare, ouncle drunk too, the half brother in Kenya lives on one dollar a month! His brother’s keeper, my foot!

  • Jen

    When Michelle O wears a 7k jacket – does that make Mitt Romney out of touch? Either arrogance or stupidity are at play here – not sure which..

  • Lawsa_me

    Too bad that expensive top did nothing for her mile-wide a$$.

  • viper41

    Your comment that they are millionaires is true. Just remember it is only since Soros and the like got them into politics that they became millionaires. If they were left to themselves, they would be out picking sh*t with the chickens.

  • USA#1

    WHO REALLY CARES ROMNEY IS UP 5% IN THE POLLS… What his bitch wife wears doesn’t matter… just let her graze on some food in a different house… other then the white house…

  • Precion Mary

    I’ve written extensively on Mrs. Obama’s wardrobe and her inner conflictions.

    The bottom line is : She don’t give a rat’s ass what you think but I

    do believe Christopher Walken talked her out of the BOOB BELTS.

    Hey, when you are an Alinskyite & have a bit of a bum and

    small duckies a belt can help.

    lawd awlmightee now izzzzz body booby armor

  • stesse

    It’s an expensive jacket. I think all the ugly comments about Michelle’s body shape are uncalled for. She looks lovely in the ensemble. God bless the President and First Lady.

  • tim

    how many homeless children in the USA could be feed with $7000?

  • So what

    Enough with the class warfare. who cares.

  • veritaseequitas

    I’m sorry, no matter what MooChow puts on she still looks tacky. I ham embarrassed for my country that O’Barry and MooChow are currently Occupiers of The People’s House.

  • Linda

    Kate looks like “class”…………michelle looks like “trash”. Talk about that photo drawing attention to her butt!!!!!

  • Pat Bass

    “Let them shop at WalMart!”

  • I’m not a Racist; I don’t like Biden or Pelosi either

    I thought conservatives were OK with people being wealthy ?? What a ridiculous story to cover on GP.

    Think back to all the outrage posted here when the left was attacking the Romneys for their wealth and privilege.

    A lot of short memories on this list.

  • Ashland Dog

    …let them eat cake….

  • Slim

    I think the media’s problem is that Ms Romster got the money through legitimate business transactions. They don’t seem to like that.

  • Lindasadly

    I have never seen such hate filled comments. She is the First Lady and she is Representing our country at an International event. For all we know she was loaned this coat from the designer (who happens to be American). We also know she shops at Target and normally wears well tailored but humble outfits that inhance her attributes. She worked with her husband in a law firm prior to and after marriage. She is the perfect support for him and they are obviously in love and cherish their family life. I assume most of the readers of this web-site are Christian, so why such vitrial hatered? Love your neighbor, Jesus was a humble and loving man. Whether you agree with the political decisions this presidency, it is beneath your Christian values to show this type of behavior.
    God forgive your behavior.

  • Norton Burgess

    Why is she in London anyhow….. hasn’t she taken enough expensive trips around the world?

  • USA#1

    Lindasadly WAA WAA WAA… take your god crap elsewhere… besides Obozo is Muslem

  • 2ndprotectsall

    Let them eat cake.

  • JudyMac

    The jacket may not have cost her $7,000–who knows what these designers “contribute”; it’s the message the image sends. If folks ignore the message, then we have a lot of really dumb people who may, unfortunately, step up to vote in November.

  • xiphos

    Yep, nothing like wallpaper on a gargoyle that says “fashion plate.”
    And oh, I bet she thinks she’s accumulating frequent flier mileage points.

  • Chingachgook

    What’s that following her. . . Oh never mind, I see what it is now.

  • Joe

    It’s good to be the king. Or in her case: It’s good to be the queen.

    Just remember all you losers that voted for them, because it would be nice to have a “black man” as president.

  • Noreaster

    Moochelle Obama bought a $7,000.00 jacket……
    Looks like the Obama’s are part of the 1% , their hypocrisy is amazing….

  • bob

    Just THINK for a moment how the media treats this radical crook compared to the way they treat a good and decent woman like Sarah Palin. Politics aside, it’s a disgrace.

  • A.Men

    another punch to the gut of American taxpayers by Moochelle. She continues to disrespect the USA.

    Stay in Great Britain, ugly, stupid, classless First Lady-In-Name-Only!

  • Ashland Dog

    Lindasadly, I will humbly vote NObama in NOvember.

  • Flintstone F.

    Larry #111

    It’s not about black people, clothing and royalty. It’s about which black people, which clothing and royalty. Michelle uttered to the words to her husband at a 9/11 memorial ceremony “All of this for a damn flag.”

    She also said that after Obama got elected that it was the first time she was truly proud of her country.

    She eats Kobe Beef and takes hundreds of friends on extravagant vacations on the tax payers dime. You better just have a yogurt and some nuts, because she cares about you.

    The Obama’s sent Churchill’s bust back as a first order of redecorating the Oval Office.

    Skin color isn’t the focal point. Hypocrisy is the focal point. Hypocrisy on the liberal mass media and hypocrisy on the part of Michelle Obama.

    I’ll bet you had a different opinion when the liberal media was ripping on Palin and Romney.

  • OCDick

    Yet, we have to hear that the Romney’s are out of touch.

  • west1890

    Hope that thing came with back up lights.

  • USA#1

    Yes voting the first “1/2 Black Man in was very stylish” and we have paid a hell of a price for being STYLISH

    This proves affirmative action needs to go… when you hire someone because of a skin color… you don’t get the best man for the job… OBUMMER made us all PAINFULLY AWARE of that

  • Dan

    Was there some lost soul on this comment thread who actually said that barry’s beard looks “nice?”


    HAD she looked sharp, were she a hot number, then I wouldn’t give two damns if she had spent over a million per annum on her outfits.

    BUT, {and in this case it is a very big, very capacious, very expansive BUTT, a BUTT that wags and sloshes all about as the beard waddles in her common, classless, ungainly and ungracious way} when we are talking about this particular creature, no designer, no fashion adviser will avail, for the beard is altogether HOPELESS.

    The beard’s “husband” campaigned on hope and change, but there’s been no change with the wife, she’s still as miserable as ever, because she’s getting the nothing that has ever been part of the deal with her Reggie loving husband. Nor is there, nor can there be any hope of every making the beard attractive.

    Her husband only has thoughts for Reggie, who he “miss[es].”

    And we only have thoughts of November, so that we can rid ourselves of our first down low president.

  • Ashland Dog

    Hey Joe, “Nuts” said the Queen, “if I had them I’d be King”.

  • PeterW

    I wonder if CNN will play the song “Stupid Girls” as an intro if they report this story.

  • I’m not a Racist; I don’t like Biden or Pelosi either

    JIM HOFT: A lot of comments here are HYPOCRITICAL RACIST CRAP.

    Are you trying to make conservatives look bad with these race / class baiting articles?

    Sometimes I really wonder.

    What a bunch of pigs, and I’m not talking about the Obamas

  • Patty

    Sunday, July 29, 2012
    Now is my moment: I am the Won you’ve been waiting for!

    Well, well well. Here I’ve been – just doing my job – reflecting and refracting our historic presidency; and now, it seems, I’m having a bit of a “moment.”

    “TIME TO REFLECT: From luminous furniture to ethereal fashion, mirrors are having a moment”

    Sunday, July 29, 2012
    Now is my moment: I am the Won you’ve been waiting for!

    Well, well well. Here I’ve been – just doing my job – reflecting and refracting our historic presidency; and now, it seems, I’m having a bit of a “moment.”

    “TIME TO REFLECT: From luminous furniture to ethereal fashion, mirrors are having a moment”

    WSJ, July 27, 2012

    I suppose Disney will take all the credit for it:

  • Adult

    Haha wow. All everyone talks about is her looks or her ass. You know they get paid to be in the white house? Maybe she bought that outfit with her own money? Really shows what kinda of ugly close minded people post on here :). Blessings to you all. I hope you all find happiness one day. Bt

  • Jen

    MO defenders – stroll with me down memory lane – remember how berserk the (liberal) media went over Nancy Reagan’s high fashion? As I recall, her Hollywood designer connections gifted her clothes as well. The 80’s were very different time once RR pulled us out of the JC malaise – they were booming with record employment & prosperity..the opposite of today – yet crickets from the media today other than how beautiful, classy, fit & fine MO is -“our finest First Lady evah” can you say double standard much?

  • Nice try at Straw Man

    #141 – No one is attacking their wealth, they are attacking their HYPOCRISY.

    And if libtards want to attack rich people, they should not FLAUNT their wealth like this, don’t you agree? It makes them look like hypocrites. It makes it look as if liberals don’t have a problem with wealth, they have a problem with CERTAIN PEOPLE and want to take all their money away so they no longer have a voice.

    You see how that works?

  • Dan

    And by the by, the lover of Reggie, the guy who spent HOURS AND HOURS behind closed doors, behind LOCKED doors, with his body man, the guy who we were endlessly regaled was a thorough going sophisticate, a genuine cosmopolite, that creature too is utterly hopeless.

    He’s just a skinny down-lower with a miserable beard and a public facade that is increasingly becoming threadbare.

  • TR808

    First let me say I don’t support Obama – who had indeed been a disappointment for a lot of reasons. And there are plenty of reasons to dislike him – but this isn’t one of them.

    It’s unfortunate that Romney is the best the republicans can produce. My fear is he is even worse. Trickle down just doesn’t work and never will. Being evasive about his tax returns, either lying to Americans or the SEC about his time at Bain, and lacking the human decency to treat his dog with respect – these all show a deeper character flaw.

    It is appalling how uneducated and uncivil most of the comments are here. Are the Obamas out of touch – probably. Are the Romneys out of touch – definitely.

    A lot of hatred and name calling here honestly seems racist. What gives Ann Romney class? The color of her skin? What makes you think that Sarah Palon is the definition of beauty?

    It seems many of the readers only look at the surface. Whether that be the surface in the form of skin color or surface in the form of why we have problems. It’s easy to blame Obama for many things but any rationale, educated person would realize he was dealt a very difficult hand. Don’t forget Clinton left us with a surplus which Bush immediately turned into a deficit. And Bush initiated the bank bailouts.

    Yes plenty of reason to hate Obama. This isn’t one.

    Nobody 2012

  • 22-250

    And all this time, the left thought their $3.00 was going to to re-elect this tool. LOL. Keep throwing your hard earned govt. check their way.

  • Concernedaboutourkidsfuture

    “We also know she shops at Target…”. Seriously??? No one is gullible enough to believe a woman who has dozens of $500 pair kitten heels shops at moderately priced stores like Target. That photo op only demonstrated the degree of fraud this administration is willing to put on the American citizens trying to make ends meet. Who cares if she’s unattractive…she’s spending OUR money in record amounts and record time. November is looming!

  • USA#1

    Adult she didn’t pay for it… you liberal swine… He is out dude ROMNEY +5 … you liberal psycophant… The First Welfare Queen has her hand out for free stuff… you may be ADULT but your not REALISTIC

  • Precion Mary

    Oh, and for the other one to the right of the MOOK……..
    uhmmm wazzzer name? oh yeah, Kate Middlington (sic)

    This one—->the “Katers” One of the Wisteria Sisters, aka as “The Limpet” coined by Prince Harry…. Harry know his marine biology(other than Wisteria being a decorative climbing vine) he aptly named her as limpets do NOTHING and just hang around all day and CLING

    Advice to : The Limpet- stay out of the sun or you’ll be an old
    dried up raisin before you are 35. If you continue you will have a
    chance in hot hell to become a prune & then an old old dried up
    figgy-The Limpet will pay for her time in the sun.

    Advice to:The Limpet-you need to pop one out soon and make sure
    it’s a boy . The Crown has stated a girl is not a problem but given
    current rumours you & the hubs are bored , I’d say to you it’s time
    to get on your back and Do Your Duty For Your Country!

    OMG , I just realized something! I’ave had a breakthrough regarding
    The Limpet!

    Immaculately conceived and pulled through The Limpet’s nose!- I mean come on here. who wants to ruin the anorexic figure she has
    strived for to fit into the “sample size” clothing that is offered to her.
    The Fashion World is at her feet isn’t it but she juuuuuuust
    can’t tear herself away from parading around in JC Penney cast-off frocks to show ALL of US how thrifty she is.


  • Bunni

    She should have shopped at goodwill and paid $3, she looks like crap no matter HOW MUCH OF OUR MONEY she spends to try and make herself “royalty”.

    You can’t turn a sows ear into a silk purse, & this hot mess is the whole hog!

  • Ashland Dog

    On the otherhand,Reggie would look fetching in that outfit.

  • Patty

    Michelle Obama Desecrates White House Yet Again

    First it was her use of the East Room to stage a televised sack race with a late night talk show host. Now First Lady Michelle Obama has staged yet another self-promoting event in one of the nation’s most sacred rooms in the White House – this time a workout session for an upcoming broadcast of The Biggest Loser.

    For fans of Civil War era history, you know that it was the East Room that was the place of President Lincoln’s funeral as well as the location for the signing of the Civil Rights Act in 1964 – two of the most historically important events for African Americans.

    And yet, despite this room’s significance, the First Lady has now repeated its use as nothing more than a backdrop for her repeated lowbrow network television show appearances

    More importantly is the disrespect that the both of them have quietly and in many cases publicly demonstrate.

    Michelle Obama Tries to Pass for Everywoman While Shopping at Local Target

    WTF!! Well we now know that the Odumba’s are getting desperate to shed their much deserved “snob” status

  • Adult

    No, the “libtards” are only attacking the policies of the “rich people” who think they can do whatever they want just because they’re rich. Of course the “flea baggers” always twist things around and use it to scare their base with fear or ignorance. Must be nice to be lumped in with the hicks, crazy ministers and clueless politicians. Thats what i think of when the flea baggers are mentioned :).

  • Patty

    When the Romney’s takeover the White House, respect and prosperity will come back to our nation.

  • Nate Clayton

    I have never seen so many jealous,bigoted,narrow minded,disrespectful comments before in one place. Typical of Republicans. Hateful and against everything.

  • beans make u gassy

    Where are the OWS folks!! Obama is the 1 percent!

  • Seth

    It looks like ol’ Moochie is wearing a bustle.

  • Ashland Dog

    #169-TR808 Mr. Moderate, just vote for Obama in November like you did four years ago.

  • Lolatu

    #19 – TR808:

    Wow I think that was every DNC talking point in one post about Michelle’s dress!

    Bain is a lie and everyone knows it – how many times do we have to point out that HE WASN’T THERE.

    You have a prob with Romney’s dog riding in the back of a truck, but Obama eating a dog is just life experience????

    Please explain why it’s racist to criticize the Obama’s, or to compliment Ann Romney or Sarah Palin. Just the color of the skin?

    You leave out Manhattan blowing up in 2001 followed by a war when you claim Bush turned a surplus into a deficit. And the tech bubble was not Clinton’s accomplishment. And we all knew who crashed the economy by giving mortgages to people on welfare.

    Yeah. You’re just an independent and the rest of us are just stupid enough to believe that.

  • Adult

    Hmm.. well as i recall, resorting to calling people names just to get a point across is used when someone has nothing “real” to say. Call me all the names you want. I’ll be laughing when Obama is re-elected and you’re at home probably cussing out and throwing fits. You fit the stereotypical portrait of a republican perfectly. Come on now, Mitt Romney? Thats the best your party has to offer? out of ALL the candidates you could have chosen your party went with Mitt Romney?!?! Haha. At least you guys are entertaining

  • I agree with #63. We need to stick to issues and stay away from physical attributes. Liberals attack people; conservatives typically stick to issues.

  • Precion Mary

    FINALLY! here’s a nice to air an opinion without having to submit
    your birth certificate

  • SpendusMaximus

    Just another pig at the taxpayers’ trough. We all have an opportunity to send this one out in November.

  • I’m not a Racist; I don’t like Biden or Pelosi either

    from the Urban Dictionary:


    (1) A person who engages in the same behaviors he condemns others for.

    (2) A person who professes certain ideals, but fails to live up to them.

    (3) A person who holds other people to higher standards than he holds himself.

    someone who complains about something but finds themselves doing exactly the same thing


  • obamas gay porn dealer

    please please Mitt show ads featuring the out of touch Pres( Alice in wonderland party, separate jets for vacation, etc) stick it right back in their faces . people are hurting & they act like welfare recipients ….. can anyone call out the 1st lady for allowing her hospital she worked for ” patient dumping ” bcuz of the lack of insurance …. hopefully Wayne Allen Root nailed the election results with his predictions

  • #184 – While I’d admit that Mitt Romney is certainly not my top pick, I will support him because of the Democrats top pick – the guy that never held a real job and has shown that it takes a mere 3.5 years to destroy what We the People have built over hundreds of years.

