Lib Senator Promises to Reintroduce Gun Control Legislation In Wake Of Colorado Shooting

It begins…
Liberal Senator Frank Lautenberg promised to reintroduce gun control legislation in the wake of Friday’s Aurora theater shooting.

Last year following the Giffords’ shooting in Arizona Lautenberg introduced anti-gun legislation. He later talked with CNN about the importance of taking high-capacity gun magazines off the market.

Mediaite reported:

Despite all of the calls not to politicize the Colorado shootings last night, gun control advocates have been demanding that politicians use it as an opportunity to take action on national gun laws. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence said earlier that they “don’t want sympathy” from President Obama and Mitt Romney, they “want action.” It is with all of this in mind that New Jersey senator Frank Lautenberg is planning on reintroducing gun control legislation on the Senate floor to limit high-capacity magazines.

According to The Huffington Post, Lautenberg brought similar legislation to the floor following last year’s shooting in Arizona involving former congresswoman Gabby Giffords. At the time, Lautenberg said that “the only reason to have 33 bullets loaded in a handgun is to kill a lot of people very quickly” and pledged that he would introduce legislation to ban high-capacity ammunition clips.

Lautenburg’s office sent this statement to the Post earlier today:

“If reports are correct and a high-capacity gun magazine was used to commit these awful murders, Senator Lautenberg will absolutely renew his effort to limit the availability of this dangerous firearm attachment.”

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  • sean

    How about countering this by introducing a law making it illegal to restrict legal gun owners with proper licenses from carrying in a movie theater.

  • Remco Kimber

    O thanks. That’s just what we need. More of the hare-brained thinking of a northeast liberal. That thinking’s done so much to enhance our lives.

  • Diane Harvey

    I got a better idea. Requiring every able bodied man to carry heat.

  • Swifty

    How about legislation to forbid a president and his party from creating so much uncertainty in the job markets that people with great education and experience can’t get a job and see no hope in the distant future?

  • MrGoodWench

    The inspiration and guidelines for this plot came from Hollywood.
    Ban Hollywood

  • Economan

    How about a law that imprisons any Marxist jerk who wants to remove the 2nd Amendment? It’s NON-NEGOTIABLE.

  • Steve

    The events in Aurora, Colorado, though tragic like other events such as this in the past, is always a clarion call to the anti-gun establishment. It has ceased to amaze me that these groups never consider that it doesn’t matter how many gun laws are on the books, or their absurd want to ban them in their entirety. Someone who has it set in their mind to cause mayhem and senseless destruction, doesn’t care about breaking the law; if they want to get their hands on a firearm, they will get one, regardless of the law.

    Aurora, Colorado was deemed a “gun free zone” by the city council. Anti-gun advocates can point and wag the finger of accusation at the person, as well as the gun. On the flip side of the coin, however, what happened in Aurora can be laid at the city council’s feet. It boggles any rational person’s mind how this notion that taking firearms from law abiding Americans is somehow morally superior to the right of one’s self defense, the defense of his or her family, friends or just innocent bystanders.

    There are countless stories of people, who have concealed carry permits, have stopped some form of criminal activity. I am not asserting that if Aurora was not a gun free zone that this tragedy could have been stopped. If Aurora was not a gun free zone, then all it would have taken is for one person, who was carrying, to be in the right place, at the right time.

  • RS

    How’s that gun-free theater rule working out?

    Senator, this guy built BOMBS
    Would you have preferred he used an IED in the theater???


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  • snap boy

    Honestly, NJ, you should be ashamed. Just like Bobby Byrd and Strom Thurmond, Lautenberg has outserved his competence, and NJ isn’t even considered a backwoods state. My concern with gun control is that when government employees are the only ones empowered to carry guns you eventually end up like Iran or Syria or North Korea.

  • Granny

    #3 July 21, 2012 at 6:05 pm
    Diane Harvey commented:

    I got a better idea. Requiring every able bodied man to carry heat.

    Thanks honey. I’ve never for a day in my life depended on a man to protect me and it will be a cold day that I will. I’m perfectly capable of packing my own, thanks.

