MO Teen Girls Beat Disabled Man – Post Video on Facebook (Video)

Two teen girls beat a disabled man in Caruthersville, Missouri last week.

Then they posted the video on Facebook. The mentally disabled man told reporters his mother told him never to hit a girl.
KFVS12 News

The News-Tribune reported:

Prosecutors charged teenage girls in the beating of a mentally disabled man, after video of the attack was posted on Facebook and provoked outrage in their southeast Missouri community.

The incident happened about two weeks ago in Caruthersville. The video shows the girls punching Louis Crocker, a man known around town as “Cool Breeze” who is mentally disabled and who drinks heavily, according to his family.

The girls are in juvenile custody and were due in court Thursday on undisclosed juvenile charges. Prosecutors are also considering charges against a man who is seen with the girls in the video clip. He told KFVS-TV that Crocker threw the first punch ( ).

Crocker told the station the girls simply attacked him.

“I told her (one of the girls) to leave me alone,” Crocker said. “She’s 15. I said ‘Baby leave me alone.’ I mind my own business, and I sit here and I drink.”

He said he refused to fight back because the attackers were girls.

“My mama always told me before she died, ‘You hit a woman you’re not a man,”’ said Crocker.

He said he wasn’t seriously hurt, but he thinks the girls should be punished.

What lovely young ladies.

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  • This is insanity…I rue for the old west way of delivering justice. Someone will say the disabled guy was racist or something, when in fact black on white crime is 78% more prevelant.

    Hope the pick on me 😉

  • Bill Mitchell

    Ugh. Another left wing poll showing Obama with a HUGE lead (this time Pew with Obama +7), another MASSIVE OVERSAMPLING of Democrats.

    Did you know that only 24% of Americans are Republicans? It’s true, just as Pew Research. has anyone else noticed that every single MSM paid for poll gives Democrats EXACTLY THE SAME SAMPLING ADVANTAGE – 9 points?

    Try telling me this is not coordinated.

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  • NeoKong

    Skittles and ice tea.

  • The tragic thing is in a few short years these two little darlins’ will start being baby mamas,turning out more social predators.

  • MVH

    Mr. Crocker should’ve landed a few. After all, he’d have hit a couple of shrews, not girls.

    What’s even more disturbing is that videos like this only showcase an incident. Lord knows what was going on before they decided to record their latest “performance.” You figure they had to have practice.

  • jony101

    from the title I already knew who the perps where. Obama voters or future obama voters, they are a violent people. Beating up on a drunk disable person, that should be consider a hate crime.

  • snap boy

    The First Traveler’s south side values have spread into the Show Me state…

  • Tim in Cali

    Tweet from the White House: If I had two teenage daughters,this would be them..

  • dwd

    Black attacker
    White victim

    Holder…? Holder…?

    Poor man. Those “women” ceased to be women and became animals when they started beating him. You can defend yourself from a wild rabid animal.

  • Sasja

    You darlin’ little girls. Come to my neighborhood and try this. We’ll rip out your heart.

  • stonedome

    his mama told him not to hit girls, but these were hoodrats, so he should have hit them in their gold tooth and knocked their wig off. i’m waiting for the story of a group of these feral hoodrats to wake up dead with a lead injection. their right to live in a civil society is forfeit

  • Toddski

    The headline should read……..MO TEEN BLACK GIRLS BEAT DISABLED WHITE MAN….
    What is wrong with this news sight……..You also fail to report when the flash mobs are black too……WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE…….I’M LOSING CONFIDENCE HERE …PRETTY SOON I WILL NOT RETURN !

  • Sasja


    So much goes on in the world about which we know little, or nothing. I saw this and found it interesting and thought perhaps you would as well. A little peek into another war.

  • valerie

    The nasty little wretches got arrested, because they posted the video on Facebook. That means there was at least one other person there, and that all three thought this was ok.

    There has to be more to this story. I guess we can assume that this wasn’t some sort of harmless prank, a faked fight, or an instance where the guy got paid to pretend fight. Was this part of a contest? Are there other people posting similar videos? Was it a dare?