    And no, Obama will not be re-elected by We the People. Yes, there will be voter fraud, just like last time, but this time it won’t be enough to get that man back in the White House.

  • Concernedaboutourkidsfuture


    No offense meant when I point out to you that the Obama’s have not shown an abundance of Christian concern for the citizens of our country. Every maneuver, event, law and motion put forth by the president and his spouse are about THEM! “For the first time in my life” I recognize pure self interest in my president, his spouse, his minions……! It’s disgraceful and Jesus would probably agree since so many citizens are being denegrated and held back from success by them. (this thread has really illuminated the problem, hypocrisy through and through).

  • Adult

    You know what would be funny is if the Republicans actually DO win. Of course i don’t think they’ve thought that far ahead yet. I haven’t heard a single constructive way to turn this nation around from them. It’s just hate filled childish nonsense. By the way, you guys know that the president isn’t the only decision maker in the government? If a law passed that you didnt like, it had to be voted on by some of your “precious” repubs as well. Of course when that happens, the rest of the repubs go in to hissy fit mode and blame the president. Nice tactic!


    Boy I kinda think Moose Shell Oh-Brahma looks better when she wears the Barnum and Bailey’s Big Top Tent. The tent almost covers all of Moose Shell’s Oh-Brahma’s fatass.

  • Disgusted peasant

    This is simply a congregation of devil-worshiping occultists celebrating their dominance over and murder of people like you and me. Burn in Hades, demons!


    #184 – YOU elected a MF’er who thinks there are 57 United States protected by a Marine Corpse who didn’t build that because he was a bitter clinger behaving stupidly – all because you thought his skin tone was pretty.


  • Joanne

    Adult – poor choice of name. You, still, after all Obama has done to the U.S. will vote for him. That is pathetic, but typical of the left to have no or little true compassion or empathy for all those suffering in America, because of Obama’s policies and regulations. Just think of all the unborn that will continue to be slaughtered at the hands of Obama and the American’s tax dollars…..whether they are pro-life, pro-murder, or not.

  • Rooty Kazooty

    But the Mooch only paid $15 for the jacket at the 2d hand thrift store. Saving the taxpayers money, she is.

  • Ashland Dog

    #179 Nate Clayton, I not against everything, just people and political parties that want to take my hard earned money away and hand it to a bunch of do nothing porch monkeys of ANY color or nationality to buy their vote. I guess I’m a bigot because I want to keep what I earn and support the causes I choose to support.

  • Oakley

    What a contrast! Moochelle and Katherine! The Duchess is pure class.

    Anyone notice how Moochelle is not taking extravagant vacations during this election season?

    If her hubby gets reelected she’ll be taking off for those exotic destinations on the taxpayers dime. She’s probably making reservations now.

  • Jenny

    Stunning jacket! but it sends the WRONG message to those struggling in this economy. Poor choice, the message to the rest of us – ‘sucks for you’.

  • Bear

    It looks to me that Moochie needs to do alot more walking and less eating. In the photo of her, look at the distance from the back of her butt to the front of her right thigh which you can make out through the sheerness of her skirt. I think it’s called FAT. Just saying she needs to stop acting like she is a know-it-all about nutrition and what everyone should eat and just shut-up Oh, am I being not PC? No, I’m being RC (reality correct).

  • Holy mackerel! You could serve tea on dat ass!

  • Adult

    #190. Why does everyone forget about the previous administration and the wars they started? It costs billions to blow humans in half. Obama only inhereited the problem. At least he took it upon himself to rise up to the challenge. Of course the repubs want to vote down every bill that has some sort of progress attached to it. If you want to blame someone, blame your own party! They’re the one’s holding things up, a lot were supporters of the wars and dealings that got us in to this mess. It’s like a bunch of 5th graders who don’t want to budge just because they’re not getting what they want. *Smh*

  • VOM

    GP is clearly a bigoted racist bigot for daring to write negatively of Mrs. Dear Reader.

  • Okieflyover

    Nate Clayton:

    I am not a hater or generally negative, but we have been preached at, mocked and ridiculed and told we are the problem if we provide for ourselves and try to improve our lot in life. i.e, we must be taking from the poor. Any Republican who wears a nice dress or pays for her own wardrobe is called out and mocked.

    I think the whole issue with Palin’s clothes when she was put out there at the Republican convention was for less than a $6,000 bill.

    When the Obama’s stop the crap with Mocking and ridiculing and preaching at people for their wealth and their success, this will stop being an issue.

  • Gary

    Hey, Beautiful dress, but seriously, it’s not made of Gold. What is the main issue here? How someone looks, the color of their skin, what comes out of their mouth, or the fruits of their labor? Which is the true measure of a person’s Wisdom and Intention if not their actions and the corresponding results? Let us see all human being as coming from the same light as the rest of the universe, and let their actions reflect which influence they are under, Wisdom or Error.

  • Adult

    Joanne- Yeah your republican cronies posting on here sure show a lot of compassion and empathy. I see this type of behavior in a lot of other political related posts. Tell me what kind of policies are “slaughtering thousands of people/kids?”. Do you guys really believe everything your party tells you? Do some research on your own.

  • Just a comment, no hatred here……

    Mrs. Obama looks like she attempts to dress appropriately for certain occasions, not always being successful in that pursuit. Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Nixon, Mrs. Bush, were ALWAYS properly dressed. Without fail. But when I saw Mrs. Obama attend that kids awards show wearing that HORRIBLE pants and too-short top with the zipper down the front of the pants, I had to say, whoa, what happened? When Mrs. Obama wore an afternoon dress and sweater to meet the Queen of England rather than a suit or something more formal and appropriate for her “station in life” and the event at hand – as the First Lady of the United States of America for this press-junket, again, I had to say, whoa, what happened? I make the assumption that she has a person(s) “helping” her and offering much needed advice in her selections. Either she or they are blowing it, in my opinion. The arms SHOULD have been covered, the size of her butt SHOULD have been hidden better – in my opinion. But Mrs. Obama chooses to ignore that body-shape problem and appropriateness of dress from any except those who tell her how great she looks. This is not hatred speaking, but an observation from one who cares how the President and his wife present themselves to the world. That’s all.

  • #192 said ” I haven’t heard a single constructive way to turn this nation around from them. ”

    I’m not running for president but the answer is VERY easy. STOP with all the regulations that mire businesses in paperwork and prevent or discourage investment of capital. STOP ObamaCare with is the largest tax ever on both employers and employees. STOP demonizing the very people who risk their capital to create jobs. STOP trying to raise taxes every 10 minutes and keep the Bush tax cuts in place. STOP handing out taxpayers hard earned money to every “green” Obama contributor who only goes bankrupt 1 year later. STOP US government spending.

    You are right – the President doesn’t implement most laws (though this president has used executive order over and over again to get his way and bypass Congress). That only means that for the first 2 years of Owe’s term ALL Democrats are responsible since they held the majority in both houses.

    Now do me a favor and go look at all the bills that have passed the House in the last 1.5 years that would create jobs and make a better environment for business and We the People BUT have never been even brought to the floor of the Senate thanks to Harry Reid.

    Oh and while you are there, please check and see when the last time the Senate (controlled by Democrats for the last 6 years) has even bothered to pass a budget!

  • Adult

    Maybe we should all just create a website that shows what every politician wears and how much it costs so we can have something to bitch about all day.

  • Patty


    Obama backs race-based school discipline policies

    “What this means is that whites and Asians will get suspended for things that blacks don’t get suspended for,” because school officials will try to level punishments despite groups’ different infraction rates, predicted Hans Bader, a counsel at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Bader is a former official in the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, and has sued and represented school districts and colleges in civil-rights cases.

    “It is too bad that the president has chosen to set up a new bureaucracy with a focus on one particular racial group, to the exclusion of all others,” said Roger Clegg, the president of the Center for Equal Opportunity.

    “A disproportionate share of crimes are committed by African Americans, and they are disproportionately likely to misbehave in school… [because] more than 7 out of 10 African Americans (72.5 percent) are born out of wedlock… versus fewer than 3 out of 10 whites,” he said in a statement to The Daily Caller. Although ” you won’t see it mentioned in the Executive Order… there is an obvious connection between these [marriage] numbers and how each group is doing educationally, economically, criminally,” he said.

    Read more:

  • Butch

    All that money and she is still ugly! Hope they used their own money but kinda doubt it!

  • Jim Hoft

    Just a reminder: We reserve the right to delete any racist and/or offensive comments here at Gateway Pundit.

  • Dan

    She could lose weight, and those brutal hips would still be out there, like right angles from her form.

    Moreover, the creature doesn’t actually walk.

    No, not at all.

    The beard waddles.

    Check her out, {just not after lunch lest you lose it…}, we’ve elected a graceless and classless, miserable piece of crap pair as the first couple of the United States.

    And like everything about barry, it’s all a fraud.

    They were supposedly sophisticate, when in reality they’re narrow-minded provincials!

    They were supposedly open minded cosmopolites, whereas in reality they’re doctrinaire dogmatists of the worst sort.

    They were supposedly wonderfully intelligent! What a hoot!

    But as with all things in their lives, their marriage too is freighted with fraud!

    This nauseating pair is one of the worst and most calamitous frauds every foisted on the American people!

  • FU

    #203 – When a Muslim terrorist flies a plane into a building, that means we didn’t start it, OK????

    BTW: There has been more money spent on the war and more fatalities since Obama took office. Where is your outrage now? What happened to the liberal media’s daily body count since Obama took office? There’s MORE TO COUNT WHY DID THEY STOP????

    I’ll tell you why: because liberals have no true principles, they merely worship labels and aesthetics. They don’t give a damn about anyone or anything else.

  • fancypants9

    Has the lady’s bustle come back? I wonder how much Kobe beef and Spanish tapas are stuffed into that thing?

  • Roger

    No matter how much she spends or primps, she will never, ever be pretty enough to copy Evita Peron, and her husband will never last as long as General Peron.

  • Fata$$

    Why does the media have any credibility? They keep telling us what great fashion sense moochelle has when we can all see she regularly dresses like the girls on the gypsy wedding show. Short sleeves are not proper for a formal evening. The duchess’ attire is much more tasteful and appropriate.

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  • Jeffrey In LA

    Michelle Obama looks beautiful. But the souls of the people posting these truly awful comments show about bankrupt the religious right has become. I’ll quite St. Ann Romney and say “you people” really need to think about the level of racism, igrnoance and hatred that flows through your soul. It’s that kind of evil that leaves the GOP with a minority slize of the electorate. In poll after poll, young people are running from the GOP. In poll after poll, fewer than 35% of voters self-identify as “Republicans.” It’s a dying party.

    “You people” are the reason.

    Sane American thanks you for making your souls so transparent. Sunday is supposed to be the Lord’s day, and this is the kind of stuff you write. Your invisible sky friend would weep.

  • utard

    #220 – Explain why it’s racist to criticize Michelle Obama, but not Ann Romney.

  • Dan

    And since when is noting her palpable, obvious, irrefutable physical ugliness nearing a comment about race?

    Vanessa Williams was and still is a hot number.

    Halle Berry likewise.

    Toni Braxton to boot.

    Not this creature who lords herself over us, who condescends to lecture, to hector, to berate a people she doesn’t understand and privately despises!

    Moreover, there is absolutely nothing wrong with hating the creature.

    She hates us, she hates the country, she despises the very majesty of an office she uses as a platform for her own creepy agenda.

    She is thoroughly detestable. As is her reggie fixated husband.

    How can any rational man, who loves the country, NOT damn them both?

  • Adult

    Katablog, It’s funny but no matter what anyone says or what sites they reference there will always be reason to doubt where true information comes from. There are so many websites/ media outlets who contort what is really going on for their own agenda. Billions of dollars are at stake for various companies so of course a lot of them are going to put out misinformation that supports their interests. I just wish a lot of people would take the time to know what is actually going on and not believe what others tell them, or from what they see on some “conspiracy doom and gloom” website.

  • Ashland Dog

    #217 Roger, Don’t cry for me Cook County.

  • Patty

    Priorities. This nation must get them straight.

    She spend, She spends. That is a fact. But, this isn’t something we should ignore. But between the Attacks on the Campaign trail, and that is all Obama has to work with because his work to date is literally and insult to the American People. As is, this demonstration of hypocrisy by Michelle Obama, all are facts and all our real noted on the internet.

    I am commented on the Chick-fil-a and other trivialities that are making the news and they should but we have been well aware that at times we are fighting everything but the real source won’t ever get us on track and that would be to recognize that our nation is under attack by Socialism and a form of Communism when our rights are being takeaway and industries are closing and failures of this administration aren’t being addressed.

    We know the low down on the irrational spending habit of Michelle but Obama’s are killing our productivity and our resourcefulness. THAT IS THE REAL DIRE SITUATION THESE TWO HAVE PLACE UPON OUR GREAT NATION.

    And it stops at the polls come November.

  • MFB

    This Administration is totally divorce from reality. The word limit for them have no meaning. In the meantime the Lower Middle Class and the poor are surviving thanks to the american tax payer and the charity of religious and secular organisations.

  • yuwei

    No designer clothes can hide her big butt.

  • Ashland Dog

    #220 Jeffrey, Most of the “young people” today gravitate to the left because of the brain washing they have recieved from the NEA. One day you will find this out when you stand in front of my “invisible sky friend”. Go back to worshiping the Teletubbies

  • Titaniumman

    Moochelles motto should be let them eat cake,According to the liberal media she does her shopping a Target,I didn’t know that Target has a Neiman-marcus section.
    This pig of a women is a disgrace as a first lady,she has spent more money on vacations for herself and freinds that all previous first ladies combined.
    I guess when you married to a man that has a lifetime membership to a gay bath house in Chicago you need comfort items to make it through the day.

  • Patty

    #226 July 29, 2012 at 12:28 pm
    MFB commented:

    This Administration is totally divorce from reality.

    Reality of the Elitist. America is watching and watching the destruction of this great nation. And the history book, those who do write the truth, won’t be kind to the Obamas.

  • oh eek oh woe is me

    #220 – I’m not worried about the young, They don’t vote. You brought them up to believe the most important thing is that they brought awareness to others with their screeching, but actually doing something like voting, or working towards a goal is for those evil conservatives who work for their money. They just sit back and glare at everyone with their hands out. Not a problem! Whine away, entitlement monkeys!

  • MaryR

    Moochelle is a complete embarrassment! She has NO class! It’s all about ‘Look at me!” The Duchess looks beautiful in her simple, under-stated outfit and shows her class! The Mooch should not wear white; it makes her look larger than she is; even those arms she loves to show off look large. Counting the days until those two classless wanna-be rock star buffoons are booted!

  • #223 July 29, 2012 at 12:20 pm
    Adult commented:

    Please “Adult”, tell me what didn’t happen that some website says did – that’s germane to this discussion and that I said happened.

  • Tea Party Patriot

    Hey If it feels good wear it!
    If I have to pay for the coat my only question is where are the jobs?
    If I have to pay for oObama MANDATED healthcare or at first I pay a fine, or second I go to jail where are the jobs?
    These two questions are fact questions American are you listening?

    tea party Americans

  • mgmue

    Greedy, snobby, pig of a woman – to wear something like that in times like these. Lord Moo Moo knows no shame.

  • I guess you People are all Jealous Because She Got to meet the Queen , I would Love to meet the Queen and It sounds Like a bunch of Racist to Me She will go Down in History WILL YOU.

  • Boot the Obamas

    “This pig of a women is a disgrace as a first lady,” To use the words ‘woman’ and ‘lady’ in the same sentence with the words “Michelle Obama” is a joke. She’s neither. She’s a selfish, self-centered, hypocritic pig!

  • #220 I’ll quite St. Ann Romney and say “you people” really need to think about the level of racism, igrnoance and hatred that flows through your soul.

    Problem is, Ann Romney didn’t say that and even the liberal media that first said she did, has to admit she didn’t.

  • MadCharles

    So embarrassing for the Queen to be within ears reach of the Obama’s.

  • Face it, Mooch has no fashion sense. She wants to dictate nutritional habits, but doesn’t follow her own advice. A lot of expensive, hical meals contributed to that largeass, folks! But, hey when it’s OP money, who cares… This cretin and her sorry husband will be feeding at the public trough for the rest of their lives. Thankfully, they’ll be voted out of public office this November! …1/20/13…the end of an error…!

