This is why shows like “Punk’d” don’t work out so well in the Arab World.

An Egyptian actor beat a female television host live on the air after he was told he is on an Israeli Channel.
It was supposed to be a prank – until he slapped the female host.
Via Arutz Sheva:

Times of Israel reported, via ROP:

Two Egyptian actors, “pranked” by an Egyptian TV station at the weekend into thinking that they were being interviewed by Israeli TV, responded furiously onscreen. Both of them attacked a man they thought was the show’s Israeli producer, and one of them, Ayman Kandeel, smashed up the studio and slapped the female host he thought was Israeli so hard that she crumpled to the floor.

Later persuaded that she was indeed Egyptian, having seen her ID card, Kandeel invited her to come to his car after the show, where he could rub some lotion for her back. She declined.

Kandeel also appeared to reach for a gun at one point, having earlier said he had one. But he didn’t pull one out, and later said he didn’t have a gun with him.

A third pranked guest, an actress, called all Israelis liars and denounced them for “whining about the Holocaust and its lousy figures.”




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  1. Wow what a sick bunch of bastages…. Hey You are Israeli…I will kill you…

    Oh you are Egyptian??? Oh now biggie..I love you come over here and I give you a hug.

    Worthless bunch of scum

  2. At least he didn’t slit her throat.

  3. Yeah, that kind of thing is what should one should expect from most Muslims. It’s a bit like going back to 1938 Nazi Germany. Their religion teaches it; that Muslims are ‘superior’ to everyone else and thus they build societies that discriminate against all non-Muslims.

  4. Sick b*stards! I can’t believe will allow this kind of scum into our countries.

  5. “I can’t believe ‘we’ allow…..”

  6. What B S! Absolutely outrageous! How can anyone expect the Israelis to make “peace” with animals like these.

  7. Don’t worry, don’t worry I’m not really a dirty Jew.

    Ah yes, the religion of peace.

  8. US gives about $2 billion a year to Egypt in aid.

  9. That’s not being “pranked” —

    It’s more like being EXPOSED.

    That’s some really ugly stuff.

    Americans need to see it.

  10. Gen 12:3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

  11. the fact that they would have a “punked” show with the I’m a jew theme is telling. creeping sharia is in European countries, and this is what the feminist libtards promote in our country. hypocrites!

  12. US gives about $2 billion a year to Egypt in aid.

    And the GOP could stop this madness if they so desired.

  13. SPEECHLESS but not surprised. God help us

  14. It’s all good with the slap-ee! Near the end of the video she calls the anti-Israeli violence “Patriotic” – an honorable defense of Egypt.

    May God bless and keep them – far away from us!

  15. what an ugly hot-headed jerk. hope he never works again. slapping a woman? wow. tough guy. (that’s sarcasm. he’s a jackass. i’d rip him a new one). and that third ignorant moron? she knows nothing of Israel except what propoganda she’s heard. wow. thanks for another reason (not that i needed one) to stay away from Egypt and the rest of the Middle Eastern sewer. who would ever watch these idiots in a film?

  16. good point that dude that slapped the woman looks like an ape

  17. Coward.

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