RECALL WINNER Rebecca Kleefisch: “THIS Is What Democracy Looks Like” (Video)

WINNER Rebecca Kleefisch: “This Is What Democracy Looks Like”

LT. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch is the first US LT. Governor to be recalled and the first US LT. Governor to survive a recall.
Tonight Rebecca Kleefisch won HUGE – 56% to 44%

Congratulations Rebecca! Congratulations Wisconsin!

UPDATE: From commenter Matthew Gilley: “Congratulations to Governor Scott Walker. To all the public sector unions, thanks for playing; now get back to work. To all the Occupy types, thanks for the laughs; now get a job.”

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  • Ghost

    Mahlon Mitchell just gave his concession speech…
    what a HORSE”S A$$
    wow! I’ve never seen such a sore loser

  • donh

    How nice to see Mike Tobin deliver that line about big labor no longer able to bully America given how Tobin was pushed around at the Union thug rallies at the Capitol building.

  • gastorgrab

    I always thought that would make a good slogan for a GOP campaign ad. Just play the chants of “This is what democracy looks like”-stomp while displaying the reports of Occupy movement violence (rape, murder, molestation, etc).

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  • TheGoldGeneral

    Walker is going to get more votes than he got in 2010.

    He even flipped 3 counties that are 100% in and is leading with a chance to flip two more counties.


  • Multitude

    Dear Progressives and President Obama,

    Contrary to MSNBC’s rumors of our demise, we’re quite alive. Very, very alive. We’re coming to take our county back.

    Please continue going negative, attacking honest people, lying, distorting, using your manufactured media (which nobody believes anymore as Wisconsin attests), and being the generally repugnant, indecent human beings you’re so apt at being. It just helps our turnout.


    The Tea Party

  • Multitude

    Definition of a political digger wasp:

    “It’s time to MoveOn and Move FORWARD in Wisconsin.” – Governor Scott Walker in his victory speech a few minutes ago.

  • valerie

    I thought this was going to be a long night. G’night, all.

    Sweet dreams.

  • Befuddled

    From a tweet I got,CNN actually has a guy crying,saying Democracy is dead. You should superimpose that with this is what Democracy looks like.

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  • TheGoldGeneral

    Looks like there is a good chance Barrett does not match his 2010 votes.

    Walker is at his 2010 total, Barrett needs another 70,000

  • Befuddled‘end-of-usa-as-we-know-it’/

    Seems fake.CNN prods him on and on cue he starts crying like a baby,balling about being outspent 34 million to 4. I don’t know the exact numbers right now, but it’s a poor way to spin the loss of this election.Some are saying the numbers were closer to 36 to 34. None of these union goons were crying when Obama outspent McCain.

  • Buffalobob

    Rachel Maddow, Chris pee pants, crazy Schultz, Mike Moore, Bill Maher, stay away from open windows, sharp objects, bottles with skull and crossbones markings. We need you for our continuing enjoyment.

  • coolidgerules

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH-had to get that out.

    Gee, on Nightline, its like the election that never happened. It’s midnight and not one mention.
    Funny that.

  • MamaGriz68

    Never thought I could be so proud of cheeseheads. Way to go Wisconsin!!!!!

  • donh

    Bad night for RINOS….We got a lot of empty useless ” wins ” with Bush dynasty politicians. New World Order Republicans who pander for power and lip service issues they had no intention of executing once in powers. . Walker is different. He says what we want to hear and then he DOES what he says. That has to scare the corrupt political class of both parties who think the job of the politician is to lie and give the good hard working citizens of America the finger .

  • California Dreaming

    Can Walker be governor of two states? Probably not but the courage and fortitude he showed will inspire us all. Thank You Wisconsin you beautiful bunch of Americans.

  • TheGoldGeneral

    If Walker is the Veep, maybe Wisconsin Dems would vote for Romney to get Wealker out of Wisconsin.

    Be a win-win for Republicans. Another female Governor.

  • TheGoldGeneral

    Barrett hit his 2010 vote total, Walker is 62,000 over his 2010 total.

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  • Multitude

    Befuddled #14: Reality has got to piss progressives off. I just looked at CNN and if you’re a poor loser who gets their news (and narrative production) there, reality is going to kick your ass, hard.

    “WALKER SURVIVES RECALL ELECTION” What a squeeker! Walker narrowly survives. Luck! Damn that was a close call. He barely made it through… but survives, injured and weak.

    58-41 isn’t survival. It’s bitch-slap, smack-down, pwned, “you probably need to find another career” time. And in a profoundly liberal state? That’s like an 80-20 game. “Survive” as the narrative? You keep believing in that and it’s going to hurt you. These progressive media kooks are no different than the tin-foil wearing, vaccine fearing, alien abduction flat-earthers who can’t comprehend reality even when it kicks them in the face.

    If you’re watching CNN for news, life will be painful for you.

  • AnnaS

    Schultz at PMSNBC is saying “oh the Republicans can win if they buy elections” and Scott Walker is going to get indicted in a few days–lol–speaking of sore losers!!!

  • bg


    June 6, 2012

    Wisconsin speaks. Again.

