Walker Leads By 7 Points In Latest Poll – Rally Saturday in Racine

With four days to go – Walker leads by 7!

Governor Scott Walker leads by 7 points in the latest poll going into Tuesday’s recall election.
MSNBC reported:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) enjoys a 7-point advantage over Democratic challenger Tom Barrett among likely voters in Tuesday’s recall election.

Fifty-two percent of likely voters said they would vote to retain Walker, according to a Marquette Law School poll released Wednesday; 45 percent of likely voters said they would support Barrett, the mayor of Milwaukee.

The poll suggests that Walker is heading toward victory on Tuesday, which would deliver a stinging rebuke to Democrats and members of the labor community who had sought the first-term governor’s removal after he pushed a controversial bill curbing collective bargaining rights for many public employees through the Wisconsin state legislature.

The Racine Tea Party PAC is hosting a rally on Saturday, June 2nd from 10:00am to noon at Gorney Park in Racine County.  This rally will be the last big protest in one of the state’s bellwether counties.

The event will feature Congressman Paul Ryan, All Patriots Media – Tony Katz, Breibart.com and CNN contributor Dana Loesch the “rock star of radio” Wisconsin’s own – Vicki McKenna, PA Tea Party Activist & Fox News Contributor – Jenn Stefano State Senator – Van Wanggaard and more. Invited guests include Lt Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and several big surprise guests.
If you are in the area please plan on attending!

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  • retired.military

    If MSNBC is reporting a republican ahead by 7 than it must be REALLY bad for the dems. Hopefully other states will pick up the torch from Wisconsin and break the labor union stranglehold as well.

  • sandy

    Zimmerman’s bond was revoked and he has been ordered back to prison in 48 hours. His crime was that he lied about what was in his pay pal account. Listening to reporters spit out the word Pay Pal as though Zimmerman ate a member of Congress was really amusing.

    In the end all Obama has left is his hatred.

  • owl

    They have Clinton working it today. I hope that 7% is like their supposed unemployment numbers.

    Go Tea Party.

  • Mad Hatter

    I heard Bill Clinton is going to Wisconsin to hold a prep rally against Walker.

    Interesting how Obama hasn’t visited Wisconsin to help in the recall effort. Very interesting.

  • Mad Hatter

    pep rally ***typo***

  • kathteach

    Everyone who knows anything about the Wisconsin Front line in this war know that there are very few undecided voters. It’s all about GOTV and we should all be very concerned when this is what both campaigns are working on……mostly because of this You Tube link about a Milwaukee resident who openly claimed to have signed the Recall Walker petitions 80 times…..and he has never seen a day in court and he never will.

    I don’t know how to embed a video here but …..for a real scary insight – put this in your browser and think about it for a minute or two.


  • Skinner

    This is exactly how the November election shall look like

    The Dems are shtting themselves over this WI smack down

    Our great nation shall be in Republican hands for the next 16 years

    WH — Senate — Congress — Supreme Court

    And the floodgates of Oil and Gas production shall fly open in the USA and Canada

    The Dem party shall have to change to survive – and change for the better


  • FurryGuy

    #1 June 1, 2012 at 2:10 pm
    retired.military commented:

    I was thinking the same thing: if the American Pravda media can’t make up enough Happy Happy Joy Joy propaganda that Walker is toast, then he’s ahead far more than they are grudgingly going to admit.

    I am seeing see quite similar circumstances with the media treatment of Barry’s reelection chances, and frankly couldn’t be more ecstatic. Not that these will be cakewalk elections, not by a long shot.

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  • Amjean

    As my grandmother used to say, “don’t count your chickens before they are hatched”.

    Repubs need to go out and vote!!!!

    This recall election has repercussions for the whole country – it is THAT important!

  • Amjean

    Also, I hope one of the surprise guests is Sarah Palin!

  • WIBadger

    tpartynitwit, you are lying. Just another wild lie the left is trying to make stick in the last desperate days before the Walker victory. Lies like the ‘privatization of deer hunting’ and ‘job losses’ were proven to be lies brought out by George Soros and their ilk as well. The John Doe investigation was started by Walker himself! Hey lefties.. where is the plan? What is you plan to bring jobs to WI? To eliminate a 3.2Bil deficit that your 8 year failure Gov Doyle left us? I’m not holding my breath waiting for an answer since they have no plan. And no integrity.

