Michelle Malkin Blasts Lib Tamara Holder: “No I’m Not Going to Let You Get Away With That Lie!” (Video)

Another stellar performance by Michelle Malkin on Hannity. Last week she absolutely destroyed crank Juan Williams. This week she obliterated Tamara Holder. Good for Michelle for not allowing this leftist tool to get away with her dishonest liberal talking points.
Thank you, Michelle Malkin!

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  • onbe

    Did she lie or is she misinformed ? Looks like she lied.

  • jainphx

    I asked a question back on another thread, but It was already dead. let me ask again. There has always been something about the Terry killing that has bothered me. he was killed by guns from fast and furious, but no one was apprehended for this, the assailants got clean away, so why did they leave the weapons behind? I’m sure that the weapons were (until fast and furious) hard to come by. What reason would they be left behind? I hope that the reason isn’t that they were complicit with those running F&F to prove that the weapons came from America? Same thing with the other officer killed in Texas, Why was the weapon left behind? Not once but twice the killers abandon their weapons. WHY? The last thing I want to say is did everyone know That Officer Terry was armed only with a bean bag gun? What chance did he have.

  • anozira

    kudos to Michelle !!!!! keep the hits coming..

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  • Limousine Barry

    Somebody told me crony Tamara Holder was stupid but she is really a blithering, idiot who blatantly displayed her rambling stupidity on national television! Blame Bush is a rookie’s error! Gad, she sucks.

    Let me be clear, the reason why I cannot allow my chief Law Breaker to spill the beans is that it involves a large number of my cronies who could go to jail – including myself.

    My limousine is spewing fumes and Eric Holder is in the back. Although, Eric Holder has been a useful idiot in the past he is now becoming a liability. If I have to toss him under the buss I will – but I am certainly not going to eat rubber. Eric Holder sucks and is expendable. Good day.

  • onbe


    I wouldn’t put it past them and that seems to be the case.Fast n Furious firearms had showed up at 12 other crime scenes in the United States around that time frame.

  • jainphx

    onbe==== has anyone anywhere asked why these weapons were abandoned at the scene, when perpetrators got away clean? Who would do that and for what reason?

  • Moonbat_One

    I was making dinner in the kitchen so I didn’t see this, but I could hear some woman yelling at Michelle Malkin.

  • Limousine Barry

    Although I don’t see myself as a criminal, you generally do want to be caught with the murder weapon on yourself. Fast n Furious got out of control fast. It sucked! Good Day.

  • onbe


    That appears to be part of the plan.Another oddity in the events of that night the border agents had been only allowed to use Bean Bag Guns that night. Looks like a set up.If there hadn’t been whistle blowers in the ATF this would have been the kick off premier to massive gun control laws.In fact around that time Homeland Security and the Justice Department had started it’s public service announcements for more gun control to prevent American forearms from falling into the wrong hands over the border.

  • Keyser

    Man it is getting harder and harder for libs to defend their golden boy. But they defend him at all costs. I’d bet anything that Chairman Obama could order Atlanta, Detroit and New Orleans nuked and they would still defend him. And he would still have 90% support among blacks.

  • onbe

    obey obey obey

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  • BillWhit

    This whole administration, from Obama down, are nothing but Liars and Crooks. All should be lined against a wall and be done with!

  • Little David Puddy

    Keyser #11

    I’ve joked many times that Obama could announce tommorrow that he was reinstating slavery and concentration camps and the blacks and (American) Jews would still support him. I can understand the 95% support that Obama gets from blacks (Racism), but the Jewish support for Obama is absolutely mind boggling.


    love it,love it, call them out, we have awakened and not afraid to stand up to their tactics. i grew up when we could take action against someone that was as they say now a bully. WAKE-UP AND COME OUT PATRIOTS

  • onbe

    they will be gone soon

  • Pati

    A federal agent is dead. He died in the line of duty 18 months ago…his family deserves answers!

