Lib Senator Promises to Reintroduce Gun Control Legislation In Wake Of Colorado Shooting

It begins…
Liberal Senator Frank Lautenberg promised to reintroduce gun control legislation in the wake of Friday’s Aurora theater shooting.

Last year following the Giffords’ shooting in Arizona Lautenberg introduced anti-gun legislation. He later talked with CNN about the importance of taking high-capacity gun magazines off the market.

Mediaite reported:

Despite all of the calls not to politicize the Colorado shootings last night, gun control advocates have been demanding that politicians use it as an opportunity to take action on national gun laws. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence said earlier that they “don’t want sympathy” from President Obama and Mitt Romney, they “want action.” It is with all of this in mind that New Jersey senator Frank Lautenberg is planning on reintroducing gun control legislation on the Senate floor to limit high-capacity magazines.

According to The Huffington Post, Lautenberg brought similar legislation to the floor following last year’s shooting in Arizona involving former congresswoman Gabby Giffords. At the time, Lautenberg said that “the only reason to have 33 bullets loaded in a handgun is to kill a lot of people very quickly” and pledged that he would introduce legislation to ban high-capacity ammunition clips.

Lautenburg’s office sent this statement to the Post earlier today:

“If reports are correct and a high-capacity gun magazine was used to commit these awful murders, Senator Lautenberg will absolutely renew his effort to limit the availability of this dangerous firearm attachment.”

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  • sean

    How about countering this by introducing a law making it illegal to restrict legal gun owners with proper licenses from carrying in a movie theater.

  • Remco Kimber

    O thanks. That’s just what we need. More of the hare-brained thinking of a northeast liberal. That thinking’s done so much to enhance our lives.

  • Diane Harvey

    I got a better idea. Requiring every able bodied man to carry heat.

  • Swifty

    How about legislation to forbid a president and his party from creating so much uncertainty in the job markets that people with great education and experience can’t get a job and see no hope in the distant future?

  • MrGoodWench

    The inspiration and guidelines for this plot came from Hollywood.
    Ban Hollywood

  • Economan

    How about a law that imprisons any Marxist jerk who wants to remove the 2nd Amendment? It’s NON-NEGOTIABLE.

  • Steve

    The events in Aurora, Colorado, though tragic like other events such as this in the past, is always a clarion call to the anti-gun establishment. It has ceased to amaze me that these groups never consider that it doesn’t matter how many gun laws are on the books, or their absurd want to ban them in their entirety. Someone who has it set in their mind to cause mayhem and senseless destruction, doesn’t care about breaking the law; if they want to get their hands on a firearm, they will get one, regardless of the law.

    Aurora, Colorado was deemed a “gun free zone” by the city council. Anti-gun advocates can point and wag the finger of accusation at the person, as well as the gun. On the flip side of the coin, however, what happened in Aurora can be laid at the city council’s feet. It boggles any rational person’s mind how this notion that taking firearms from law abiding Americans is somehow morally superior to the right of one’s self defense, the defense of his or her family, friends or just innocent bystanders.

    There are countless stories of people, who have concealed carry permits, have stopped some form of criminal activity. I am not asserting that if Aurora was not a gun free zone that this tragedy could have been stopped. If Aurora was not a gun free zone, then all it would have taken is for one person, who was carrying, to be in the right place, at the right time.

  • RS

    How’s that gun-free theater rule working out?

    Senator, this guy built BOMBS
    Would you have preferred he used an IED in the theater???


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  • snap boy

    Honestly, NJ, you should be ashamed. Just like Bobby Byrd and Strom Thurmond, Lautenberg has outserved his competence, and NJ isn’t even considered a backwoods state. My concern with gun control is that when government employees are the only ones empowered to carry guns you eventually end up like Iran or Syria or North Korea.

  • Granny

    #3 July 21, 2012 at 6:05 pm
    Diane Harvey commented:

    I got a better idea. Requiring every able bodied man to carry heat.

    Thanks honey. I’ve never for a day in my life depended on a man to protect me and it will be a cold day that I will. I’m perfectly capable of packing my own, thanks.

  • Greg

    The entertainment media created this disaster and need to be held accountable for instilling in the minds of impressionable folks that it is normal to kill and maim and kill and kill. Short magazines would not have changed the outcome. With 30 bombs manufactured this evil person could have killed many more than 12. Until the entertainment media feels accountable perverse logic will be transferred to the weakest members of society. Any one hear what the producer of Batman had to say…..

  • rangerrebew

    I’ve got a better idea, pass a bill that makes senile, decrepit old men too weak to carry a weapon inelligible to serve in congress. Lautenberg, to borrow a term from Don Rickles, looks like a fugitive from the wax museum. What he once used at night to give women delight has become the old speaker’s limp leaker. Its time for a death panel to put him out of his misery, and America’s hair.

  • Fuquay Steve

    What took him so long? Out of ex lax?

  • Aggie95

    Jackass ….. no one can argue that gun rights have been restricted of late … fact by any level of measurement gun laws have become far less restrictive over the last decade ….so what has happened over the last decade ….I know for a fact that according to the FBI the number of homicides committed in the U.S have fallen in each and every one of the last 5 years …..why

  • Ryan

    Never one to let a crisis go to waste it seems.

  • HH

    How did this proceed to so many being killed? Victim mentality. According to initial and follow-up reports, everyone in the theatre was trying to flee. Everyone was trying to flee- in a crowded theatre. Even unarmed, if the forward few rows, or a significant numnber of perople in them, had rushed the perp immediately upon realizing what was going down, they’d have taken him down. Yep, a few would have been killed. A lot fewer, with a lot fewer woundings.

    Everyone fled. Pitiful. You’d thing the theatre was in Norway.

  • bobdog

    Next, they’ll probably start whining about making it illegal to booby-trap your own house.

    Or to make it illegal to use a firearm in the commission of mass shooting.

    The best solution is to outlaw pandering by members of Congress. Make it a hate crime.

  • Twinsonic

    Lautenburg, the crypt keeper rises from the dead….one blow and he breaks in pieces. Now go back to you crypt, shut the lid, and go back to sleep……..

  • http://Gateway fightinggranny

    Just like you, Sen Lautenburg, there are other crazy people in the world and your proposal will not help. Unlike you, this gent was smart and crazy.