Unreal… Obama Threatens to Veto Defense Bill Unless It Hikes Healthcare Fees for Service Members

ObamaTax in action…

Barack Obama does not care too much for the military.
But, he does think they make a good photo-op.

Now this…
The Obama Administration threatened to veto the defense appropriations bill unless in includes significant hikes in healthcare fees on service members.
The Washington Free Beacon reported:

The Obama administration on Friday threatened to veto a defense appropriations bill in part because it does not include higher health care fees for members of the military.

“The Administration is disappointed that the Congress did not incorporate the requested TRICARE fee initiatives into either the appropriation or authorization legislation,” the White House wrote in an official policy statement expressing opposition to the bill, which the House approved in May.

President Obama’s most recent budget proposal includes billions of dollars in higher fees for members of TRICARE, the military health care system, and is part of the administration’s plan to cut nearly $500 billion from the Pentagon’s budget.

Some fear the administration’s proposal is an effort to increase enrollment in the state-run insurance exchanges mandated under the president’s controversial health care law.

The administration urged the House to “reconsider” to fee increase, arguing they are “essential for DOD to successfully address rising personnel costs.”

Hat Tip Mara Zebest

Obamacare: It’s a big f***ing tax.

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  • Most Twilight Zone episodes have nothing on this bizarre, never-ending nightmare

    MITT- man up and roll this freak to the curb!

  • donh

    BUT….We HAD to keep college loan interest rates from increasing to pass a ” roads and bridges” construction slush fund for that lebanese german fascist Ray LaHood to spend on bicycle pathways and sidewalks…. and maybe slip a few million out the back door for his son to share with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

  • mcc

    This is when I get spitting mad.

    Leave our military alone, you lying sob.

    Congress, don’t agree to ANYTHING this creep wants.

    You and I and every person in America and around the world knows he can’t be trusted.

  • Here’s what’s really going on. Obama needs people signing up for this healthcare program administered by the Government. Therefore, he is making the current healthcare available to the service men and women more costly than his program. He is banking on a significant number of men and women in the service signing up with Obamacare.

    This is important because most men and women in the service are in the prime of their lives and rather healthy in comparison to the likely “demographic” signing up domestically. Without the healthy signing up for his program…the cost analysis is going to suck eggs, and any underwriter worth his/her salt would see it as a money losing risk.

    You can bet there are all kinds of pamphlets and memos floating around the military right now comparing the prices of their current healthcare (plus increase) to Obamacare right now.
    The Worm

  • bigkahuna

    but yet we have money to advertise on radio 4 parties to organize people for food stamps. The people who do nothing get money,food, cell phones etc. just like obama…fraud pays

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  • Pingback: Unreal… Obama Threatens to Veto Defense Bill Unless It Hikes Healthcare Fees for Service Members|PolitifreakPolitifreak()

  • Pingback: Unreal… Obama Threatens to Veto Defense Bill Unless It Hikes Healthcare Fees for Service Members|PolitifreakPolitifreak()

  • snap boy

    Well, Obama only wants Congress, the Supremes and himself to escape the “mandates” of Obamacare.

  • snap boy

    Some of those “rising personnel costs” would be lessened if the First Traveler just stayed home.

  • Patty

    We, as a nation, apparently cannot meet our promises to .6% of Americans who risked their lives, mental and physical health, family wellbeing and the best earning years of their lives over a 20 to 30 year period in defense of our great nation.

    Those of you concerned with the cost of military retiree and veteran healthcare just need to be patient – we’re dying off as fast as we can and fewer and fewer Americans are serving – so, our veteran population is drawing down. Just hang on and most of us will be out of your hair soon and you’ll have that money for more unconstitutional social welfare programs – I promise.

    Cutting the defense budget is the usual response to calls for cutting the federal budget. And when speaking about cutting the defense budget politicians and political activists always hypocritically talk about cutting personnel programs, numbers of personnel, retirements and healthcare benefits.

    Remember, the military always needs bullets, bombs, tanks and airplanes and in bad economic times people usually beat down the doors to the recruiter’s office so the federal government can cut and gut compensation.


  • Patty

    If you don’t want to provide free birth control pills to women that constitutes a “war on women.” If you want to cut food stamps, direct welfare payments, etc then that constitutes a “war on the poor.” If you want to cut unconstitutional federal education programs and funding then that constitutes a “war on education, teachers, etc.” If you want to cut free or reduced school breakfast and lunch programs then that constitutes a “war on children.”

    President Obama has said he will not reduce the deficit on “the backs of the middle class and poor,” meaning cutting unconstitutional federal programs that seemingly support the middle class and poor.

