San Gabriel is the oldest continuing functioning monastery on earth, dating to around 300 years after the birth of Jesus. The monastery has been in existence for over 1600 years.

The past several years San Gabriel has been involved in a land dispute with the Turkish government and Kurdish village leaders. The Turkish supreme court granted substantial parts of the Monastery to the Turkish Treasury.

Long-buried tensions between an ancient Assyrian Christian monastery and its neighbouring Muslim villagers are coming to a head in South Eastern Turkey.

This week the Turkish Supreme Court of Cassation ordered San Gabriel to transfer lands to the state.
AINA reported, via Religion of Peace:

The final decision of the [Turkish] Supreme Court of Cassation in the legal case of St. Gabriel, ordering it to transfer the lands which the monastery has owned for 14 centuries to the State Treasury marks a major legal scandal. Cynically, it was the same institution which in 1974 ruled against the [non-Muslim] minority foundations in Turkey and has played an important role in intensifying minority problems. The latest ruling, in which the State is designated as the ‘land owner’ and the ‘other’ (being St.Gabriel) as the ‘occupier’ proves that not much has changed in Turkey’s policy towards minorities. The court decision sheds light on an important parameter of the process that has been labeled as “democratization.”

The confiscation of properties, trusts and estates of non-Muslim minorities by the government or by third parties is one of the darkest pages in the history of the [Turkish] Republic. Even though the Law of Foundations has been subject to various revisions within the framework of EU reforms over the last ten years, due to the nationalistic understanding that aims to preserve the existing status quo, the problems of minority foundations have not received a profound and lasting solution. This is very much related to the hegemonic perception that has been formed historically towards minorities in Turkey. Minorities, as a group in Turkey, have been regarded not only as infidel [Turkish gavur] for many years, but also as groups that foster secret ambitions, who “have stolen the wealth that belonged to us,” or as “hostile” and “unreliable” element within the Turkish nation formation. The deep traces of such institutionalized discourses can be read in the reflexes of the judicial and political authorities in the context of the legal trials of Hrant Dink, St. Gabriel and Publishing House.



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  1. Is it legal for Benedict Roberts to be on the Turkish Supreme Court also

  2. They will kill the monks, deface the cathedral & build minarets…the land will go fallow.

    it’s what they do.

  3. It has been very sad to watch Turkey’s spiral over the past 40 years. I was fortunate enough to spend my 7th grade year in Turkey when my dad was on sabbatical. I probably saw it through idyllic eyes. But they still deny their slaughter of the Armenians 100 or so years ago.

  4. Glad to have seen the Roman ruins while stationed there. Beautiful along the coast. What a shame. The filthy, moon worshiping goat f*ckers ruin everything they touch.

  5. No Muslim country is fit for democracy.

  6. Oh no, roberts strikes again. Maybe he concluded that taking the land could possibly be considered a tax. I think roberts was absent the day they taught law in law school.

  7. Muslims seem to me to be grossly one sided on every issue but their own. They have characteristics of Satan who is described as him who kills, steals, and destroys. And they seem to think they’re doing God a favor. It boggles the mind that they don’t change even in this modern world of science and technology and global access to know other nations that they persist in their desire to kill anyone who isn’t the right kind of Muslim, but that’s the way they began and that’s how they will end. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  8. Erasing Christians history and Christian truth seem to be Muslim specialties.

  9. OT
    Jim, I thought you might be interested in this link especially in light of the Colorado wildfires:

    from barnhardt.

  10. This is Islam. This is Sharia Law. It is ludicrous that they are arguing that the property is theirs. but that is what they do. They depend on Western tourists visiting these Christian sites. It is the bread and Butter of their tourism.

    Anyone who is not Muslim is considered an infidel and has no rights. They have no doctrine that preaches love of their fellow man. They seek submission to their hateful ideology.

    Remember this story the next time the bleeding hearts in our left-leaning media push their Islamophobia meme. Islam and democracy cannot co-exist. The leftists seek to destroy America through their multiculturalism doctrine, which seeks to pass off a fascist doctrine of hate as compatible with democracy.

    Take it a step further, Obama and Hillary Clinton have succeeded in turning the Middle East over to the Muslim Brotherhood. Their plan is to reestablish

  11. Oops! There plan is to reestablish the Islamic Caliphate in Turkey

  12. [ to around 300 years after the birth of Jesus. The monastery has been in existence for over 1600 years.] hmmm? and given that mohammed is believed to have been born 540 years after the birth of Christ. the monastery has been in existence 240 years longer than the existence of islam…..praise be to peanut butter and all. that reverting thing is certainly a thing that would even baffle the great houdini.

  13. ++

    “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

    Muslims discovered America, ergo, it’s their land, if the
    Marxists don’t get you, the Islamists will, oh wait.. /s/

    scroll up/down for much more here, in connecting links, and threads..


  14. ++

    re: #18 June 30, 2012 at 6:13 am bg

    US Textbooks: Muslims Discovered America


  15. Timbuktu shrine damaged by Mali Ansar Dine Islamists

    The fighters, from the Ansar Dine group, which controls much of northern Mali, attacked the mausoleum of Sidi Mahmoud, one of 16 shrines in the city.

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