It’s Not Just Free Cell Phones… The Government Is Handing Out Free Air Conditioners Too

Just when you thought you’d heard it all the government starts handing out free air conditioners to the poor.

Rhoda Lee of Lorain, a board member of the Lorain County Community Action Agency, turns on an air conditioner Wednesday that was purchased recently by the agency through a voucher program. (CT photo by Steve Manheim.)

Free food – Free housing – Free energy assistance – Free cellphones – Free cash – Free AC’s

Your tax dollars at work…
It’s not just free cellphones.
The government is handing out free air conditioners to the disadvantaged households in Ohio.
The Chronicle reported:

Thanks to a mild winter, vouchers for up to 700 free air conditioners may be available to low- and moderate-income families through the Lorain County Community Action Agency, according to interim President and CEO Jackie Boehnlein.

“It is exciting,” said Boehnlein about HEAP — the Home Energy Assistance Program’s Summer Crisis Program — which is funded by federal taxpayer dollars.

The agency already has distributed vouchers worth $250 to 325 families, she said.

It has 25 vouchers remaining and has applied for permission to distribute 350 more vouchers, she said.

The winter was so mild that leftover money from the heating assistance program was allocated to the cooling program, she said.

The vouchers are good for a $159 LG brand air conditioner from Home Depot and assistance paying electrical bills, Boehnlein said.

For the first time, those with disconnection notices are eligible, she said.

This year, LCCAA received $671,000 in funding for assistance with electric utility bills and air conditioners, she said.

That compares with $155,000 for 2011 summer season when the agency distributed 200 of the vouchers, she said.

Applicants are eligible if their household incomes are at or below 200 percent of the 2012-13 federal poverty guidelines and if they are seniors, have a disconnection notice or a documented medical condition such as asthma or lung disease.

A family of four making up to $46,100 qualifies for the program.

Of course, Media Matters believes AC’s, phones, food… everything should be free and you should have pay for it.
But please don’t call them socialists.

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  • snap boy

    Good name for the program – HEAP, as in pile of dung. Who pays the electricbill?

  • reliapundit

    this redistribution of earnings from those who earn them to those who don’t is socialism, pure & simple.

  • CV1

    We have the fattest poor people in the world!

  • RoadKill

    @ #1 July 13, 2012 at 6:19 am
    snap boy commented:

    Who pays the electricbill?


    That has to be the funniest question I’ve seen so far today! They’re looking for volunteers to pay for other peoples electric bill – any takers? LOL

  • Robert

    A TV in every house …

  • Militant conservative

    All I see is a fat POS.

    I refrained from saying

    Portch ……..

  • old glazier

    Why does anybody go to work anymore? Wait long enough and the government will supply everything you need. I guess when our creditors come to collect it will become real.

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  • Robodog7

    Hey, if they are going to sit on their fat butts all day, living off the labors of others then they might as well be comfortable. We wouldn’t want them to break a sweat do we?

    The progressive left is always looking for new ways to buy votes with our tax dollars.

  • dmacleo

    jesus this pisses me off.
    I am disabled vet who got further hurt at work and have been “retired” (pretty much fully laid up) since 2007.
    wife works 2 jobs.
    we have, so far, avoided all SS/SSI, food stamps, all that crap.
    and to see this just makes me want to scream.
    not sure how much longer we can avoid taking help but dammit we are trying.

  • Bitter Clinger

    Why? What did these parasites do before there was air conditioning? These people have no pride. It’s the makers vs. the takes in ObamaLand.

  • RoadKill

    @ #6 July 13, 2012 at 6:38 am
    Militant conservative commented:

    I refrained from saying

    Portch ……..
    Yes, please and thankyou!

    Especially since I’ve known hundreds more white “Portch….” than I have black. Just go to Kentucky or Tennessee to get a big eyeful of fat white slugs sitting on their porches.

  • Bitter Clinger

    @roadkill: At least they are sitting on their porches and not waiting for The Man to bring them the comforts of life provided by the productive class. Never, has a parasite turned to me in the check out line of a grocery store and thanked me for paying for her groceries. Pigs will fly before that happens……Oh wait! Pig DO fly in Eric Holder’s America…….Horses will check into hotels before that happens……Oh wait! Horses DO check into hotels in Eric Holder’s America……Obama will be in jail before that happens…..There! Fixed it!

  • onbe

    That is pretty cool! free air conditioners for everyone! –LOL!

  • Sasja

    I know you all were not referring to the woman in the picture above. She is a board member of the agency supplying the ac’s and this was probably a photo-op. Also note she is in a wheelchair.

    dmacleo. Get the help you need. I understand your reluctance, but these are not normal economic times. We have Mr. Scratch’s emissary in the WH and until we can send him packing and get this republic back on the right course, things will not improve.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Who wants to bet that woman has a Tahoe or an Escalade parked out front, and that just out of the frame is a 60″ HDTV with a $100/mo. cable package?


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  • Cee

    The income required to sponsor (and support) an immigrating family member is only 125% of the poverty level while one can have a greater income for a free AC.

    The logic of this escapes me.

  • Cactus

    @ #4 July 13, 2012 at 6:33 am
    RoadKill commented:

    At least one electric company I’ve used in the past had an option on the bill where I could donate money to pay for other people’s electricity.

  • onbe

    Free cable/internets for everyone! So one has something to do while sitting in front of your free air conditioner!