  • onbe

    What makes it clear that Fast n Furious was an attack on the 2nd Amendment is
    the cryptic message Obama told the Brady bunch shortly before this became public
    that the Admin was taking steps to further gun control restrictions but under the radar.


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  • VintageChick

    I love Sean and Michelle, but have to admit when he has Tamara Holder on either his radio or tv show, I have to change the station until the segment is over. I just can’t listen to her…what an airhead.

  • Skay

    onbe-thanks for the link. This administration will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. No wonder they are hiding the facts. We know that they have no problem leaking top secret operations to the NY Times for political reasons–never mind who dies because of it.
    jainphx-thank you for pointing out those facts. Why would they leave the guns behind to be found?

    “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

    Michelle Malkin is just great as always.

  • thescribbler

    Good comeback Tamara, “Just because I’m not a New York Times best selling author doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m talking about.” You idiot! If it wasn’t for Lefist talking points, she wouldn’t know her own name. It’s old, really old. When you see this woman on tv, turn it on mute, you’ll have a better television viewing experience.

    As for Michelle Malkin, this woman has more moxie in one finger than all the women of the Left rolled into one. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Michelle Malkin says exactly what the rest of us should be thinking! Keep up the good work Michelle!

  • Was Tamara on her back or on top when Jesse Jackson gave her the the F&F talking points?

  • dan’l

    With the name Holder and a mug like Doobie Washermachine Schultz the only thing ya got left is b.s. and nasty.

  • Bob

    Fox News would be doing America a favor by cancelling Tamara Holder’s contract. I think she’s just not very bright.

  • bigkahuna

    I would like for somebody to ask obama if he would find it okay for someone to assert executive privilege if it was his wife or daughter who were murdered?

  • Bob

    Holder started with the blame Bush and rattled on about everything from Abu Grabe on. All part of the “Obama Inherited A Mess” meme.

    When are we going to start nailing Obama and his minions for the “inherited” crap? He volunteered for the job, he didn’t inherit anything. He told us he was the smartest and best to fix everything. Once in, he starts whining about “inheriting this mess from Bush.” When My parents died, I inherited something. Everything else, i volunteered for. If it was a mess, I got credit for fixing it or blame for not fixing it. Blaming the last guy was good for about one minute. Same with Obama. Time we started nailing him and his minions every time they whine about Bush.

  • Blackbird

    @#2 June 20, 2012 at 11:51 pm

    This was one of the first stories after the shooting happened


    They stated there were 5 suspects, 4 were captured, one was on the run, and one of the captured was hospitalized for injuries. If I remember right the one in the hospital died from gunshot wounds. Terry was part of a team that night. Perhaps the Mexicans thought there was a better chance of not being shot dead on the spot when they realized they had killed a Federal Agent if they didn’t have the smoking murder weapon in their hands.

    After this happened I was worried they would throw a few department heads on the sacrificial altar and the whole thing would fade away. Thankfully after Obama’s little executive privilege move yesterday that option is no longer available to them. There MUST be consequences for the people in charge.

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  • CT

    Maybe the Obama administration is betting they can stall this past the election and if the crap hits the fan on a re-elected Obama America won’t have the stomach for another round of impeachment hearings. Cynical but I wouldn’t put anything past the Chicago mafia.

  • retire05

    #31, CT, chances are this is nothing but Chicago politics gone wild. Holder knows he’s in deep doodoo, and I imagine the conversation between him and Obama went something like this:

    Holder: Barack, I can’t stall the Congress much longer. I need executive cover.

    Obama: How can I do that without making myself look bad. You need to take one for the Gipper.

    Holder: If I go down, you go down. That’s the way it rolls. Besides, you’re gonna lose in November anyway, so on your last day, you can pardon me just like Bubba did Mark Rich. I can show you how.

  • driguana

    Tamara Holder needs to do some homework…..if she has the time and could actually understand the assignment.

  • Jack

    I’d like to see Tamara Holder and Jesse Jackson’s daughter on at the same time. I wonder if they can be in the same bldg together.

