Mark Levin Calls on ABC to Fire Brian Ross and George Stephanopoulos (Video)

On Friday, after the horrible massacre at the Colorado theater, ABC’s Brian Ross, during a Good Morning America segment with co-host George Stephanopoulos, wrongly accused a Tea Party member of being the mass murderer.

Last night conservative radio host Mark Levin called on ABC to fire Brian Ross and Stephanopoulos.
NewsBusters reported:

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  • Patty

    Sorry, as much as I respect Mark Levin, that isn’t going to happen. It should but won’t.

  • Ghost

    Conservatives, make a stand:
    1) turn off the TV, really.
    2) understand that those people are malevolent, really.
    a) they know the power they have, they cannot be shamed

    YOU must remove yourself from them

  • dwd

    The ACTUAL Tea Partier James Holmes should sue. He’s over twice the age (52) and a different race (Hispanic) than the white 24 year old shooter. Confusing those two is impossible, and ABC’s reporting was unethical, negligent, and perhaps even malicious (with intent to make the story fit their political narrative).

  • Jerry M

    Let them stay. The more the public hears from these fools, the less credibility they have. This is Dan Rather revisited.

  • Conservative Ken

    It’s high time heads roll!

    The Liberals are frothing at the mouth for a Tea Party killer. They will find one if they have to make it happen out of thin air.

    These are the people who create Tea Party racism by planting an operative at rally’s in a KKK shirt.

    These are the people who cost Rush Limbaugh his Rams ownership bid by using a fake racist quote. YEAH Burwell, I’m talking about you!

    Now they try to pin the Colorado shooting on the Tea Party.

    Will they lose their jobs at ABC? sadly no, but we should never forget and throw this up in their miserable faces every chance we get!

  • GotFreedom

    Everyone needs to contact ABC to tell them that these 2 must go and that this type of so-called “reporting” will not be tolerated and then change the channel America.

    Network Programming Feedback-ABC News:

    You can call them and tell them what you think. Their number is 212-456-7777.

    And don’t forget to contact their Parent Company-Disney (especially if you are a shareholder) and let them know how you feel about this type of irresponsible reporting as well.

  • Fuquay Steve

    There are consequences to stupidity – an extended contract by the main stream media.

  • Tired Okie

    AMEN!!! #2 Ghost!! Just shut the damn tv off. Disconnect the cable and don’t hook it up except for bad weather reports. Don’t watch their news, their so called sit-coms, and their sports with their liberal media. I’m not even going to watch the olympics–nothing but political hype anyway like the nobel peace prize-just junk. Divorce them!!! Go for a walk, a ride in the country, fishing, anything but tv.

  • donh

    They KNOW everything about James Homes from the minute he was arrested …The data bases this government has….They can tell you what this man had for lunch on April 20. How many times he wipes his a$$ a day….all his credit card transactions….They KNOW this butcher is one of theirs…The government was investing in this man …..hoping to put him in charge of your lives..Letting James Holmes decide which embryo can be born and which is potentially defective to be aborted……… and so they wont let you know a damn thing about him of any substance…because Holmes damages the classified Dr Mengele genetic engineering agenda marching along under Obamacare…… The government intentionally pointed the finger at Tea Party knowing it was false . Now its about dismissing Holmes as an isolated mentally ill nobody……. Amazing how all that collectivce group think ” nobody made it on their own ” bunk disappears when a Satanist outs himself in complete melt down. Amazing how the CONSERVATIVE media goes along with it too ….afraid to connect Holmes to a larger cultural movement threatening our way of life.

  • Redwine

    Levin is correct. Instead of providing the public with responsible journalism (i.e. telling unbiased news stories), the MSM is rife with leftist political operatives and propagandists. (Stephanopoulos was never a journalist, he was a Clinton political adviser.) TV anchors like Ross don’t tell the news. They editorialize. They skew the news according to their political persuasion. Therefore, they deliberately misrepresent themselves in order to deceive the public, all with the approval and collusion of the corporations they work for.

    It’s not enough to just say that you should click off the news (and I haven’t subscribed to cable for years and don’t own a TV). These political operatives posing as newsmen must be held accountable for betraying the trust of the public – a job they are paid fantastic sums to do. Just as Dan Rather was thrown out for deliberately lying, Ross needs to go.

  • Indiana

    “The Great One” is right once again!

  • midusdew

    totally calculated miss reporting. Fire the bums!

  • bg


    i like his resolve..

    keep at em Mr. Levin,

    never surrender!!


  • I’m not a Racist; I don’t like Biden or Pelosi either

    Since the Tea Party James Holmes was hispanic, ABC’s story must have been racially motivated!

    Now THAT might get them fired.

  • bg
  • bg


    July 20, 2012 – via BB

    Hispanic Tea Party Member Falsely Accused by ABC

    [He described his recent decision to join the Tea Party Patriots:

    I felt a general dissatisfaction with what I guess I like to characterize as
    the establishment Republicans. I had been to Republican conventions to
    try to get involved, to see who I could join or get aligned with. I wanted to
    be effective in changing the outcome for my country. I wouldn’t say I was
    stonewalled, nobody answered me in the Republican Party — not a soul
    would contact me. I even paid to get involved with the Colorado Hispanic
    Republicans and nothing happened. The only people that would really be
    open and honest and invite me to participate were the Tea Party Patriots.
    I had offers to come to this lecture and that lecture, and offers to come to
    trainings, so it was something that felt like it was politically active.


  • Taqiyyotomist


    “Well, see.. the thing is… we do that and then our families get killed and all that…”

    What they can’t say.

  • Limousine Barry

    What’s wrong!

    I told David Axelrod to find one of my true blue MSM cronies and smear the Taxpayers. David Axelrod got on speed-dial with Brain Ross and the smear attack was put into motion. It’s that simple!

    Let me be clear, I do not take responsibly for Brian Ross picking some guy out of hat with the same name of the murder and smearing the Taxpayers. I have at least one degree of separation between David Axelrod and Brian Ross. I am safe!

    Worse, my attack dogs embarrassed me. But, we are still trying to find away to spin this against the Taxpayers or at least cause a distraction from my chity economic policies!

    If you like the way I smear the people with my pocket cronies – vote for me! Send $30.00 to me before midnight! My campaign sucks!

    My pig of bus is over-heating and David Axelrod and new scam to inflict upon my MSM donors. It involves the bottomless pit scam. These grossly over paid Talking Heads in my MSM have plenty of money to donate to me. Besides, they always vote for me. I say screw them for all they are worth! I cannot answer any more questions. Good day.

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