Jewish Group Releases Powerful Anti-Obama Ad: “He’s Going to Place Israel in Position Where They’re in Danger” (Video)

“I was a big Obama supporter. I had a fundraiser in my home, gave money to his campaign. I really believed in him and believed in what he stood for. When he gave the speech about the ‘67 borders, it was nothing that had come up in his campaign originally. That really changed my mind about him. When he had the prime minister of Israel, [Benjamin] Netanyahu, to the White House…he was disrespectful to him to the point that I’d never seen.”

Disillusioned Obama voter Michael Goldstein, in an ad by the Republican Jewish Coalition

“In his second term we’re going to see the real Barack Obama… He’s going to place Israel in a position where they’re in danger.”
(Actually, he already has.)

The Republican Jewish Coalition released its first anti-Obama ad this week.

The far left Washington Post reported:

The Republican Jewish Coalition is launching a $6.5 million campaign to convince Jewish voters — among the most loyal segments of the Democratic coalition — that it is okay to vote against President Obama because of his stand on Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian issue. The campaign is aimed at key Jewish areas in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida, where the RNC hopes to swing just enough votes to tip those states in Mitt Romney’s electoral vote column.

RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks told us that the ad push will be accompanied by a Web site,, in which people can upload videos expressing their own thoughts on Obama and Israel. Brooks said the remarks by Goldstein were edited down from a 25-minute conversation.

This doesn’t bode well for Democrats.
Even the Jewish vote is waking up to Obama’s destruction.

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  • southernsue

    and that isn’t all this evil regime has planned, if re-elected!

  • Remco Kimber

    We must convince our family, friends, neighbors to vote common sense and self-defense. Doing that alone of course excludes ALL Democrats, unquestionably the party of betrayal.

  • President Obama’s problems are multiplying.

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  • DomesticGoddess

    One of life’s biggest mysteries is why most Jews are Democrats.

  • Granny

    This ad is actually too kind. Obama has already placed Israel in a position where they are in more danger than they have ever been in at any time in their existence.

    As far as his treatment of Prime Minister Netanyahu goes, I have never in my entire long lifetime even heard of a President of the United States of America subjecting anyone at all – let alone another head of state – to such abominable treatment as Obama did Bibi. Since when do heads of state enter OUR Whitehouse through a back door?

  • Mike

    Maybe this time, the Jewish voters won’t go 8-1 for Obama.

  • David

    This is a good ad. Lets obama off but Soft approach works with Jews….

  • stonedome

    president obama, let the games begin…are your goons going to attack the Jews, hmm? this is just the beginning, can’t wait to hear the stutterer in chief when the tsunami of blows start taking their toll. l wonder how the media’s “smartest president ever” will respond…maybe he can ask time mags “smartest woman in the world” for advice

  • Sasja

    What is the capital of Israel? Tel Aviv or Jerusalem? Carney. “Our position hasn’t changed..”

    I can’t recall Bush not recognizing Jerusalem as its capital, but even he did not have the embassy moved from Tel Aviv.

  • Militant conservative

    His time is almost up.

    Satan has played his part.

  • djaz

    Obama is nation building in Egypt and Libya (you know that thing he said Bush shouldn’t do), yet, won’t “intervene” in Syria, because to paraphrase: “We can’t use our military every time there’s a problem.”. Of course not, if his Muslim kin wish to wipe any country of the map. Obama’s recent history of working with our allies is a tad tarnished.

    Pelosi went to Syria in 2007, against, White House wishes. While there, it’s unclear just who and how many Arabs she spoke with. Subsequently, oil prices began to rise steadily and on up to Election 2008. What guarantees did she give Syria et al, for help in placing Obama in the Oval Office? Why didn’t US networks in 2002, run with the reports of trucks leaving Iraq for Syria prior to invasion? Good grief, even, Al Jazeera ran it!

    Chris Dodd (D) in charge of committee to investigate econ collapse is on Congressional record in 2009 stating “their” (his and Franks’ mainly) loan programs contributed in “major part” to the collapse. Add to this, the fact the he is still working on the new loan programs – under direction of Obama for more lax qualifications – and the loans are nearly the same type, well..

    All coming together, isn’t it?

    Worse case scenario: Obama gives “tough” lip service to Assad, Assad uses the Iraq WMD on Israel, anyway; and comes down to it, Obama can say “I tried to get Israel to stand down.”… Can’t make this stuff up. I’m non-fiction fan.

    Why ANY American, especially, Jews who have ties to Israel, would support Obama, I have no idea.

  • djaz


    To be fair, Obama’s told Pals for decades, while attending their benefit dinners, that Israel belongs to them. I can understand Carney’s confusion.

  • Andrew X

    “Even the Jewish vote is waking up to Obama’s destruction.”

    Totally. The Democrat / Republican Jewish presidential vote, which has approximated 75%-80% / 25% – 20% for the past six cycles at least, might actually plummet all the way down to 70% / 30%.