  • Greg

    The entertainment media created this disaster and need to be held accountable for instilling in the minds of impressionable folks that it is normal to kill and maim and kill and kill. Short magazines would not have changed the outcome. With 30 bombs manufactured this evil person could have killed many more than 12. Until the entertainment media feels accountable perverse logic will be transferred to the weakest members of society. Any one hear what the producer of Batman had to say…..

  • rangerrebew

    I’ve got a better idea, pass a bill that makes senile, decrepit old men too weak to carry a weapon inelligible to serve in congress. Lautenberg, to borrow a term from Don Rickles, looks like a fugitive from the wax museum. What he once used at night to give women delight has become the old speaker’s limp leaker. Its time for a death panel to put him out of his misery, and America’s hair.

  • Fuquay Steve

    What took him so long? Out of ex lax?

  • Jackass ….. no one can argue that gun rights have been restricted of late … fact by any level of measurement gun laws have become far less restrictive over the last decade ….so what has happened over the last decade ….I know for a fact that according to the FBI the number of homicides committed in the U.S have fallen in each and every one of the last 5 years …..why

  • Never one to let a crisis go to waste it seems.

  • HH

    How did this proceed to so many being killed? Victim mentality. According to initial and follow-up reports, everyone in the theatre was trying to flee. Everyone was trying to flee- in a crowded theatre. Even unarmed, if the forward few rows, or a significant numnber of perople in them, had rushed the perp immediately upon realizing what was going down, they’d have taken him down. Yep, a few would have been killed. A lot fewer, with a lot fewer woundings.

    Everyone fled. Pitiful. You’d thing the theatre was in Norway.

  • bobdog

    Next, they’ll probably start whining about making it illegal to booby-trap your own house.

    Or to make it illegal to use a firearm in the commission of mass shooting.

    The best solution is to outlaw pandering by members of Congress. Make it a hate crime.

  • Twinsonic

    Lautenburg, the crypt keeper rises from the dead….one blow and he breaks in pieces. Now go back to you crypt, shut the lid, and go back to sleep……..

  • Just like you, Sen Lautenburg, there are other crazy people in the world and your proposal will not help. Unlike you, this gent was smart and crazy.

  • dba…vagabond trader

    Come on, this guy is actually emblamed isn’t he? No breathing human looks like that.

    As for gun control, I suggest more range time. 😀

  • RB_Murican

    Granny I don’t know ya but I love ya!

  • bg
  • theBuckWheat

    Notice the frequent reminders of the massacre at Columbine High School. The
    other commonality is that in both cases, bombs and/or destructive devices
    were left behind as part of the plan and in both cases the media focused on
    refining laws that prohibited possession of firearms and paid no attention
    to laws prohibiting destructive devices.

  • bg
  • Bustr

    Scores of people die on America’s roadways every day.

    Lets set the speed limit down to 20 mph and ban cars that can go faster.

  • Barracuda

    I really really hate elitist scum who think they have the right to force the rest of us to toe their idiotic ideological line on how people should live. If a man commits murder using a car, does that mean we should outlaw driving?

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    When the day arrives that I can draw a police officer out of my holster faster than a handgun, that’ll be the day that I’ll agree that handguns are no longer needed. Until then, I will continue believe otherwise.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Ain’t it nice to know what liberals think of you?

    One guy goes on a murderous rampage, and after the fact, they look to restrict the rights of everyone else as a result. In other words, THEY DON’T TRUST YOU.

    The one amusing aspect of this is that at the same time, they want you to vote for them.

  • Militant conservative

    Gee, sure glad I have 700+

    Rounds loaded for my AR in a

    Battle vest. Thing is I’m

    scared of my government and

    The 16000 new agents with

    Remington 800 shotguns with

    Shorter than 18″ barrels.

    I’m ready for you, as well as

    The theatre nut. I carry every

    Day just cuz I fear you. You

    gonna be ready for me?!

    I doubt it, you’ll kill me but

    gonna eff u up hard. Many of

    You. Come vet some, I have

    Friends too.

  • Sasja

    Libs have no sense. They are incapable of rational thought. Actually, they don’t “think”, they react emotionally. Any area that is declared a gun-free zone becomes target-rich for the criminal element. I never leave my weapon behind. That little decal in the window telling me no guns allowed is ignored. No self-serving, sniffling lib is going to make me a target.

