Muslim Arrested – Tried to Run Over Christians at Islamic Festival – Media Silent

Two weeks ago American Muslims stone a group of Christians at the Islamic festival in Dearborn, Michigan.

But there’s more…
One Muslim was arrested for trying to run over 9 Christian protesters.
Via Answering Muslims:
Dearborn Muslim charged with nine counts of attempted murder for trying to kill street preachers outside the Islamic Center of America – Unfortunately, one of the Muslims got in his SUV, drove up over the hill, accelerated and came right at us where we were standing. This guy came directly at us and we had to jump out of the way and he came screaming by us. Both of the police cars stopped him, pulled him out and cuffed him and he showed no remorse. The police actually have it on video because both police cars had there dash cameras on, so it’s not like it’s my word against his. Then mosque security came out and said that they knew this guy and that we provoked him and the Dearborn Police officer yelled at the security guard and told him if he didn’t back off he would also be arrested for hindering a police investigation.

As Jihadwatch notes: Funny how you haven’t heard this from anywhere in the mainstream media, isn’t it?
Hat Tip Mara Zebest

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  • Sam Stone

    Sounds like the Islamists in Nigeria and elsewhere bombing Christian churches!
    Obama IS SILENT unless it is Muslims being hurt or killed.

  • doc

    Are you kdding….the American media is liberal trained at LIBERAL arts colleges…these people, aside from being liberals, are wussies…they’d wet their pants at the stare of a muslim scumbag.

  • FurryGuy

    I’d bet good money that this either gets plead down to a misdemeanor before going to court, thrown out by some “progressive” judge, or if it actually does go to trial the driver gets acquitted. A conviction of a violent Muslim? In Dearborn? HA!

  • Stella Baskomb

    Two weeks ago? In Dearborn Michigan?

    C’mon, give the big media a break.

    Two weeks is far too soon for them to have reported this.

    Be fair.

    Give ’em another century or so.

  • owl

    Why isn’t this on every front page of the country? Why am I not seeing it on tv?

    I better see one of those ole ELECTED officials shouting to law enforcement from the pulpit.

    I only watched half of the tape. ENOUGH! My blood boils. Once again, they use the kids and the law turns a blind eye.

    Our ELECTED officials should be screaming at the Feds at the top of their lungs. Every police officer on duty should be REMOVED immediately for investigation. If our ELECTED officials allow this to stand, they need to be stoned out of office.

    This is so outrageous that even I never thought I would live long enough to see it.

  • owl

    Someone that has our ole ELECTED officials ear, send them the tape. This is what true discrimination and lawlessness looks like.

  • owl

    I would threaten to remove all those children from their parents.

  • owl

    Somebody better get a grip on the ‘children’ of America. Me? I would spank them first. A surprise? Maybe it would incite them to violence? No chit?

  • VotingFemale

    SUV? What SUV? Muslim? What Muslim? Christians? What Christians? Jihad? What Jihad?


  • ponderon………..when was the last time a christian try to run over a bunch of muslims….

  • boot

    It’s not just our media keeping silent on Muslim attacks. It’s rampant in Europe too. I know of a Belgian judge and leading figure of a new political party who was stabbed three times in the brain in the middle of a busy street at noon in downtown Brussels by an “Asian youth”, and there wasn’t a peep in the press over that incident in Belgium or elsewhere. Even in the man’s obituary, it just said he “succumbed to head trauma”. That’s like reporting the WTC collapsed on 9/11 due to metal fatigue.

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  • bg


    ponderon #10 July 3, 2012 at 11:38 am

    when was the first time?? /s/


  • l.barney

    Hmm? They wouldn’t withhold the identity of the suspect or not report this if
    he was a TEA PARTY MEMBER OR A CHRISTIAN who tried to run over MUSLIM PROTESTORS

    what the media is doing is DISGUSTING TO SAY THE LEAST

  • Big Al

    I know this wont be popular but I heard this was some crazy Christian sect that went into this Islamic festival just to provoke. I mean fair is fair, thats stupid and counterproductive.

  • bg


    it is important for Western countries to avoid impeding
    Muslim citizens from practicing religion as they see fit”

    [The Institution Of Zakat and its Economic Impact on Society: Zakat is one of the most important aspects of the Islamic Economic System. Unfortunately for all of us ‘Zakat’ which is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, has been reduced to just a ritual which we perform once a year. The institution of Zakat is the cornerstone of the Islamic Economic system.The Quran emphasises ‘Zakat’ as a critical component of socieo economic justice. The institution works to ensure an equitable distribution of wealth and establishes a safety net for needy members of society. Both the sources and disbursement categories of Zakat are specified in Islamic doctrine. The Quran identifies eight categories of disbursement, each of which carries clear social benefit. One positive economic effect of Zakat is an increase in the money supply and a consequent increase in the demand for goods and services. Zakat also provides debt relief and enhances price stability. If accumulated in times of prosperity, Zakat funds can aid society through times of depression. Though Zakat has widely fallen out of use in modern times (except a ritual) it can have great economic impact if properly re established. Like freedom from interest, Zakat is also an integral part of Islamic economic systems since Zakat is derived from the Shari’ah]

    ~ Barack Hussein Obama


  • democraps suck

    dear-born-istan Michigan…and can anyone answer who the FUC# o let all these terrorists into the country?????? one name….ODUMBO

  • bg


    re: #16 July 3, 2012 at 12:30 pm bg

    re: Shari’ah

    click & scroll for much more in connecting links & threads.. or not.. just don’t say you didn’t know the US has employed Sharia Law in US Courts..


  • bg


    re: #18 July 3, 2012 at 12:41 pm bg

    has employed = has been implemented

    samO samO.. 👿


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