Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu destroyed Juan Williams last night on Hannity. At one point the Romney surrogate told the FOX News inhouse leftist,

“Juan, if I could borrow a phrase I used on another TV network the other day, you’re struggling.”




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  1. WooHooo! Hey perhaps Sununu and Christie could tag team the lefty media trolls!!

  2. Juan is a whimp…to easy…

  3. ot, but this thread needs some comments.
    She voted for obama so she would qualify for her new hoveround wheelchair. If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be hilariously funny……
    BAN these wheelchairs before they kill someone!!!

    VIDEO: Woman Flips Over After Trying To Ride Motorized Scooter Up Escalator | National News – TalkRadio 630 K-HOW

  4. Juan is always struggling. I bet his mother makes him wear a helmet around the house so he doesn’t bump his tender head into the walls as he walks throughout the house. Truly a pathetic excuse for a man.

    Bob Beckel is Juan’s favorite person on Fox, if not for Bob, Juan would be the dumbest man on the network.

    From :56 on it was classic Juan doing his 0bama impersonation. Sununu, “Drilling in the US puts money in the pocket of terrorists?” Juan, “Yeah, no, I’m saying keep it out of, of, of,uh!”

  5. I feel deeply sorry for Mr. Juan Williams. He is not a free man.

    He is enslaved to his racist perception of anything related to this administration.

    May he be freed from the chains he keeps upon himself.

    Best regards, Peter Warner.

  6. Attention Fox News: Please replace Juan (pronounced Whine) Williams with John Sununu. If I want to contimue listening to a another Liberal Obama apolgist, I would watch anyone of the other Lamestream Media Relations office forthe Obama re-election campaign. Love how John handed Juan his hat and showed him the door.

  7. I don’t have it in me to feel sorry for these cretins. Their racism and stupidity is killing this country.

  8. Why does Juan shout during debates?

  9. In the old days, when REAL debate practice was followed, it was understood that the first one to really lose their cool or hurl personal comments had lost that debate. We may not debate like that anymore (to call what we’ve been having ‘debates’ is pathetic..on both sides. The questions are weighted, the hosts are biased and those debating are not doing rebuttal/counter rebuttal, but sophistry and campaigning) but the rules still ring true

  10. Most important thing said in that clip – and needs to be repeated – is at the 40sec. mark:

    “The worst thing Obama did was *send money to Brazil to drill* for oil and *prohibited us* from drilling here!”

    That one move of BO’s was a punch heard ’round the world…think of the ways it was an attempt to knock out the USA…

  11. Is Juan from another planet. Is he on some type of meds. We need all the oil we can drill, coal and gas that is produce in the good United States. Fox is very nice to let him give comments.
    He should be Obama’s press secretary. Everybody please don’t forget to vote for Romney on
    Tuesday, November 6, 2012. I get very ill when Obama comes on tv. I hit the remote the minute that his face is shown. Everytime he speaks, he is lying. Romney is to nice and he
    has to become vicious just like that Muslim, Socialist Thug.

  12. Obama defies court order regaring oil moritorium in the gulf…then backs loans to Brazil to drill in deep water and says we will be their best customer. I say thats outsourcing good jobs. OMG= Obama Must Go


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