    I am sure Diane @#3, did not mean to offend. Although in this day and age, more and more people seem to be offended at anything said or written. I like to see well-armed men myself.

    Is he, or isn’t he? Is the mass murderer really nuts, or just pretending?

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  • greenfairie

    I work in my county DA’s office. I’ve worked on FAR more vehicular manslaughter cases than any homicides or attempted homicides involving a gun. The movie theater had a no weapons policy in place and all that prevented was law abiding people from being able to defend themselves.

    We don’t need gun control. We need psycho control.

  • Am I the only one that does not remember any “gun control” hysteria after Former Maj. Nidal Hassan KILLED 13 People?????

    Is it different when the crime is committed by a member of a protected species???

    Farking hypocritcal bastards.

  • Joanne

    Do these idiots actually believe that criminals who commit or will commit murder can’t get these guns? Non law-abiding citizens don’t give a rat’s butt about gun laws. The gun advocates should be pushing that if that nutjob thought there would be gun-toting people in that theatre, he wouldn’t have never opened fire. Let’s remember he protected himself to the hilt – he did not want to die; he just wanted to murder. Taking guns out of the hands of the gun responsible people just means they won’t be able to protect themselves and their families, while criminals will have the upperhand in every situation.

  • Joanne

    Requiring all able-bodied men to carry a gun, does not mean a woman can’t carry a gun – it would just be optional…at least that is how I took the comment. Not all women are comfortable carrying a gun; whereas, men might be more prone to not find it objectionable. I don’t think you need everyone to carry a gun, you just need the criminals to think that some may be carrying guns.

  • Patty
  • valerie
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  • valerie

    When I lived in Chicago, there was a news story about some thugs that got on a bus and started making trouble. And, and old man pulled a gun out, and told them to get off the bus. They did.

    And that was the end of the incident.

    In this case, the thugs and the old man were black.

    Just sayin’

  • Sasja

    #34 July 21, 2012 at 7:26 pm commented:
    Am I the only one that does not remember any “gun control” hysteria after Former Maj. Nidal Hassan KILLED 13 People?????

    Now that you bring it up. I don’t recall any such hysteria either. Love your “protected species” comment.

  • Glam

    #35 Joanne said, “Non law-abiding citizens don’t give a rat’s butt about gun laws.”

    Uhhhh, wasn’t Mr. Holmes a law abiding citizen when he purchased all those guns? No criminal record, yet TADA! bought an armory!

  • Lightwave

    This would never pass the House.

    This would never pass Constitutional muster with the Supreme Court.

    Why is Sen. Lautenberg wasting America’s time with a bill that is doomed?

  • Sasja


    While we are focused on the atrocity in Aurora, there are those still in Bammy’s crosshairs:

  • Patty


    Dana Milbank Hurls McCarthyism to Shield Obama from Criticism

    […]Here’s Milbank at work. Tell me this isn’t a bald-faced act of McCarthyism against Mitt Romney:

    On an official Mitt Romney campaign conference call this week, former New Hampshire governor John Sununu tested the latest effort to paint the commander in chief as disloyal to his country.

    “I wish this president would learn how to be an American,” the Romney surrogate said.

    Sununu, challenged, later apologized for the words — but not the sentiment. And that’s not good enough.

    It’s not good enough because Sununu, like other prominent Republicans, is winking at those conservatives who continue to make the claim, often race-based, that President Obama is something un-American, something “other” than the rest of us. On Thursday, two days after Sununu’s attack, Romney himself said that Obama lacks “an understanding of what it is that makes America such a unique nation.”

    Sununu and Romney are legitimizing people such as Cliff Kincaid. Also on Thursday, Kincaid convened his annual conference at the National Press Club for conspiracy-minded conservatives, this one about Obama and “Radical Islam.” [..]

  • Sasja

    And, no, I am not equating what happened in Colorado to what is happening to Romney donors. Just thought we all need a little update on other things once in a while.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Well, the Lib Gubment is either taking advantage of this situation, or they’re in it somehow. The whole Giffords thing fell through and so did Fast and Furious. Nobody was clamoring for gun laws following those incidents.

    Criminals and psychos are very adept at getting guns, legal or not. The LAW doesn’t stop them because they’re criminals or psychos. Logic 101. So they’ll still have them. Or they’ll run into theaters with a hatchet or knives or explosives or toxic chemicals.