  • like a bunch of dumbass

    #236 – Joy: “It sounds Like a bunch of Racist to Me She will go Down in History WILL YOU.”

    It probably “sounds like a bunch of racist” to you because you obviously didn’t pay much attention in school.


    WoW is all of the poverty crowd posting negative comments on here? $6,800 for clothing for a formal event is NOT outrageous. You can tell by the negative remarks none of these people have ever been to a formal event with heads of states. You dont go to the olympics as the first lady wearing off the rack walmart clothes.
    It’s time for you cry baby low class people to grow up and shut up. Just because the economy is struggling does not mean people have to go around looking like a bag lady to make you happy.
    You rocked that outfit Mrs. Obama ! ! !

  • burt

    Part of the 1%.

  • Patty
  • #236 July 29, 2012 at 12:38 pm
    Joy Johnson commented:

    I’d love to meet the Queen too, but I would remember that protocol says one should never maul the Queen while meeting her. I’d hate to embarrass my nation.

  • I almost forgot, The Duchess takes first place in the beauty, attire, class category going away!

  • #242 July 29, 2012 at 12:41 pm
    ROD SMITH commented:

    LOL!!!! I’ve been known as a clothes horse all my life and I can tell you that while working in the corporate world where I had to wear suits every day, I NEVER spent $6,800 on my entire year’s wardrobe!

  • that sure isnt no j crew!!!!! she can wear whatever she wants but her surrogates go attack others as out of touch she sure made alot of money somewhere but where?

  • Ashland Dog

    #236 Joy Johnson, child please! You are absolutely correct on one thing, the Obamas will go down…..

  • Gullible Voter

    Get outa my way.

    I’m going out to vote for the failed, racist, wee-weed up, narcissistic, America-hating, golf-vacationing, one-term-is-one-too-many, socialist, effeminate, limp-wristed, scandal-diverting, U.S. border patrol agent-killing, media-anointed Obamessiah — again.

  • margaret weber

    Michelle Antoinette still looks fat!

  • KickTheKenyanOut

    This is nothing more than Moochelle sacrificing for the American Serfs while on her taxpayer paid jaunt to London…

  • snewb

    Such hypocrisy MOOCHelle! She’s there watching the tennis matches when many of the top players now reside in Monaco to avoid all taxes so no redistribution of wealth. What a phony. She tells NBC to take a few quick shots of her at every event to boost Obumbler’s campaign.

  • Ashland Dog

    #242 ROD SMITH (caps his not mine) I hear Mr. Obama is looking for a new “body man”.


    #242 – ROD: What world are you in? $6800 for a dress is not outrageous???? The QUEEN was not wearing HALF that much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That makes you OUT OF TOUCH, dude!

  • jay

    Looks nice on Michele but I could of paid my mortgage for 6 months with that money.

  • kato

    It may have cost more than what the average family earns, but how does it compare to the amount of subsidized rent, food stamps and other handouts that the average subprime parasite gets?

  • Patty


    Obama to Olympians: You Didn’t Win That

    Swimmer Ryan Lochte claimed the first gold medal for U.S. athletes at the London Olympics on Saturday. But Barack Obama has a message for Lochte, and other American medal winners: You didn’t win that.

    “Look, if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own.”

    But what about all the hard work, all the training, that Olympic athletes endure to attain success?

    “You think you’ve been successful because you work hard; a lot of people work hard.”

    Maybe Olympic success is the result of smarter training?

    “I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart. There are a lot of smart people out there.”

    Sorry, America’s Olympic athletes; you didn’t win anything. You’re simply the end product of governmental policy.

    “Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive.”

    Read more:

  • Willdit

    Let them eat cake!

  • Bill

    I am not an Obama fan, but I think that she looks great! More power to her. I also think that her outfit IS very fitting for this event. Lets face it; her life is not anything like mine or most folks. I think that it conveys to her guests a certain dignity that the occasion requires. I applaud!

  • JohnDave

    Mooch-elle needs to be gone, along with her Traitor husband.

  • mewp12

    Of course, they can afford it, they’re Worth up to 10 million, however, did they actually pay for it? I like the jacket but its way over priced the problem’s the skirt which I am sure she didn’t get a K-Mart ( although it looks it. )It is totally wrong for her butt. Just makes it look bigger. And I can’t believe the press went crazy over Sarah Palin’s shoes. And Ann Romney’s shirt, you know she paid for that herself.

  • How many people could be fed for one day at the same price of Michelle’s dress? And, she and her husband continues to tell us that they are part of the common people.

    Where is the outrage for the lifestyle of our political elite? Need to read this thriller cause it’s about ‘common people’ in American who are take a stand & end up starting the 2nd American Revolution. I recommend it to others cause it’s about the current times & out of touch our leaders are with us.

    Great article on the Obama’s real lifestyle that we never see in the mainstream media. Thanks Gatewaypundit & keep up these articles to educate the voters.

  • Mauna

    I hope she did not try to wrap her long arms around the Queen again. How embarrassing that was to America. I notice she is wearing her long hair wig instead of one of her short wigs. Someone remarked that she led a lonely life? How can you be lonely with 25 attendants hovering around you, doing everything you desire except going to the bathroom for you?

  • The Ghost

    Considering all of the backlash against Ralph Lauren for making the US uniforms in China, why is there no backlash against her for representing America in this outfit made by a French, not an American, company. Even if it was bought in an America store (more likely bought in the Paris or London store) it is not an American company. And probably not made in America either

  • johnny bobo


  • CeeYaChicagoOccupiers

    Mooch will look good in that jacket as she’s stealing and packing up the WH China before her trip home to Chicago.

  • Tracy Simmons

    She remains a low class, bitchy, loud mouth no matter what she wraps around herself

  • Granny

    #120 July 29, 2012 at 11:12 am
    RejectRight commented:

    How much did Laura Bush’s clothes cost, Nancy Reagan’s, etc.? You guys are disgusting.

    That is EXACTLY the point. It is unfair by quite some little bit to lambast Sarah Palin or Ann Romney for wearing expensive clothing while simultaneously lauding Michelle Obama.

  • Flintstone F.

    What set of facts is Adult using?

    I appreciate your attempt not to name call but you couldn’t quite pull it off since you alluded to calling us hissy fit throwing childish flea bag haters.

    You’re clueless. You ignore the posts that demonstrate the hypocrisy of the “news” media for ripping Palin and Romney for the same sort of thing they give Michelle a pass on. It’s your arrogance that allows you to conveniently gloss over truth you find inconvenient.

    You’re clueless. Obama has had over a one trillion dollar deficit for each of his three years in office, has continually raised the debt ceiling and has a democrat run senate that refuses to pass a budget. Not a single one in his entire term as president. Go do some research, there’s a really good graph on this page (but I’m sure you’d find a way to be suspicious of the data since it would again be one of those inconvenient truths).

    His own spending proposals are voted against by his own party because they’re ridiculous.

    You’re clueless isn’t an epithet. It’s the truth. That’s all.

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  • johnny bobo

    GO TO HE;;

  • taosnow

    Let Them Eat Gay Marriage !

  • Ragnarb

    My mother used to tell a story of when her grandfather had lunch at the White House during FDR’s tenor. Lunch was hot dogs! Regardless of his politics, at least the president then did feel the pain of the average American; a reason he was a great leader.

  • Jullou

    It’s too bad it doesn’t look good. Oh, that’s right, she’s trying to set trends. She trying to be everywhere and everything but in the end, she is phony as is her husband.

  • Indi

    Let’s all use some class. If Mrs. Obama wants to wear an expensive jacket, that is her choice. As long as its not our tax money. However, I don’t believe in double standards when it comes to the Media. So please, let us back off in the critizism of Mrs. Obama and put it where it belongs, on the Media.

  • Truth Hurts

    I hope it’s Obama’s money she is spending and not ours

  • Flintstone F.


    The problem is that she still does look like a bag lady after all that money (Oh no. He made fun of the First Lady).

    It’s not poor people worried about how people spend their money. Please take some time and read.

    It’s about the news media harping on Palin and Romney for their expensive clothes and giving Obama a pass on tax funded extravagance. She sprung for the jacket? How sweet of her.

  • rboogi

    Everyone that has stopped to post a comment here and has something negative to say, stop and look at yourselves for a moment… what do you look like?? So many of you wish you were Michelle wearing that jacket. If that’s the case, then tell your husbands to run for president. oh yeah, you are just full of talk… Do something about the problem because all these comments are just talk, not the action this country need.

  • Ashland Dog

    #270 Johnny Bobo, perhaps you need to check out Ivy League society or spend a little time in the Hamptons.

  • Ashland Dog

    #280 rboogi I bet Reggie wishes he could wear “the jacket” I plan on doing something about “the problem” come the first Tuesday in November…NObama in NOvember.

  • tmar

    The issue isn’t whether she wears expensive clothes, its when she does so after the minions of the Obama administration taunt our minions for not being in touch.

  • tc297

    Aren’t Americans sick of this do as I say not as I do couple yet?

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  • @rboogi commented:
    Everyone that has stopped to post a comment here and has something negative to say, stop and look at yourselves for a moment… what do you look like?? So many of you wish you were Michelle wearing that jacket. If that’s the case, then tell your husbands to run for president. oh yeah, you are just full of talk… Do something about the problem because all these comments are just talk, not the action this country need.

    Pardon, but we do look at ourselves and thankfully most of us don’t see a nasty maw such as the one Mrs O sports…
    That lipstick on a pig is one of the truest statement ever to grace our Language….
    This woman may be a nice person…I highly doubt it though, and if you are so sensitive to her detractors then simply DON’T read them…..
    She really is like dressing a mule for a thoroughbred race, though….Truth stings.

  • Ashland Dog

    Bill Clinton to Ted Kennedy, “A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.” Remember that one J.Bobo?

  • Chloe

    Trash= MoMo Class= Katherine.
    # 70 Jackie commented, “her husband makes $400K/yr……” Jackie…..Where do you think that $400K comes from???? Taxpayers, dear.

  • SandyfromChestefield

    It probably cost michele so much because of all of the extra material that was required for the back part of the outfit.

  • WriteGuy

    I wonder if the wife of the Great One remembers Marie Antoinette’s comment just a bit before she lost everything, “Let them eat cake”? Hopefully she and Barry will be out of our house in a few more months.

  • Randy

    Where are her two little snots at?? …. a free trip to the Olympics bought and paid for by US tax money.

  • David

    #76…You’re an idiot. Who cares about the horse? It is a show horse, and it costs A LOT to keep it, feed it, transport it, etc. Whatever….The credit is one hundred percent LEGAL. Romney is rich. He earned his money. He hasn’t denied being rich, last I checked. Obama, on the other hand would have you believe he grew up in the slums. He’s a fraud. Here’s the difference: MOBO wears a $6,000 shirt and it’s okay with you. Ann wears a $900 shirt, and she’s the devil! Really? Instead of question, you deflect with a pointless strawman argument….

  • Blosm

    She’s so bulky and bitter and clomps around everywhere with that fat head down and those big arms out away from her sides, scowling at everyone. Like a fat lesbian having a really bad day.

  • ObamaIsAGayCokeHead

    You could put million dollar clothes on her, she’s still as ugly and as big as a friggin’ moose, and ObamaIsAGayCokeHead.

  • I have to say that after reading almost everyone comments I feel better. I am confident that “we the people” will stand together in November and vote the a$$ out of the white house where he does not belong (never did!). He is ruining our country. These comments truly give me hope! And change in November! Thank you America!

  • archiel

    ce qu”une graisse vache

  • VillageViking

    We need Ann Romney NOW!!!

  • Layla

    Still makes her ass look big.

  • VillageViking

    Just think, when barack makes love to michelle he doesn’t even have to pretend he’s with Lawrence Taylor…she’s as big and ugly as he is!!!

  • Rboogi

    @sandy… the truth is, Michelle is in power right now because of people like you who voted her husband in.. Now you realize it was a mistake on your part so you wanna stoop down a few levels and be negative. Your comments are not fixing anything, it is only beading more hate. I’m all about action, not talk. I could care less what or how Michelle looks or what she wears. If this country is so broke, then this country didn’t buy her clothes.

  • OwlCreekObserver

    Not to be catty, but it sure looks like they had to use some extra material to broaden the beam on that outfit.

  • Richard_Iowa

    Maybe now she is proud of her country.

  • bybyobama

    Mrs. Romney is a classy lady. Michelle ? No class at all
    you. Let’s put respect back in the Whitehouse in November. Give us our America back!!!!!!!

  • Okay, Folks, I can’t stand the Obama policies and it is clear the current administration has been a total train wreck, but can we focus on reality here. I work in the beauty biz and my professional opinion is that she wears somewhere around 8 or 9 Thousand dollars worth of clothes very well. Lovely hair, too. Doesn’t make me like the Commander in Grief one whit more, but give the devil his due.

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  • Jim

    Remember when Sara Palin wore nice clothes and people found out she was given money to go buy wardrobes that would look acceptable for a VP candidate? Then the liberals basically asked for lists of clothes and prices and Palin had to show that she returned the clothes after the campaign was over? This is the double standard of liberals.

  • bigkahuna

    Will CNN play Fat Bottom Girls before the intro to this story….??????

    Oh yeah this wont be covered by them…they have story about Obama being a saint to run.

  • bybyobama

    Mrs. Romney is a classy lady. Michelle ? No class at all.
    Let’s put respect back in the Whitehouse in November. Give us our America back!!!!!!!

  • Katy Bejarano

    Hey – it was made in the USA and created jobs for the the manufacturer and embroiderer! If she can afford to create jobs, more power to her!

  • mgmue

    I hope she wears that when she gets tea bagged in november.

  • Worry01

    What an overpriced rag that is. It looks like something Target would carry.

  • Lindasadly

    I can’t believe what I’m hearing on our sabath. Racism, sexism, gay bashing, body bashing, the ugly insides of those who don’t respect themselves so they turn on others. I understand not agreeing with the politics, anything else is just vile and shows a blackness within that only self reflection and spirituality can purge.

    God so loved man that he gave his only son. As Jesus was hanging from the cross he said “forgive them for they know not what they do.” Today he would say forgive them lord they know not what they post.”


  • PDStar

    Shouldn’t there be a video to show us with ‘I like big butts’ as the lead in music?

  • Mary S

    Looking at her in this side shot is hysterical. The back of the dress looks like a 19th century bustle over that enormous rear end.

  • to chris- it will be 20 jan 2013 b/4 we can rejoice, not nov

  • sky

    She’ll look good wearing tar and feathers.

  • Sunshine

    I wish everyone here would spend more time to help defeat these folks than on the clothes!! He is a want-a-be BASKETBALL/ROCK STAR and she thinks she is a MOVIE STAR!! It’s all soooo plain and simple!!!! November 6, 2012! It’s do or forget the AMERICA we know and love!

  • Rboogi

    @Lindasadly the sabbath is on Saturday.

  • Kissmygrits

    Lochte is barred from showing his grill, but Mooch can show hers getting picked up by the Rooskie woman wrestler. Picture gives new meaning to the age old questin of does this make my butt look bigger.

  • lukuj

    The woman is entitled to wear what she wants, but what I want to know is why she isn’t getting the criticism from the MSM that Romney’s wife got from wearing an expensive top – and it was not as expensive as this jacket. Why is it the MSM only criticizes Republicans about things like this and never the Obamas, who are supposed to be so very aware of the sad economic plight of so many. the answer must be that the MSM has given up any pretense of being objective.

  • KN

    Let them eat cake (or peas)

  • Ashland Dog

    #309 Houston_Reg, her hair should look nice…it’s a wig.

  • jrobinson

    Typical socialists; the elite .05% telling the 99% what to do by making them angry at the other .05%… while they party on the public dime. Typical.

  • I care, but I really don’t. We know by now how much this family really cares about the poor, and middle class.

    I don’t care. What I do care about is the president holding back REAL JOBS, like the XL Pipeline, or other shovel ready jobs. OBAMA holds back jobs… I know presidents don’t “create” jobs LIKE MITT ROMNEY DOES, but they can make the atmosphere ripe for job creation.

  • Lindasadly


    You must be a seventh day adventist. The Sabbath in Christianity has be considered the Lords Day which stretches fro saturday night through sunday. It is a day of reflection and worship to most Christians. I respect your biblical definition as the adventists interpret it.


  • WookieDesign

    Wow, it must have cost so much because of all the extra fabric needed to cover that enormous arse.