  • JoyO

    The media has tried diligently to ignore Fast and Furious for the past 18 months. Now that the President has claimed Executive Privilege, it will be more difficult for them not to cover it. So, we can expect more coverage BUT their depicting it as a continuation of Bush’s program. We must make it impossible for that to happen. We must get the word out that Fast and Furious is not a continuation of the Bush program because in Bush’s program the Mexican Government was onboard and the guns were recovered. In Obama’s Fast and Furious program, the Mexican Government was not only NOT ONBOARD, but the Obama Administration did not even tell them about the program AND in Obama’s Program, they did not intend to recover the guns! The whole purpose of Fast and Furious was do enable the Administration to do away with our Second Amendment rights.

  • wtd

    #28 Bob

    “When are we going to start nailing Obama and his minions for the “inherited” crap? He volunteered for the job, he didn’t inherit anything. He told us he was the smartest and best to fix everything. Once in, he starts whining about “inheriting this mess from Bush.” “

    An important message for the RNC to heed. . .well said!

  • mg4us

    Way to go Michelle Malkin. . .a tru American armed with facts and not spin. . .

    It is about time people in the know question those in authority on facts and the Constitution.

    Maybe Tamara Holder is protecting her brother from another mother Eric Holder. . one holder to another. . . sharing the same genes of stupidity and dishonesty.

    No more lies and spin. . call em out when they do. .Kudos Michelle!

    Tamara Holder lies like a dog. . . and when you lie like a dog you wake up with fleas. . or in the case of Obama – – flies
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReGeE1GEfjs jump to time 5:10

    and here is a pic

    I guess this is what Obama meant when he said – get in their faces! LOL

  • MAJ Mike

    Hey, Michelle!! Go get ’em, Tiger!!!!



  • bronxdude

    “The guy just died a year ago…”

  • ss252

    Tamera Holder is Nancy Pelosi 4o years ago? Same person…Totally in coherent? Totally uninformed? Very Angry, has taken to the typical weak Liberal Talking points? REALLY TAMERA MISS ATTORNEY? BUSH again?

    I also turn her off immediately unless like last evening she was pitted against Malkin…What a pitbull! What a sharp sharp lady! She is the most informed prepared guest everytime I hear her!

    Keep it up Michelle! AWESOME JOB….

  • Indiana

    I like Sean’s programs…..but I have to change the channel when Tamara Holder, Juan Williams, and Bob Beckel are on the panel. They certainly are entitled to their views and opinions…..but I don’t have to listen to them. Fair and balanced is a great platform, but there’s nothing fair or balanced in that trio’s thought process. Debbie “was-a-man” Schultz is another.

  • Big Mac

    Do you think we would ever hear Romney say, “Oh, that’s the mess Obama left me!”??
    The “Blame Bush” mantra has undergone a Trickle-down Theory of its own and is now used all over Dimville.
    “C’mon Barry, I’ve been waiting for it all night!”
    “Sorry, Michelle, it’s just not happening for me.”
    “Is it because my butt is wider than a pickup truck?”
    “No, Michelle….I blame Bush.”

    Brian Terry is dead and it is not Bush’s doing — it’s Barack Obama and Eric Holder’s corruption.

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  • chuck in st paul

    “We’re all Americans and we’re all to blame.” ??? WTF!

    So then using that logic I am to blame for the 7-11 that got robbed last week, and also for the guy who beat the crap out of his wife and the clown who crashed her car into a bus. More collectivist nonsense from a person who appears to have one talent – memorizing and spewing back talking points.

  • burt

    Keyer, you’re absolutely right.
    Liberalism (communism) is a religion. Stalin shot thousand of “good little communist” and they all sung his praises as he had them shot.

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  • dries

    I have no clue why Hannity invites Holder. She contributes nothing. All she does is whine when her talking points are challenged. You cannot even say, Sean has her over, because she so good looking.

  • Gary

    I usually f.forward through what Tamara Holder says, but I wanted to hear this exchange.
    In my head I bet it would be less than 30 seconds before she mentioned Bush.
    I counted it in my head, not on my watch, but it was at 28 seconds when she said it.
    So predictable.