    One or two concealed carries could have taken him down or disabled him from this mass murder.

    Good people need to be able to defend themselves. It’s la-la land to think that if guns are outlawed, the outlaws won’t find a way to get them. DUH.

    In a world where technology has enabled such weaponry, then we’re stuck with it and the citizenry needs to be able to protect itself.

    But the second amendment was TO PROTECT OURSELVES FROM GOVERNMENT. As great a country as we have, government cannot be trusted if the citizens don’t comprise the largest army–the last line of defense against a criminal government. That’s why all the libs really want these laws–to disarm their potential opponents.

    Vote Romney. He has respect for the Constitution and for the people of the United States.

    With people like the O-Beast and Neapolitano and Holder in power, you’ve got the TSA etc.

    This story more than any other made me think I need to protect my family with responsible gun ownership and training.

    Just sayin’.

    Just sayin’.

  • donh

    When death calls for a vulcher to circle overhead….Senator Rottingturd takes flight.

  • jainphx

    An armed society is a polite society, Mr Williams carried, and stopped two thugs from robbing and hurting anyone. The government doesn’t want this, they would rather let the idiots open fire in a theater than to have a whole citizen army armed to stop nuts.

  • I’m not a Racist; I don’t like Biden or Pelosi either

    Some interesting stats on gun control:

    Some myths about gun control:

    And a really interesting article on the Canadian Gun Registry fiasco:

    “The exploding costs of the registry made headlines even in the city papers. Gary A. Mauser, a Professor Emeritus at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, has also looked deeply into the costs. He says, “John Lott and I added up the costs and found that, in total, the Canadian government spent about $2.7 billion on this failed experiment.” That’s more than 20 times what it was forecast to cost.”

    And one final note of interest: guns are “illegal” in Mexico.

  • Limousine Barry

    I agree with my fellow liberal democrat Senator Frank Lautenberg. We need to take way typical White Clinger’s guns… and give them to Mexican Gangs.

    Let me be clear, gun control works! All movie theaters should be gun free. There were over 100 people in that theater who played by the “gun-free” rules. Only one person did not.

    Judging by the number of people killed or injured we can expect the same results with more gun control!

    Although my campaign sucks, I think David Axelrod could spin this into a major campaign issue! Or, at least a distraction from my crappy economic policies.

    My bus is belching soot and David Axelrod has a new scam to inflict upon my Hollywood donors. It’s the crying game scam. I cannot go into details at this time. Besides Hollywood donors always vote for me anyway. So why not give them a wedgie and steal their money? They have lots of it. Good day.

  • darcy

    Forget the Lautenberg attack on our Second Amendment Rights, why don’t we beef up our First Amendment Rights and re-introduce the display of the Ten Commandment in our nations’ public schools.

    As in: Thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not covet. You know, give the consciences of our impressionable young something to ponder on in replace of the nihilistic relativism that passes for “the enlightened, progressive mindset” these days.

  • Joanne

    #42 Glam – Just because Holmes bought guns through legal channels does not mean he couldn’t buy them through illegal means if he wanted them. It all depends on what kind of person wants to get guns and through what means they’ll go to to get them. Someone intent on murder will get guns one way or the other, but law-abiding people who are unable to own a gun because of gun laws probably will never bother to buy a gun illegally, but a person intent on killing or breaking the law will.

  • I’m not a Racist; I don’t like Biden or Pelosi either

    re: OT (#45) Patty
    I just sent the following email to Dana Milbank

    Your recent “nuttiness” article in the Washington Post made reference to McCarthyism tactics. Did you know that McCarthy was right, and that this fact is “widely accepted” even by the left? If you don’t believe me, read the book, “Blacklisted by History”, or at the very least check out the Publisher’s Weekly review of the book at

    A short excerpt from the review says: “Most scholars, having also used Soviet archives, concede his position”.

    If you’re going to make your living as a “journalist” you owe it to your readers to do your research before you publish an article.

    You might pass along the info to your cohorts as well. I see they are calling the recent revelations about Obama’s birth certificate “birther nonsense”. I assume that means nobody at the Washington Post bothered to read the press release & supporting data? If you had, you’d know that Arpaio did NOT say that Obama is not a citizen, just that the Birth Certificate is such an obvious forgery that any Judge in the country would not accept it.