    You know what they say, Lip stick on a pig …

  • Precion Mary

    Why is wearing this body armor?

    She ran out of Boob Belts

    (ala Christopher Walken- More Boob Belt)

  • Lincoln Robertson

    And people believe Democrats relate to the “little people”.

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  • Ashland Dog

    Big bottom,Big bottom
    Talk ’bout mud flaps-
    Mo-shell’s got em.

  • Tyrone

    Hard to tell which made one gag more…..the production value of the opening ceremonies, or having to see Moochelles ugly mug on the television screen during the proceedings. Damn close call either way.

  • Tatiana

    The liberal rule says that a Liberal woman must look ugly. If, God forbid, she is pretty, Libs question question whether she is talented or intelligent. No one ever questions Michelle’s status as a bimbo, no matter how foolishly she spends on ugly clothes. She must be ugly enough for the Libs.

  • Ashland Dog

    Oh gosh, I just had a terrible thought…I just imagined 90% of us on this tread will mysteriously disappear in the next few days…

  • Pingback: She Feels Your Pain – Michelle Obama Sports $6,800 Jacket to London Soiree …Update: Jacket Cost More Than What Average US Family Makes in 1 Month | The Navigator()

  • karen miller

    Is that a bustle on the back of her outfit?…….Oh, it’s her!! Needs to follow her own advice that she dishes out to us commoners… watch your diet and exercise!!!! November cannot come soon enough!

  • rusty

    I think the jacket looked good on her. And there is no reason why our first lady should not be dressed to the 9’s. She can afford it so why all the complaints? History will show Michelle Obama was a wonderful first lady. So she went a little overboard on vacations? In the Marines we had a saying: rank has its privileges. Get used to it. Harry and Bess bought their own food and spent nothing compared to the current crops.

  • Ashland Dog

    #331Tatiana no ones going to accuse our president of snagging a “trophy wife”.

  • Ashland Dog

    #331 Tatiana Mr. Obama couldn’t have someone prettier than Reggie,that would cause problems.

  • moochamohr

    Hey, hey, hey!!!! You folks need to get real. 7-K is just a drop in the bucket. Yeah!
    Do you know how much it costs to fly Air Force One? Not the mention all the attendants and security, etc. This, the richest country in the world can afford that! Heck, just add up all the
    money in staff, lodging, food, gifts and all. 7-K is peanuts. Now, talk about all the cash it takes to run food stamps, welfare, medical, housing – and grants to “special projects.” Now, you
    talking real money. Forget fashion. Face forced funding – for folks who have their hands in the
    Treasurery. That is REAL money!

  • Ashland Dog

    #Rusty, what is your views of Gays in the military?

  • Lindasadly

    I’m sorry I even started reading these comments. I am so very ashamed for the conservative party with such horrible thoughts and comments. I’m not sure the Pundit is the right site for me. I will be looking for a conservative site which explains the politics with a more christian mission.


  • meadowlands

    Next Repub ad should bring this to the forefront like the Obama ads have vilified the Romney’s for being rich.

  • rusty

    Dog….always had em, always will. Their blood is red as any. Say let em get married too. No reason they can’t be as miserable as the rest of us.

  • Tatiana

    Beautiful black women include Halle Berry, Vanessa Williams, Condi Rice, Lena Horne but certainly not horse faced, overweight show offs like hmmm. Who comes to mind ? It is not racism, but esthetic common sense that permits one to identify ugliness in the spirit of true equality.

  • mzaz

    More people on welfare and food stamps yet this DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO mentality of MOOCHELLE goes out and keeps spending taxpayers money like it belongs to her. PLEASE PEOPLE Vote AMERICAN in November not socialism. Our country can’t take another 4 years of BO. I think we are going to have a hard time getting this tool out of the WH once he loses the election. I sure hope our soldiers will fight for the people of the USA and not the socialistic government.

  • sfb5761

    Let ’em eat cake, right?

  • speakofthedevil

    The difference between Romney’s wife wearing a 900 top and obama’s 6800 jacket, is that Romney’s wife paid for it herself. im sure the nice taxpayers of the US have paid for this jacket for her. How sweet of us all to make sure she can wear nice clothes….

  • Petyr

    I believe that this is what people refer to as Swag, and it is no substitute for class.

  • Fisherman

    Class will out. Michelle is a fashion nightmare but you will never hear that from her ” useful
    idiots. Did she touch the queen again.

    BTW….Too much caviar will make your butt too big.

  • Joe

    Obama and Romney are both garbage.

    How is that difficult to see?

  • Dutra

    صيد الظبي بالكلاب – شارة سويحان – تحيات وتصوير فريق ليوا Love, Barry

  • kathy

    Hey!!! I paid for that dress!!! barry and michelle better spend all the money while they can because after November they will only have a little money left in their little off shore account to go and live in Costa Rica. I hope they get out of OUR COUNTRY just as fast as they can. I am so ashamed of them.

  • Hey Dutra, speak English, or shut up.

    Joe, we are talking about MOO chelle, OK?

  • Mark in Commiefornia

    Forget the cost of the outfit and think of the the entourage {makeup or mason, hair or chainsaw log sculptor wardrobe stylist or sail maker} and general brown nosers that follow this Broad around in their vainest attempts trying to make her look good on the tax payers dime.

  • Hugh

    For me but not for thee.

  • Mya

    Protocol requires that women who visit the Royal Palace or appear before the Queen wear SLEEVES–NOT sleeveless dresses. Michelle has YET to wear a dress that covers her arms–and it appears to be a DELIBERATE act! Not to do so is considered disrespectful of the Royal Family and the monarchy–absolutely unbelievable NO ONE in the Obama White House seems to know that! Were they raised in the ghetto? Neither do you put your arm around the Queen’s shoulders–which she ALSO did! WHAT was she thinking? The Obama’s have been a political embarrassment to this country from Day One.

  • Taking Out The Trash Day 2012

    #351 – Joe: “Obama and Romney are both garbage. How is that difficult to see?”

    You’re half right.

  • Did she give the old bird (Elizabeth) a hug again?

  • Jonesing

    When are the O’liberals going to understand you CAN NOT polish a turd!

  • spayneuteryourpets

    As much as I disagree with Michelle’s husband, it’s not OK to disrespect his lovely wife. And she didn’t buy that jacket. It was loaned to her by the designer. Just like they do for actresses going to the Oscars.

  • sandiego1969

    I didn’t know J Crew had such expensive clothes!

  • James Brenner

    Is she hiding a toaster in her rear end?

  • donh

    Whoa…350+ comments …All the King’s troll now work for the Queen…butressing her royal butt.

    You see…Nobody depends on Barry’s golf game to live large…but there is a whole world of fashionistas…from executive catering…say yes to the dress directors, handbag hustlers, hair sprayers, nail polishers, perfume puffers , vogue photoggers who all depend on Meeeechelle’s obnoxious self indulgent life style for EASY money ….and you better not say a damn thing about it or you are a RACIST HATER !

  • nh

    Pretty darn sure Ann Romney paid for her outfit with her own money unlike Michelle Obama who spend out tax dollars on her outfit to the tune of $7000. Unfortunately our tax dollars are wasted on her unfeminine, ugly figure and the face….. It’s not that there aren’t attractive African American women, but Michelle is not one of them.

  • Diane T.

    I hope this is Michelle’s “Let Them Eat Cake!” Moment.

  • AllyouneedisLove

    I gotta wonder with mouths like ya alls..what in the world would ya all be wearin to an event at Buckingham Palace? So many “wardrobes” for high profile events are sponsored by big name designers.

  • Concerned Mom of 5

    This is what happens when the welfare state meets entitlement belief. Poor, poor Michelle the queen of the ghetto white house.

  • Cewmax42

    Can she a couple of wearings out of it, at least?

  • Cewmax42


  • Silver Lining

    “Wonder what she’ll wear when they’re booted out of the White House in November?”
    If justice is served, handcuffs…

  • Jackson

    She thinks she’s Miss Rich Bit==!

  • ObamaIsGodAwful

    Michelle Obama’s jacket costs so much because of the special tailoring skills needed to let the butt out while also trying to diminish the apparent size of the monstrosity.

  • Massakneeuh

    Whatever Mrs. Romney wears Mitt paid for it. I just haven’t gotten a thank you yet from Michelle Antoinette for her wardrobe. Come to think of it all I ever hear from D.C. is
    “let them eat cake”, or whom ever celebrity gazillionaire is throwing a $40,000/plate fundraiser in Brentwoood or Beverly Hills for Potus Louis XIV.

  • David

    It’s not the fact she’s wearing a $7K jacket that is bothering people. It’s the Obama’s and Liberal Media’s double standard. When Ann wears a $900 pair of shoes, or Sarah Palin wears a pair of $300 pair of shoes, the left come unglued. When MOBO wears a high-priced getup, it’s acceptable. Please, jsut answer me one thing, liberals. Why is it okay for liberals to wear designer clothing, but not conservatives? If you can afford it, liberal or conservative, wear it. Be proud to wear it! Nobody should be ashamed (in America) to be successful, which in many instances also means rich.

  • Lindasadly

    We all have our own definition of beauty. In many African countries women enhance their backsides to attract men. Waist to hip ratios which are significant anthropologically improve our chances of having healthy children. In cultures within the USA hip to significant waist ratio is attractive and valued. Your opinions are you own and may not reflect those around you and around the world. Travel and see how the US is percieved through out the world by people of other cultures. The world is a small place. Go to southeast Asia and African. Explore other cultures and you will find out that most of the people out there don’t hate USA, They question our politics and leaders but they are sensitive to being slighted by our leaders. They have no interest in being or living here and they don’t think we are the center of the universe. Our president has to relate to the world because we act as one body if a part of it gets hurt the rest suffers. Right now Romney is taking a test. If he fails the world will notice. They read our press bad and good. They question our respect for them and their ways. Remember the largest religious group is not Christianity but Muslim. The european countries have become increasingly diverse, just watch the Olympics. The United Kingdom has the best students in the world and have virtually no educatioinal differences between the children of European decent and African decent, unlike the US which has a great difference in the education skills. China has surpassed our studens in Math and science and is well on it’s way to become the next world power. They are helping to develop African nations and taking advantage of the huge mineral deposes now available to them. They recently build hundreds of hospitals with the lastest technology and are closing in on out producing Boeing for Airplane production. The European Market is falling apart young people are leaving Europe at an Alarming rate to countries that offer lower taxes and better employment. Brazil is developing alternative energy sources that make it less dependent on fossil fuels.

    And we are spending time complaining about what the First Lady wore to a party. Come on people grow up, whine about your own life and what you deserve, the US is sliding into second rate country because we are so conceded we thing we poop and the world applauds.

    May god be with you.

  • Conservative320

    Mooch is not only a pig, she won the Hog Calling Contest of America .. as a contetant, not a caller! When she decides to haul ass, it takes her 8 loads to do it!

  • laser

    Queen Moochelle Antoinette is a shining example of the arrogance of the first family. Constantly lecturing her minions on healthy eating habits, the Queen gobbles the finest ingredients known to the First World and attends an Olympics that cost $14 billion to put on (and not one peep out of her on how many third world mouths that would feed). Meanwhile over at the White House, the Messiah is gobbling all the junk food he can while Queen BigButt is out of the country.

    November can’t come quick enough for America. A victory by the Dark Powers of Evil will ensure America will no longer be able to defend itself and to actually lead the world. As America declines under this evil-based regime, our enemies from China, Russia, and the religion of hate and deception will coordinate to finish off what the Messiah started. And with the world no longer able to stave off the rise of evil, our planet will become occupied by true evil doers not seen since the fall of the Third Reich. Demons and crooks shall occupy every corner of the planet and then will turn on themselves as China and Russia try to offset the rise of insidious bandits from the Middle East who will view Russia as just another group of infidels to behead and will then see China as the last barrier to global success. Imagine how different this planet will be in 100 years as Sharia law rules and complete idiocy prevails over logic and reason. Scary stuff.

  • Vegas Granny

    Neuveau Riche?

    Embarrassing furrrr shurrrr!

  • Buzz

    What a miserable waste of huminaty we have in the White House. Ann Romney paid for her $900 jacket, it didn’t cost the taxpayers a dime. Bet we can’t say that about Moochelle’s.

    “I voted for Obama to prove I was not a racist. Now I wonder who I can vote for to prove I am not an idiot.”…unknown

    “To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist Professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.”…Marxist Obamba

    “When classmates in college asked me just what a community organizer did, I couldn’t answer them directly. Instead ,I’d pronounce the need for change.”…Obamba

    “I blew a few smoke rings, remembering those years. Pot had helped,and booze;maybe a little blow when you could afford it.”…Obamba

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  • nicole

    Are you all really commenting on her weight? I seriously doubt that any of you making comments about her weight are in shape yourselves. You should all be ashamed of yourselves commenting on how a person looks if you dont like the way President Obama runs the country complain about that but not about something someone cant change.

  • Ernie

    And how did the jet-setting witch get to London? On my tax dollars …

  • suzanna

    reply to ADULT

    you libs can dish it out (and well) but you can’t take it. Take a little of your own medicine, how does it taste?????? Maybe you remember next time but I doubt it!

  • Flintstone F.


    You didn’t get the humor or, I missed your sarcasm.

    Just for the record:

    Obama is a chimp, Pelosi is a mandrill baboon, Michelle is mopey cow, Reid is a bitter old crank who lost his marbles, Al Gore is an evil POS and Californians willfully allow themselves to fall off into oblivion.

    None of that is racist.

  • Well, while I preferred some other Republicans to Mitt Romney, whom I will not vote for – I will be writing in my Republican pick because I live in San Francisco and my vote means absolutely nothing in tyrannical state of Mexico whoops Calee-fonia, I will say: Ann Romney will be a better woman to represent us than Ms. Michelle.

    But we had better to vote for than Romney, and better women to represent us among those wives…and also as President. So sad we don’t have a better pick from the Republicans, so tired of their stupidity. I can’t stand Romney, will not vote for him. His voice tells it all to me, seems so insincere, so without convictions. Yelling doesn’t even help him, and he’s playing not himself if it does exist, but some orchestrated mime. While on the SF GOP (which was so liberal I got sick over being around them and had to get off, with now an ACLU Board member chairing it!), Romney’s people in Massachusetts kept calling and calling and calling me, and I could never figure out why. I don’t like people sidling up to me without telling me outright what they want. It gave me the slimey “ick” factor.

    Time to get the Conservatives taking over!

  • Thomas Gamble

    It takes a lot of material to make a jacket big enough to fit a WOOKIE!

    You can put lipstick on a pig……well, you get th emessage!

  • Thomas Gamble

    Even in a $7,000 jacket, she still looks like something you’d find in an alley on Saturday night….
    trying to get someone to go to her hotel that charges for rooms by the hour!

  • I’m a little surprised at the comments on this site. I feel the same way as most of you do about the Obama’s, but let’s not put ourselves on their level of low class citizens.

  • H K

    It appears FLOTUS is helping the economy while POTUS keeps it AFU.

  • Lynn of the Woods

    I believe as Shirley
    warren does. I am not a fan of Obama, but the first Lady deserves to go out in style as she represents the U.S. abroad. It’s not so over-the-top for a woman who once earned her own way as an admistrator.

  • emb

    She’s not proud of her Country so why would she want to dress in a fashion that compliments the people of the United States? Once South side silverback, always South side silverback. How ’bout a banana?

  • Gerald Erikson

    Boy there are way too many people on this story putting Michell down for this jacket. After all she has to have something to wear on her next vacation.

  • Jay

    While I feel that it was very ill advised to wear such an expensive “jacket” soon after her compatriots slammed Ann Romney for wearing a $900 blouse, while I doubt if this expenditure will ever make the MSM, and while I never, ever have or would vote for her husband, I feel that some of the comments in this stream are totally uncalled for and disgusting!

  • RedInDenver

    The bias of the media is well-known, well-documented, ongoing, and shameful.

    That’s IT — what else can you say?

  • H K

    Whoops. No help to US economy from FLOTUS purchase. It’s from a French fashion house.

  • SunnyR

    Poor Michelle has the tackiest taste in clothes and doesn’t really look good in anything she wears. She should practice the idea that “LESS is More Flattering.” Just look at the lovely Duchess of Cambridge! Gorgeous!

    What a waste of money, Michelle! Ugh!

  • Thomas Gamble

    Bless her heart! You’d think they would take some of that money and have some
    work done on her over-bite. The poor girl touches her nose with her bottom lip when she
    speaks! It’s scary!

