Democrat Pat Caddell Names National Security Advisor Tom Donilon As Source of Security Leaks (Video)

Democratic analyst Pat Caddell told Sean Hannity tonight that he definitively knows former political hack and current National Security Advisor Tom Donilon was the source of the White House security leaks.

Remember this is not any ordinary leak. This is as she (Senator Diane Feinstein) says putting American foreign policy and American lives in jeopardy. The New York Times’ review of Mr. (David) Sanger’s book by Thomas Ricks who is a one of the Pulitzer Prize winners of the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post defense experts. In his review in the New York Times he says, “And throughout Mr. Sanger has clearly enjoyed great access to senior White House officials most notably Tom Donilon. Mr. Donilon is effect the hero of the book in fact the chief commentator and records of events.” It’s all about this stuff. When Gates, when we had the disclosure of SEAL Team 6, Robert Gates went to the White House and told Tom Donilon, “I have a new communication strategy, you know what it is? Keep your effing mouth shut.” Tom Donilon is known for this. He is a political operative.

It looks like Tom Donilon has some explaining to do.

Caddell disclosed this information yesterday on the Victory Sessions.

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  • Bob Harjo

    It never ceases to amaze me what the left will do to protect this president. Who in there right mind can see through this guy. Take him off the teleprompter and listen to the real guy. He beats up Romney for his private sector success, yet, what has he done in the private sector to make him the expert? And is Jon Favreau, Obama’s speech writer, really sending him out with the crap he spreads. Perhaps the 31 year old wonder kid needs a few more years of experience.

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  • noah

    Fake fall guy.. another one taking it for the obama..

    No way this man did anything without the expressed permission of Jarrett and obama.

  • oops

    -A fat white guy working so closely w/ Mr. Obama? -Not a good optic..

  • noah

    Jarret is in charge of trying to make obama “Cool”( I know I’m a racist for calling obama cool) again.
    Obama comes across just like he truly is a wimp a$$ affirmative action wuss.
    Obama is not a man.. obama has no idea how to be a real man.

    Obama doesn’t even spend time with his children.. How can he if when he is not at 6 fundraisers, he is at parties at the White House on the tax payers dime.. Then when he has a weekend free,which seems to be every weekend the moron is out playing golf.

    obama is a weak leader, obama is not a leader at all. obama is disinterested in any part of the job expect by dictatorship.930 executive orders in 30 months.

    obama is seen as weak by all other counties a laughing stock… He is even dissed by Russia.
    obama will never be seen as a man.. NEVER..nor an American.

    He is the first Raceident.. and that is all he is.. I made up that word.

  • Jack Durish

    President Obama replaced Harry Truman’s sign – “The buck stops here” – with one of his own – “Deer Crossing.”

  • owl

    #10 says it all.

    “I think Scooter Libby should be named Special Prosecutor.”

  • owl

    Before they give the SP to Libby, give him exxxxtra special powers to gently, gently, gently speak to the Professional Poop Scoopers.


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  • RealMc


    Jane Fonda type TREASON.