    Anybody can be a cheerleader; it takes a person of real courage and character to be a journalist. You should try it sometime.

  • Stonedome

    Tell this old fart to hurry up and die…he’s one of the many reasons I moved out of socialist new jersey. What an utter fraud…just another rich leftist businessman like Bloomberg lording over the peasants

  • Sparky

    Funny how this incident coincides with the UN Global Gun Control Treaty vote being held July 27. The Dems will use any means to get all control out of the hands of the people.

    Wonder when Americans are going to realize just how dangerous the Obamas, Jarret, Napolitano, Axelrod and the rest of the Obama Marxist regime are?

  • Taqiyyotomist

    4-part educational video there, now.

    Read the top post, and the vids are a quick scroll down.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Not OT:

    Mirrored with permission:

    1. Obviously, I begin with the Aurora movie theater shootings, which illustrate a very, very important theological point. Satan is the prince of this world. Until the glorious coming of Christ, there is going to be evil in the world, and we humans can never, ever fully exterminate it. All we can do is mitigate it, minimize it, and contain it. Which brings us to the big point:
    Anyone who claims that they can totally eradicate evil in the world, anyone who claims that they can eradicate crime, eradicate poverty, eradicate illness and eradicate suffering IS A LIAR AND A FIEND. Anyone who claims that they can end all violence is trying to set themselves up over and against God, with the power of life and death over other human beings. Just give all of your guns over to them, and then everything will be utopic – you know, just like Chicago, where all of the law-abiding citizens are disarmed and the murder rate makes Chicago a more deadly place than Afghanistan. Or like Australia, where the citizens were disarmed a little over a decade ago, and where the murder rate subsequently TRIPLED as a result of that disarmament of the law-abiding populace.

    Anyone, especially clergy, who argues that disarming the populace will lead to “peace” betray the fact that they are de facto apostates and outright heretics. They prove that they believe THEMSELVES to be the source and generators of “heaven on earth”, they disbelieve the Scriptures which make clear hundreds of times that satan is the prince of this world, and that crime, evil acts, illnesses and poverty will exist in this world until Christ returns in glory to judge it.

    They betray the fact that they either do not know what peace is, or they do know and are intentionally deceiving people as to the true meaning of the word. Peace is the perfect and full application of justice. Let me say that again: PEACE is the PERFECT and FULL application of JUSTICE.

    Now, I want you to explain to me how there can ever be peace when all of the good, law-abiding citizens are disarmed, and the only people who are armed are the criminals and the tyrannical, psychopathic oligarchs. Please. Enlighten me.

    Is it that that your seminary instruction, oh clergy, was so homosexualist, so shallow, so effete and so devoid of any logic or reason that you actually believe that “peace” means “merely quiet”? Or is it that you, in your self-loathing and desperation for money and worldly approval and acceptance, actually WANT this culture to be exterminated, want to see a Marxist tyranny, and want to position yourselves for a seat at that table of power? And are you actually so stupid as to think that you will ever be granted such? Are you so stupid that you don’t even realize that YOU will be betrayed and killed by the very psychopath oligarchs that you lay awake at night mancrushing on and fantasizing about being “friends” with?

    They betray the fact that they do not believe in the Golden Rule, which makes our love for our neighbor WHOLLY CONTINGENT ON FIRST LOVING OURSELVES. The most fundamental manifestation of self-love is being willing to defend one’s own life. Any priest or clergy who tells you that you must be disarmed is telling you that Christ’s Blood, shed for you, is meaningless, because you are meaningless and should not even be permitted to defend your own life. That priest or clergy is telling you, in a roundabout way, that he does not believe in the Eucharist – he does not believe than man becomes in himself a tabernacle, physically containing the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in his person, and the dignity thus imparted by such.