  • emb

    Jay, then don’t read them. Her comments and trying to dictate to us what to eat and how much to exercise are uncalled for and disgusting. The fact that she said “this is the FIRST time in my adult life I’m proud of my Country” and the ” All this for a Flag comment” which professional lip readers verified that that was exactly what she said. She made her bed, now she can sleep in it. You get respect when you give respect. Just because she’s the First Lady does not automatically let her say and do whatever she wants.

  • Jig-B-Gone

    Michelle Obama…one UGLY transvestite

  • US Navy Corpseman

    Caption for photo – “The Beauty and the Beast”

  • Uncle Ben

    Dat gurl shud be weering a burlap bag. On her head.

  • BarryDC

    You folks commenting on this site about Ms. Obama and her wardrobe choices are the lowest of the low-brows on the right. In writing about the first lady as “something you’d pick up in an alley,” a “pig,” and numerous references to what you seem to think is an over-sized butt, etc.–I can tell you that those of us who are Obama fans certainly aren’t referring to the Romneys in that manner. Also, for you vile mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging Repubs, why don’t you go back and research some of the fashions and the associated costs of the stuff that the wife of Saint Ronnie Reagan wore. Nancy Reagan made Michele look like some who buys everything at WalMart. Let’s face it: the Obamas and the Romneys are rich, and they can wear what they want. At least Obama has the guts and the smarts to understand that as a rich guy, he can and should pay a fairer share of his income to taxes. But to my original point: you folks are beneath contempt.

  • Thomas Gamble

    Mitt Romney’s horse is in England for the Olympics so obama and to send HIS HORSE over there too! Was that a $7,000 jacket or a HORSE BLANKET?

  • Brian

    If she paid for the damn shirt herself, who cares how much it costs? If WE paid for it, that pisses me off royally!

  • listen up

    It takes a lot of money to look this bad.

  • Thomas Gamble


    The Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission of Illinois describes their bar status as: “VOLUNTARILY RETIRED AND NOT AUTHORIZED TO PRACTICE LAW.”

    What is there about Democrat politicians and their seeming aversion to the practice of law? Bill Clinton was disbarred for committing perjury, Al Gore flunked out of Vanderbilt Law School, Teddy Kennedy was expelled from Harvard for cheating, and now, it appears that Barack and Michelle Obama have lost their Illinois law licenses.

    The Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission, an agency of the Illinois Supreme Court, has a web site that indicates the status of all lawyers licensed to practice in that state. President Barack Obama, former president of the Harvard Law Review, adjunct teacher of Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago law school, and self-described expert on the U.S. Constitution, is no longer a “lawyer.” For unstated reasons, he voluntary surrendered his law license back in 2008. The ARDC describes his bar status as: “Voluntarily retired and not authorized to practice law.”

    Michelle Lavaughn Robinson Obama “voluntarily surrendered” her law license in 1993, for unspecified reasons. The ARDC describes her bar status as: “Voluntarily inactive and not authorized to practice law.”

    So, Barack and Michelle are no longer licensed to practice law. This much we know for sure. What we do not know—and may never know, given the Obama’s penchant for secrecy concerning their resumes—is why these two legal powerhouses would “voluntarily” surrender their valuable law licenses. They spent almost 20 years apiece just getting to the point where they were eligible to take the Illinois bar exam.

  • Mary

    Michelle is pretty and the outfit looks chic. I might have preferred another color than the silver on her but maybe the pictures don’t do it justice. What is she supposed to do go to WalMart for clothes?

  • GoldenRudy

    #52. You refer to the lady with the $7K dress jacket as “American royalty”. It may be time for you to open a history book and review that “dust up” the 13 Colonies had with the “British royalty” in the last two decades of the 18th century.

  • Thomas Gamble



  • nameonymous

    I do believe that this is the classic illustration of putting lipstick on a pig.

  • miguel torres

    The Obamas have no shame. Living like royalty on our dime. Can’t wait to get rid of these fools in November.

  • Thomas Gamble

    I just hope she didn’t wear a THONG and those green pants that are 3 sizes too small….so you can see her THONG LINE. That picture is all over the internet!


  • chopper

    tomorrow that jacket’ll be worth about six dollars and eighty cents…………after they peel it off her sweaty torso.

    ABO……………….Anybody But O’loser.

    I’ll take the mormon over the moron for a hundred thousand Alex.

  • Thomas Gamble


  • Nov2012…Take America Back

    The ‘first’ lady?? could spend a million on clothes and she still looks like the a mess! The media and the DNC keeps telling us how beautiful and stylish she is…. really?? Just remember they pulled her off the campaign trail and gave her a major makeover to make her look human . She has got to be one of the must repelling people around ( make Hillary look attractive!)

  • Conan The Barbarian

    Well, she didn’t buy that at Target.

  • BobinFla

    It’s not complicated. It’s what happens when an individual who is ‘low class’ suddenly comes into more money than know how to deal with.

  • JOSE


  • Donna

    As a Canadian I cannot believe the comments I am reading. To trash someone as you are trashing Mrs Obama is obscene. You wonder why Americans are disliked, you do it to yourselves. You go to church on Sunday and then trash another person because of their color and their build. I wonder what size butts are on the people that made obscene remarks about the size of Mrs Obama’s. I cannot believe what I am reading. You don’t have to agree with the Presidents politics but to right this hate filled screed says far more about you than it does about Mrs Obama.
    I cannot tolerate this kind of treatment of another person I don’t care what part of the world they live in.

  • Babs

    Let’s give her a break. She has to wear expensive clothing because she cheapens anything that she wears. I had a friend who could wear jeans and a t-shirt and look elegant but there are people that can wear expensive designer clothes and still look like if they are wearing seconds.

  • Looser

    That jacket costs more than I make in 6 months on Social Security…Disgusting…

  • chopper

    too bad they beat her with an ugly stick before she put her $7k jacket on.

  • NDSue

    She’s a beautiful, statuesque woman and she can wear whatever pleases her. The problem isn’t her looks or her taste, it’s the hypocrisy, mostly from the media, and she should have defended Mrs. Romney earlier when she was attacked. Whose business is it, anyway, how much anyone’s clothes cost? We’ve all gotten so petty and small – and that comes from the top.

  • Tedster

    Oh, pleeeez. This story is ridiculous. She’s the First Lady of the United States, a millionaire (…no secret), not a Wal-Mart greeter. This is news? Republicans only represent oilmen and Wall Street gansters, and anyone making less than a million would be a fool to vote with them. Actually, anyone making less than a million(s) and who vote Republican are tricked; simple minded people who think those crazy Democrats are giving away the store. Funny thing is, Republicans want your vote, but they wouldn’t have you to their country club as a guest if their lives depended on it. Wake up America.

  • JOSE


  • Hepcat

    $6,800! You could buy a jumping horse for that! Immoral!

  • Michael Oberndorf, RPA

    The neo-fascist elitist rich at its worst.

  • Gracie

    Why shouldn’t she? After all, the Obamas are part of the 1%!

  • Lynn of the Woods

    Doesn’t it bother anyone with a shred of decency that the majority of you come off as sounding like James Carvelle? He espouses hate and vitriol whatever country he’s in (Mexico was his last coup). And by the way, only those with o neg blood can claim few ties to our earlier animal ancestors. Then again, a possibility of being lizard-like is a mind boggling thought.

  • Made in the USA!

    My guess is the designer gave to her for PR purposes. This is a very common thing. Notice it did not say “she” purchased it. She has a history of wearing USA designers and this garment is “made in the USA”. Here is a link to the actual e-commerce listing:

  • jacsen

    There’s an example of real class (without having to advertise the price!)! Kate’s appearance on the scene overshawdows Ms. Michelle totally. That is what “classy” people look like! Beautiful girl, beautiful dress (and I mean Kate).

  • Maya Ayala

    The media won’t report this $6,800 shirt. They save their finger pointing for “rich” Republicans who have the “audacity” to buy $300 dress shoes.

    Still, I wonder if this is the first time during Michelle Obama adult life that she is “proud” to wear such expensive clothing.

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    Oh, come on people! A lot of women have a problem with the size of their posterior. It’s genetic, and it’s foolish to blame the human possessor of a particular phenotype for not having the currently fashionable body-type. Same with skin tone, hair texture, facial bone structure. Just drop it. It’s beneath you all.

    As for the clothing our First Lady wears, sometimes she hits, sometimes she misses. You expect a First Lady to wear something in keeping with the venue she’s attending; so it’s often expensive and it’s usually paid for by the taxpayer. That’s the way it goes. So? I agree the current FLOTUS doesn’t comport herself with the natural elegance of some of our previous First Ladies; but I’ll assume her upbringing didn’t focus on such niceties.

    My argument isn’t with the First Lady, or how she looks, or how she dresses, or even how many vacations she takes with dozens of people in tow (though THAT part can get annoying…)

    My main dissatisfaction is with the Commie-In-Chief, and the abject stupidity of the 51% of US voters that put him in office. Right now I don’t care what SHE does; I’m focused on making sure that *HE* doesn’t win another term in office.

  • Kim

    Michelle Antoinette!!!

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  • sirandrew

    Pretty soon she will be raising show horses and entering dressage events competing with Mrs Romney.

  • dwight brown

    Wonder if Elizabeth was impressed with meeting our Queen? I would love to hear what she says in private about Mrs. O. Barry and Michelle have both aged so much during the last three years. They both look done to me.

  • Paul Roth

    ….And even with a $6800 jacket she still has a big fat “a” and no class.

  • Sue Tipping

    Love it! She looks great in it.
    I do not agree with their ideology at all.
    I do agree she looks like a First Lady in her jacket. Good choice

  • satch

    That picture should be put up in every Unemployment Office in the U.S.

  • salvage

    Yes, the Romneys wear Kmart jeans.

  • stellie

    As long as it came out of her own pocket and not the taxpayers’ then it is her own business what she spends on her clothes and I couldn’t care less. That aside, I can’t wait until I no longer have to see that hateful hypocrite’s face ever again! Come on November!

  • Lps

    Talk about outsourcing. Not only did it cost more than the average family makes in a month but it was designed and produced in Paris. Shame!!

  • Woody

    What’s she smuggling? It look like someone, or something, is hiding behind her under her skirt…

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  • Princeton ’86

    I went to college with Michelle. She has always been a bitter, racist hypocrite- quick to judge any white person (we’re all rich and racist) while engaging in the same behavior. Regarding her clothing and manner of dress, I don’t know how she does it, but no matter what she wears she looks cheap and trashy; I honestly don’t think she can help it.

  • liberal and Muslim Brotherhood wants to use someone else’s free American money and both group went to Destroy America.

  • A dog is like a liberal. He wants to please everybody. A cat really doesn’t need to know that everybody loves him.

  • A liberal is a man who is willing to spend somebody else’s money.

  • A rich man told me recently that a liberal is a man who tells other people what to do with their money.


    Looking at the ad for the jacket, I see that at least it’s made in the USA. And priced at $6,800, it has to be Union made, too!

  • Made in America

    For the first time in my life, I want to be a subject of the Queen, rather than an American. The picture of Kate, the ultimate picture of class and grace, juxtaposed against that of Michelle with her ill-fitting jacket, exposed derriere and flabby arms, should embarrass any American; and, by the way, Kate is conscious of the economic hardship her countrymen are facing and creates her look on a tight budget. Michelle could take a few pointers from Kate.



  • Lindasadly

    Princeton “86
    Sour grapes, I do not believe you went there.

  • MaryW

    More power to the FL. BUT, if the media is going to fawn all over her and not say a peep about the cost of what she’s wearing they better do the same for the Republican women.

    They eviscerated Sarah Palin over her clothing in 2008. The hypocrites better keep their hands off Ann Romney.

  • Obama is a racist

    I think they are perverted demons, no soul no concious just evil its me, me, me: WND, 2006: In February 2004, U.S. Senate candidate Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle, sent a fund-raising letter with the “alarming news” that “right-wing politicians” had passed a law stopping doctors from stabbing half-born babies in the neck with scissors, suctioning out their brains and crushing their skulls.

    Why am I voting for Romney? He loves America, he loves GOD. I am a capitalist. I believe in working and I believe in supporting those who WORK. They have passed 231 new regs on the backs of working people. He is shutting down our ENERGY our resources. OHIO/MD/VA $16 per kilowatt 2014 it will be $367. All over the US he SHUTs down our ability to support our infrastructure–food, oil, our land our farmers, truckers, our sea ways. He has given our engineering jobs to aliens first. He ignores CONGRESS he has bypassed them on 6 differnet policies. Our Navy ships down to 300. Our military will be shutting down 1,000. He gives work to Brazil he out sources everything. Chicago thugs go home! If you dont vote you give it to the liberals.Have you gotten you assigned Quality of Life points yet???? Your judged by your current physical condition and age. Good look to those who are over 50. All citizens medical records are being scanned and put into one big respository.

  • Alex

    All of these hateful, spiteful comments are embarrassing. Classless comments talking about the first lady’s lack of class…laughable. As if most of these politicians actually pay for these clothing items. Many of them are gifts or loans. Of course no one tells you that so you can continue to perpetuate an ignorant game of finger-pointing and vitriol.

  • The Elector of Saxony

    She’s nothing more than Grace Mugabe. (Google her, Americans, if you want to know your future) And those of her tribe can’t say enough good things about Grace. While the once prosperous nation of Rhodesia is wasted away to dust by its current race of rulers, Grace takes private jets to shop for jewels and clothes in Paris and Hong Kong. Maybe Obama supporters will be allowed to watch the Obama family eat a cheeseburger, once they find themselves too poor to enjoy one themselves? Zimbabwe, the failing state of South Africa, Detroit, Haiti, it’s always the same result. Obama=Mugabe=Duvalier=Amin=Kilpatrick and on and on and on and on and on… Take off the blinders!!

  • Joanne

    This is probably the nicest looking outfit Michelle Obama has worn since she has come onto the political scene. The problem is the left bitches about the cost of Sarah Palin’s outfits and Ann Romney’s outfits, but they are mute when it comes to the prices of Michelle’s garbs. The left are hypocrites, and quite frankly, the narcissist Obama’s deem the American people lowly peons who are to fork out taxpayer dollars for them to live high off the hog.

  • David Cope

    You’ve got to be kidding. Is this lame flak supposed to cover Mrs. Romney’s multi-hundred-kilobuck dancing horse and her nitwit husband’s gaffes?

    Bitch, please.

  • Doug

    David- Your candidate is toast. Try not to overdose on Cymbalta after November.

  • Doug

    I have only one thing to say about that dress:


  • Indiana

    Every where I go, I see the Obama Campaign begging for just 3.00 “little dollars.” In one jacket….Muchelle Antoinette blew 2,267 of those little donations. I don’t think the Wookie wants to see her husband re-elected. Her spending is obviously pay-back for the role she’s playing as wife, mother, and FLOTUS. Her husband is gay, her mother’s got the girls, and Moochelle is taking this agreement for all it’s worth. I can just see her right now talking to sweetie pie: “Barry……I’m doing this….and if you want to stop me…I’ll make a fortune playing whistle blower to your fiasco. I’ll be set for life…when I finish that book.”

  • honey Bucket

    She looks lovely, our First Lady. All of you haters are just jealous.
    Guess what, Romney is going to lose and then you can really whine about it.
    By the way, she paid for her dress herself.
    Eat your heat out suckkas!

  • Linda Jones

    OMG!!!!!!!! She is total trash. Short sleeves to an evening reception? Nasty. Cover the arms. Tons of makeup on the face, but she’s still real nasty and ugly in the face. They botoxed her to death too, but she’ still all ugly and nasty. Nasty man jaw line too on her face. Looks gross.

    But what’s up with her huge ass? Her ass and her thighs are huge, and she looks like a man in that outfit. A man bear lumbering in the lawn to the party. I’d run and hide if I saw that freak of nature coming to my party. She’s so nasty and gross. They put all the fabric on that skirt to hide the nasty thunder thighs. Looks cheap. God her face is nasty.

    Kinda wonder about the fact that her man arms are bigger than her tits. Do you think she’s a man or tranny? They need to find better wigs to put on her nasty, ugly face.

    She’s just gross. Total trash.

  • sin

    the tight blouse makes your ass look big…nice fashion sense

  • Magster

    I’m proud to see the first lady wearing made in the USA clothing!!

  • Earnest Lewis

    This is all about race. People hate the fact that a black family is in the white house. You listen to our music, you wear our clothes but we can’t be in charge. God bless you all. Good luck in November.