  • Practical Jane

    Scanning all the recent attacks it’s obvious the weaker the potential victim the more likely they’ll be targeted. I’ve told all the elderly and pregnant whites I know not to go out unescorted, and if an escort is unavailable for them to call me for escort. I urge you all to take special care to protect the weak in your circle, be they old, young, or with child.

  • obfuscatenot

    I never saw a girl act this way. These are Holders people.

  • CT

    Just looks like a pair of Obama’s empowered children playing with an old white man.

  • old glazier

    @2 Bill

    Meh. Reagan’s polling at this time vs Carter not a lot different. They’re just trying to energize what’s left of their side. We must ignore polls. Give money, convince people in our circles, etc. If we don’t get this done this time, the country’s toast.

  • Sasja

    Toddski. Calm down.

    We all knew the scum would be black. Sadly, it doesn’t need to be pointed out anymore as it has become a common occurence.

  • Freaking PIGS

  • Dittogirl

    I was reading an article the other day that said the press did the same thing back when Reagan was running against Carter, that Carter was up in huge margins, and look what happened. It wont work this time either, because people will not stay home and not vote because the MSM says its already a given for O.

    Thats what they are trying to do, is depress the right to just stay home. That.Wont.Happen.

  • squeaky

    [Today, the Obama Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released an official policy directive rewriting the welfare reform law of 1996. The new policy guts the federal work requirements that were the foundation of the reform law. The Obama directive bludgeons the letter and intent of the actual reform legislation.]

  • Walked into my gym locker room yesterday just as one black man said to the other … “The bad juices are getting thicker” and the other replied … “Yeah, because the white people are so damn greedy.”

    People can deny it all they like, but we are in a race war. Better be prepared because this is happening every day across the country and very few of them are being reported on the news. It won’t be long before it’s in your own face instead of on YouTube.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Dr. Dre:

    Now when we ride through yo’ hood… most of the time we up to no good… yeah, I know. Yeah, I know.

    It’s the “culture”, folks. Straight Outa Hell. No gods but themselves.

    All these girls have to say is (and they know it), “He used The N-Word!” and the media will be (even more) on their side, and it’s all good. Doesn’t matter if it’s true. He said a word which only black people and prominent Democrats are allowed to say, therefore violence and even murder is justified.


    I don’t really think black folks are closer than any others to monkeys and apes…

    …but those who embrace this demon culture sure are trying to make it back to that level of evolution.

  • Path

    Well I have to recognize the fact that, unlike Saint Skittles, they didn’t wear hoodies. When will this city be putting up a statue to these lovely young ladies. Their families must be so proud.

  • Mad Hatter

    Future Food Stamp recipient.

  • thebronze



  • CommieJuice

    Since whites are 3/4 of the country and blacks are 12% of the population, shouldn’t there be 6 videos of whites doing this to blacks for every 1 video of blacks doing this to whites? There doesn’t seem to be equal distribution of violence. It only seems to center on one group behind most of it. I wonder why that is.

  • mcc

    I tend to disagree with the two who told Bill #2 not to worry about the skewed polling…

    If they show the true numbers, it’ll be harder to pull off a stolen election. I’m uncomfortable with what I’ve been hearing, especially this AM that this could be the tightest race ever.

    The numbers must show him getting clobbered. He’ll steal it otherwise.

  • RealMc

    Imagine the nedia outcry had that been 2 white girls and a black man receiving the beating……

    Al and Jesse CRICKETS the size of elephants……..

  • Ron?

    A lot more to come folks. When the first gay,black and muslim president and his troop get evicted from the peoples house you’re going to see a nationwide “Chimpout” and the MSM will be out there crying voter intimidation, disenfranchisement, hanging chads e.t.c. and inciting this type of behavior. Funny how those same trumpeters of racial harmony won’t let their pretty little white wives and daughters do outreach work in “Da hood” to prove that they aren’t racists, and send their precious lilly white children to elite private schools instead of public schools.

  • YT-owes-me

    @#25 gregor

    Thats ok. I gotta .45 and I “don’t leave home without it”.

  • Flintstone F.

    How low is your self esteem when you beat up a disabled person?

    Blacks have been told by liberals/dems/black race baiters, for decades that they are oppressed, they don’t fit in and they need help to make it through.