    The right to physically defend yourself, your loved ones, and your fellow man is utterly fundamental to Christianity. Without the intrinsic dignity of human life, Christianity disintegrates into tyranny. In this world today, self-defense requires firearms. 2000 years ago, the technology of self-defense meant carrying a sword – just as the Apostles themselves wore to the Last Supper, and on to the Garden of Gethsemane. Only Marxists, or those who support Marxist tyrannies, would ever even suggest that man is called to dehumanize and loathe himself by rendering himself unable to defend himself. Only a Marxist demon would claim that man is capable of bringing about “heaven on earth”, and that if a man or group of men is only given enough power, and rendered enough submission, that man can do what God has not yet done: casting into hell satan and all evil spirits who prowl throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.

    There is only one thing that men of good will can do to in any way offset or mitigate demonic actions like those of James Holmes: love God, themselves, and their fellow man enough to never leave home without a firearm.

    2. Which brings us to Holmes himself. I don’t think Holmes is insane per se. Holmes was able to function in graduate school in a very complex field: neuroscience. He had no criminal history up to this point. People who are insane cannot function in society. Words have meaning – don’t let the Marxist media twist words.

    I think Holmes is demonically possessed, and that we should all expect to see things like this happen with exponentially increased frequency as satan reacquires the formerly consecrated landmasses of Christendom, namely North America and Europe.

    Holmes engaged in at least two activities which are massive “gateways” to demonic possession. Holmes was a drug user, and he consumed pornography. Now, you may be thinking that people have been smoking weed and looking at porn for forty years in the U.S. and it didn’t cause them to be demonically possessed or go shoot up a movie theater. In fact, judging by my readership demographics which is mostly men aged 45-75, I’ll bet many of you reading this both smoked weed and looked at porn when you were younger.

    The difference now, and why you were able to maybe “get away” with those sins back in the ’60, ’70s and ’80s is because this landmass was still consecrated ground back then. God was still shedding His grace on us, and we were very much supernaturally protected from the demonic. Even when people would do things like get high on drugs or look at porn, thus throwing open the doors of their hearts to evil, full-on demonic possesion almost never happened because we were being defended.

    Not so any longer. This nation and culture has officially told God to get the hell out, and ever the Gentleman, He has indeed withdrawn His overarching, aggregate protection. At this point, many might say, “How could a loving God possibly withdraw Himself and allow satan to destroy people’s lives?”

    I would answer with another question: How could a loving God NOT withdraw? How could a loving God NOT exact justice? How could a loving God continue to REWARD a group of people who HATE HIM, and who relish in evil themselves? How could a loving God not chastise those whom He loves? How could a loving God not honor the sovereignty of mankind, since sovereignty and personal freedom is absolutely required for man to love God in return? If we tell God that we hate Him, or are completely indifferent to Him, how could He, loving us infinitely as He does, NOT withdraw, knowing how far gone we are, that the only way we will ever repent is to see what the absence of Him looks and feels like?

    If you haven’t read the Old Testament, read it now. The previous paragraph is pretty much the Cliff’s Notes of the Old Testament. You simply cannot understand the New Testament without having a thorough knowledge of the Old Testament. Conversely, the Old Testament not only becomes clear, but becomes incredibly instructive and consoling when read and understood through the lens of the New Testament.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    3. ABC news engaged in nothing less than a media lynching by reporting that James Holmes was a Tea Party person. There are over EIGHTY men named James Holmes in the Denver metro area. ABC News did what they did intentionally. I would remind you of how the same media treated the Ft. Hood massacre. They knew for a fact that Hassan was a musloid, but refused to report ANYTHING, saying, “We cannot jump to any conclusions. We don’t have all of the information yet.” ABC News took the name “James Holmes” and then went looking for a way to rhetorically tie the event to their enemies, which are white, Christian, American men. They found exactly that in the Tea Party fellow, and got the meme out into the media knowing that once the well was poisoned, the damage would be irreversible.

    I see lots of people talking about writing letters and boycotting this, that and the other. And I shake my head. Writing an angry letter to ABC complaining about this would be like writing an angry letter to Hitler, complaining about the behavior of Rudolf Hess. Brian Ross and Stephanopolous aren’t going to be fired. They performed exactly how their masters wanted them to perform. Both just accrued huge brownie points, and will likely be rewarded financially in some way for this.