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  • lilem

    There is something purely tacky about her (if high cost and high maintenance). What a vulgar clotheshorse and show off she’s become. Then there’s this way overly touchy feely spectacle with the US Men’s Basketball team:

    What ever happened to First lady decorum?

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  • Drider

    I don’t see a problem with the first lady wearing fine attire in public.Part of the problem with this is that she is suppose to represent the nation but her actions and words to everyone else in the country is to make life choices to be community volunteers and social workers as opposed to lawyers and hedge fund bigwigs.
    Hence she comes off in public telling the people to use outhouses while her ilk takes dumps in solid gold toilets.
    It isn’t the garments, it’s the hypocrisy that irk people.

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  • Pingback: Michelle Obama Sports $6,800 Jacket @ Olympic Party – Red Alexandria()

  • The Elder;
    Do we have so much time to piss away on matters so TRIVIAL ?
    Have we nothing better to do than jest about the COURT JESTER ?
    Like shadows this to shall pass away in the light of reason,

    In the 4 1/2 billion years old planet earth this would not register as a glint !
    This matter is but a fly spec in the scheme of real important things !
    Like ” What’s for dinner ? ”

    Or there are real earth shattering things,
    Q, What tie will I ware to day ?
    As the Bard said ” It is much to do about NOTHING !”
    It will pass like a fart in the night ! He said that he really DID ! ~(:>)

    Joseph Salomon, 10/23/27 d.o.b,

    The Elder !

  • Fallon

    #459 David Cope commented:

    Bitch, please.

    The Liberals’ War on Women continues…

  • Robin

    But, she looks so pretty. Shouldn’t we give the first “Lady” a break? After all, it’s our money that she’s spending so wisely, isn’t it? And it must be an American designer that she’s wearing of course?

  • crackermike

    There is a bizarre thing black Americans do. They enjoy seeing a rich black lord it over them. As if at least ONE of their poor ole downtrodden race has made it BIG. They will gladly suffer thru hardships imposed upon them by that very person in order to live vicariously thru them. It’s a sick and looser mentality and explains why blacks will vote black, period. Nothing else matters to them but race.

  • Ryan

    That jacket costs more than my first two cars combined.

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  • Malinda


    Michelle Obama spent 68, 68, 68 hundred dollars for a mere top??

    Mrs Obama’s attire reflects exactly what her husband was talking about
    in Kansas several months ago in a campaign speech as he criticized Americans.

    He accused others of ‘breathtaking greed” while refusing to look at his own house
    of greed——the $16,000,000,000,000.00 in debt he has created with no report to
    American voters..

    Michelle Obama and her breathtaking spending on clothes and vacations for herself and her daughters to places she could never afford before becoming the non-elected first lady.

  • Rebecca Baldridge

    These comments are appalling. What pathetic, small-minded, hateful people you all are, and so representative of what’s wrong with America. The way people behave in America is disgraceful and embarrassing.

  • Lindasadly

    If you don’t like the first lady spending money on high style clothing because you cant afford them. Follow Romney’s example, get money from your dad and go destroy businesses and rake their pension plans into your personal accounts. Hide those accounts in offshort tax dodging banks, refuse to pay your fair share, buy an expensive horse and deduct its care on your taxes. Have your cronies buy you a place in a presidential election, deny programs you developed as a Gov which parrallel this administration, go overseas and anger the world, become president and buy an expensive out fit on the tax payers money. You better be sure the Romneys won’t buy things themselves because they have found so many ways to screw our government in other ways.

  • Mark1959

    You are all so small minded, she didn’t buy the jacket, it was loaned, to her.

    Sorry to burst yoour bubble!

  • Youguysareracist

    I’m pretty sure this jacket was borrowed. Plenty of celebrities do it so why can’t Michelle Obama. They wear the outfit to whatever event they are going to and then return it. So stop complaining because you all are broke and/or lazy. If she did buy it, why be mad at her? She can afford it and not on the tax payers dollars. Besides, as a fashion designer, you’d want someone like Michelle to wear your piece when going to meet the Queen. It helps the business. Now all of you stop being racist! Thanks!

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  • Keeping it real

    Okay, this is some BS from some republicans or conservative followers. Your former leader lead this country into the toilet bowl that its in. So you coming out after president’s wife is a joke. Never id we see your sort make a big deal during our last recession, where that turd and his wife from Texas went to the UK to greet the Queen in shanazy outfits. So up yours!

  • tooallyouracistpeople

    You all are all a bunch of racist idiots. So, what if she has a big behind. So, what if she spent some money on herself. At least the Obama’s are not hiding money in off shore accts. The Obama’s are real people, and I guess most of you prefer fake rich people to run the country, and really take you for all your money and put it somewhere in an account you will never be able to find…morons….

  • devilofsf

    Only you homosexual bigots would care about what a woman wears. So we are poor so she should act poor? Get a life.

  • linda





  • You are the same wacked out folks who thought the shooter was black too, becaus eof his name and stated that it was the job of the black panthers…stop hating, losers.

    I watch how you dress and you will never be invited out of the trailer part

  • Ronald Mills

    Maybe some of you get off on crying about everything in the news, or you are just children posing as adults. Whatever the case, wake up. Calling the 1st lady a Pig is just childish. If You disagree about the politics, handle it come election time. I wonder if you would like to read a blog where some unknown person is hating on you. (or even could you handle it). It’s nice to hide on a website. A country united….right!

  • li

    so first lady Ms Michelle Obama wore a expensive dress to a the Queens fu nctions, she was representing the country at an high fashion party. for all of yopu haters, i wish to point out a few things
    1.she made the purchase of an american designer supporting america, not CHINA OR SOME TAX HAVEN COUNTRY.
    2. when has the romney shopped at an target eetc. i doubt they could recgonize such a store.
    3. how many families could that $77,000 horse support in a month; how many jobs would be here if not for bain capital?
    4 how many families could would be supported by the loophopes exploited by the romney’s , you want to talk about leading by example, seem thay are the true ones guilty of the

  • Barb

    And what would YOU wear to meet the queen…oh that’s right YOU would never be invited to meet the queen, YOU are not the First Lady of the United States. I’m sure she could have found something very nice at Target or Kohls. Why do I get the feelinbg that whatever she wore you would have found fault with it.

  • Sarcastic

    How dare she buy something -with her own money- that costs more than the average family’s monthly income. My advice is next time to build instead the average family’s garage elevator. Then we will know that she is truly fighting for the middle class.

  • titi

    what about plain’s 250K, you guys are ridiculous, and what about the Texas women house Reps, not mentioning any names but you know who they are with $12K outfit.

  • titi


  • A Love

    I am a little confused. Because she is the first lady she should be ashamed of wearing a jacket that cost that much. I don’t recall any of you what Rpublicans mouthing off when she wore Target. How stupid are we to pay attention to you and to read a story on the internet by a group of people who’s only interest is to seperate the few people in this country that truly believe in live and let live.

  • Coralina

    What a whining bunch of babies. For those of you crying it’s more than you make in a month, or more than your annual SS check…aren’t you idiots the ones who think we should not be envious of the rich? You know…they earned it, blah blah blah. So, quit crying – if you hadn’t been such a loser and finished college – AS SHE DID – maybe your sorry a$$es could afford that coat as well.

  • Mark

    It’s funny how people try to find fault in the First Lady wearing something that cost more than the average American family makes in a month, but these same people don’t have a problem when Mitt Romney makes a leisurely bet of more than what the average American family makes in two month just to prove a point at a small time debate. At least “IF” the First Lady paid for this outfit (that’s not for sale yet in stores, so I don’t see how she could buy it and it’s not a gift) it was money that was going back into an American company with a product made in America; unlike the shirt that was referred to that Mrs. Romney was wearing which was made in Italy.

  • Rusty

    Did the tax payers pay for that or did that come from their personal account? She can pay whatever she wants as long as it’s their personal money. The comments about a $900 blouse Mrs. Romney’s ware and Sarah Palin’s $300 pair of shoes, I think that was from personal funds so they can buy whatever they want and so can the 1st lady as long as it’s not form my hard earned tax dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • D45j61

    Like our beloved Dolly Parton says, it takes a lot of money to look this cheap!

  • Linda

    In response to Granny, Mrs. Romney and Sarah Palin are not “The First Lady of The United States.” Should she have worn a WallMart special to meet the Queen? What utter nonsense you spew. Did you pay for the jacket, she wore? Did I? No she paid for it. Last time I checked there was no law against the first lady buying a jacket.

  • Marlin

    It’s no one’s business what the price tag of the jacket is. Ridiculous that all of you are whining about a jacket. If you want to hate the president, go ahead hate the president. Don’t all of the sudden become a hypocrite and take on a socialist agenda to bitch about someone’s expensive jacket (which she probably didn’t have to pay for anyways for you fashion ignoramuses).

  • Heather

    How many members here are from

  • Hm3 Deadcat

    Really? She didn’t pay for the jacket it was most likely loaned to her so the designer can get some recognition. And it worked. I agree with Marlin, and Linda. What a bunch of boobs some people are. Maybe she paid for it from her secret bank account in the Cayman Islands or Swiss banks.

  • Sue Harris

    “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”, so no matter what she puts on, she is what she is and that is not classy. But, the point is that as our country is hurting economically Michelle continues to thumb her nose at us and do as she pleases. She better enjoy it now because soon she will no longer be the First Lady, I hope!


    I wish all you a$$holes would just shut up and not critize Mrs Obama all the time. The Obamas are doing a great job and we’ll see who is going to win this fall—GOD forbid that jerk of a Republican should win!!!!

  • Lafe

    Meanwhile, “In 2010, the Romneys reported a $77,000 loss on their tax returns for their share of Rafalca, [an Olympic Show Horse]”.

    Wait, $77,000 LOSS on a friggen HORSE? GTBFKM.

    Regressives are so stupid.

  • LF

    This is what the world focuses on… SMH prove to me that she paid for it out of tax dollars and I will agree that she is wrong. They are using THEIR own money all you people seem envious. And WOW to that tar and feathers comment. That shows TRUE progress in America.

  • jack

    Almost as much as a down payment on an American home. What a deal she should get one in every color

  • Adam West

    It’s amazing how all of Romney’s sheep belch out the same nasty smelling breath. Oh, maybe it’s because they all have their heads up their asses! Better hold hands since you can’t really see where you’re going!

  • Diane A

    You are the most sick and disrespectful people alive. To be quite frank she is the most prettiest FIRST LADIES that we’ve ever had. WOW! Such racist low lives. The things that you pigs have said it just straight out disrespectful. What about your wives or mothers, don’t hate on her. And the bush generation messed this country the OBAMA’s are only trying to get it back on track. BARACK OBAMA 2012!

  • Elspeth

    I am embarrassed by the ugly, small minded & ridiculous comments posted here. Use your energy on something productive! M Obama is usually dressed in off the rack, mid priced items. This was a formal and special event and if We as a Nation want to get back to “Made in America”(which this garment was) then our clothes are all going to cost more.

  • Chanana

    Puh- Lease. The woman did not spend tax payers money, she has proven to be a good steward of HER money (she has her fair share of budget friendly outfits – J. Crew, ASOS, Target), and you all put up a huge fuss about THIS? Stop being big complaining, whining babies. I am so sick of the complaints about the Obamas. There is no need to insult her (the big butt remark was TACKY to say the least). She has never uttered a single negative remark about anyones physique. Ask Mitt how much he spends on his suits, why don’t cha?

  • Luis

    The jacket cost more than the average American family makes in a month ($4,284).Quote on the news.
    Really, average American families make too much?

  • Bertha

    Shut up all you haters. Ann Romney’s expensive shirt was appropriate for an almost billionaire. 6800 is appropriate for a jacket for the “first lady” of the United States for the event. Both women looked beautiful. Black or white. Republican or Democrat.

    You’re just silly, hope your kids don’t see your silly remarks. How immature!

  • kjs1

    Two things:

    First: One of the [unpaid] jobs the First Lady of the country can do is to promote American industry, including fashion. She sometimes wears expensive things, yes, to make a statement about the power of America and what it can produce. This is one of the very same reasons the President goes to foreign countries in a large impressive 747 – to show the power of America. If she were wearing Jaclyn Smith for KMart all the time, I’m sure you’d talk about how ugly and lazy she is about fashion and representing America.

    Second: What a bunch of f-ing racists commenting here! It’s really shameful. So it’s wrong for a black woman to wear an expensive jacket while representing the country AND you’d rather the country be represented by your bigoted comments? And the ‘big butt’ comments? Classy. I’m sure everyone here is a size two.

  • Kathy

    I’m not a big fan of the government now. I’m laid off, ran out of unemployment benefits, but if Michelle Obama wants to wear an expensive wardrobe piece, oh well. No reason for everyone to get so mad. It’s not like she’s wearing a millionaire wardrobe everday, geeze. Somehow, somewhere, someone will benefit by her spending. If she didn’t spend any money or had really bad taste, everyone would be mad at her, too. She can’t win, no matter what she does. BTW, i’m just a regular, middle age, white woman…no need for name calling and comparing skin tones. It really doesn’t matter.

  • I can not believe the meanness.rude.childish remarks on this web site and you know who you are, may you racial rejects get a roaring case of hemorrhoids and be forced to sit for 36 hours……………………….in a cactus patch

  • karen

    Well Mrs Obama there is nothing you can do to prove you are very nice and that you can spend you’r money any way you wish. I think you are a very nice lady. so they can kiss a piggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg ty Our First Lady

  • and so on

    Nancy Reason wsill love this one. Are you old enough to remember the severe and sustained criticism she endured over her expensive wardrobe. Those critics were silly and so is this one!

  • melina

    i think all of you you shoud not critisize they lady if she wants buy that jcketa ns spend that kind money is her business she look nice to me she is not ugly and just because she has anice taste you shoud not be jelous

  • Bob

    “Obama Derangement Syndrome runs rampant on this blog!
    President Obama Will STILL be black for his next 4 years!

  • Jan

    You people need to get a life. You complain about her clothes when she shops conservantly and you complain if she don’t. Sounds to me like a bunch of ignorant jealous jacked up morons. You calling her ugly and fat is a discription of yourselves. Post your ugly mugs on here and let us see what you look like, and how fat and pimple faced you are. Get a life people. You’re not perfect. And if you say you are…then YOU are all LIARS!!! You forget the president inherited these problems we have today. Why wont you blame the one that created the problem? No you wont do that. You all are a bunch of jacked up ignorant hypocrites.

  • Laurie

    Reading just a few of the comments on this topic, has left me sick.
    Several are fair and appropriate, howver, so many are narrow minded, racist,bigotted and just plain wrong.

    I agree it was a very expensive jacket. However, the money that the Obama’s have received from being lawyers before he was elected and for payment for being president, $200,000 a year
    , should more than cover the cost.

    The first lady is a very fit woman and very lovely. To say otherwise is just spiteful for those who recent that Mr. Obama became president, for what ever reason, either they hate black people or democrats.

    Also, I agree that if she had shown up in a cheap outfit they would have cut her down for dressing that way when she went to the palace to meet the queen.

    So, either way she would be tear hear apart.
    I just wish the people on this site would be a little more classy about it.

  • helene

    It is sad to me that Katrina victims are still living in molded trailers and that tornado victims in the midwest could not be assisted because ‘we have no more federal recovery dollars’ BUT we can buy a $6800 jacket, for an event. She won’t even wear it all winter. Poor example to her children and a thumbed nose at the American people.

  • Jeanne

    I am shocked at how vile and racist these remarks are, but then it begins with a comment whose purpose is to inflame and all of you idiotic robots fall prey to this kind of stupid journalism and just parrot parrot parrot…makes me puke.

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  • jeanner

    Who paid for the jacket? Let’s find out the facts before we get excited. The remarks here are racist, are then any Christians out there? Facts guys, let’s find out the facts.

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  • Hater Blaster

    Look at all these HATERS ON LINE. You all are nothing but a bunch of Haters. Bush funded a war with your money and I don’t see anyone talking about that and no one could produce any weapons of mass destruction. Not a dang thang has come up!

  • Beverly Lawrence

    You know you are so full of it. I am 73 years old and have seen a heck of a lot more dirt then this. Is this America? Big Brain America or Little Brain America
    Can you imagine for all the money Mitt receives how many big promises that he has made because this is the way it goes for either party. I remember all the new China and Jets they flew before AND I remember all the sex parties they had and we paid for it and their were many Republicans at these parties. Get a life, Vote for whomever, but stop this little stuff. We have bigger problems then her jacket. Look at all the cells that are in this country. Look at all the hatred that we still have for people that look and think differently. My wonderful country better do some growing.

