Never let a crisis go to waste…
Top Obama donor Bill Maher used the Colorado massacre to bash America and conservatives on Twitter.
The Blaze reported:

Bill Maher used the Aurora, Colo. shooting to hit at “American exceptionalism” and “[right] wingers” on Friday, tweeting that alleged gunman James Holmes’ actions are “a reminder that so many of the things that make us exceptional these days are bad.”

What a pig.




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  1. So where did he get all of his money? If it weren’t for American exceptionalism he would not be a wealthy man!

    Rich libs think it is there job to dictate how the rest of us live. They have all of the money they need to live comfortable life. They just want to enslave the rest of the country to the whims of the government!

    What is the difference between a Republican and a Democrat?
    Democrats sign their checks on the back!

  2. All that comes out of the mouth of Bill Mahr is evil, black ooze. It’s best to plug your ears and shut your eyes everytime he pops up in front of you.

  3. He must have looked in a mirror. He thinks that he is an exceptional man, yet he’s an ugly person both inside and out.

  4. Bill Maher is an example of American Exceptionalism, proving just how bad it can get.

    The shooting is in response of the division that the democrats have created and has nothing to do with what America is really about. Maher is a Marxist tool, or is that “fool”.

  5. I work with a very liberal person who thinks limbaugh is so hateful though she has never listened to him, and thinks Maher is absolutely wonderful.

    This is liberalism in a nutshell, and I do think it is a mental disorder.

  6. You mean like that mass shooting in Norway about a year ago? Sadly, these things are not “exceptional” to The US of A.

  7. I agree!

    Although, my teleprompter is not working I will just add this fact… tap… tap. Can you hear me? Good.

    Eric Holder and I had an exceptional program call Guns 4 Mexican Gangs. It worked exceptionally Fast. The guns were quickly used to kill 300 Mexicans and one American Border Agent. That is exceptionally deadly! Eric Holder is to blame… Keep me out of it!

    If you like the way I take your money and spend it on Guns 4 Mexican Gangs… and Food Stamps – vote for me. Send me $30.00 before midnight.

    My pig of a campaign bus is over-heating and David Axelrod has another sleazy scam for our Hollywood donors. It’s a variation of the “shell game” scam. I can’t go into specifics at this time. Besides they always vote for me. I am sure they will understand. My campaign may suck but once I milk my Hollywood donors dry it will suck worse. Good day.

  8. “…so many of the things that make us exceptional these days are bad…”

    And one of those things is Bill Maher.

  9. Bill only has something to stupid to say, but he never has a solution to anything. Liberalism at its best. All talk.

  10. American exceptionalism is a statement about the overall quality of our culture. We are individuals, value individual liberty and we are proud to be Americans. We are unique in the world for being open to immigration and allow people come in and blend into our society. More than any other country in the world by leaps and bounds.

    So it’s not individual events that define exceptional but rather individual liberty, a love of country and respect for the law.

    Bill Maher is just one of the bottom 25-30% that doesn’t understand what the term means or have love for their country.

    Just a “my bad” shout out to Haiti. Thanks for doing them a solid Obama. Dumb D**k.

  11. Yes Bill you are a prime example of what makes us BAD but you are not EXCEPTIONAL except when you are an IDIOT, you excell at that. DUMB ASS.

  12. What is he talking about?
    Me thinketh he doth protest too much

  13. If we just ignore this little pig….he’ll go away. He’s down to living on bad press…..he’ll be gone soon.

  14. so many of the things that make us exceptional these days are bad

    Yeah, Maher is like Obama, Pelosi and Reid exceptionally evil.

  15. i had to think about that comment like a liberal. I guess in there wraped minds those two things equal each other. but i don’t understand how america greatness and precived liberal decline is related to a nutcase shooting a bunch of people!!

  16. This turd’s career must only exist in the world of right-wing media. I have no idea when this turd is on, I know no one who watches him, but right-wing media monitors every inane utterance.

    In terms of serious political discussion, this turd isn’t even a player. He’s a male version of Cher and Ellen Barkin, although those two, at least, are able to pretend they are people less despicable than they are in real life.

  17. #3 July 23, 2012 at 7:33 am
    nomobama commented: “He must have looked in a mirror. He thinks that he is an exceptional man…”

    Maher is an exceptional man. He’s exceptionally homely, exceptionally nasty, exceptionally hateful, exceptionally foolish, and exceptionally overpaid.

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