The Definition of a Failed Presidency… Obama Put More People on Disability Than in Jobs

It’s almost like he WANTS America to fail.


Barack Obama put 3.1 million Americans on disability since June 2009. Obama only created 2.6 million jobs in the same period.
Investor’s Business Daily reported:

More workers joined the federal government’s disability program in June than got new jobs, according to two new government reports, a clear indicator of how bleak the nation’s jobs picture is after three full years of economic recovery.

The economy created just 80,000 jobs in June, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday. But that same month, 85,000 workers left the workforce entirely to enroll in the Social Security Disability Insurance program, according to the Social Security Administration.

The disability ranks have outpaced job growth throughout President Obama’s recovery. While the economy has created 2.6 million jobs since June 2009, fully 3.1 million workers signed up for disability benefits.

Don’t expect the liberal media to report this. It doesn’t help their candidate.

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  • Obeline

    Powerful graphic ought to make its way into a Romney/RNC spot in the fall.

    Just the word ‘disability’ has a frightening connotation and should impress upon even the dullest of the dull what’s at stake if this awful fraud occupying the people’s White House is re-elected.

    BarackHusseinObama’s got to go — 4 more years and we’ll ALL be disabled.


  • Patty

    I know of someone who should have been on disability.

    One very naive person because they deserve it. But doesn’t want to take money from government. This I said is so stupid. Now, they wish they had. 62 years old and hasn’t work and isn’t taking a dime of welfare or food stamps. They are struggling some but I just don’t get it.

    The fraud of others who are capable of working and on disability. Sad.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    The advent of the Americans with Disabilities Act in the 1990s was intended to keep disabled people in the workforce, but when it is more lucrative to sit at home rather than work, what choice do you think people will make?

  • coolidgerules

    He thinks we are stupid. He’s right about 30% of the population. The other 10% are just as evil as he is and want to see the country dissolved. I have a feeling that King Putt is going to do something REAL bad to hang on to his “throne”.

    This is what you get when a person that would be refused enlistment in the military for all his bad connections is given full control over the nuclear football. And access to all things classified. And control over all the agencies that run our country. A devout marxist. Lord help us.

  • Max

    Gov’t does not create jobs, it mostly gets in the way of their creation. Well, OK, they do create bureaucratic non-productive jobs, overhead, busy collecting and dispensing other people’s money (or indebtedness) and creating, imposing and enforcing laws and regulations that restrict freedom to favor the bureaucrats themselves and their cronies, you know, in the name of the “common good” and such.

  • Patty



    Chicago Mayor Appeals to Gangsters’ ‘Values’…
    ‘Get Away From That Kid’…

    Emanuel insisted that their crime-fighting strategies are paying off, noting that the city’s overall crime rate has dropped 10 percent compared to the same time last year. McCarthy also said there is evidence that police are on the right track in their fight against street gangs.[..]



  • Patty

    Walking While White – Alabama Woman Shot Dead Requesting Black Car Driver To Slow Down on Street…


    She was executed for W. W. W. On Her O.S.
    walking while white on her Own Street

    An Alabama woman was retrieving her dog from across the street when a car came screaming by and almost hit the dog. The lady, Ms. Wendy Fisher, yelled at the driver and three passengers to slow down. They did. Actually they stopped..

    The black male driver got out of the car, then someone pulled a gun and shot her 3 times in the chest. The driver returned to the car and the four men drove away. Her teenage daughter was standing in the front yard, a few feet away, and witnessed her mom murdered.

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  • Militant conservative

    I carry every day.

    Powderkeg will light up November 6th when America
    Throws Obama to the curb.
    Obama will have to be on a
    Suicide watch.


    The headline should read – “The Definition of a Successful Usurpation…”

    Auntie Obama = ILLEGAL!
    Uncle Obama = ILLEGAL!
    Nephew Barry = ILLEGAL!

    The Kenyan Trifecta!

  • Joanne

    The Obama Death Pool. Is it any wonder people keep their mouths shut – they fear for their lives. This is what America has come down to – a murderer in the Whitehouse? God is certainly hell bent on teaching Americans a fatal lesson.

  • paul52

    Slightly OT, but mentioned above: By whose defintion did the recession end in June 2009? The recession is still ON… prelude to a DEpression.

  • mcc

    Obama is an outsourcer with our money

    So the GOP is hitting back on the outsourcing claim, pointing out that billions in Stimulus funds were used to create jobs elsewhere. And those are jobs which in many cases could have been sourced domestically.

    The GOP needs to be more aggressive on this. We can’t be a day late.

    Here is a screen shot from the website referred to in the video (h/t Aggie95 in Tip Line):

    A Record of Failure Spanning the Globe

  • mcc

    Re #13 — Let’s see if this gives us one big look at BO’s Outsourcing:

  • mcc

    Re #14 – YEP.

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  • shibumi

    I know someone who is bipolar and on meds who is on disability. Does he need to be on it? Not at all. Why is he on it? He’s 36, and his family has decided they are tired of supporting him and his child. So… voila! Hire and lawyer and get on disability. After, of course, he PASSED state run janitor school. And yes, the family is white. And liberal.