  • Jimmy

    Jackie Kennedy spent over $200,00 a year on clothes and Nancy Reagan scammed the same amount from fashion houses for most of her clothes.

  • deborah

    oh really? so upset? so you think it’s ok for the romney’s to hide all their money, lie, have tax shelters in their ridiculous horses, but Mrs Obama is ridiculed for representing our country with beauty when she usually is frugal and shops at Target? Give the Obama’s some respect. They have more dignity than any presidential family ever and more humility and sincerity. What, you don’t like them because they are black?

  • Joy Losee

    Get over it. She’s the First Lady and she was going to meet the Queen of England. Her husband, the President of the United States, makes enough money to pay for this jacket. Quit your stupid whining over the fact that she has good taste and is popular abroad. This jacket will last her right through her husband’s second term!

  • Paula Denmon

    I actually was going to post something about clothes and what other President’s wives have worn going back to the 50’s. But as I read through this group of comments, I realized that it would not matter a bit. All of those other First Ladies were white, and this First Lady is black. This is the most racist group of comments that I have ever read. It has nothing to do with clothes. It has everything to do with racism. And the blogger and all of the people who post show their colors, or lack thereoof.

  • xfile93

    and the libs and the MSM BLASTED Ann Romney for wearing a shirt that was $990!! hypocrites.

  • Lynn

    You should spend more of your time and resources investigating Congress and Wall Street (and perhaps how they spend their personal finances)…First Ladies will come and go, but the illegal and dishonest acts of Congress and Wall Street continue to eat away at America’s fabric…the working poor. Does any “leader” really give a damn about us?

  • Uselogic

    Hell, she could wear a Hawaiian shirt and culottes and the press would gush over her. You can’t even point out the hypocrisy to these people because they’re too stupid to get it.

    Frankly, her outfit is nothing special… even closeup views. Looks like a run of the mill beauty pageant dress. I’d have guessed $550, not $6.8K.

  • edna bowden

    I can’t imagine anyone complementing Moooshelle on her fashions and being beautiful! She is the worst dressed first lady and has the fattest ass, and she promotes healthy eating??? She’s getting all she can get out our taxpayer dollars. They are low class people.

  • Stefanie

    A lot of times designers give celebrities clothes for publicity. Even if she did pay for it, the Obamas had money way before he became president. I love Michelle, her style is so chic. And I love how involved she is, a lot of first ladies didnt seem to enjoy being involved in public matters where as Michelle seems to really enjoy it.

  • Donn Rae

    Where were all you haters when Nancy Reagan pranced around in designer gowns and suits? It’s really amazing how many of you conservative jerks stick up for the most corrupt political party ever. If, and that’s a big if, let’s see how many of you criticize Romneys wife when she starts showing off all her expensive outfits but then she will have to withdraw some money from the off-shore accounts he has hidden around the world while us “average” people do with shopping at Target. If that’s all you can do is criticize our president then you should all get a life. At least he won the job with votes and not by the supreme court giving him the job that he clearly lost like your little Georgie Boy Bush who put us in this situation in the first place by insisting there were weapons of mass destruction as his excuse to spend billions in a foreign country so that his all ready wealthy “friends” could make more money over the bodies of our soldiers. Think that over you idiots.!!!!!!!!!

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  • Betty Boop 2

    So what if she went out and bought herself a $7000 jacket and wore it to this shindig. When I think of Ann Romneys $1000 tee shirt I also think of how her husband made all that money to dress her up lidat… like sending jobs overseas, (some of you stupids may have lost your jobs because of him) cheated on his taxes etc etc. Hey, I’d like to pay 13.9%, in April I paid $3,200 just because this middle incomer made a hundred dollars over six figures …wake up dummies uh, er, righties you people are nothing but phonies and wannabees, hahahha….I’m sure Michele Obama will wear it some time again in their second term.

    BTW….ol’ Romney is making ass out of himself abroad, lol

  • Will Teabag

    Some of you are a bunch of bigots.


    I do not have the time to read through all these hateful comments. All of you who have the nerve to call our nations First Lady a pig and other disgustings names . Look in the mirror and know thy self. How dare you, you fellow Americans disgust me. She is representing America, she cannot go to Buckingham Palace looking cheap. I’m sure this jacket was not paid for by tax dollars. I am offended by Anne Romney flaunting her wealth sending *** horse overseas to compete in the Olympics. Who paid for that? Olympic $$$ funded by Americans, campaign dollars? Talk about Americans monthly income. What was paid to send A *** horse overseas can feed how may Americans?. How many homes could be saved from forclosure. The stupid comments made by Mr Romney made about “Is London prepared for the Olympics” is indicative of how he will represent this country, how other countries will perceive him/Americans(For being stupid enough to put him in office). You all disgust me including you- Jim Hoft


  • Linda Jones

    She’s got a huge ass and thunder thighs and her face is all scrunched up like a pugs. She’s very manlike. Looks trashy too. What an embarrassment to our country. She’s real gross and ugly in the face. Built like a man too. She’s just trash and gross.

    Can’t believe we taxpayers are paying for that nasty woman to wear clothes that cost thousands of dollars. You know she hates America.

    She’s real mean and nasty. Who’d want her at a party? Why does Michelle look like a man?

  • Betty Boop 2

    Linda Jones, I bet you were raised by bigot parents who were raised by bigot parents (your grandparents) back in the 40’s and before, 50’s, 60’s etc… As they say in Hawaii where I am from “hate follows hate”. I’m sure you have poisoned your children and grandchildren and I feel so sorry for you people to go to your grave not to have touched or experienced the lives and cultures of others because of your small narrow brainwashed minds. Poor you…

    I’m sure MO will look beautiful wearing that jacket, which she bought with her own money, some time in their second term

    Romney is really making a jackass out of himself abroad, represents what political party he hails from

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  • PUleez

    Really?…Why don’t we talk about something worthwhile, like Romney’s Swiss Bank Account?…lol

  • Loni

    I’m truly shocked at some of the responses to Mrs. Obama’s jacket. There’s everything from insulting her figure to referring her to animals. I know that in this country we have freedom of speech but this is beyond disrespectful. Say what you may but she is a very intelligent and beautiful woman with a wonderful figure. She is not fat and nor is her rear. She is in great physical shape so shame on all of you who can’t see that. As for her jacket, why can’t she spend whatever she wants on her clothes. It’s her money. At least she’s not hiding it in other countries.

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  • And what is Anne Romney clothing expenditure for a month? a year? Bet she’s never been near a Target much less in on. She, who flies her horse across country for her use, is no frugal housewife. Don’t you people have anything better to do?

  • Rhonda

    I rarely ever come to these types of sites because the ignorance and small mindedness of most of the posters really saddens me. Let’s be real, so much victrol is directed towards President and Mrs.Obama because they have the audacity to be intelligent, charming, graceful and, worst of all, African American.

    You dress up your comments in any number of ways to hide your hatred, mean-spiritedness and jealousy but you can’t hide who you are; if I can’t see it, God definitely sees it. Don’t worry about what I think, worry about your own judgment day.

    President Obama is not perfect but at least I know that he is motivated by love for our country. Partisan and racial politics would deem it fair and necessary to destroy our economy in order to blame it on the President. Oh, and while they are at it, they would also deny him his home, claiming that he’s not even an American.

    Shame on you! You hide behind ignorance, religion, hate mongering, jealousy and so many other negative things.

  • Lanay

    Whites are some of the most evil and hateful people on this earth and if there truly a heaven and hell, I have no doubt that they will burn in hell! Isn’t interesting that whites don’t want blacks to have anything.

    Why is it that none of you super racist. Also, did any of you racist pay for Mrs. Oboma’s jacket, NO! I could give a rat’s a*ss how poor you are, she is not and she has a right to purchase and wear what in the hell she so desires…I am sure you would have loved to see her looking like a rag lady, but love to see old stupid Wrongmy’s wife in her $20,000 dress. So, to all of you racist, burn in the deepest part of HELL!

  • l

    you cracker children are soooo lost!

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  • Betty Boop 2

    (Kathy # 520 commented said)
    (I’m not a big fan of the government now. I’m laid off, ran out of unemployment benefit)

    Kathy, why don’t you admit you lost your job in early 2008 thanks to the already declining economy which started way before 2008. Stop blaming this administration, if you do your homework and know whats going on in the world you would stop whining and see what a mess the dang elephants got us in. Eight years of that administration blew the entire surplus the democrats/Clinton left back.

  • EricJM

    She looks great. What’s the problem? The haters on this blog are becoming an angry, scary group of Americans I’ve never encountered in my life. Very uncomfortable. “Granny” you’re the weirdest. Why are you copying page? Like you’re planning a vendetta? All first ladies have an occasional designer outfits. You would prefer she met the Queen in K-mart jeans? As for JIM HOFT, you think this article really plays against all the high-spending, rich republican spending by by politicians who call themselves conservatives?

  • TDF

    Is this really an article from a supposedly conservative blog? 1. If she spent her own money, then she has the right to spend it anyway she see’s fit. 2. Regardless of her political affiliation, when she is out, representing the country (and she is, hopefully only until January 2013) I don’t particularly want the first lady looking “less then”. Conservatives can’t have it both ways and we need to stop engaging in hypocritical rhetoric that takes the focus away from the real issue(s).

  • GIBill

    She needs to be in the welfare soup line along with her incompetent husband.

  • GIBill

    She needs to be in the welfare soup line along with her incompetent husband. If you told her to hail ass, she would have to make 2 trips.

  • $10,000,000 for security for world vacation; $6,800 for shirt to kiss basketball team in; luggage to move out of the white house PRICELESS!!!

  • Kip

    My – what an ugly group of people are here assembled on this site. My only hope is that you alone would get your wish for the corporate elite’s solution to our economic problems, which is rampant austerity. No Social Security for you, no education funding, no medical care unless you pay for it, fewer police and firemen… You’d be thrown into a DEPRESSION, just like Europe. Do any of you mental giants have any idea what is going on in the rest of the world? Oh – and speaking of a big ass, have any of you looked in the mirror lately? At least Michelle is smart.

  • Missy

    $10,000,000 for security for world vacation at taxpayers expense; $6,800 for top to kiss basketball team in England in; $99 Luggage from target to move her big butt out of the White Wash House PRICELESS!!!

  • Missy

    It isn’t about hate it is about lies, greed, deceit, corruption, socialism being shoved down my red blooded throat. I am still waiting for the real birth certificate and truth about Kenya and his village. White washing doesn’t make you honest, right, or legal. Live by the rules as we the people wrote them. My resentment is he is a liar and we allowed him and his ugly family to get away with it and spend the American peoples money while doing it. I think they should have to pay us back for every nickel they wormed out of us. Show me the birth certificate and I will show you some respect. Is the new medical plan that us lowly Americans pay for be the same plan the Obommmas use. If not better use some more of the working classes money to get your horse teeth ixed there Mrs. Obammma. Yes your butt still looks big.

  • Linda Jones

    @ Missy #568

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! She does have horse teeth. She’s got that huge ass too. SO NASTY AND GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Total trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s still ugly even with all the surgery and staff members on her staff. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jason Williams

    You right wing wack a doodles blow my mind…’re suggesting that Mrs. Romney doesn’t spend this kind of money….who are you kidding? The man has a freaking elevator for his cars!!! Give me a break if she actually paid for this jacket (which I doubt and you know it) whos business is it…..she certainly should be able to buy the clothes she can afford…..start pointing your fingers in a different direction….guess what I paid $250 for a dinner for one the other night… much more is that than average? I have know idea and its nobodies business….I’m middle class….made under $70,000 last year and do not benefit by your right buddies tax breaks!!!

  • Oaklandgirl

    SO WHAT!!!!!! What does it matter what she’s wearing, how much it costs. She is the President’s wife, the first lady of the USA. She is representing the USA nicely. She knows how to dress for the occassion. If that’s all people are concerned about what people are wearing and how much it costs, you really need to get a life. If you want something like that, work, save your money, treat yourself, or marry someone really rich. TAKE CARE OF YOU THE BEST WAY YOU CAN!!!!!!! Am I rich, NO! I just live the best way I can, and that’s what matters.

  • Mike

    So let me get this straight. It’s not okay for the First Lady to wear an expensive outfit that costs almost $7,000 (more than most American’s make in a month), but it’s totally okay for Mrs. Romney to get a $77,000 tax break for her horse. An amount that is larger than most Americans make in a year.
    Where is your outrage for that? Does that even register, or is it simply because she is the Presidents wife, so you have no choice but to hate her? You people make me sick. You hate when it works for you, and ignore when it benefits. How very typical of you all.

  • Oaklandgirl

    First of all Mike, I’m not “you people”. I’m my own person. Now. Is it ok for the the Romney’s to get that big of a tax break or any other rich person? NO!! They meaning the rich, should pay taxes just like everyone else. If you have the money to spend after you PAY your taxes and your bills, then by all means go for it. And further more, I don’t hate.

  • Sandy

    ummm…. have you ever heard of free publicity??? Swag?? Free samples from the Avon lady?

    I highly doubt, with the amount of publicity garnered, that she paid full price or even 1/10 retail.

  • SULI

    Her ASS IS ALMOST A WIDE AS HER MOUTH all though the same stuff come out both holes

  • Tin

    To LIBTARD democRats Mike,1. Mitt did write of money for their horse the amount was $50.00 not the $77,000 that some stupid LIBTARD LIES people are saying.
    It’s not hard to find go to truth or fiction and you will see, LIES FOR LIBTARD =FREE SPEECH

  • Catherine Cohen

    She bought a jacket designed by an AMERICAN, made in AMERICA with her money. And no – I don’t give a rat’s patooty about how much Mrs. Mitt or that idiot Palin pay for anything. that is the least of my worries.

    What I DO worry about is not one of you commented that the uniforms the the AMERICAN TEAM marched into the Olympics in were MADE IN CHINA. Yup – you’re all complaining and moaning about our First Lady supporting Americans by buying American while our team DISGRACED us by taking American jobs and wearing outfits MADE IN CHINA. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

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    Instead of “The jacket cost more than the average American family makes in a month ($4,284).
    And, she does this as Americans continue to suffer through a deep recession and record unemployment.”, you should have written: “The jacket cost more than the average U.S. family makes in a month ($4,284).
    And, she does this as the U.S. citizens continue to suffer through a deep recession and record unemployment.

    For your guidance, America is a continent (NOT a country) discovered by C. Columbus in 1492, and Americans are the inhabitants from Canada to Argentina (including, but not only, the inhabitants of the United States).


    Ah…! Before I forget it: “$” stands for different American pesos and dollars. In your case, it is US$, not $ alone.

  • Betty Boop 2

    Hey Linda Jones you right wing wackaroo I bet you were raised by bigot parents who were raised by bigot parents (your grandparents) back in the 40′s and before, 50′s, 60′s etc… As they say in Hawaii where I am from “hate follows hate”. I’m sure you have poisoned your children and grandchildren and I feel so sorry for you people to go to your grave not to have touched or experienced the lives and cultures of others because of your small narrow brainwashed minds. You poor numbnut!!!!

  • Roseann Iles

    I think she look fantastic and I’m very proud to have her as my First Lady. She rescued the show after that stupid remark by Mitt the Twitt. How does anyone know that that jacket wasn’t “lent” by the designer. That is more often the case when if comes to public figures. I’m sure the taxpayers didn’t pay for it.

  • Betty Boop 2

    Hey Hoft why don’t you talk about the botox treatments Ann and Mitt Romney have regularly, that would make a great topic for you righties

  • Sue Taylor

    The posting of this so-called “story”, and the horrid comments on here are a sorry comment on our country and the American spirit. Shame on all of you for such hateful, ugly remarks. We live in the 21st Century and perhaps it’s time for you to learn some history, study the Constitution (not the Fox News interpretation of it), and grow up. Absurd, shameful showing here.


    (Missy #568 commented)
    It isn’t about hate it is about lies, greed, deceit, corruption, socialism being shoved down my red blooded throat. I am still waiting for the real birth certificate and truth about Kenya and his village. Show me the birth certificate and I will show you some respect. Is the new medical plan that us lowly Americans pay for be the same plan the Obommmas use. If not better use some more of the working classes money to get your horse teeth ixed there Mrs. Obammma.