    But what about the “war on veterans,” and military retirees, people who stood up and volunteered to defend their nation based on certain promised compensation in a career that is specifically constitutional? Where is the outrage?

    There were approximately 45.8 million Americans on food stamps in 2010 – 2011 and only about 1.39 million military retirees as of the 2010 Census, or about .6% of Americans. There were only about 21.8 million living military veterans in the 2010 census and that number includes the retirees, but more than 50 million Americans on unconstitutional Medicaid programs. MORE HERE


  • Ella

    Obama is a nasty Piece of work and I am being kind here.

  • gastorgrab

    “Obamacare: It’s a big f***ing tax.”


    Time to make up T-shirts with that slogan, that look exactly like what the ‘Re-elect Obama’ site is selling.

  • Multitude

    Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was attacked, the state Capital raided, and a recall election thrown because… he asked state employees to pay a mere 2% of their healthcare (along with a tiny portion of their retirement).

    Where’s the unions attacking Obama in solidarity with our troops for this blatant attack and fee imposition?There was no negotiation with the troops and their benefit representation. Even Walker tried a few times to negotiate before being boxed in the corner with a state law that he balance the budget. Strong-arm Barry has no such requirements driving him, other than his position that he wants to kill TRICARE for the military.

    And where is his same demand upon the desk jockeys who are paid twice the private sector to shuffle papers and dream up more bureaucratic excess at the Department of Agriculture, DHS, Department of Education, Energy, etc.? Why are they off limits for this increase demand?

  • texabama

    Patty, thanks for your insightful comments. Not only is it atrocious that they want to raise the fees for military (and their families) healthcare, but the real slap is that they are paying for it at all. Most of these retirees were promised free healthcare for themselves and their families. Every year they were serving the military provided them with an annual leave/earnings statement that showed how much this “free healthcare” was worth to justify their smaller paycheck. Like most things from our federal government, it was a LIE.

  • SeniorD

    Dumbo sends American service men and women into Harm’s Way for a cause which is still unknown. Now, on top of he extends his extortion scheme to raise medical care rates to this same service people.

    HIS economy has seen millions of jobs lost,
    HIS economy resulted in hundreds of thousands of people out of work
    HIS ‘lead from the bomb shelter in the WH basement’ has led to the unnecessary military deaths

    When will the people of this country wake up and arrest him for criminal acts?

  • ouldbollix

    This is payback to Gov Walker in Wisconsin.

  • Call his bluff. Let him veto the bill… see what happens.

  • gru57

    “Barack Obama does not care too much for the military”.

    Certainly the same could be said that the military doesn’t care too much for Obama. Even in a room full of basic trainees, Obama would be the least qualified among them.

    Let him veto the bill and see what happens ………..

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  • pagar

    If Obama and the Obama regime had their way, I doubt if the USA would have a military force. and he sure doesn’t want any retired military hanging around.

    “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” (emphasis added)”


  • myvoice

    Multitude ~ Please check your numbers regarding Governor Walkers increase on public workers healthcare and retirement. Actual fact checking will enlighten you. Have a great day!

  • arnonerik

    Some bastard (who will go un-named) figures that most people in the armed forces were voting against him anyway. He does not like them and he does not trust them.

  • arnonerik

    What has Obama got to lose? Either way he hurts our military. It’s A win for the Left.

  • Tim in Cali

    Congress signs bill “stopping student loan rate increase”…Obama agrees and signs it…

    But threatens to VETO a bill on the healthcare of our military

    3 words….CALL HIS BLUFF

  • Jon Riccitello

    Most military healthcare is like Obamacare…if your high up it is alright…

  • Mad Hatter

    Instead of just posting comments on here, I hope some of you, better yet, all of you, are emailing stories like this to people you know. That helps inform the public since the Alinsky Media is suppressing these type of stories to protect Obama.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Obama Threatens to Veto Defense Bill Unless It Hikes Healthcare Fees for Service Members

    Note to U.S. Armed Forces personnel: Go ahead, people, vote for him again…

  • Litpop

    A travesty. What is this country coming to? And by this country, I mean America. I am from Canada. Montreal, specifically. And I don’t mean to boast, but we have it pretty sweet here. We have socialized healthcare! And there is an important student uprising in Montreal right now. One of its ultimate goals is free tuition for university students. So, if any of you Americans would like to escape the horror that is Obamacare, there is a way to get you to Montreal for only 25 dollars! Just write some poetry or some fiction and submit to http://www.matrixmagazine.org/litpop.

