RECALL WINNER Rebecca Kleefisch: “THIS Is What Democracy Looks Like” (Video)

WINNER Rebecca Kleefisch: “This Is What Democracy Looks Like”

LT. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch is the first US LT. Governor to be recalled and the first US LT. Governor to survive a recall.
Tonight Rebecca Kleefisch won HUGE – 56% to 44%

Congratulations Rebecca! Congratulations Wisconsin!

UPDATE: From commenter Matthew Gilley: “Congratulations to Governor Scott Walker. To all the public sector unions, thanks for playing; now get back to work. To all the Occupy types, thanks for the laughs; now get a job.”

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  • Ghost

    Mahlon Mitchell just gave his concession speech…
    what a HORSE”S A$$
    wow! I’ve never seen such a sore loser

  • donh

    How nice to see Mike Tobin deliver that line about big labor no longer able to bully America given how Tobin was pushed around at the Union thug rallies at the Capitol building.

  • gastorgrab

    I always thought that would make a good slogan for a GOP campaign ad. Just play the chants of “This is what democracy looks like”-stomp while displaying the reports of Occupy movement violence (rape, murder, molestation, etc).

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  • TheGoldGeneral

    Walker is going to get more votes than he got in 2010.

    He even flipped 3 counties that are 100% in and is leading with a chance to flip two more counties.

  • thelittlebrother


  • Multitude

    Dear Progressives and President Obama,

    Contrary to MSNBC’s rumors of our demise, we’re quite alive. Very, very alive. We’re coming to take our county back.

    Please continue going negative, attacking honest people, lying, distorting, using your manufactured media (which nobody believes anymore as Wisconsin attests), and being the generally repugnant, indecent human beings you’re so apt at being. It just helps our turnout.


    The Tea Party

  • Multitude

    Definition of a political digger wasp:

    “It’s time to MoveOn and Move FORWARD in Wisconsin.” – Governor Scott Walker in his victory speech a few minutes ago.

  • valerie

    I thought this was going to be a long night. G’night, all.

    Sweet dreams.

  • Befuddled

    From a tweet I got,CNN actually has a guy crying,saying Democracy is dead. You should superimpose that with this is what Democracy looks like.

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  • TheGoldGeneral

    Looks like there is a good chance Barrett does not match his 2010 votes.

    Walker is at his 2010 total, Barrett needs another 70,000

  • Befuddled‘end-of-usa-as-we-know-it’/

    Seems fake.CNN prods him on and on cue he starts crying like a baby,balling about being outspent 34 million to 4. I don’t know the exact numbers right now, but it’s a poor way to spin the loss of this election.Some are saying the numbers were closer to 36 to 34. None of these union goons were crying when Obama outspent McCain.

  • Buffalobob

    Rachel Maddow, Chris pee pants, crazy Schultz, Mike Moore, Bill Maher, stay away from open windows, sharp objects, bottles with skull and crossbones markings. We need you for our continuing enjoyment.

  • coolidgerules

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH-had to get that out.

    Gee, on Nightline, its like the election that never happened. It’s midnight and not one mention.
    Funny that.

  • MamaGriz68

    Never thought I could be so proud of cheeseheads. Way to go Wisconsin!!!!!

  • donh

    Bad night for RINOS….We got a lot of empty useless ” wins ” with Bush dynasty politicians. New World Order Republicans who pander for power and lip service issues they had no intention of executing once in powers. . Walker is different. He says what we want to hear and then he DOES what he says. That has to scare the corrupt political class of both parties who think the job of the politician is to lie and give the good hard working citizens of America the finger .

  • California Dreaming

    Can Walker be governor of two states? Probably not but the courage and fortitude he showed will inspire us all. Thank You Wisconsin you beautiful bunch of Americans.

  • TheGoldGeneral

    If Walker is the Veep, maybe Wisconsin Dems would vote for Romney to get Wealker out of Wisconsin.

    Be a win-win for Republicans. Another female Governor.