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  • Pingback: ‘Fit for a Queen?’: Media Praises Michelle Obama’s $6,800 Shirt (After Bashing Ann Romney’s $990 One) | An American Discussion()

  • Queen

    Whow! I have never seen such bitter, hateful, rude, jealous, racist, disrespectful people in my entire life, I am now turning 60. You people are an embarrassment to your country. I have never seen people undressing their first lady on internet like that. You are disgusting! You have no respect for your president. Even if you do not like the color of his skin, he is your president whether you like it or not. Even if you do not like him or his wife, you have to respect his position as a president. May be you are not aware that these comments are not only read by Americans, but by everyone who has a yahoo address throughout the world. You can imagine how the world think about the American people. You have shown the one side of Americans that the world was never aware of, shame on you. You have just given me a prayer point. I will pray that President Obama wins the upcoming election and you will be so ashamed of yourselves. Shame on you Satan for planting such hearts on people that were created in the image of God. The Son of God was manifested that He might destroy the works of the devil. As long as Jesus lives, the righteous shall triumph over the wicked and mercy shall triumph over judgement. May the living God have mercy on all of you and forgive you because you do not know what you are doing. May God protects President Obama and give him victory during this upcoming election. God bless the world.

  • Polly

    So, no offense, but do any of you ever have to appear at a reception at Buckingham palace? What would you choose to wear if you had to go?? Also, coming from a fashion background and working in costume design, I can tell you that these people often get gifts from designers to wear at events so it may not have costs her anything. Just sayin…

  • KatieAnnieOakley

    Remember how the RNC had to spend $150,000 to make Palin presentable for a VP campaign?

  • Faye

    I read your comments, as many as I could anyway. It strikes me that the vast majority of them are against everything the obamas represent, as am I. How tragic it is that we can’t all come together somehow and oust these imposters from Washington! We still have our vote, but fat lot of good that did us in 2008. As I go to vote in local elections today, I pray that we still have a chance to stop this thing from the ground floor. We must all help as best we can. Talk to everyone you see, forward those revealing e-mails, volunteer with your party, vote them all out, even those in their first terms. Work like your life depended on it because it very well may.

  • Evelyn

    1st Ladies should always be respected no matter what you might think about the husband. And by the way most real men like a big behind therefore, stop hating on Mrs. Obama, 1st Lady. One more thing the Obamas pays their taxes so again I say, stop hating. And for some of you that may not know Jesus Christ was perhaps a socialist. Somebody helped somebody some kind of way. When we stop helping others conservatism turns to greed. Check out Acts 2:42ff

  • DarleneJoyce

    WOW, this lady can’t win either way-she shops at Walmart for a fifty dollar dress and gets criticized. now she wears a beautiful jacket, which was probably a gift from the designer to get the name out there, and gets raked over the coals! You americans hate just for the sake of hating. Get a life, stop with the ugly comments about almost everything. Mrs Obama looks very pretty in that jacket. Be glad that she can hold her head up in royal circles. Get over yourselves.


    (Dan # 21 July 29 at 9:27 am commented)
    (Whatever she wears, wherever she goes, whatever event she’s a beard in an arranged marriage, and her husband has about as much time for her as we do, which is none at all.
    She’s MISERABLE…And you can see it oozing out from her ugly mug time after time after time.
    All of the ugliness inside her, all of the bitterness, all of the malevolence, all of the malignancy, it just oozes out of her eyes, her demeanor, and her commentary)


    “BARRY OBAMA 2012”

  • Gerry A

    The first lady looks absolutely stunning and this brings back memories of the fashion of Jackie Kennedy and Nancy Reagan. It’s refreshing to see a first lady dressed appropriate for todays styles rather than the boring suits which others wore. I’m sure if it’s not on a loan or gifted by the designer Mrs Obama can well afford to pay for it with her own money. God bless her as she really need that extra blessing with all this hate that comes out of some of your rotten mouths. Pray for forgiveness, you are possessed by the devil….

  • Linda Jones

    Gerry A @ #596, you’re stupid or media manipulated. Michelle is a beast and she’s nasty, beefy, greasy man muscle tranny with an ugly face, thunder thighs, horse teeth, huge ass. She’s nasty and ugly in the face. She’s just gross, and so are you for thinking she’s “absolutely stunning.” She’s twice the size of Nancy Reagan and Jackie Kennedy combined. No sleeves to a evening reception? That’s just trashy and ghetto. She looks like trash.

    All you people who say it’s a gift are full of it. What a talking point. I know the Obama’s have a welfare mentality, but everything isn’t “given” to them. You people act like they are entitled to just have things given to them. All of you people repeating that designers give her things to wear don’t understand that they have to make it special order to fit her huge body and cover that giant ass. They are paying for this crap, and she still looks like cow poo poo.

    Evelyn @593, you need to get an education. I respect the office, but I don’t respect the freak who is married to Barack Hussein Obama. I don’t need to respect her. What has she done to earn my respect? Jesus Christ a socialist? Yeah, you go to Reverend Wright’s church. You believe in some fake Christianity. Not all men like big butts. Not all men like all that fat. My husband says “more than a handfull is a waste.” So I know you’re wrong. You probably are hanging out with some real trashy guys who’ll do anything that moves.

    The liberals in this comment room are just out of touch and probably paid by liberal agendas.

  • Gerry A

    Linda Jones #597 may God forgive you. You are a poor excuse for a human being in fact you sound like a jealous cesspool. I can see right through scumbags like you who get these adjectives by looking at herself in the mirror.

    This is the reflection that you see when you look in the mirror: “a trashy beast and nasty, beefy, greasy man muscle tranny with an ugly face, thunder thighs, horse teeth, huge ass with cow poo poo, huge body and giant ass, nasty and ugly in the face, just gross”,,, by now your mirror must be broken from staring at yourself. You sound like a freaking angry pathetic woman who probably drove her husband to his death or drove him into the bed of another woman. Hey, Rush Limbaugh is available and waiting for you, you cesspool! pewww…

  • …and Michelle looks like a million bucks…You go girl, own it!


    extra – extra – extra….. November 5, 2012


  • Kevin11

    Mostly just a bunch of narrow minded mean racist PIGS on this website. She can wear what she wants. Its a free country isnt it??

  • Kevin11

    The hateful stupid comments posted on this site are a sure sign that YOU are whats wrong with this Country!!!!!

    (AND you hide behind some stupid nameless faceless posts…YOU are the EXTREMISTS!!!!!!)

  • Betty Boop 2

    Wow, still going at it

    Mr Jim Hoft this is old news….so what!

    MO looks beautiful!

    Linda Jones @ #597….who died and made you god? you need to repent!

  • Allan Christie

    What a bunch of effin whiners you right wingers are. You bitch about Mrs Obama like a passel of school girls who didn’t get the lead in the school play. You are collectively an embarrassment to your country

  • techboi3

    It’s great to see so many (not all) comments in here from some poorly behaved individuals. The average american makes more than the jacket costs, and she looks great. Do you know how hard it is to be a public figure and make everyone happy? Probably not. Put your words to action and do something GOOD for your community, your country, and the world! Think outside of your own bubble. And, as most good mothers’ would have told their children, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, keep your mouth SHUT!”.


  • Lilitu

    I am so glad the level of debate about political figures in Australia hasn’t stooped to the level of the way you Amerikans talk about people. I mean who really cares what a person wears, or even if they are beautiful or ugly. Sure, argue SENSIBLY about their politics, but really. How ignorant most of you seem.

  • Jim Sanders

    A few of you rednecks said the jacket ($6800) cost more than the average American family makes in a month…have you given it a thought that Romney’s horse took a bigger tax write off ($77,000) than most Americans make in a year and this includes a husband and wife working. So what do you think about that Hoft, you troublemaker

  • Linda Jones

    I think Michelle Obama should apologize for asking us to sacrifice but she gets to pretend she’s a queen, when she’s just trash. She needs to exercise or diet or something, and get rid of that huge ass. She’s real ugly in the face too.

  • You sure can tell how concerned about the well being of America Michelle is by wearing that expensive top. Number one she isn’t worth $6.80 cents plus doesn’t look one bit better- still ugly as home made sin. What is she trying to prove or say? F U America you see I can spend spend spend and it’s perfectly OK! After all, this makes me, for the first time, proud.
    Well pride goes before a fall, Missy.

  • Susie

    You hit it on the nose Lilitu but not all Americans are looney like the ones on this blog. Many are intelligent enough to shut their mouths when they have something inappropriate to say about the first lady of the nation. These people think that the cost of her personal clothing are coming from their taxes yet most bloggers are non tax payers at home blogging all day long and living off the gov’t, probably on welfare and food stamps and they have nothing else to do but ridicule people.

    America is the most racist country in the world and these people are haters from generation to generation and it will never end because these haters breathe their hate into their children and grandchildren just as their parents and grandparents did to them.

    Australia’s a great country, I’ve been there and people have lots of respect for each other no matter the color of their skin. Most of these looneybins haters have probably never left their home state and this is why they are so narrow minded.

  • Linda Jones

    Now why do I think that Missy, Linda Jones and Ijcarolyne are all of the same blogger. Is it because they write alike, and I bet they smell alike pewww and these 3 fat asses should stop talking about MO’s fat ass because I bet they have waaay fatter asses then she does hahahh

  • Linda Jones


  • Linda Jones



  • MJ

    Do you guys really think she paid full price for that??? Don’t be so foolish. It would have been given to her to promote. OMG, like none of you would do that if it was you. Good grief! Mitt’s got all ur panties tied into a knot.

  • Granny

    I woke up in the middle of the morning to change my wet pull up and have a smoke and see folks are still posting. get a life!

  • SULI

    You have chosen a great topic Mr Hoft. You drew all of us derelicts out from the sewers but

    MY ASS IS ALMOST AS WIDE AS MY MOUTH although not a problem because the same stuff

    come out both holes

  • katie

    Do you people realize that she was attending the Queen of England’s reception? She needed to be dressed to the nines. She was representing the US. Do you also realize that the American taxpayer did not pay for this outfit? Designers give dresses for the First Ladies to wear as kind of free advertising. Ms Romney paid $990 for a TEE SHIRT – to appear on national tv to promote her husband’s bid for the presidency. A TEE SHIRT!

  • Linda Jones

    Where the hell is that big 6X, oh, I mean fat ass Linda Jones!

  • dennishm

    Sounds like what a dictator’s wife might do. While the serfs are eating cake.

  • John Bandit

    I don’t have knowledge of who pays for the president, his wife and the rest of their families clothes and other personal expenses and quite frankly none of the world should care. She and her husband and their (extended family to some extent) represent the US and should be obliged to dress in a dignified, presentable way, especially when they are visible to the press and others who may be around them. During JKF’s presidency, his wife Jackie as well as Regan’s wife Nancy were most often seen dressed in very expensive fashionable clothes. I see nothing wrong with this and if she wants to wear $25,000.00 outfits that’s her business and her right. Many of her clothes will one day be auctioned off for charity, displayed in Obama’s Presidential Library or museum and other of those such venues. Shut up you low-lifers who are poor and a waste of skin. Being jealous of the rich and famous just makes you feel that much like the loser that you are.

  • Monica

    Wow did not realize how many ignorant hateful people there are until I read the post of you retards I am sorry I shouldn’t put retards down like that by comparing them to the a’ holes on here.

  • Howard

    Some truly remarkable assertions on this board, from the story’s author right on through to the comments section. Conclusions reached based on virtually nothing. Personal attacks against the President’s wife. Obscene conclusions.
    Hey, I don’t have a problem with beating up Obama . . . but, geez, spare me the birther’s argument, the Kenyan assertions, the absolute nonsense that Liberals “want to ruin the country”.
    Criticize for cause, not to get your jollies over something as mundane as “Did you see what she wore?”
    How absolutely mindless!


    Hey Roft…. how do you know MO didn’t pick it up from Goodwill or Salvation Army and why would you be concerned about what she buys with her own money….”get a grip”…she looked absolutely beautiful in it and looked like the all americal gal, casual and unstiff.

    Have you heard the latest Mr Roft, yer buddy Ol’ Mitty favors doing away with mortgage interest as a tax deduction…now why would he do that if he took a $77,000 deduction on his horsie, yes a horse! So why don’t you write something worthwhile and we’ll have a discussion on why mortgage interest should remain a deduction….you friggen jackass!

  • Walter

    Mr Hoft, you’re a jackass

  • Jenn

    Wow. You people sure are a bunch of butt-hurt losers. Please get help to get over your ignorance and feel free to join modern society and behave like proper adults.

  • Linda Jones

    Hey fat ass Linda Jones …Where are you?

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  • Ihate TeaBaggers

    Here’s an idea: every one of you Tea Bagging racist homophobic f*ck jobs can all eat a f*ing bullet. How’s that? Fair enough.

  • Rachel

    No matter how much you waste of our money on your clothes, Michelle, you still look BAD.

  • Linda Jones

    Hey numbnut Rachel, were you born yeserday, “waste our money”, you sound brainwashed

  • SULI

    Hey…lhate TeaBaggers #628 heres an idea GO ___ YOURSELF YOU LOSER & STICK THAT



  • SULI

    Hey…lhate TeaBaggers #628 heres an idea GO ___ YOURSELF YOU LOSER & STICK THAT



  • Jen

    The hatred here is scary and unbelievable.

  • Berni

    First lady Michele Obama is an intelligent beautiful person and I am proud that she is our first lady. She is loved by many of different nations and she tries her darndest to please her fellow americans. She was never given a chance from the beginning and I do believe when people hate as much as we’ve seen the president and his family hated it is all about race. I say it now as I did in the beginning if you didn’t vote for him in 2008 and he went forward and made a change by cleaning up the mess left by the last administration, you still wouldn’t vote for him in 2012. Michele Obama looked beautiful in her silver and white top and I’m sure she and her husband could afford to pay for that top Mr Hoft so you mind your own business and worry about what your wife or your partner wears. This topic ain’t much to speculate about, look at all the dirty, evil, hateful, racist, disgusting post you enabled here

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  • Andrew Ryan

    You guys do understand that most actresses and the Obama’s don’t have to buy it to wear right? Ima bet she was just borrowing it, like 99% of things famous people at public events

  • Berni

    Andrew Ryan #636 you are absolutely right, I agree with you

  • Reid

    Mr Hoft you should write on issues that is more worth fixing and get rid of these free loaders


    Salary of Senate/House members……..$174,000 FOR LIFE

    Salary of Speaker of the House ………..$223,500 FOR LIFE

    Salary of Majority/Minority Leaders……$194,400 FOR LIFE

    Average Income For Seniors on Social Security…$12,000

    Not hard to figure out where to make cuts!

  • LoLo

    This message is for Queen. Just an FYI…..most people do not care about the color of the skin of the First couple. WHat people do care about is outrageous spending in the face of a terrible economy. It is kind of a slap in the face to the Amerian tax payer when we see the First Lady wear a $6800.00 jacket that she did not pay for herself, and when there are so many folks of all colors who can longer pay the mortgages, or rent or buy decent food and clothing for their families. Don’t you think it is unfair of the Obamas to constantly tell people to tighten their belts and use economy gas , when they are having lavish parties and expensive date nights and super vacations. Why doesn’t the President practice what he preaches. I have had 2 days of vacation all year which I spent at home, because I can’t afford to go anywhere. I could have gone on a fanatastic vacation with my whole family and a few neighbors too for the price of one of Michelle’s jackets. He wants to redistribute the wealth. How about he star with some of his. Just sayin’

  • Disgusted

    Y’all need to chill. She can wear whatever the F*** she wants to wear. It’s her money after all. Stop being so bitter, get off the F***in couch and work harder. Maybe if you had a Harvard education you would be able to afford a $6,800 jacket. You are all a bunch of dumb ignorant bitter bunch of losers. SMH!

  • Disgusted

    Dumbasses, she spent $6800 on US businesses. That stimulates the economy doesn’t it?

  • Beachboy

    Hey LoLo where do you get the idea that you paid for the First Lady’s $6800 jacket. Do you actually think she should have represented the USA wearing a Walmart outfit. Stop making americans look stupid to the world. When our economy started going south in 2007 we didn’t expect Laura Bush to dress like Orphan Annie did we. When the Bushes took their many vacations toTexas in 2007 when the economy was tumbling where were you and your stupid comments. The Obama’s took only one big family vacation at the end of each year and it was to return to Hawaii where he was born. I can’t get over people like you who sound like you were born yesterday. If you want to wear nice clothes and take vacations go get a freaking job and stop whining. BTW, LoLo is a hawaiian slang for “stupid”…

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