  • Patty

    FLASHBACK: Obama Campaigning In ’04: Deficit Is “An Enormous Problem”

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  • Patty


    But not so much!

    Plouffe: Wealthy people trying to ‘purchase’ the White House for Romney

    🙂 Whatever!

  • I’m not a racist; I don’t like Biden or Pelosi either

    O’Reilly covered the Disability story the other day, and was subsequently inundated with letters from angry people saying stuff like: “how can you be so heartless as to suggest people don’t deserve disability payments?”

    Anyone who thinks this data will play well for Romney in the media is naive. The DNC spin machine will make it another story about those greedy, heartless Republicans and the corrupt media will happily play right along.

    The reason it’s called SPIN is because it’s an effective way to turn a negative into a positive, and vice versa. Nobody is better at SPIN than the Dems. And if the GOP doesn’t learn how to play the game better real soon, it’ll be game over.

  • Patty

    If there was some sort of oversight in the awful lying administration they would see the fraud in Disability payouts is worse than we think.

    It is evident that the lawyers are the ones who are guilty here. When they are called my the average Joe, the Disability checks flow.

  • Finncrisp

    Young and disabled is not all it is cracked up to be. Gets you ~$800.00 a month plus food stamps.

    This is not much of a living and you need help or you end up under a bridge somewhere , sipping MD 20/20.

    However when you are granted disability because there are simply no jobs and this is all you have left, this is more than a tragedy.

    They have these apps flying though the system – usually first step is to say no, and you may need to sue to be considered, then you split with the lawyer after 4 years of waiting. And what pray tell do you do while you are waiting for this to kick in? If you don’t have family, you are under that bridge…

  • I’m not a racist; I don’t like Biden or Pelosi either

    #11 – re Death Pool

    Don’t forget to add Obama’s “sister” who died suddenly and mysteriously in Indonesia in 2011.

    As compelling as all these convenient deaths are, it just feeds the “crazy right wing conspiracy theorist” narrative that gets good people like Glenn Beck fired.


  • Gregor

    “It’s almost like he WANTS America to fail.”

    Really? You think? Why do people continue to think they’re just stupid? It makes me believe voters are stupid. Oh wait.


    Google it.

    Come on people. Stop with the “they’re stupid” or “they just don’t get it” nonsense. They know exactly what they’re doing.

  • bg



    flashback: November 24, 2008

    A Pardon to Remember

    [WHEN President Bill Clinton pardoned a billionaire fugitive from justice
    on his last day in office, even usually loyal Democrats were dismayed.
    Representative Henry Waxman of California called it “bad precedent”
    and “an end run around the judicial process.” He said it appeared to
    set a double standard for the wealthy and powerful.


    Under the rules governing pardon petitions — rules that were approved
    by Mr. Holder’s office — the views of United States attorneys “are given
    considerable weight” because of the “valuable insights” they have. And
    yet Mr. Holder did not consult Ms. White and her colleagues about the
    Rich pardon petition; they did not know of it until it had been granted.


    Mr. Holder never came close to meeting that standard. He had the last
    word at Justice on clemency petitions and he saw to it that he had the
    only word. He brokered one of the most unjustifiable pardons that an
    American president has ever granted.]


    Focusing On The Symptom, Not The Disease:
    Rich Americans Fleeing The Country

    [Remember Denise Rich? Bill Clinton pardoned her ex-husband after she
    donated roughly a million dollars to the Democratic Party and the Clinton
    Library. Whatever your opinion may be of the pardon, it certainly looked
    like a very sleazy “You give us money and we’ll wipe your crime off the
    books” deal.

    Ironically, Rich was in trouble for evading 48 million
    dollars in taxes. That’s ironic for two reasons.

    First off, if Rich funneled 1/48th of the money he owed in taxes into the
    Democratic Party and got a pardon out of it, he proved crime does pay
    — at least when you’re dealing with Democrats. However, it’s also ironic
    because Denise Rich will now is also about to save millions in taxes not
    by evading taxes, but by simply renouncing her American citizenship.]


  • TeaPartyNation

    The Definition of a Failed Presidency… Obama Put More People on Disability Than in Jobs
    …ACTUALLY, this was a GOAL of OBOZO (not a “failure” in terms of his radical, socialist ideology)….

    FACT: the lunatic-left d-cRAT socialists WANT the unemployed (which their FAILED POLICIES HELPED CREATE) and ALL OTHER American citizens fully and completely dependent on BIG GOVERNMENT handouts through “wealth and income re-distribution” in order for them to stay in power. PROOF: Look how well that approach has worked out for the d-cRAT socialists with blacks, hispanics, American Indians, and various other groups who are now nearly 100% dependent on the BIG GOVERNMENT NANNY STATE for their entire existence – and they are solidly, mindlessly supporting d-cRAT socialism.

