Mitt Romney Thanks Bill Clinton for Praising His “Sterling” Record at Bain Capital

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney thanked Bill Clinton for praising his business record at Bain Capital.
Clinton called Romney’s business record “sterling” on CNN.

Take that, Barry.
The Politico reported:

Mitt Romney on Friday thanked former president Bill Clinton for complimenting his work at Bain Capital, saying he was “happy to see President Clinton…called my record superb.”

“I think Bain Capital has a good and solid record. I was happy to see President Clinton made a similar statement … and called my record superb,” the Republican presidential candidate said.

On Thursday evening, Clinton had called Romney’s business record “sterling.”

I don’t think that we ought to get into the position where we say ‘This is bad work. This is good work,’” Clinton said on CNN Thursday. “The man who has been governor and had a sterling business career crosses the qualification threshold.”

Romney, who was formerly the CEO of the private equity firm, said he was “very proud of my record” at Bain Capital.

“I understand that over the last 28 years, according to a letter they wrote to their investors, 80% of the businesses Bain Capital invested in grew during the period of Bain Capital’s ownership. That’s a pretty good record,” said Romney.

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  • chris

    Bill Clinton took in more than $35m in advisory fees from PE firm, Yuciapa. A big chunk of the fee income was earned in 2009. His wife was SS.

    Yuciapa was doing deals involving foreign governments. The firm is run by one of the DNC’s biggest donors, Burkle. Yuciapa had plenty of bankruptcies and problem companies among its successful ventures.

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  • sandy

    Bill Clinton knows there’s a life for the Democratic Party after Obama’s departure. He hopes to bring the party back to the center and with Hillary at the Helm.

    As for Romney CLASS ACT!

  • sandy

    Chris # 1 What has that got to do with Romney’s sterling record at Bain?

  • bobbymike

    Hey Democrats out there I have a winning anti-Bain strategy guaranteed to work.

    Romney named the company after the Batman villain because he too really wanted to destroy Gotham!!!!!

  • Gail

    Pound em’ Mitt!!!!!

  • mcc

    Someone speculated on FOX yesterday that it was this statement by Clinton – in support of Romney’s success and on the heels of a few other Dems’ remarks – that was the reason for Axelrod to be oddly out there stumping and taking questions the other day (along with the loud chanting it turned out) —

    “They don’t know who else to trust.” Uh, oh.

    Poor Barry. Good thing he could run home. Who knows? He might even now be curled up in his Hyde Park mansion sucking his thumb — with all his fellow commies gathered ’round…

  • squeaky

    [Former President Bill Clinton had some kind words for Mitt Romney earlier this week, when he called the former Massachusetts Governor’s business record “sterling.” In a rally in New Jersey yesterday, however, Clinton appeared shocked that anyone would think his faint praise meant anything other than ceding what was true to the other side,…] the screeching you hear would be the tires of the clintonmobile as he pulls a u-ee.

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  • Bubba

    Ha, how can anyone familiar with Klein’s new book be surprised by this? Is Clinton really going to toe the line and be a good lil’ dem foot soldier and slap a sociopath smile on his face and campaign for Barry? Can be any more obvious that Clinton has absolute disdain for this buffoonish boy king?

    He’s got no credibility if he does decide to play nice and pretend that “there’s no better choice than sending Barry back to Washington.” Team Barry may as well keep Bill on the sidelines, because it’s apt he won’t be playing entirely nice on the stump, as seen by this interview.

  • anti-bho
  • chris

    The comment is aimed at one of the reasons Clinton, along with many Dems who made lots of money in finance, can’t get on their high horses about Romney. Objectively, Romney is at the top of the class.

    If one looks at donations, democrat candidates do quite well from financial sector with the main exception being smaller financial institutions.


    A Trojan Horse in the making perhaps to get Mittens to go along with a increase in the debt ceiling?

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