Netroots Posters: “It’s My Body. It’s My P*ssy. Get Over It You Patriarchal F*ck Head Woman Hater”

It’s vulgarity on steroids.

Netroots is the blogging conference for the Liberal Left.  It’s where they train the Liberal Left media of the Internet…these are the posters they’re selling.

These are the posters for sale at the Netroots/Netkooks conference in Rhode Island this weekend.

“It’s my body.  It’s my p*ssy.  Get over it you patriarchal f*ck head woman hater.”

“I’m a slut.  I vote.  And so does everyone I sleep with.  And you’re about to be more f*cked than I am.”

“Politicians off my Poontang”

This is what the Liberal Left is really all about.  These are the people who are left to vote for Obama.

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  • rumcrook

    Selfish, self centered, childish, animals, focused on thier own pleasure and expecting others to pick up the tab for thier existance.

  • Stonedome

    Is this an example of what Hillary says is promoting universal human rights? the media says we should all be civil and get along, except if you’re a maniacal leftist, of course. No evidence that it is remotely possible.

  • Eden12345

    Stay classy, lefties!

  • valerie

    These people aren’t Liberal. They’re radical. Just ask them.

    They also know very well that the party that is interested in inhibiting a woman’s freedom is the Democratic Party, which passed a law, Obamacare, that will be used to deny care for defective infants and old people. That is the function of those death panels.

    These people know the consequences of that law. They don’t mind having a bunch of detached bureaucrats decide who will live and who will die. They assume that they will be the ones deciding. They also know their best chance of keeping this unAmerican law is to lie to very young people about what the Repubs want to do. It’s a diversion. Radicals take pride in lying, and they have a history of deliberately hijacking liberal democracies.

    Americans don’t like radicals. Call them what they are.

    In my opinion, “radicals” will work better than “f’n morons” even though both apply.

  • Robert

    “It’s my body.”

    No, it is NOT.

    You share it with another, and they have say in the process.
    Or, do they just have to pay for whatever you decide?

    And, there is ANOTHER body in there that is NOT “yours”.

    It belongs to itself, and GOD.

    So get over it. It’s not just about you.

  • srdem65

    Sad, pathetic losers think someone else cares what they do.

  • Beth just south of Berkeley and just east of San Francisco

    With “feminists” like these, who needs sexist pigs? Another entry from the school of prove how cool and edgy you are by objectifying yourself sexually. Tasteless and uncouth even by Bay Area proggy standards.

  • Sam Stone

    If these posters were sold at a Tea Party rally what would the headlines be? Note the exaggerated features like the nose and lip size, the hooptie earrings. These are racist looking caricatures of the angry black women, angry at the white man because they can’t find too many good black men. Thus the many baby mommas and absent fathers.

  • Little Johnny

    This just adds more proof that Liberalism is a mental disease.

    It’s my body and NO ONE has the right to tell me what to do with it, unless you want a “Big Gulp”, then they can tell you THEY don’t approve.

    When the consequences of their actions bite them in the ass however, they expect YOU to pay for it.

  • Sam Stone

    “In my opinion, “radicals” will work better than “f’n morons” even though both apply.”

    One is President.

  • Robodog7

    Then why do we have to pay for THEIR birth control????? You are not just a “slut”, you are a dumb slut !!!!!!

  • Army Dad

    Ditto Robert!

    They don’t get it. Never will. It’s pointless to reason with these angry liberals. I know because I used to be one of them.

    Perhaps there is hope.

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  • Lenore

    What is strange about this is: The same people preaching this are ok with the national healthcare database.
    They have no problems losing their doctor/ patient right to privacy.
    Seems the only thing the Obama admin cares about is aborting American’s babies.

  • bg


    NO soda

    NO sweets

    NO smoking

    NO sex, oh wait, it’s your body.. /s/


  • Babsy

    BHO, PBOH, Usurper-In-Chief and Bush-Blamer extraordinaire, is a living embodiment of the Peter Principle.

  • Patty

    Serious look at this poster. These look like black women. I just wonder what the Black women’s association has to say about this.

    But this is now the norm for PROTARDS. Immorality and content unbecoming a Woman. It has been a denigration of a nation.

    The dignity that women share is disrespectful and it certainly gives women a bad name. Mothers wish the best for their little girls. They have big hopes for their daughters.

    And then when a few have apparently screwed up themselves it stands to reason they will screw up their daughters, too. This is the source to our problems and now it is coming back to bit them.

    Working household and raising kids is tough and many do it but then when neglect and laziness combined you have raise a little monster.

    We take two steps forward and then the liberal takes us one step back. Respect for body and soul are lacking and so is God.

  • bg


    oh yeah,

    NO salt!!


  • Ragspierre

    “I vote, and so does everyone I sleep with.”

    But, stupid, they LIE to you to get you to give it up.

    You just delude yourself.

  • vityas

    It’s so vulgar it’s scary