  • i know people that retired from the fire dept. on full disability pensions(tax free)because they were stressed out that their wives cheated on them. disability, meant for people that were truely disabled has been turned into a scam by the legal profesion.

  • by the way those disabled firemen in#29 are working full time jobs.

  • Patty



  • Patty

    The definition of Obama failed presidency will be this:

    Fact Checking WaPo Fact Checkers on Obamacare and Taxes
    WaPo’s fact checker doesn’t believe that Obamacare is a net tax increase on the middle class. Here is why it is and why WaPo is wrong.

    Read more:

    History will not be kind to Obama. He spent two years on this and wait and see what happens if not repealed and replaced. Time that he wasted and Americans will feel the pain inflicted on them for OBAMA’S EGO AND HIS RADICALISM.

  • CBO needs to re-figure when SSA will be in the red. I was thinking it was suppose to be like around 2018, then they pushed it back, but there is no way they had tis amount being added to the disability rolls.

    At $1,000 a month for 12 months times 3m people, that is $36b more being drained.

  • mcc

    If time is short, just take a look at this big global map of BO’s OUTSOURCING:


  • bg


    re: outsourcing:

    January 12, 2012

    No, Bain Did Not Get a ‘Bailout’

    [Left-wing blogs and Mitt Romney’s presidential-primary rivals – and
    who can tell those apart this week? — have charged that Bain &
    Company, the firm Romney once headed, was the beneficiary of not
    one but two bailouts: one from the FDIC, and one from the federal
    Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. These allegations are nakedly

    May 14, 2012

    The Hypocrisy of Obama’s Bain Bundler

    [As Katrina reports, Mitt Romney left Bain Capital in 1999 to manage the
    Winter Olympics, two years before GST Steel declared bankruptcy. But
    that hasn’t stopped President Obama from blaming him for the company’s
    2001 collapse. In a new Obama campaign video, ex-steel workers criticize
    Romney for being “out of touch” with the “average working person.” Left
    unmentioned (and blameless) is Jonathan Lavine.

    Lavine, according to the Los Angeles Times, is a top Obama bundler and
    a managing director at Bain Capital. Lavine, who has raised over $100,000
    for the president, was at the firm when GST Steel declared bankruptcy.
    So according to the Obama team’s logic, Romney, who had left Bain, is
    responsible for GST Steel’s demise, but Lavine, who was there, is not?
    Expect to hear more about this connection.]

    July 2, 2012

    Obama’s new attacks on Romney and outsourcing

    [(Our colleagues at have also offered their own analysis
    of the Obama outsourcing ads and the issues raised in The Post’s article,
    saying “some of the claims in the ads are untrue, and others are thinly
    supported.” The Obama campaign did not dispute the details of their
    analysis, except to once again claim that Romney had an active role in
    Bain after he left to run the Salt Lake City Olympics in 1999 — a claim
    that quickly debunked. We came to the same conclusion
    in January. There is no evidence that Romney played a role in Bain
    decisions after he left to run the Olympics.) ]

    Obama & Libya & Chrysler & BP (#51)

    [BP wanted a big deal with Libya, and Libya wanted its nonsick Lockerbie terrorist in exchange for a HUGE contract (Britain doth protest). Obama didn’t stand in their way; he just told Libya not to celebrate too much. Though 190 Americans died in the terror attack, Obama said nothing about them.

    BP gave Obama a lot of money during his campaign.

    Obama seems friendly with Qadafi: Obama devised a plan to give Qadafi $2.5 million recently. Obama’s mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright, along with Louis Farrakhan, met with Qadafi in Tripoli. Qadafi called Obama a “Muslim brother.” Qadafi is also linked to Odinga for whom Obama campaigned in Kenya (illegally, in violation of the Logan Act (watch video).]

    of course there’s much more to it, like the ceo of BP (one of Obama ‘s biggest supporters) selling his shares in the company just prior to the accidental oil rig explosion.. 🙄

    scroll for more (#12) in connecting links & threads..


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  • Greg

    There is an interesting requirement in the social security law that a disabled person has to be working, paying SS taxes for 8 quarters before disability will be considered. A person I know was denied disability because she was struck with polio at age 3 months, paralyzed in both legs and unable to hold a job. The number of fakers in the disability system and the military disability is sick. Over the last ten years the number of disabled vets has outnumbered the purple hearts by 10 to one. I respect the Purple hearts

  • captainfish

    I seriously doubt that NMP Obama has been able to create nearly 1 American million jobs per year since he took office. The economy crashed before he took office and has yet to recover. They don’t count all millions of American people that have lost their jobs in that time.

    And how, can unemployment stay the same but very few people are getting employed, but more and more companies are laying off people? Yet, U6 goes up and U2 stays the same? And yet, for each demographic the unemployment is in double digits… but the U2 is in single digits?

    You guys just wait. When Romney becomes president, the real true numbers will start to come out and the Socialist Democrat Media Party will heap the blame upon Romney.

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  • tadcf

    What does the rate of disabled Americans have to do with the rate of unemployed ones? Unless you subscribe to some heinous conspiracy theory.