    The solution to this is simple. I have been preaching it for years. All you have to do is CANCEL YOUR CABLE and STOP WATCHING TELEVISION. If you would just do that, you could end the media within a week. But you know what? None of you will do it. You all are so whipped and addicted to the Marxist agitprop, mind-numbing circuses and porn that you will never, ever go without TV. You know it’s true. You know that you aren’t even remotely man enough to pick up the phone right now, call the cable company, cancel your feed and then go unplug the cable from the back of your TVs, and do not hook up an antenna so you can’t even receive broadcast channels. And don’t you dare feed me the whiny bulls41t that you have to have cable in order to have internet. That is abject bull41it and we both know it. You can have an internet-only package. Even so, you can simply unplug the cable from the back of your TV. You are in total, complete, personal control of the situation. ANY attempt to claim that you “have to have it” is a despicable lie, and you will answer for it before Christ Crucified.

    If what ABC News did doesn’t merit a media strike, then I guess nothing ever will in your mind. Enjoy living on your knees before your Marxist-islamic masters, you pathetic, miserable slave.

  • my senator, he makes me so proud. you think he might want to disarm those few radical muslims he’s always telling me about.

  • CT

    The upside is that Senator Frank Lautenberg aka the cadaver will probably be dead before a law gets out of the senate.

  • owl

    WARNING: Clinton was re-elected on the back of Ok City. Do not let it happen again.

    He was down and out. OK City happened and he cried and said all that ugly, hate talk radio caused it. Our side shut down and shut up. Clinton and Dems won.

    This is what we can not allow to happen again. Obama will milk this to the heavens and convert into the uniter again. Love not hate. We must stop it immediately in it’s tracks.

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  • darcy

    As regards Ann Barnhardt’s strong suggestion that we cancel our cable and stop watching TV, check mark!

    I did this one year ago. You would not believe how peaceful my household is now because of it.

    End the addiction, people. Close the portal whereby the demonic media twists and turns every event to diminish Christianity, the white American male, and conservatives in general while lying to your faces about the glories of American-style communism.

  • It is long past time for the crusty old Lautenberg and his ilk to go. The Augean Stable needs a good flushing of this stale detritus.

    Americans are waking up. This time we’d better stay awake and get the job done. Clean the stable, so to speak, and make sure it’s free flushing from here out. How many generations have ignored the fetid stink emanating from Capitol Hill since the zenith of our society circa 1955? So many that we ended up electing the worst “president” in our nation’s history (worse than Wilson and FDR).

    We could very well lose our liberty this time around. It’s way too close for comfort. OUR generation must get the job done. And woe unto us if we don’t teach the next one coming up that freedom is “never more than one generation away from extinction…”

  • FurryGuy

    #43 July 21, 2012 at 8:04 pm
    Lightwave commented:

    Why is Sen. Lautenberg wasting America’s time with a bill that is doomed?

    If he didn’t waste time in knee-jerk feel-good pandering he and the rest of the Dems in the Senate might have to actually do something useful such as *GASP* passing a budget.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Uhhhh, wasn’t Mr. Holmes a law abiding citizen when he purchased all those guns? No criminal record, yet TADA! bought an armory!

    …Your point being what, exactly?

  • mcc

    #62 — owl sees it: “Obama Needs an Oklahoma Moment”

    Didn’t phase Tingles one bit…PERFECTLY NORMAL THING TO SAY…

    The sane want to puke…but they want it so “it’ll help him click with Americans…”

  • I’m not a Racist; I don’t like Biden or Pelosi either

    aside from the ‘protected species’ issue (funny!), the main difference between this and Fort Hood is that the Colorado massacre happened in an election year and Fort Hood didn’t.

    shades of ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’.

    BTW, Obama’s promise to hold off on the negative ads during this time of national mourning lasted less than one day. Saw his ‘mocking Romney singing’ ad a couple of hours ago, ironically while I was watching one of the Batman movies on TNT.

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  • sandbox

    As one who normally agrees with Jim Hoft’s point of view, I find it difficult to understand why so many posters, are opposed to an assualt weapons ban. I understand the right to and potential advantages to licensed hand guns (and even carry permits), and licensed weapons to go hunting. But why allow your average citizen to buy a machine gun or assault rifle?. Someone pls. explain or provide link.

  • Pugzi

    When only Democrats & criminals have guns, how safe will True Americans be?

  • creeper

    Big surprise.

