Obama Promises America: “I Will Not Rest Until Everyone Can Find a Job”… Then Goes and Plays 100 Rounds of Golf


In July 2010 President Barack Obama promised suffering Americans:
“I will not rest until everyone American who is able, and ready and willing to work can find a job. And a job that pays a decent wage and has decent benefits to support a family.”

It was just words.

This weekend Barack Obama played his 100th round of golf as president.

White House Dossier reported:

President Obama rolled out of his Kenwood, Chicago home Sunday morning and headed to out to play his 100th round of golf since becoming president.

Obama played at the Beverly Country Club with two old pals, Eric Whitaker and Marty Nesbitt, as well as regular golf companion Marvin Nicholson, the White House trip director.

Obama has already played golf eight times this year. He actually is a little off his normal pace – perhaps campaigning is intruding on golf. The president golfed 28 times in 2009, 30 times in 2010, and an incredible 34 times in 2011.

Obama’s golfing takes about five hours, including the motorcades back and forth from the fairways. If one thinks of this as taking up much of the day – include getting ready to go and cooling off afterward – its fair to say that Obama has spent more than three months of his presidency golfing.

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  • doc

    He heard OJ was looking for something on the golf course and lacking any substantial clue how to create jobs, thought he too could find whatever he needs on the golf course. It’s fair to say three months on the golf course and three years, three months goofing off.

  • Patty

    35 Hurt, 7 Killed in Chicago Shootings
    Weekend violence didn’t stop for President Barack Obama’s Chicago visit

    Source: http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/Chicago-Weekend-Shootings-159404805.html#ixzz1y9vLGVNm

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  • Patty

    Obama a legend in his own mind?

    Watching President Obamaflop around like a fish out of water, careening from gaffe to desperation to dishonesty, I find myself searching for ways to put his troubling behavior into historic perspective.

    Is this The Unmaking of a President? Or is it The Unmasking? Perhaps we are witnessing an American Tragedy. Or maybe we’re seeing final proof his election was The Great Mistake.

    All those fit the facts, and lead to a shared conclusion. So far, the 2012 election has almost nothing to do with Mitt Romney. Even the GOP doesn’t love its choice, but the race is a dead heat because Obama is so disappointing.

    His fall from grace does more than merely confirm the conventional wisdom that elections are a referendum on the incumbent. Notwithstanding White House efforts to make the race about something or someone else, Obama remains the straw that stirs the drink.

    But what a strange straw he is. Far stranger than we knew.

    (Excerpt) Read more at foxnews.com …

    via Barack Obama — a legend in his own mind?.


  • Patty

    Obama keeps saying he needs another 4 more years to finish his job. Well, if that happens America is finished.

    These aren’t just words picked out of the air. He will end the freedoms and our economy will go further into a downward spiral.

    Dangerous to think his job is done. JOB OF SOCIALISM.

  • Patty

    Flashback: Axelrod called Bush ‘out of touch’ for playing golf in bad economy


    Video from 1994 has surfaced of David Axelrod, President Obama’s chief campaign strategist, calling former President George H.W. Bush “out of touch” for “tastelessly” playing golf while trying to convince voters that the economy is improving.

    “Bush tastelessly did it, often from the ninth hole, and from the cigar boat and other places,” Axelrod said.

    Added the adviser: “The impression you got was that he was out of touch.” …

    Axelrod explained in the 1994 interview that if “you cite these statistics that say the economy is improving, you almost do political damage to yourself.”

    “If you stand up and claim great progress, you are only frustrating this alienated middle class more,” he said.


  • Patty

    Seems with radicals their own words always come back to bite them in their arse.

  • http://hotair.com Tommy

    At an average cost of about $4.1 MILLION per job ‘created’ — it’s going to take awhile to get to everybody who wants a job. At this time it is important to give President Barack Hussein Obama some space. So, hang in there — this is his last election. After this election he’ll have more flexibility. If it’s good enough for Russian President [for life] Vladimir Putin and his country — it’s good enough for all us peons in America.

  • lizzy84

    Meanwhile, more taxpayer dollars for old pal, van jones..kind of puts the whole “green” energy BS in a bright spotlight, doesn’t it? :


  • burt

    Want a job? I am sure Fidel can find you one. If you are really smart, you can be a slave in his overseas medical corps.

  • http://evilbloggerlady.blogspot.com EBL

    It gets better…here is David Axelrod in 1994 claiming George H.W. Bush is out of touch for playing golf while the middle class suffers. And as Axelrod and Obama like to remind us, this current recession is the worst since the 1930s.

    So what does that say about Barack Obama?

  • CKAinRedStateUSA

    #16 June 17, 2012 at 10:53 pm
    Neo commented:

    I’m sure about now Michelle Obama is busy running around Washington DC screaming “Klaatu barada nikto“

    – – – – – –

    I’d have spit up if that sip of soda had been a couple of seconds later.

    Funny funny stuff.

    Thanks for much needed laughter.

  • http://templeofmut.wordpress.com Mutnodjmet

    PANIC IN YEAR ZERO! A movie actually come to life! Signs of panic among Team Obama and Media Elites…so no wonder why he wants to flee to the greens (in more ways than one).

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  • Mike Jackson

    The objective of applying Keynesian economics is to maximize underemployment. The idiots in the White House don’t grasp this, but ask anyone who knows.

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  • Always Vigilant

    Liberty’s idea of equality before the law is in eternal and irreconcilable conflict with the notions of subjective wealth redistribution and centralized control inherent to collectivism.

  • jeffroe

    Yes, let’s make 20 million illegal immigrants legal, that will sure help unemployed Americans find jobs. All Americans should be outraged, and black Americans in particular should be extremely outraged. Black Americans will be impacted more than any other Americans. Thanks Obama (again).

    Good luck with all of that.