    [There’s another elephant in the room: Act 10 ended the compulsory
    collection of union dues by government employers. It turns out that
    when workers have a free choice of whether to keep paying, many
    decide that it isn’t worth the money. We were surprised last week by
    a Wall Street Journal report that Wisconsin membership in the American
    Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees plummeted from
    62,818 in March 2011 to 28,745 in February 2012. At the American
    Federation of Teachers, 6,000 of 17,000 Wisconsin members have
    walked away.]


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  • befuddled

    If you’re watching CNN for news, life will be painful for you.
    @23 Trust me, telling people I ever watched CNN for its politics would be the equivalent of showing strangers video of my colonoscopy.

  • Peter Warner

    Let us first give thanks to Almighty God for His everlasting mercy, protection, guidance and laws.

    And then a hearty THANK YOU, Wisconsin!

    There have been other signs, but to me this is the beginning of the 2012 election rout of the Democrat party, and their stranglehold on America. Let us move forward with courage and confidence. We can fight with dignity, and win.

    God bless America.

    Best regards, Peter Warner.

  • Matt

    Dang, Rebecca Kleefisch is actually not bad looking. Grr!!

  • Matt

    I’m going to go to the Huffington Post and watch all the liberals cry like pansies!!!!

  • Mona

    From the belly of the beast, THANK YOU ALL FOR SUPPORTING US WITH YOUR PRAYERS AND WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT!!! Thank you, fellow citizens in beautiful flyover country, for taking back the night. Thank you, God, for the privilege to live in a nation where the smallest voice counts. A blessed good night from the land of cows and courage.

  • Liz

    This was a lethal chemo hit to the cancer that union bosses are on America. Let’s beat them back vote by vote until they occupy their respective cells once again.

  • Liz

    Wisconsin stepped up big time. Hats off to Mona and those like you.

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  • dunce

    Maybe they will realize that importing union goons to intimidate voters and office holders is not a good idea. Did they really think casting the most vile lie and aspersion on Kleefish would change decent peoples minds to reject her. Did they think that it would not hurt her children and not generate sympathy for a good woman and her innocent children. No decent person would align themselves with such vicious false smears. These are the people that have been lecturing republicans on civility.

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  • Cat lady of Texas

    Way to GO Wisconsin. Thanks to our God for blessing our great country. Thanks to the great people of Wisconsin!!!!!

  • Daisy

    To echo Mona, from the heart of Wisconsin, thank you all for having our backs. We’ve an election here in WI every 60 days for the last year (and going forward into November). When we started to get weary, you kept us going.

    I’m exhausted today. I poll monitored for 12 hours yesterday, in a precinct that went Barrett, but was run very cleanly. I learned a lot about the process and the integrity of WI law.

    My only regret was that I didn’t make drive to Waukesha for the victory rally – it was a beautiful night and I’m sure it was a very special night for all who were there! (On the other hand, the fire marshall had to shut them down because they had too many people there).

    Thank you all again.

  • conservativechick

    HELLO VAN JONES! This is the DEAD TEA PARTY speaking from the grave. HAHAHHAHAHAHA Victory is sweet this time around. You may now leave the building and take your COMMIE friends with you. They rest of you, get to work ALL of you and fix our economic MESS!
    Thank you Wisconsin. 🙂

  • conservativechick

    BTW.. angry, mean liberals are M.I.A. this morning? GOOD. Take your socialist ball and GO HOME so we can take our country BACK now! 😉

  • As we go forward, never forget how the left treated our Governor and his family, Disgraceful and now they got their just rewrds..

  • WillyWallets

    “THIS Is What Democracy Looks Like” You bet’cha, Becky!!!!

    Bring on the Millionaires job makers, lets beat them liberals into the ground. We need jobs, not vegetarian union slobs.

    Watch out teachers, you’re next! Opps, Walker already slapped you down. Sorry!

    Cheers, Scott………. hello White House.

  • I heard Rebecca Kleefisch”s comment, “This is what democracy looks like.” Perhaps the name of her political party might clue her in on the type of government the citizens of Wisconsin and the Repubilc of the United States are legally a part of. She has just been voted into offfice to serve a Republic, be it state or nation. As a legally competent office holder she should have read Article 4 Srec. 4 of our constitution. It states, “The United States shall gaurantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government,”
    the definition of our Republic is its Constitution, all other definitions are false or incomplete.
    Redefining our Republic as “our democracy” is false. And, is unexcusable for the above use of the term democracy for governing American people.
    “Democracy, That form of government in which the soveriegn power resides in and is exercised by the whole body of free citizens directly or indirectly through a system of representation,” Definition from Black’s Law dictionary 6th edition.
    Marvin E. Fox

  • I cheer Scott walker and the people of Wisconson on for putting such a nice fat chink in the sociailist armor. The Unions have used the closed shop states as the unions’private feeding fround for too long. Illinois may be watching and gain some control over its unions. Maybe the right to work will return factories, more employment, and prosperity to the peope of Illinois. Rght on Wisconsin! I hope your victory is a lesson in liberty to all of the States beleagured by socialism.
    Marvin E. Fox