Your tax dollars at work. Blowing $200 million on broken, $100,000 cars made in Finland.

As reported earlier – The electric-hybrid Fisker Karma is another Obama loser. With a price tag of $107,850 you can own a green car that Consumer Reports says functions only in Park and Neutral. Amazing…$528.7 Million of taxpayers’ money couldn’t make a car that goes forward or reverse.

And now this – The Fiskers are not safe. They’re burning down garages.
Matt Lewis at the Daily Caller reported:

Fisker Automotive isn’t the next Solyndra — it’s worse.

Nearly $200 million into a $529 million loan from the Department of Energy, Fisker’s yet to build a car in the United States. The current model they offer, the Karma, retails for a reasonable $103,000. And here’s the fun part. The Karma, produced in Finland, first suffered a recall in December. That recall expanded recently — in no small part due to a Karma in Texas lighting on fire and burning down the garage where it was parked. It appears that not only are these not American cars, but they’re not even particularly safe for American drivers. But don’t fret.
It was only a cool $200 million down the drain.

According to ABC News, “Fisker received federal funds in part to help purchase a shuttered General Motors plant in Delaware, where it predicted it would one day employ 2,000 auto workers to assemble the clean-burning gas-electric family car, known as the Atlantic.”




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  1. Wish I could afford one.

  2. At least this company is still in business.

    WSJ reports today that Konarka Technologies of Lowell, Mass., a solar-power company that received tens of millions of taxpayer dollars, has closed its doors.

  3. Probably was or would have turned out to be a “good” car until the jug-eared cockroach “approved”. Kiss of death from an incompetent moron.

  4. Jim, you forgot the “bricking” issue. The one where, if the battery drains (if you let it sit too long), it dies to the point the whole car becomes an unmoveable brick.

    (Slightly more annoying than letting the oil run low…)

  5. Welcome to the Obama Failure Enterprises Zone! Obama provides payola to campaign contributors and is quite successful in his collections.

    Much of what Obama funds with your tax dollars fails but Obama scores big money in donations and the media and ethics operations wink and smile

  6. Wait a few years when the batteries in the Volt/Leaf start going bad and owners find out what it will cost to replace them.

  7. I hear that one of those $3000 gubberment “thingamajigs” will fix the problem…

  8. ++

    re: [reasonable $103,000]

    there is absolutely nothing reasonable about today’s prices, nothing
    whatsoever, unless of course, you’re above Obama’s pay grade.. /s/

    but seriously, God Help Us..


  9. It’s a fair question to ask exactly how many Karma’s have been sold and are actually on the road.

    If so, it’s also reasonable to ask how much each car actually costs. Not the outrageous retail price for a handful of rich snobs (who Obama openly despises), but the total cost to produce each one including the federal money thrown at it just so Obama can create the illusion that he accomplished something.

    And I don’t care how many Finns got jobs at our expense. How many permanent American jobs have been created?

    The Karma doesn’t run on electricity. It runs on pork.

  10. Only in an odumb$hit world….

  11. It still believe that it couldn’t have happened to a better person as pertains to the man in Texas… Karma and mother of a thing! GO KARMA! This guys next car should be called Payback is a Mother… I’d love to see what it does to his house… Dirt bag thief.

  12. With a price tag of $107,850…

    A subsidy for the already wealthy.

    I thought Democrats didn’t like rich people? On the other hand, we already know that they like rich peoples’ money…


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