Muslim Democrat Says American Schools Won’t Succeed Unless They Model After Madrassas (Video)

Allahu Akbar.
Muslim Congressman Andre Carson (D-IN) said American schools won’t succeed unless they model after Muslim madrassas.

Because Muslim madrassas have such a stellar reputation in the education community.

Breitbart has video of Rep. Andre Carson at the Islamic Circle of North America – Muslim American Society 2012 Convention where he gave what some called a “motivational speech.
Via All American blogger:

America, will never tap into educational innovation and ingenuity without looking at the model that we have in our madrassas, in our schools, where innovation is encouraged, where the foundation is the Koran.

Here’s one example of madrassa education in Pakistan.

More background on Carson…
He represents Indiana’s 7th Congressional District (Indianapolis). He’s backed by Louis Farrakhan.

The American Thinker did an expose on him. They weren’t too impressed.
Via Reboot Congress

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  • Patty
  • Patty


    ‘African Americans For Obama’ Launched By President’s Campaign To Rally Black Voters (VIDEO)

    Now, imagine this flipped: White Americans for Romney’s campaign To Rally White Voters

    Who in media reports stuff like this?

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  • back to square one.. bg


    re: #20 July 6, 2012 at 10:26 am bg

    by Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser

    April 15, 2009

    Obama Administration Stacking the Deck with Islamists

    [It’s the Ideology!

    First just review some of the activities and commentary of Beltway Islamists since the transition and the Inauguration. On January 8th, the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association sent out an email announcing that they would be hosting an inaugural gala titled, “Muslim Inauguration Gala”. Guests included Congressman Keith Ellison, (D-MN), Cong. Andre Carson (D-IN), “Representatives of the Obama Administration”, Rev. Walter Fauntroy (DC-Delegate), Zaid Shakir and Hamza Yusef (of the Zaytuna Institute), Fmr. Capt. James Yee, Senegalese President Abduolaye Wade, CAIR Michigan Director, Dawud Walid, and Johari Abdul-Malik of the Muslim Alliance of North America. This list reads like a Who’s Who of leading Islamists in the United States, all of whom share the ideological framework of political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood. One need not look far to see the types of ideas shared by these Muslims. For example, Mr. Johari Abdul-Malik spoke just last year at a July 2008 London conference of the “Radical Middle Way”. This Radical Middle Way, sadly British government supported, is an ideological outgrowth of the ideas of Sheikh Yusef Qaradawi, spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. Abdul-Malik stated the following about the Obama campaign and Islamist activism in a speech entitled “Can Muslims Trust Obama?”]

    links & much more @ link & here, in connecting links & threads..


  • back to square one.. bg


    re: #20 & #24 July 6, bg

    “The Gulen Movement”

    [When Gulen came to the U.S. in 1999, it was for medical treatment.
    But then this video surfaced in which he seems to order his flock to surreptitiously take over key government positions in Turkey in a stealth Islamic coup. Accused of treason by the government at the time, Gulen decided to stay in the Poconos — even after he was cleared in 2008 in Abstenia.


    Seeming to have such power, this “Wizard of Oz” recluse invites conspiracy theories that he’s running Turkey from the Poconos and is bent on global Muslim domination. His movement does lack transparency: its funding, hierarchy, and ambitions remain hidden — leading our State Department to wonder in cables between Ankara and Washington if Gulen has an “insidious political agenda.”]

    FBI Investigating Gülen Charter Schools: Gülen Leaders Lavish
    Gifts And Dinners on Mitch Daniels and Other Indiana Officials

    [With the FBI and the Departments of Labor and Education investigating
    them and parents and officials in Ohio, Hawaii, Arizona, Utah, Texas, and
    elsewhere questioning their financial dealings, it appears that Gülen charter
    schools—managed by Concept Schools and other companies—have been
    duping lawmakers, politicians, school boards, and parents for several years
    now, with accusations flying that the group is using U.S. taxpayer money
    to help fund the Islamist Hizmet organization in Turkey.

    According to Charter School Scandals (one of the top charter school
    watchdog groups and a close follower of Gülen) there have been 155
    Gülen charter schools established or attempted in 28 states in the U.S.
    and hundreds in other countries.]

    Teaching as CIA Cover – Gülen Charter
    Schools, Dan Burton, and State Secrets

    [It seems Gülen and the U.S. State Department, from 1997 to 2001, had been training al-Qaeda in Central Asian, with the help of the Turkish military, Pakistani ISI, and Azerbaijan officials (96), Edmonds says in response to questions from Krikorian’s attorney, Dan Marino. In a subsequent interview with retired CIA-counter-terrorism specialist Phil Giraldi (who believes her story), Edmonds details Gülen /U.S training missions and Turkish drug-smuggling into Chicago and Paterson, New Jersey, two hot-beds of the Gülen Movement, each containing Fethullah’s followers’ charter schools:


    In November of last year, Burton and Dick Lugar were hosts at a Turkish American Federation of the Midwest-sponsored event which also included the American Turkish Council’s James Holmes as speaker, British Petroleum’s Greg Saunders, and Fatih Baltaci, CEO of Enerco Energy, along with many government officials. The Turkish American Federation of the Midwest is a local branch of the Gülen-led Assembly of Turkic American Federations (ATAF); the Niagara Foundation, with ties to leaders of the Indiana Gülen charter school movement, is an arm of the Turkish American Federation of the Midwest.]

    please be sure to note dates, thanks..


  • GP Fan

    #12 July 6, 2012 at 8:41 am
    Chris in KY commented:

    “No, he’s right. But since we are a Christian nation, we should use the Bible.”

