Michelle Malkin Blasts Lib Tamara Holder: “No I’m Not Going to Let You Get Away With That Lie!” (Video)

Another stellar performance by Michelle Malkin on Hannity. Last week she absolutely destroyed crank Juan Williams. This week she obliterated Tamara Holder. Good for Michelle for not allowing this leftist tool to get away with her dishonest liberal talking points.
Thank you, Michelle Malkin!

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  • onbe

    Did she lie or is she misinformed ? Looks like she lied.

  • jainphx

    I asked a question back on another thread, but It was already dead. let me ask again. There has always been something about the Terry killing that has bothered me. he was killed by guns from fast and furious, but no one was apprehended for this, the assailants got clean away, so why did they leave the weapons behind? I’m sure that the weapons were (until fast and furious) hard to come by. What reason would they be left behind? I hope that the reason isn’t that they were complicit with those running F&F to prove that the weapons came from America? Same thing with the other officer killed in Texas, Why was the weapon left behind? Not once but twice the killers abandon their weapons. WHY? The last thing I want to say is did everyone know That Officer Terry was armed only with a bean bag gun? What chance did he have.

  • anozira

    kudos to Michelle !!!!! keep the hits coming..

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  • Limousine Barry

    Somebody told me crony Tamara Holder was stupid but she is really a blithering, idiot who blatantly displayed her rambling stupidity on national television! Blame Bush is a rookie’s error! Gad, she sucks.

    Let me be clear, the reason why I cannot allow my chief Law Breaker to spill the beans is that it involves a large number of my cronies who could go to jail – including myself.

    My limousine is spewing fumes and Eric Holder is in the back. Although, Eric Holder has been a useful idiot in the past he is now becoming a liability. If I have to toss him under the buss I will – but I am certainly not going to eat rubber. Eric Holder sucks and is expendable. Good day.

  • onbe


    I wouldn’t put it past them and that seems to be the case.Fast n Furious firearms had showed up at 12 other crime scenes in the United States around that time frame.

  • jainphx

    onbe==== has anyone anywhere asked why these weapons were abandoned at the scene, when perpetrators got away clean? Who would do that and for what reason?

  • Moonbat_One

    I was making dinner in the kitchen so I didn’t see this, but I could hear some woman yelling at Michelle Malkin.

  • Limousine Barry

    Although I don’t see myself as a criminal, you generally do want to be caught with the murder weapon on yourself. Fast n Furious got out of control fast. It sucked! Good Day.

  • onbe


    That appears to be part of the plan.Another oddity in the events of that night the border agents had been only allowed to use Bean Bag Guns that night. Looks like a set up.If there hadn’t been whistle blowers in the ATF this would have been the kick off premier to massive gun control laws.In fact around that time Homeland Security and the Justice Department had started it’s public service announcements for more gun control to prevent American forearms from falling into the wrong hands over the border.

  • Keyser

    Man it is getting harder and harder for libs to defend their golden boy. But they defend him at all costs. I’d bet anything that Chairman Obama could order Atlanta, Detroit and New Orleans nuked and they would still defend him. And he would still have 90% support among blacks.

  • onbe

    obey obey obey

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  • BillWhit

    This whole administration, from Obama down, are nothing but Liars and Crooks. All should be lined against a wall and be done with!

  • Little David Puddy

    Keyser #11

    I’ve joked many times that Obama could announce tommorrow that he was reinstating slavery and concentration camps and the blacks and (American) Jews would still support him. I can understand the 95% support that Obama gets from blacks (Racism), but the Jewish support for Obama is absolutely mind boggling.


    love it,love it, call them out, we have awakened and not afraid to stand up to their tactics. i grew up when we could take action against someone that was as they say now a bully. WAKE-UP AND COME OUT PATRIOTS

  • onbe

    they will be gone soon

  • Pati

    A federal agent is dead. He died in the line of duty 18 months ago…his family deserves answers!

  • onbe

    What makes it clear that Fast n Furious was an attack on the 2nd Amendment is
    the cryptic message Obama told the Brady bunch shortly before this became public
    that the Admin was taking steps to further gun control restrictions but under the radar.


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