    One thing I do like about O’Reilly (whom I frequently trash) is when he says to libs “that’s your talking point, but what about the answer to the question”.

    She tried desperately to get the dem talking points out in her limited time.

  • nomobama

    Michelle Malkin, you are one of a tiny few in the media world that I admire. You are correct in that this Fast & Furious investigation is not ideologically driven. It’s all about keeping government, regardless of which political party holds the White House, accountable for its actions. I wonder what Tamara Holder would be saying if it were her husband or brother who had been murdered due to this scheme? Terry’s family deserves answers, as does the rest of America. We cannot tolerate government run amuck, nor government officials who will not take responsibility, and who try to pass the buck.

  • Patty

    Look at you, you little spitfire, you. Nothing like have Michelle’s voice speak for all of us. Oh, happy day when Michelle is on TV.

    She walks the walk and talks the talk and when she is done you don’t know what hit you.

    And then she politely walks away, leaving those liberals whackadoodles, scratching their head.

    “What just Happen” well, you have just been MALKINIZED

  • Teddy

    Two things: “The guy just died a year ago.” What a callous b*t*h!

    Hmmmm, now all of a sudden we’re all Americans (just like Obama and all his specialty groups – I’m confused as to which one I belong in since I have none of their “issues”) and we are all responsible for Holder and Obama’s Nixonian mistake. Yeah, right! Prezzy and his minions are just avoiding responsibility once again.

  • Gary

    dries 48

    She also gets this weird angry face going when she’s challenging a notion. It’s like it’s meant to convey her frustration at having the facts and being surrounded by idiots who just don’t get it.

    Anyway, all I’m going to remember about Tamara Holder is that she was supposedly one of Jesse Jackson’s concubines arranged to be delivered to his hotel rooms.

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  • Edward Frye

    Just because I’m American don’t say this is my fault. It is the fault of the criminal administration. I did not condon this you idiot and either did Americans. It is the socialist administration that is strangeling our nation. They are all guilty of obstruction of justice and accessory to murder. The treason and fraud that has been layed before the American Nation will forever be a deep blemish in our history. I don’t understand why arrests have not been made. Shame on all of you involed and may God strike you all with a vengence never seen before in our political history since 1776.

    I’m calling all Americans to arms, let us boot this criminal establisment out of this our Nation Under God. GOD BLESS the REPUBLIC of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA !!!!!

  • how dumbed down are we bg



    BUSH op: Wide Receiver = WORKED

    ht Robert:

    OBAMA op: Project Gun Runner = DIDN’T WORK

    Did last year’s TX effort develop a similar graphic?”

    Are Texas Politicians Allowing Drug Cartels to Create
    ‘Sanitary Zone’ One-County Deep Inside U.S.? 9/11

    [Is anyone from either the federal or Texas governments
    credible when it comes to the Texas border war zone?

    A quick perusal of articles about crime and violence along the
    U.S.-Mexico border on this website alone should lead to the
    inevitable conclusion of a resounding NO!]

    more in connecting links & threads..


  • CommieJuice

    Michelle Malkin is TNT! She is one of the best bloggers, has great books and is one of my favorite contributors on Fox, truly the definition of an Independent, beautiful woman who has her stuff together. Tamara Holder on the other hand is the exact opposite. She is one of my least favorite people to see and hear. She is utter vile trash to me on every level. I know why Sean has her on, but I don’t know why Sean has that beast on as much as he does. On Seans radio show a few weeks ago he had her on genning up sympathy for her, acting like her life isn’t how she wanted it to be, but she made it that way. Someone should have called in and told Sean that Tamara, instead of whining like the trashy brat she is, maybe she should hit up that low life she is sleeping with, Jesse Jackson Sr. to give her some money or put her up in one of his apartments, the bedrooms are there for more than just having an affair with that trashy old pos. Btw, Michelle is about 8-10 years older than Tamara, but looks a lot younger. These libs should take better care of themselves, but then again a liberal who lies with dogs will eventually get the mange, deservingly so.

