More than 20 people fainted at a hot Obama campaign rally tonight in Roanoke, Virginia.

Feeling their pain Barack Obama told his supporters to get medical assistance from the “paralegals” in the audience.

It’s a good thing his last name isn’t Bush.




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  1. Hmmm….Barkah must have lawyers on his mind right now…for some reason.

    And this fainting crap just ain’t right. At all.

  2. Isn’t he smart? It’s what the media told us he was.

    He is a Harvard graduate after all, a graduate of a far-left bastion of Progressive ideology. Doesn’t that make him smart? The fascists that run our Orwellian media says it does.

    So what if he doesn’t know what words mean and needs a teleprompter to say hello. The Progressives want to destroy America and they are betting he is just the man to do it.

    He has turned the Middle East over to the Muslim Brotherhood, because they have promised to destroy America and he shares their dream. He looks forward to four more years just to make it happen.

  3. It is the power of the Devil…….Like the exorcisms seen in Africa….> The Shadow of DEATH is upon Obama ..The Stench of rotting corpses will follow him EVERYWHERE… Look at how the heat wave that struck America ….knocking out power in DC …..on the very day his death panels were ruled law of the land…. has now turned into a full fledges drough killing off crops. These are the days of Jeremiah.

  4. He’s such an idiot.

  5. It’s because he know’s you’ll need a lawyer to get any treatment once the Obamacare bureaucracy takes over health care.

  6. Obama’s first name should be Richard! But he should be known buy his nickname. Dick!!!!!!

  7. “It’s a good thing his last name isn’t Bush.”

    …or Quayle

  8. I think Obama had Obamacare on his mind and it was a Freudian slip. He’s practicing telling Americans to get legal advice when they get thrown in jail for not paying the Obamatax.

  9. OT – Juan Williams hosted The O’Reilly Factor tonight.

    I think he’s having fun.

  10. When 0bama was pushing health care destruction, he called for preventative care. You know, see a physician during office hours so when the kid has an asthma attack and needs a breathalyzer, you don’t need to go to the emergency room. Or an inhalator. While the online dictionary, (that’s a stretch, y’know, using the dictionary) inhalator is an alternative to inhaler. What a maroon.

  11. Paralegals…apparently they know where the breathalyzers are kept.

  12. Can I call the paramedics to file a law suit now ?

  13. If you are going to faint because of my idiotic speech Get Medical Assistance from Paralegals!

    There are Paralegals in all 57 states! So, don’t fear coming to one of my crappy speeches!

    In fact, these Paralegals can guide you to a good lawyer and they you can sue me and crappy campaign for millions of dollars in damages. My donor are dolts and will not mind ponying up more cash for lawsuits… as long as you vote for me!

    Remember, if you are feeling Wobbly about my job killing policies then see the nearest Paralegal. But, this is important! Send $30.00 to me before midnight!

    My Enormous bus is overheating and the air conditioning units are falling off the roof. But, David Axelrod has a new scam to inflict upon my dwindling donors. It’s the Red Barn scam. I can’t go into details at this time. My campaign may suck but once I bankrupt America it will suck worse! Good day.

  14. The mostest brilliant bulb in in the tulip patch.


  16. billntwrk commented:

    A Corpseman will be better than Cousin Pookie though, atleast he won’t get all wee-weed up !

  17. As a trained paralegal, I resent this ….

  18. our SCOAMF wouldn’t be the smartest man in the room if he was standing in a porta-pottie.

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