Democrat Pat Caddell Names National Security Advisor Tom Donilon As Source of Security Leaks (Video)

Democratic analyst Pat Caddell told Sean Hannity tonight that he definitively knows former political hack and current National Security Advisor Tom Donilon was the source of the White House security leaks.

Remember this is not any ordinary leak. This is as she (Senator Diane Feinstein) says putting American foreign policy and American lives in jeopardy. The New York Times’ review of Mr. (David) Sanger’s book by Thomas Ricks who is a one of the Pulitzer Prize winners of the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post defense experts. In his review in the New York Times he says, “And throughout Mr. Sanger has clearly enjoyed great access to senior White House officials most notably Tom Donilon. Mr. Donilon is effect the hero of the book in fact the chief commentator and records of events.” It’s all about this stuff. When Gates, when we had the disclosure of SEAL Team 6, Robert Gates went to the White House and told Tom Donilon, “I have a new communication strategy, you know what it is? Keep your effing mouth shut.” Tom Donilon is known for this. He is a political operative.

It looks like Tom Donilon has some explaining to do.

Caddell disclosed this information yesterday on the Victory Sessions.

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  • Hussein Soetoro

    Hoft, there’s no such thing as a ‘former’ political hack. It’s for life.

  • Spike

    He better get a Bodyguard!

  • Toddski

    This is just as bad as espionage …Didn’t the Rosenberg’s get put death for that !

  • bg


    June 8, 2012

    Obama Denies National Security Leaks,
    New York Times Denies Taking Dictation

    RUSH: See, okay, okay. What did you hear?

    CALLER: All right. So they had the author on, and he wrote this new book about how tough the Obama administration is, surprisingly, on national security, including discussion or a chapter on the cyber attacks, like in Iran. And the program host precisely was concerned about leaking national security secrets, and the hostette, the author, “Aren’t you concerned about that?” And the author said, “Oh, well, that was okay.” They specifically went to the Obama administration official, and they gave it the okay for the information that he put in the book, that he released. So therefore, regardless even if the information didn’t come from the Obama administration and they somehow got it on their own, they went to the Obama administration, and the Obama administration okayed, according to this author, the specific release of that information or else he would never have released it.]

    much more @ link..


  • Patty

    OH, no he dident!!

    Well, Caddell is a democrat but you sure wouldn’t know it. Every time I hear him he is literally stinking mad at this administration.

    There are some democrats whose eyes bulge out of their sockets when Obama opens his mouth. It is a real eye opener for all Americans that Obama is still getting over 50% approval ratings. Where on earth is that coming from, Soros’s clowns.

  • Tim in Cali

    Room for one more under the bus.

    Thankfully the wheels are coming off this bus..

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  • Patty

    Cher’s Latest Twitter Attack: Romney Supporters Too White, Not Gay

    Being Cher gives one special powers, apparently.

    How else could the Oscar-winning singer/actress look at a crowd and determine if the people in it are gay or not?

    Cher let loose with her latest anti-Mitt Romney Tweet today – she ended up apologizing for her last one – and blasted those who crowd around the presumptive GOP presidential candidate.

    “When mitt gives stump speech Look Behind Him!White People! Where R people of color & ethnicity?Gay men&women Theres no rm 4difference in gop,” the singer Tweeted Monday.

    Maybe Cher didn’t see this picture of Team Obama.

    Or, perhaps like many of her liberal peers, Cher would rather talk about race and gender preference than the president’s record. We can’t blame her, but she should tell us more about her ability to decode a person’s sexual leanings from a mere photograph.

    Can we expect a Tweet apology any minute now?

    old lady with way too much time on her hands. She wishes she could “turn back time” she doing though with her plastic surgeon. But what time, warlocks and witches.

  • Patty


    Off topic

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  • Patty


    New ‘Mobile Politics’ App May Stop Obama

    Barring an unforeseen revelation or gaffe, the 2012 presidential election is expected to be a close one. And although Obama has more money than Romney and is poised to outspend him, money isn’t going to be the deciding factor this time around.

    What will decide the election is pure marketing. Traditional campaigns, especially Republican, rely on mass-media blitzes to convince people to support their candidate. This is a strategy that has worked well, in the past, but it’s expensive and times have changed. Broadcasting is finally giving way to hyper-targeting.

    Today, Obama can reach you in your pocket or purse, 24 hours a day and take more than your money – he can get your support. He doesn’t have to wait for you to settle down in front of your favorite prime-time TV show to hear his voice either. This is because people connect with political apps and social networking 24 hours a day. Furthermore, they do this in places you would not expect because they now use their phone as their primary tool for surfing the web and passing time. Morning commutes, walks, idle breaks at work, even using the toilet, are all times Obama wants to reach out and touch you.

    Obama, with his technological advantages can connect with people via mobile apps and their social networks, delivering precisely timed, custom-built messages. And since a majority of Americans own smartphones, Obama can send a quick text, email alert, or status update right to them.

    Even used car salesmen don’t have the advantage Obama has, which is the ability to know the personal details of your life and to tailor and time a message for maximum effect.

    But one thing hasn’t changed and that’s that elections come down to numbers. Right now, the numbers are startling.

    And this is the last one. OT

  • billntwrk

    Obama is the best president

  • SoldiersMom

    Democrats don’t fall on a sword to save anyone. If Donilon is being set up as the “fall guy,” but the leaks were planned by Axelrod, Obama, et al, I don’t see him quietly going under the ax.

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  • Limousine Barry

    Ah, crap! Another of my cronies has been busted! I hope it doesn’t come back on me.

    Let me be clear, I needed a boost in the poles so I mention to Tattle Tail Tom to leak what ever national secrets where necessary to the NYT. It’s that simple.

    Who cares if I put lives in danger? I must win this election. The best way to do this is leak classified information to my mouth piece – the NYT.

    Uhh, let me re-state that. I may has suggested to Tattle Tail Tom to let one or two secrets slip out it – but I am in no way responsible for any damage to America or its people for these national security leaks. Let’s throw Tom under the bus.

    My limousine is spewing fumes and Bill Ayers and David Axelrod are in the back seat. My Administration is leaking like the Titanic. I have a difficult decision to make. I must blame someone. Tom looks like a good scape goat. I cannot answer any more questions. Good day.

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  • Noovuss

    This would all stop with just a few hangings for treason.

  • rangerrebew

    The commiecrats were nearly demanding the death penalty because they THOUGHT Scooter Libbey had outed Valerie Plame. Now we have someone who really has done some damage and what will the commiecrats demand for Donilon? Based on the ATF handling of Fast and Furious he could expect a promotion but I don’t think that will happen. My guess would be an apology will do and everyone will be back to living as serpents in the Garden of Eden in Washington (District of Corruption) again with lots of apple trees for them to continue to temp others.

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