  • Truth Teller

    Union thugs have no plan…they are not planners by nature…that’s why they avoided education and took the lazy way out in life…become a parasitic union member and suck the life out of the productive.

  • Aaron

    This is the second most important votes of our lifetimes. In some way, almost as important as beating Obama. Handing the Democrat/Union Machine this horrific loss may upend their cabal for generations.

  • polls are not accurate, you can’t poll the frequent voter. there are so many registered phoney voters in this country its sickening. there isn’t a single politican trying to do anything about it.

    you have to realize only about 50% of real voters vote while 100% of the fake voters vote.

  • FurryGuy

    #10 June 1, 2012 at 3:52 pm
    an idiot drooled:

    You actually have proof to back up those malicious lies? Or are you as full of muffins as I suspect you to be.

  • Mad Hatter


    Head back over to the Daily Kook website, it’s down the hall, last door on the left marked, “LOSERS”.

  • Paddy

    Not only will Walker prevail, but unions and democrat organizations have squandered millions in WI. Undoubtedly, lack of funds will cause further damage in federal, state and local elections this fall. YESSSSS!!!!!!!

  • FurryGuy

    #15 June 1, 2012 at 4:48 pm
    Aaron commented:

    This is the second most important votes of our lifetimes. In some way, almost as important as beating Obama.

    Didn’t you get the latest Right Wing Conspiracy Memo? Even Barry got it and he declaims Republicans want him to win the election.

    Obama: We’ll Get Things Done When The Republican “Fever” Breaks

    President Barack Obama says he’ll fulfill his campaign promises once he wins, because Republicans won’t be obsessed with beating him.

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  • Old One

    The democorrupts have been decieved by their own ceaseless lying. I can’t wait for the treatment the party of the s will get at the hands of Scott. We should all recall that the demonocrats were all convinced they were going to keep control of the House of Representative in 2010’s election too.Coakley thought she had the “Kennedy Seat” selaed up as well.
    It is good fortune that the democorrupts beleive their praetorian guards in the media. The media is rushing the demonocrats on the road to political ruinjust as they did in 1980, 1984, 1988 & 1994.

  • Bill Mitchell

    I’ll vote for Walker but can we impeach his haircut?

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  • Beachluver

    June 5th will be a glorious day for you republican Wisconsinites…..your proud brave hero Gov. Walker will prevail and keep your fine state on the road to economic recovery……BUT you must get everyone out to vote!!! These pig-slime maggot union thugs will NOT go down without a fight and will do everything dishonest that they can to steal away this Gov. Walker victory!!!! DO NOT LET THEM!!!! PLEASE PLEASE FOR ALL OF AMERICA>>>don’t let that happen. I’m in N.Y. and I only wish your Gov. was MY Gov. God Bless Scott Walker and God Bless America

  • richwill

    Rebecca Kleefisch is in a tight race and needs help. Her election is almost as important as Walker’s. She is a true conservative and worthy of all the help she can recieve.

  • richwill

    Rebecca Kleefisch is in a tight race and needs help. Her election is almost as important as Walker’s. She is a true conservative and worthy of all the help she can receive.

  • Militant Conservative

    Been telling ya, Obama is toast and somas the

    opponent of Scott walker. The conservative vote

    Is at hand. Many a democrat is conservative just

    Hiding it. America is not a majority socialist

    country. Obama and the progressives have failed.

    Even black americans know what capitalism is.

    Lets roll, powder is dry

  • Limousine Barry

    Gad, my campaign sucks! I cannot even jerry-rig a small election!

    My cronies are crumbling. I have paid David Axelrod a fortune and all I get is more republicans winning. Axelrod sucks! It may be time to introduce Axelrod to the axle under the bus. Good day.

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  • dba…vagabond trader

    Hope the good people of WI have diligent poll watchers. Stay safe, commies do not go quietly into the night.

  • JustJP

    lefty heads explodin when Walker wins!

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