    “Even the Jewish vote is waking up……” Really? Come talk to me on November 8th, and we’ll see.

    (Apologies to so many friends and VERY respected countrymen who are Jewish, but I am still am a long ways away from getting over the fact that Israel has never, and I mean NEH-VER had a better friend than George W. Bush, who got exactly jack-diddly squat from the Jewish community for it, and a bucket of excrement over the head to boot. If a mere third of American-Jewish Obama voters had instead thrown their support — votes, financial, and cutural, in opposition to Obama in 2008, he would never have been elected. They bought into his nonsense, lock, stock and barrel, and if the state of Israel ever needs to ever assign blame for a nation shaking catastrophe, they can start right there.

    “Even the Jewish vote is waking up……??” Come talk to me on November 8th, and we’ll just see. God knows I would pray so. I will, as I now say for the hundrenth time, believe it when I see it, not before.

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  • Kip

    I fail to understand how any Jew can support this administration.

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  • Mick

    Hey Minty, take your veiled anti-semitism and shove it up your pie hole!

  • Patty

    Rep. Peter King: “Obama Really Hurt Our Relationship With Israel”

  • Patty

    Did Netanyahu take a subtle swipe at Obama admin?


    According to earlier reports, top Israeli officials already charged the United States for leaking Israeli military operations against Iran.

    (Video – 4:52 in) “Here I am not surmising. I am giving you something that I know, as the Prime Minister of Israel. Because I know based on absolute rock solid intelligence that this is Hezbollah and that this is something that Iran knows about very, very well,” said Netanyhu.

    “Do you know, you say we all know who the bomber was. Yes, we’ve seen a picture of the bomber, but do you know specifically his identity?” asked Mr. Wallace.

    Prime Minister Netanhyahu answered, “Well that’s being pieced together right now but we know with absolute certainty– absolute certainty and not a shred of doubt that this was a Hezbollah operation, and at the encouragement and behest..”{..}

  • Patty

    #17 July 27, 2012 at 9:57 am
    Minty commented:

    The president of the US has no obligation to the citizens of other countries. Those of you siding with Israel over the US are traitors.
    That is a false statement. Can you imagine Israel in a War with Iran. What would that mean for the world. The Israelis need support and have always had it from other presidents. Obama said to Israel to hold off attacks until after elections. Well, again a moronic statement. You see, if America was under attack Israel would do all they could to help us.

    This is called, naive, but love thy neighbors and our friends.

  • mcc

    Tailoring ads to a specific audience…

    I’ve almost laughed the few times I’ve caught the end of the antiBO ad running here in Hawaii…seems I look up just as the black and white scenes/statistics of a destroyed economy are replaced with one of Barry, head down, as if deep in thought in the Oval Office.

    Then the saddest male voice says,

    “It’s okay. He tried. You tried.” (and then something like: “But it’s time to try something new..”)
    Let ’em down easy…”your little fella tried his best. And so did you.”

  • Patty

    #23 July 27, 2012 at 10:44 am
    mcc commented:

    I heard that ad, didn’t care much for it. It wasn’t the worse of ads but there are some great ones out there.

  • Patty


    Genocide Watch Issues Alert: South Africa In Early Stages Of White Genocide

    World’s top genocide expert and founder of Genocide Watch, Prof. Gregory Stanton, visits South Africa to investigate violence against whites (Afrikaners). He warns them at a press conference on July 26 2012: “Don’t give up your guns.”

    “UN’s Francis Deng has been informed; and I will also inform Samantha Power, head of the US Atrocities Prevention Board, as well as the FBI’S Genocide Prevention Unit upon my return.” – Prof. Gregory Stanton, World’s Top Genocide expert, founder Genocide Watch THIS IS A PICTURE THAT IS JUST IN TITLE.


  • Patty



  • mcc

    Glad for the feedback, Patty — thought maybe it was designed for the audience here.

    Maybe then it’s for all Dems who are so sad their little fella didn’t do better.

  • Oldrathergate Redneck

    Hey Minty (#17), if “the president of the United States has no obligation to citizens of other countries”, why does he get on his knees for the Saudis? From his actions, it appears that he believes that he has no obligation to U.S. citizens. No one has chosen Israel over the U.S. Many of us do not blindly support a failed president who seems to always side with Muslims against Israel. Perhaps you should consider whether a traiterous act might be supporting a president who acts against the best interests of a country whose citizens elected him President.

  • Limousine Barry

    What’s wrong?

    I took the Jew’s money and their vote. Then I promptly screwed them!

    Why not? They always vote for me. They are connected to Hollywood. I say take their money and run. Besides, they have plenty of money to spend on me! It’s that simple.

    My bus is over-heating and David Axel rod has a new scam for my Jewish voters. It’s the “big lie” scam. Besides, the Jews always vote for me. I hope it works because my campaign is going bankrupt. Who cares about the Jews! They suck! I cannot answer any more questions. Good day.