    I agree. But had he said we should model the schools after the Catholic schools, or Christian schools, the libs would come unglued, and it would be all over the LSM. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    #6 July 6, 2012 at 8:10 am
    JKB commented:

    It’s called indoctrination. That’s the whole point, they don’t WANT them to think for themselves. They don’t WANT thinkers. It’s what’s going on in our schools, with liberalism/marxism/etc. Only the left point of view is allowed, and they pound it into the kids heads, and any other opinion or point of view is not allowed. They do not even want the children to question it/them. Just blindly repeat what they tell them. They wont even allow teachers who aren’t in lock step. They make sure the children only learn/hear/get the left POV. Indoctrination.

  • back to square one.. bg


    re: #25 (et al) July 6, 2012 at 11:16 am bg

    Objectives of charter schools with Turkish ties questioned

    [They have generic, forward-sounding names like Horizon Science
    Academy, Pioneer Charter School of Science and Beehive Science
    & Technology Academy.

    Quietly established over the past decade by a loosely affiliated group
    of Turkish-American educators, these 100 or so publicly funded charter
    schools in 25 states are often among the top-performing public schools
    in their towns.

    The schools educate as many as 35,000 students — taken together
    they’d make up the largest charter school network in the USA — and
    have imported thousands of Turkish educators over the past decade.

    Major Investigation Of Gulen Charter
    Schools By The New York Times

    [All patriotic American taxpayers should be alarmed over the spread of
    the Islamist Gulen charter schools. Texans in particular need to contact
    all their Legislators and alert them to the safeguards (listed below) that
    must be placed in the charter school bills now making their way through
    the legislative process.

    The free trips to Turkey and the campaign contributions given to
    our Texas Legislators by the Gulenists are highly troubling and
    leave taxpayers wondering how objective can our Legislators
    actually be about their votes on these charter school bills that
    financially enable the spread of Gulen charter schools. Is this
    yet another example of “pay for votes”? ]

    Charter Schools Tied to Turkey Grow in Texas

    [It was one of six big charter school contracts TDM and another
    upstart company have shared since January 2009, a total of $50
    million in construction business. Other companies scrambling for
    work in a poor economy wondered: How had they qualified for
    such big jobs so fast?

    The secret lay in the meteoric rise and financial clout of the Cosmos
    Foundation, a charter school operator founded a decade ago by a
    group of professors and businessmen from Turkey. Operating under
    the name Harmony Schools, Cosmos has moved quickly to become
    the largest charter school operator in Texas, with 33 schools
    receiving more than $100 million a year in taxpayer funds.

    more at #124, in connecting links & threads..

    and that my dear dhimmis is, as they say, just
    the tip of the proverbial ice-berg.. /sad sarc/


  • Patty

    Many of you may not be aware that we have two Muslims serving in Congress: Keith Ellison (D-MN — but more like Mecca) and Andre Carson (D-IN). Imagine the constituents which make up these districts.

    I want the Hoosiers and Voters in other states to take a good look at the background of those running for office. If not, we will have more people like Ellison and Grayson types in leadership.

    If he has said in his campaign things like this he never would have be elected into any official leadership position.

  • back to square one.. bg
  • back to square one.. bg
  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    He represents Indiana’s 7th Congressional District (Indianapolis).

    So does this district now have some kind of electorate that is now Muslim-dominated? Or did the guy simply bamboozle people into voting for him?

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  • back to square one.. bg


    re: #25 (et al) #25 July 6, 2012 at 11:16 am bg


    The Third Jihad

    Homegrown Jihad

    Muslim Brotherhood in the WH


  • Mad Hatter

    Just what we need in our Government, more Muslims. >=(

  • Rose
    [Third “4”]
    4- Understanding the role of the Muslim Brother in North America:
    The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions. Without this level of understanding, we are not up to this challenge and have not prepared ourselves for Jihad yet. It is a Muslim’s destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final hour comes, and there is no escape from that destiny except for those who chose to slack. But, would the slackers and the Mujahedeen be equal.

  • back to square one.. bg


    re: #33 July 6, 2012 at 1:18 pm bg

    Hillary tied to new Muslim Brotherhood president (#36)

    [Saleha Mahmood Abedin, the mother of Hillary Clinton’s chief
    of staff, reportedly served in the women’s division of the Muslim
    Brotherhood alongside the wife of Egypt’s new president, the
    Brotherhood’s Mohammed Mursi.]

    Mad Hatter #34 July 6, 2012 at 1:18 pm

    don’t believe that’s news to you..


  • back to square one.. bg


    just a sample..

    Judge Rules American Courts Can Use Sharia Law (#47)

    [Florida appeals court has just cleared the way for lawsuit over
    a monetary dispute at a mosque to be determined by Islamic
    Sharia law — in a U.S. court, no less. It’s not the first time. But
    why is it happening at all?]

    America: A Sharia-Compliant State

    [For America to score even higher on the “Islamic‟ or
    “Shariah” Compliance‟ scale, America would need to do
    two things: invite the voices of all religions to join the
    dialogue in shaping the nation‟s practical life, and allow
    religious communities more leeway to judge among
    themselves according to their own laws”]

    scroll for more here (#16), & here (#48) &
    here (#11), in connecting link, & threads..


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  • GP Fan

    #29 July 6, 2012 at 11:43 am
    back to square one.. bg commented:

    Thanks! It takes a month of Sundays from my frustrating dial-up, out here in the woods!

  • Louis

    Do they Teach English in a Madrassas? Maybe That is why we have 57 States….