Barack Obama continued his lies about Mitt Romney’s record on outsourcing in his latest campaign ad – And mocks “America the Beautiful” in the same ad.



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  1. Obama outsourced ourspace program to the Russians.
    Want our astronauts to get to the space station? The only way is for the US has to pay millions to the Russians.

  2. And what about the Martin Luther King memorial that was outsourced and sculpted in China?! But that’s OK!

  3. Maybe what people will take away from this commercial is Mitt Romney singing ‘God Bless America,’ which Barack Obama, having been brought up by communists and having attended Rev. Wright’s church (God damn America) probably does not even know.

  4. Disgusting and disturbing.

    Romney is no singer, but he did sing the song as respectfully as he could (I can sing in one very on key, note). This is normal for liberals whose pessimism for America, make it ok for patriotic traditions to be used to demonstrate how evil America and Americans are.

    Obama approved of this tactic to mock American tradition. I’m sure he hates the National Anthem too. All radical leftists do.

  5. People need to pressure Romney to to step it up and kick Obama in the nuts with ads.

    1. Obama outsourced NASA to Russia

    2. Obama Stole GM from shareholders and Gave it to UNIONS. THIEF

    3. Obama Outsourced green jobs to many countries…USING TAX DOLLARS NOT HIS OWN. Then the green jobs went bankrupt and jobs went with them and his campaign got millions from green job company owners.. LAUNDERING MONEY IS A FEDERAL OFFENSE ROMNEY AND ILLEGAL.

    4. Obama pushes Jobs overseas with taxes and regulations

    Screw Obama

  6. Bill L. #2 That may be true for now, but not for long. Guess what? Private enterprise comes to the rescue. There are a half dozen, or so, private firms developing launch vehicles capable of achieving low Earth orbit. There are even bigger rockets on the drawing board for deeper space missions. Screw NASA! NASA has long ago abdicated its authority as the leaders of space exploration, in favor of being a political pawn of the Obama administration. So, NASA, go suck up to your moslem friends, and climate change radicals. VIVA PRIVATE ENTERPRISE!

  7. As WTF approves that add personally, we have his assurance that he did sufficient due diligence in verifying the veracity and context of the publication cites in the ad…… As the data is analyzed, The American public will understand that once again WTF knowingly participated in the big lie

  8. Well, Mr. President. No one has ever caught you singing a patriotic song, have they?

  9. Romney sings “America The Beautiful”, Obama sings bar scene pick-up lines.

    Thanks for reminding people that Romney loves and respects his country.

  10. Do any of you remember this from back in Feb. of this year?

    Obama denies tax breaks to outsourcing firms

    An Examiner article in Jan. of this year: 79 percent” of all green-jobs spending in Obama’s $800 billion stimulus package went to foreign firms, with the largest payment going to a bankrupt Australian company. For example, the Obama Administration spent $1.6 billion on Chinese and other foreign wind power. The practical effect of those subsidies was to outsource American jobs

  11. P o/t P @ #9

  12. Barack Obama is a certified POS! He cant stop his habit of lying.

  13. The treasonous criminal Zerobama, not only outsourced American jobs to the tune of hundreds of Billions of dollars, he has destroyed jobs to the tune of millions of jobs.

    Romney’s singing “America The Beautiful” was respectful and dignified, even if he can’t carry a tune in a basket. Zerobama is incapable of respect for anything American.

  14. When was the last time Obama sang that song? Answer! NEVER!

  15. “I decided I won’t wear that (American flag) pin on my chest.” – Barack Hussein Obama

  16. Why has nobody yet mentioned that Obama OUTSOURCED the building of his campaign buses!

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