    You know, it’s not much of a stretch to wonder if a government that has no compunctions about killing hundreds of Mexicans with illegal weapons would feel itself all that constrained against sacrificing a few dozen Americans to accomplish our disarmament.

  •………..don’t put anything pass this corrupt regime

  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    Yikes! Someone opened Laut’s coffin. Close it quick!

  • Beverly

    Look at Australia after they passed anti-gun legislation and people turned in their weapons. Crime statistics shot up overnight. Then there is Switzerland, where everyone is issued a gun and taught to use it. They also have one of the lowest crime rates in the measured world.

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  • When considering gun control in the wake of this tragedy, conservatives with media access need to constantly ask one question: How would events have been different if just one woman in the audience would have had a gun in her purse?

  • bg


    another great video from Runaway Slave, a project
    Andrew Breitbart was working on the CL Bryant..


    [last vid on your lower right]

    then watch the rest!!


  • bg


    re: #80 July 22, 2012 at 8:54 am bg

    on the CL = on with CL


  • Stephana

    Banning magazines will not help. The top shooters can get 12 round in < 3 seconds from a revolver! These stupid libtards seem to think that making something that is illegal more illegal will stop it. It is time to get rid of the stupid libtards in the government.

  • oldguy

    If the people are disarmed then what difference does it make if you squeeze off one round at a time or many? This is a failure of gun control laws not lack of laws, can’t people see that?

  • bg


    valerie #38 July 21, 2012 at 7:43 pm

    July 21, via BB

    OutKast’s Big Boi Makes Case Against Gun Control



  • You can’t control the illegal aliens, you can’t control the Mexican Drug Cartels…but you think you’ll get 150,000,000 Americans to give up their guns…GOOD LUCK with That !!!

    Why do we continually re-elect these senile old clowns. he should retire and be a greeter at WalMart

  • Mama Grizzly

    My favorite comment on this thread:

    Beverly commented:

    Look at Australia after they passed anti-gun legislation and people turned in their weapons. Crime statistics shot up overnight. Then there is Switzerland, where everyone is issued a gun and taught to use it. They also have one of the lowest crime rates in the measured world.


    Any one of the victims or survivors who had a concealed carry and was trained to use it could have disabled the shooter.

    It is FOLLY to think that mere “laws” will change the criminal or psychotic mind. They live outside those bounds and give them no credence. I CANNOT UNDERSTAND why some people believe that if another “law” was enacted, all of a sudden the gangs, the criminals, and the insane, would simply drop their weapons and apologize, never to even think of doing anything with a firearm again–cuz there was a new law.


    The citizenry MUST maintain the Second Amendment because it is primarily for the purpose of protecting our destiny from wayward GOVERNMENT. About thugs and crazies who get guns: if gun ownership and training was more widely accepted and promoted within the law-abiding population, the thugs and crazies wouldn’t be so quick to engage.

    The LEFT will use this incident to promote gun registration, control, etc. in order to disarm the citizenry and remove opposition to themselves. They don’t want an armed citizenry. Hitler did this in Germany. The O-Beast and his ilk couldn’t care less about the victims in Aurora. They’re just props now.

  • BridgetGB

    Liberals wrongly attach ‘permissiveness’ to all and any rights instead of the inherent foundation of a right which is ‘privilege’. A conservative understands that our rights were given to us by God not government; with this also comes sobriety in action not shamelessness, which we see all the time with liberals. In the case for gun rights, all the answers are found in the Federalist papers. As to the unseemly, knee jerk politicization of the tragedy in Colorado by constitutionally-ignorant Democrats, all the social engineering in the world cannot regulate the actions of a criminally insane person. Social engineering does nothing but decrease the quality of life over time and dumb down the population – which of course is the overall goal of the Democrat party.

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  • crackermike

    If I remember correctly, Ole Frank didn’t even get registered to run for the Senate on time and the requirement was just, pure and simply, ignored. Absolutely ignored. After all, Regulations are for “The little people”, NOT the ruling class. Democrats ALWAYS make the best use of bodies to further their Unconstitutional goal of complete control over people’s lives from the food they eat to how many squares of toilet paper they are allowed by Government to use. However, even the moronic people of NYC are beginning to get a bit uncomfortable at this dictatorial control.

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