  • sandy

    Jews must stop voting against their interests. Voting for Romney might just be the first step.

  • David

    Jews are literally pre-programmed to vote Democrat. I sat next to one at dinner last week and ran through all of the issues; economy, unemployment, debt, Israel. He agreed nothing was on track and I asked him why he doesn’t vote republican. His response was ‘I am not sure it would be different whoever was in power’ and then I said ‘can it get any worse’ and he switched off; almost like when a computer crashes….

  • well now

    As 1 of the 22% of Jews who did not vote for this disaster in 2008, I get no pleasure in saying “I told you so” However, I am telling everyone of my lantzman that a vote for Obama is a vote to put themselves back in the ovens and that’s exactly how I phase it. Get lots of dropped jaws but oh well, truth hurts.

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  • Lemonaide

    Let’s hope the Jews are really waking up and my fellow Catholics along with them.

  • Oldrathergate Redneck

    #34 I must confess that I’m not familiar with Israeli assassination of U.S. citizens within the U.S. However, I do remember a day in September, I believe it was like 9/11 when a lot of Americans died. Murdered, I believe by some people who have a very dim view of Israel. A few of the perpetraters were of the same nationality as the royals to whom your president got on his knees. Does that make him a traitor? Did he forget about those dead Americans? Now, I probably shouldn’t dismiss all Saudis as terrorists. Nor should the Bummer hold Israel as a nation responsible for any crimes committed by Israeli citizens. However, if he doesn’t, how can you explain his arrogant behaviour toward Israel as opposed to his fawning over the Saudis?

  •………..Granny is spot on Obama has already place Israel in great danger by replacing allies who where friendly towards Israel with a bunch of racial Islamists jihads..

  • Oldrathergate Redneck

    #37, Do you have any convincing evidence that it was the Mosad rather than the CIA, or Kerr-McGhee or Karen herself who did in Karen Silkwood?

  • orisda423


    Does anyone know what group of people in the Middle East wears white wraps and head dresses?

  • Greg Chandler

    Obama supports Islamist terror groups also know as Muslim Brotherhood. WTF do you expect from him. Israel is not important to him neither is America or its people he just living the high life on the public dime and brainwashing the retards with promises of free crap and punishing rich folks who don’t give him money.

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  • Steve

    It’s good to see so many Democrats finally seeing the truth about what is really wrong.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “…He’s going to place Israel in a position where they’re in danger.”

    They’re already in danger.

  • BJL

    # 14) Liberal Christians got O elected…….not a tiny amount of Jews in FL. Sheesh.


    the mask is off obama, sleeping giant is awake and won’t allow our country go marxist,social,WE THE PEOPLE

  • Mr. Khan

    Never understood American Jewish voters. It’s like they have a death wish for Israel.

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  • Joe Snuffy


    Remember your history about how Hitler came to power in Germany prior to 1939? He used the Unions as his “gestapo” to bully the German people into making him Chancellor of Germany. Obama has been following the same basic path.

    Obama is NOT on your team. He does NOT support the Jewish people. He had PROVEN that he does not support the State of Israel. He and his Marxist Socialist supporters and surrogates have been working with the Muslim Brotherhood by providing this terrorist group with aid and comfort. What is the primary mission of this group? What is Obama helping them to accomplish? ANS: The destruction of Israel and the murder of ALL Jewish men, women and children.

    Look at a map of the Middle East. Where is Israel? Who controlls nations to the South, North and West of Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood now controlls Egypt and Libya. How long do you think it will be until they also control Syria? Israel will be surrounded by a totally united enemy.

    Obama and his people are supporting these actions. If you vote for Obama, you too will be supporting his actions. OPEN YOUR EYES.


    It is amazing that Jews vote democratic. Throw in this complete fraud and you still vote for him. Jews are smarter than all humans, just ask them. Why don’t all you jews do a little homework on this fraud punk before you go to the voting booth.

  • Patty
  • MrsH

    May I ask my Jewish brothers and sisters, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?
    My gggrandmother would be ROLLING in her grave! How could you have been so
    blind? You put Israel in grave danger, SHAME ON YOU!

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  • maurice kabili

    #5 domestic goddess,i wouldn’t mind if jews were voting for blue dog democrats,but their voting for a left wing ideology is troublesome (I am jewish),i guess left wing ideology is their true religion,some of us,alas slowly,are being cured from liberalism.As a west coast jewish blogger put it “I am free from alcohol,tobacco,and liberalism”.sephardic jew.

  • The Anti Fox

    And then there are the facts, from the Israeli’s:

    BARAK: I should tell you honestly that this administration under President Obama is doing, in regard to our security, more than anything that I can remember in the past. … In terms of the support for our security, the cooperation of our intelligence, the sharing of sorts in a very open way even when there are differences.

    PERES: When I look at the record of President Obama concerning the major issues, security, I think it’s a highly satisfactory record, from an Israeli point of view.