Top Obama donor, misogynist and Christian-hater Bill Maher accused Republicans of being the “Party of the Apes” today on his blog.
This is the same guy who called Sarah Palin a “dumb tw@t” for laughs.

Politico reported:

Bill Maher on Monday called the GOP the “Party of the Apes” and ripped Republicans for not repudiating Rep. Allen West — who, the comedian suggested, should be taken to a mental hospital.

“[T]he idea that the blame for our government’s dysfunction is equally shared by the parties just is a giant, steaming mound of horsesh*t and anyone who has paid attention to politics over the last 20 years knows it. Or as I like to call it, ‘The Rise of the Party of the Apes,’” the host of HBO’s “Real Time” wrote on his blog.

Maher singled out two politicians as extremists: West and Richard Mourdock, the Republican nominee for Senate who defeated longtime Sen. Dick Lugar in a primary last month.

“[T]ake Allen West. Seriously, take him to the padded cell and give him 20 CCs of the high test,” Maher wrote, noting West’s remark that some 80 House Democrats are Communists. “And not one Republican said, ‘Allen, come on. You’re making us look dumb.’ Not one of the Republican candidates for president said anything. Because in today’s Republican Party, that’s not even edgy anymore. They probably saw him later on and were like, ‘Word, Allen. Word.’ Because that’s how they think black people talk.”




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  1. Your the party of young black

    Gay men.

  2. From an outside point of view.Bill Maher, what he thinks, what he says, what he does, is not news.Its simply glamorizing a complete non factor and idiot.

    This will be the last time that I respond to a Bill Maher news story and NO, I didn’t read it.

  3. HBO=Home Boys for Obama….

  4. Why would anyone possibly care what this idiot says?

  5. Bill who?

  6. Can’t get enough of maher – give us more. He will just make it that much more delicious when the o gets drummed out of dc.

  7. Did he just associate Allen West with an ape? Think anyone will call him out on being a racist??

  8. Sorry, Bill — even this man is more interesting than you:

    Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York has remained coy about whether he plans to endorse a presidential candidate this year, even as Mitt Romney and President Obama aggressively court the billionaire media mogul.

    The most that the mayor and his aides have said is that Mr. Bloomberg, who did not endorse in 2008, is carefully weighing his options this time around.

    But during casual conversations at charity event a few days ago, Mr. Bloomberg was far chattier — and candid — about the subject, according to three people who overheard him.

    Mr. Bloomberg said that he believed Mr. Romney would probably be better at running the country than Mr. Obama, according to two guests.

    But Mr. Bloomberg said he could not support Mr. Romney because he disagreed with him on so many social issues, these two people said. The mayor mentioned two such issues: abortion rights and gun control.

    As a result, Mr. Bloomberg said, he intended to remain neutral, said one guest.

  9. Here is a suggestion for big mouthed Bill Maher:

    Dear Mr. Maher,

    Put your money where your mouth is. Lock yourself in a MP guarded room with Alan West and let the best man come out.

    P.S. Be sure the premiums on your tony health care insurace policy are paid up prior to taking your issues up with Col. West on a personal level. You’re going to need the services that policy covers.

  10. Has he converted to Islam? He sounds just like the racist muslims.

  11. someone put that flatworm down.

  12. time to throw bags of horse pottooee at Bill Maher

  13. Mahar is a waste of air. Time and the ego on this guy. He has to be in the public eye every day, now.

  14. And if Glenn Beck had said “Democrats are the Party of the Apes, take Barack Obama…” how would the left be reacting?

  15. Maher can get away with that remark because the blacks are with the party of the parasites.

  16. Who cares what an Obama-supporter believes or thinks?

  17. bill maher; the paragon of the famous liberal civility.

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