Commie Van Jones gave the keynote Saturday speech this year at the Netroots Kookapalooza in Providence, Rhode Island. Nothing like a good ol’ redistribution speech to fire up the far left crowd. Before his speech Van Jones signed books for his junk science fans.

It was definitely a thrill to finally meet Van Jones.

It seems like it was just yesterday that I broke the news here on Gateway Pundit that Van Jones signed 9-11 Truther documents blaming Bush for 9-11. This revelation forced Obama’s Green Czar to resign from his position in the Obama White House two days later. They talked about Van’s departure on FOX News at the time.

So it was a real pleasure to finally meet commie Van Jones.

He even signed a book for me… With a little smiley face.
Right back at-cha, Big Guy.




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  1. Huh! Well, points for being chill about it, I suppose. For the left, that’s a pretty major step up.

  2. Jim, I hope you washed your hands upon shaking the commie’s hand. No telling what kind of leftist disease you’d catch. And, nothing wrong with Van Jones being black, either.

  3. Jim with the smile on his face I don’t think he knew who you were. Check Waters meeting him if you haven’t already on Oreilly. Good Stuff Jim.

  4. can’t wait for the book review

  5. Did he have any clue who you were Jim?

  6. I think Jim is the first one on this site that can say he has shaken hands with a Communist.

  7. Reminds me of that famous picture of Ronald Reagan in Moscow shaking hands with a little boy and the ” father ” posing as a tourist with camera is alleged to be KGB agent Vladimir Putin . Way to turn the tables Jim……>

  8. That’s one to hang over the mantlepiece!

  9. HAHAHAHA!!!!

    Put that book on Ebay!

  10. Congratulations again, Jim, on your work to expose Van Jones and this administration. Getting credit for it on FOX was a real bonus.

    Van Jones looks to have been completely clueless about who you were. Maybe your name — rather than the blog’s name — would have tipped him off. And you got him to write Gateway Pundit on the page of his book!

    Way to play it — he probably thinks he was greeting/thrilling a fan or fellow commie rather than the guy who helped expose and embarrass both him and the administration.

  11. You are a bigger man than me. I would have been hauled away in cuffs on felony charges if I were that close to him.

  12. Jim, you better wah your hand for a week.

  13. Oh! And the handshake — is that Jim’s in the “power position”…?! Whatever, I’m lovin’ it.

  14. Awwww, Jim, you got a cute smiley face from one of the most dangerous radicals in America. Vanny has shed his radical pose for the radical ends. Neat-o.

    Notice the underlined and designed with a star “A” in the word “Dream” of the title. Anarchy? It certainly isn’t for “America” – although he pretends it is.

  15. Did he draw a bigger crowd than Klugman? Hopefully not much.

  16. Van Jones, I want to share a dream missed with you. A dream that could have been yours, as it was once dreamed by President Obama. Four years ago, then candidate Obama spoke of this remarkable dream: throw out the corrupt special interests, the fat cat elites, the stagnant government largesse, the good ol’ boys and country clubbers. Reform government, getting its spending under control, balancing the budget, and taking the burden off of the people. Working together, hand-in-hand, to reunite the country and to form a color-blind nation.

    Van Jones, we still believe that dream, we activists of the Tea Party. We shared that vision and many of these lower and middle class folks (many more than you would ever guess) voted for President Obama. hopeful for change. We did not leave that dream, but President Obama did. Outside of your rhetoric left to fool the most undesirable of political participants: the ignorant, stupid fools, you know we’re right that the President instead exceeded the level of special interest control. He made his government the most anti-democratic in the nation’s history, while piling on trillions of debt masquerading as stimulus, but really going to unions, green energy cronies, and other fat cats.

    Imagine where we could have been now, had President Obama not become the most corrupt President ever but instead honored his promise. Imagine where we could have been had you and your associated interests banded together to work with us to stop the damn redistribution from middle class to upper elites.

    Hating, fearing and attacking us, calling us angry, projecting, and embracing other delusions only delays the realization that in the end, it’s your fault.

  17. Only in America!

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