A Muslim mob shouting “Allahu Akbar!” erupts and stones Christians in Dearborn injuring the protesters.
The mob threw stones, trash and crates at the Christian demonstrators.
This is crazy!
Via Joe Miller:
(Stone throwing begins at 9:00 minutes)

Hat Tip Ed




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  1. If O gets his way he will fill the country with these people.



  3. Rachelle:

    He’s been doing it.

  4. It’s finally come to America, the ethnic cleansing of Christians by Muslims a la Somalia, Kenya, Indonesia, Egypt et al. They will drive Christians and Jews and Buddhists and Hindus out of ‘their’ parts of the country. Muslims are the one people in the world who refuse to get along with other people.

  5. These second class people come into this country and this is how they treat Americans.

    They’re not fit for our society. They only thing they’re good for is being deported back to Crapistan.

  6. Rachelle #1

    Why do you think Muslims are building huge mosques in towns where there are few Muslims? Getting ready for an influx of new migrants from all 57 Muslim countries.

  7. Tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…

    Powder is dry !!!

  8. If you haven’t watched the whole thing – the whole thing – do.

  9. What courageous men.

    This needs to go viral. TWEET this everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. It’s disgusting to see the imperial look on his face when people praise and exault him.

    He E X P E C T S it

  11. this persecution of christians was brought to the united states by the american politicans of both parties. all they care about is votes to keep them in power. they care anything about the behavior of the colonizers as long as they vote for them.

    the actions of the police was a disgrace and an insult to policemen everywhere in the country.

  12. The courage of the Christian group is admirable. Righteous men, each of them.

    I wish I had been among them that day. I would have counseled to refuse to leave, and allow ourselves to be arrested. That would be civil disobedience in the best tradition of Martin Luther King Jr., and would have drawn international attention and support.

    The authorities of the city of Dearborn have brought shame upon their city, and the riotous children and complicit adults have declared the Godlessness of their community.

    Righteous men, You are called: stand for Christ; and exchange the discomfort, and possible resulting pain, for eternal joy.

    In Christ alone, Peter Warner.

  13. #14…sorry peter but this will never see the light of day in american tass.

  14. Those cops are COWARDS.

    This is not my United States of America.

  15. You have it right Peter. Stand your ground.

  16. Lock and load. They want a holy war? I’ll be happy to oblige.

  17. Let me be clear, if you don’t vote for me you can expect this type of thing in your neighborhood!

    Look, Deputy Chief Mike Jaafar handled this thing personally. He kicked out the Catholics. I commend him.

    He is my type of guy. Just look at his Jaafar Family Album: All-American Muslim on the internet. He is a guy who knows how handle those unruly Jews… er…Catholics… umm Christians.

    My limousine is running and I have a fund raiser with the Muslim Brotherhood. I gave them $1,500,000,000 so it is only fair that Muslim Brotherhood donate about that amount to my campaign. I cannot answer any more questions. Good day.

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