  • Frederick Preserve

    Yeah Michelle Malkin is a real slugger…lol you people are Idiots. This is nothing more than an early November surprise.. meanwhile you 2nd amendment trolls battle at no one patting each other on the back, none of you have a clue what you are talking about.. as I read these comments I realize how completely vapid your corporate news masters have left you… as you pan the mainstream you brag about your ratings.. as you cry socialism you endorse corporate grift and tax breaks for people that steal American Jobs.. and its always “Lib this and Lib that”… Malkin says your people have blood on their hands… who does she mean.. are we separate? I hope so cause I want nothing to do with you thoughtless Cretins. Fast and Furious is a Bush era program, the entire concept is cooked up with the burgeoning Police State in mind.. which you all will have happily as long as the dictator says he prays to your “GAWD” … THERE IS NOTHING HERE Eric Holder is not personally responsible and this is nothing more than another witch hunt. Its exactly the same as you all did with the Health Care reform.. your right wing big business whore officials insisted on the mandate… and then used it as the wedge… during the Bush years… the Patriot act was wrought through outright intimidation “Yer either with us or the terrorists”….

    you are the terrorists…

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  • greenfairie

    Nice job, Michelle! Don’t get in the steel cage with her; she eats lefties for breakfast!

    As for Tamara Holder, she is as despicable as she is stupid. I’m convinced she bonked somebody to pass the bar because I don’t know how else she could be practicing law. Maybe it was her buddy, Jesse Jackson. Not only is she dumber than a sack of hammers, she has a rotten soul. I remember she once uttered on Hannity’s show that all men are cheaters; she ought to know from being Jackson’s turkey meat. Prior to referring to Brian Terry as that dead guy, she also said (on another show) she was HAPPY the Trayvon Martin shooting happened! Happy one kid is dead, happy a family lost a loved one, and happy a man’s life is ruined as a result.

    She sucks.

  • Nick warren

    Whats in then documents is suggestions from white house that they need lots of americans killed by these guns.mexicans killet each other by then dozens nobody would care if then guns killed them.thsts what thete

  • Nick warren

    This is what they are hiding.cold and callous email exchanges on how to encourage drug cartel gunman to murder americans with the guns and then try some kind of gun control nonsense. Mark my words sooner or later you will see im right.

  • shawn

    Bullets are marked by the guns/gun barrels that fire them- like snowflakes, there are no two alike. In an operation like Fast’n Furious you can bet your life the bullet tells the entire story- they don’t need the gun to know what gun fired them, which is why it’s called a ‘gun walking’ operation. The biggest problem here is that under the Bush era, only 600 were sent out and nearly all were recaptured, but in Fast’n Furious over 2000 were sent out, they killed an american, and they don’t intend to recapture all of them.

  • LAIKA666

    Tamara Holder looks like the type who would lay down for a low life like Jesse (jerk off) Jackson…or the Al Not so Sharptons of the world.

  • LAIKA666

    Thanks Keyser for your comment: I’m convinced that Obama could walk onto the FOX set, on live TV….and take a big steaming dump on the table in front of Tamara Holder.
    Holder would say: “Obama took a crap here, because it was in the interest of National Defense…there’s a good reason for this crap”!!!!!
    Paraphrasing Pelosi: “You’ll have to pass this crap, to find out what’s in it”.
    Holder is the only woman I’ve ever wanted to punch out. lol

  • Bonnie Hunter

    Jainphx, I’ve wondered if it was an American hired by Holder/Obama to shoot a border agent. Who else would leave a murder weapon behind but someone who wanted to frame someone else, in this case the gun dealer? What an awful thought, but with this administration the unthinkable becomes the norm.

  • James

    I really don’t like calling names but Tamara Holder is a moronic hack. It is astounding to me that this veritable liberal talking point machine is as highly educated and successful as she is. Her arguments are less than minutely cogent and I have yet to hear her argue a single point based on common sense.