  • donh

    #20 Obama knows Republicans will never EVER call ANY bluff he makes…even when he turns the cards around and shows his hand full of 2s and 3s. The Roberts Ruling PROVES we cannot lay this all on Obama…Look at the dough faces of Roberts, Boehner and Ryan and they all look the same expression….. sad sad sorry pathos of people who know the only purpose to their existance is failing the people’s predictable opposition to goverment tyranny and sealing our fate into slavery….washing and wringing their hands of injustice like Pontius Pilate.

  • radioone

    It’s been said many times that the Democrats want the “European Model”. The Real European Model has expanded socialized medicine and the welfare states to the point of almost eliminating their military. They can’t afford both, and we’ll be in the same boat in a few years.

  • JoyO

    I hope the House makes a big deal out of this. Let everyone see how little the Administration “feels” for those Americans willing to put their lives on the line to preserve America. If the Administration will increase the cost of the military’s healthcare while paying the enlisted folks so little that they qualify for welfare in many states — God knows what the Administration will do to the rest of us under Obamacare. We must vote in November to win the House, the Senate, and the While House!

  • Debra Long

    November cannot come soon enough for me to Vote This LYING SOB OUT!!!

  • Flintstone F.

    #5, #12

    Nailed it.

    This will undoubtedly have an adverse effect on new enlistments.

    The unintended consequences of implementing leftist policies are all the things liberals lack the mental capacity to comprehend. For instance, enviros. don’t let you cut the forest down, so it burns. Then you have economically deaf and wholly politically motivated presidents cut spending for the military which included C-130’s that were to be equipped to handle forest fires. Currently there are only 8.

    What’s worse than a president who hates the military? A president who is unqualified, inexperienced, inept and unfit to be CIC, who hates the military.

  • snap boy

    So let Obama veto it; unfortunately he’ll back down.

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  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    My, my! The Anointed One is feeling frisky after the insanely convoluted SCOTUS opinion upholding Obamacare’s constitutionality. He must be saying, “I’m invincible!! *I WON* — AGAIN!”

    What Dark Force protects this guy and his anti-American causes?

    With this newest victory, I *REALLY* *FEAR* that he might wind up getting elected again.

    (I also *REALLY* *FEAR* that any Repubs we elect in hopes of re-establishing the primacy of “individual rights and responsibilities” in this country will turn out to be accommodating RINO squishes who want to prove to the soulless media that they CAN TOO be “moderate” and “bi-partisan” and “willing to negotiate” …)

  • Joanne

    No doubt Obama will have these men and women in another war before he makes his big move in America. It is just too unbelievable that these military members have to worry about this big fat tax.

  • It Has Always Been The Soldier

    It is the soldier,
    not the President who gives US Democracy.

    It is the soldier,
    not the Congress who takes Care of US.

    It is the soldier,
    not the Reporter who has given us Freedom of Press.

    It is the soldier,
    not the Poet who has given us Freedom of Speech.

    It is the soldier,
    not the campus [community] Organizer who
    has given us the Freedom to Demonstrate.

    It is the soldier,
    who salutes the flag;
    who serves beneath the flag,
    and whose coffin is draped by the flag,
    that allows the protester to burn the flag.

    ~ Father Dennis O’Brien, US Marine Corp. Chaplain

    God Bless America!

    God Bless Soldiers everywhere for putting THEIR
    lives on the line to protect us ALL from terrorism!


  • Margaret Swank

    Obviously Obama doesn’t need the vote of the military, to throw them under the bus, like he has. So prove him right come November all you military people.

  • TeaPartyNation

    Veto Threat: Administration Wants to Hike Healthcare Fees for Military
    …of course, the military would get free GOLD-PLATED, HUMONGOUS benefits from OBOZO if only they would UNIONIZE and send the dues to the d-cRAT socialist party.

  • bg


    what does Obama care, one of his main goals is to break the war
    , of course he supports the enemy in the hope they will
    change.. and if you believe that, aah.. never mind, gah!!


  • sablegsd

    Revolution II

    Nothing else will work.

  • Valerie
  • I don’t know where all this talk about low servicemember pay comes from. When I got that first paycheck in boot camp back in 1989, it was $125 for two weeks after taxes and deductions. Eight dollars and 92 cents a day to start? No wonder people were jealous of the uniform.

  • USMC Thomas

    SØBama doesn’t care, SØBama got Osama.

  • atticcellar

    Let the NWO banksters and the UN pay for their military!

  • A. Gabe

    Obama is a useless lump of protoplasm

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  • Richard

    I say that service members.& X-service members who Have fought for this Country Should Not have to pay for health ins. Its The Least this Country can do for them…thay are will to give there LIFE for This Damm Country. And Mr. Obama Think thay should Pay More Thay Shouls Pay NOTHING