    We know it’s all bull crap but when people feel like an outsider they can develop feelings of being slighted and down trodden. Social behavior from that standpoint can often be aggressive and unusually antagonistic. Overly defensive.

    Some younger blacks are striking out in response to the perceived wrongs society has saddled them with. Again, it’s all bull crap. Funny how it all seems to come to a head with the post-racial president.

    About 3 1/2 months left people. Hang in there.

    PS — I just noticed how familiar the “O” in Solyndra is.

  • RCL

    Cry me a river Flintstone. Only a college education could make you stupid enough to think these feral bitches are “striking out in response to perceived wrongs”. That’s funnier than John Sununu and Andrea Mitchell.

    These are little racist thugs raised by stupid, uneducated racist trash. Well meaning, self-loathing intellectual chumps like you create excuses for yourselves to do nothing. You are a racist too. Not only have you trapped negroes in a box of inferiority but you’re too ashamed of being white to stand up for what’s right.

    A conservative oikophobe. Breitbart is scowling at you.

  • Why didn’t these girls go to Fox News and wait for Beckel to come out, he loves this kind of stuff.
    Just make sure his check don’t bounce.

  • sablegsd

    Kinda makes me wish there were even more black babies being aborted.

    I am beyond sick of these racist feral N I G G A S and their mindless violence.

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  • Taqiyyotomist

    Hello, Moby.

  • kato

    Another animal that hasn’t been housebroken in a country filthy with them. What a blight.

  • Stonedome

    I know 9 times out of 10 it is understood, but why doesn’t the headline say “black teenage girls”? No reason to disparage girls of other races…

  • Flintstone F.


    Bite me. You’re an idiot.

    I said:
    Blacks have been told by liberals/dems/black race baiters, for decades that they are oppressed, they don’t fit in and they need help to make it through.

    Do you disagree with this statement? Do you believe as I do that liberalism destroyed the black family? If so, by what means was that destruction done? Demoralization. Eliminate the need for the black man in the family by implementing welfare programs that pay for women to stay single. Among a myriad of other “do it for the kids” type income transfers they justify by telling these people that they’re hated and intentionally kept down by evil corporate America.

    There’s no doubt these people in this video are racist. I’m quite aware there are people in the world who hate white people.

    So are you saying a college education is bad? A real conservative would never denounce higher education out of some irrational spite of higher education. You could use some book learnin’ yersef.

    Since you are incapable of comprehending what you read, I’m going to correctly assert that your last insult is completely irrelevant.

    Again, you’re an idiot (you said):

    Well meaning, self-loathing intellectual chumps like you create excuses for yourselves to do nothing. You are a racist too. Not only have you trapped negroes in a box of inferiority but you’re too ashamed of being white to stand up for what’s right.

    (Your tiny brain must be hurting).

    First, I’m not an intellectual and it takes a real man to call someone a chump online. What excuse did I create? I do nothing (suggestions)? Negroes? Box? Huh?

    You make absolutely no sense.

    You call me a racist for objectively seeing the cause of the degradation of the black family. You call me a racist simply because you can’t make the next logical connection to why these people have feelings of inferiority. There is a reason for it you dip. And most of the people here understand that it is the manipulations of liberals and the democrat party. Once again Einstein, what did liberals and the democrats manipulate? Emotions.

    I apologize for not being a “true” conservative like you. I’ll be sure to dumb it down and spew next time. Moron.

  • democraps suck

    Gee what a surprise…more ghetto pieces of $hit attack whitey….

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  • obama’s racists

    Its a Obama world—RACISTS thugs! Always a victim…get free parking, free food stamps, free
    education(Howard University school loans defaulted 3 times).Chicago is a WAR ZONE they are killing each other. When Africnsa ran off white farmers they burnt the factories down for fire wood! Still today they DO NOT have a universal language! And we are the enemy? Remember Katrina? They do not care about the country they just want to be taken care of! Hatti? We have sent money over & over & over it doesn’t work!! Democrats love WELFARE-keep people down keep people victims….I am sick of the attacks! This white house PROMOTES RACISM against whites!

  • Conservative Mark

    Well, when the KKK comes back with a vengance in MO you lil black bastards better not be cyring to the world about. You brought it upon youselves.

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