It Begins… Obama to Move Brigade of 3,000 US Soldiers to Africa to Battle Hunger

A brigade of 3,000 US soldiers will be deployed to Africa to battle terrorism and hunger or whatever.
The Army Times reported:

A brigade will deploy to Africa next year in a pilot program that assigns brigades on a rotational basis to regions around the globe, the Army announced in May.

Roughly 3,000 soldiers — and likely more — are expected to serve tours across the continent in 2013, training foreign militaries and aiding locals.

As part of a “regionally aligned force concept,” soldiers will live and work among Africans in safe communities approved by the U.S. government, said Maj. Gen. David R. Hogg, head of U.S. Army Africa.

Tours could last a few weeks or months and include multiple missions at different locations, he said.

The Army has not announced which brigade would deploy or where the soldiers would come from.

As the Afghanistan war winds down, the new readiness model affords Army units more time to learn regional cultures and languages and train for specific threats and missions.

Africa, in particular, has emerged as a greater priority for the U.S. government because terrorist groups there have become an increasing threat to U.S. and regional security.

Though U.S. soldiers have operated in Africa for decades, including more than 1,200 soldiers currently stationed at Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, the region in many ways remains the Army’s last frontier.

“As far as our mission goes, it’s uncharted territory,” Hogg said from his headquarters in Vicenza, Italy.

But “I’m not there to win their wars or settle their differences,” he added.

Instead, with more soldiers, U.S. Army Africa will continue to strengthen ties with regional militaries and governments by teaching military tactics, medicine and logistics, as well as combating famine, disease and terrorism in secure environments.

Of course, the far left peace-nuts will give Obama a complete pass on this.

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  • Tim in Cali

    U.S. Army Africa ???….I’m retired from the U.S. Navy

    Not the U.S Navy Bulgaria…or the U.S. Navy Europe

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  • Renee Perry

    Obamas own personal army without checks and balances of Congres to do as HE wants? Call this a dictatorship because that is what this is!

  • “soldiers will live and work among Africans in safe communities approved by the U.S. government”

    Maybe I’m just getting cynical in my old age, but that sounds an awful lot like the “Strategic Hamlet” program in Viet Nam to me.

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  • ‘As far as our mission goes, it’s uncharted territory’. There is no mission, this is using war trained soldiers as the Peace Corps. All part of weakening the U.S. military. What will the perception of the U.S. Army be with the openly gay soldiers teaching the deprived Third World Africans how to plant the maize better.

  • Faye

    Oh for crying out loud, how many more “police actions” is this Amateur Oblama going to get us into?

  • Multitude

    I must have missed something. Did Obama declare war on Africa? Other than realizing this is nothing but neo-Colonialism, where does this neo-Kenyan find authority for such placements of our military in African nations?

    Barry’s dad ought to be spinning in his grave now. His son’s got a taste of totalitarianist power and it tastes good, like blood to a pig in a confinement farm. He’s gone cannibal.

  • bigL

    iF GWB was doing this every sube head an d secvretary and adm asst would besubpoenaed to testify
    ir indicted pending spilling the beans on superiors.
    So the Congress does nothing on this? the GOP (hah) does nothing on this?

  • The Elector of Saxony

    Waste of time. Africa cannot be changed at all. The greatest Peoples who ever walked the Earth could not change the nature of Africans one whit.

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  • Sheila

    Another way to degrade combat readiness and keep arms-trained Whites out of the country. It’s a double hitter for D’Won.

  • Earl E. Teetyme

    Couldn’t we just do that here? Instead of deploying them to Africa how about Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, or hell, how ’bout D.C.?

  • kato

    Hey, Subprime. We know you’re black. You’ve got the black parasite vote. No need to put American troops in harm’s way in darkest, dysfunctional Africa.

  • UpChuck.Liberals

    Soooooo, Komrad Barry is getting ready to invade his Homeland of Kenya?

  • Redwine

    This is outrageous! The US Army is not the frickin’ Peace Corps! How quickly will this sow dissension among the ranks?

    Hussein the Occupier-in-Chief and his henchmen, Commie Panetta and Shrillary must be stopped.

  • Flintstone F.

    Ok libs. Now: “the USA is an imperialist nation…” Hey where’d you guys go?

    He slashes the military personnel and budget, then over-uses the military. Thanks US soldiers for surviving this buffoon.

    Africa needs access to real energy sources like coal and real pest control like DDT. We did it and it worked. Taking a few steps back away from islam would be a good idea too. Help slow down on that machete attack type stuff that crops up from time to time. By the way where in Africa is “different locations?”

  • Alvin

    It’s the peace corps

  • stonedome

    funny, since by next year this won’t happen because he will no longer be president…

  • If our soldiers are going to be fighting terrorism, how could that be done in “secure environments”? If it’s secure then what would terrorists be doing there endangering our soldiers?



  • Francesca

    I can’t imagine that Congress signed off on this. What is our national interest in having our military in Africa? Why doesn’t someone stop this man? Surely, he can’t just use our military as his own private army. Can he? These are actions of a third world dictator. Where is the outrage of our people? I am getting really discouraged. And afraid.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Obama to Move Brigade of 3,000 US Soldiers to Africa to Battle Hunger and to set up child brothels with the U.N…. …but mostly to set up child brothels with the U.N.

  • Bogdan from Aussie

    The possible worst part of that outrage is that in the face of the so called Rules Of Engagement imposed by the Leftists, the American men and women in uniform will not be able to fight and defend themselves effectively.

    We still remember the Somalia fiasco during Clinton DEGENERATE “Presidency”, when Clinton refused to send more troops to rescue the 18 marines attacked by Al Kaida terrorists.

    There was also another, very disturbing incident when American soldiers had to watch powerlessly as Somalian Islamist fanatics were murdering a woman who dared to talk to them friendly. This must have been a heart wrenching experience for those brave men and women as they were forbidden from intervening.

    There is no doubt that Obama is treating this as an excercise in destroying the morale of American fighting men and women.

    There will be many more incidents in Africa like described above.

  • Liz

    Fight hunger here, you moron, by getting yourself out of the White House.

  • Rykehaven

    Tim in Cali,

    We had something on the drawing board years ago for the US Navy to upgrade an expeditionary base in Djibouti which had been established a few years earlier. This was during Rumsfeld’s time when we were looking to update the efficiency of the US logistical network worldwide. Some media pundits tried to frame the overall endeavor as simply base closures, but that wasn’t necessarily true. A lot of it had to do with simple upgrades and streamlining the contracting process so that more civilians could take over base functions.

    A permanent base in Djibouti had its benefits in theory by allowing some port management and seamless supply requisitions (facilities, tech reps, even restricted SIPRNET access points, everything from NAVSEA HQ to materiel disposal, personnel rotation, etc) between the Suez and the Gulf – and it was a port not named “Aden”.

    The State Department was really pushing it at the time using some bogus claim that a Naval base in a “neutral” country sandwiched between 3 hostile countries would be a good place to have a port HQ (they didn’t realize at the time that they were scoring points against what they were advocating).

    It never got off the drawing board as far as Rumsfeld had anything to do about it. For one, Djibouti doesn’t have the fail-safe island separation that a Bahrain or Singapore would provide, and the political separation between Djibouti and its neighbors is somewhat murky at best. Bahrain and Singapore by contrast are worthy Naval centers precisely because of their clear political autonomy.

    In the end, of course, it’s all about the indigenous people. Djibouti’s people are no more capable nor reliable than those of her neighbors. Ultimately, the logistical savings from operating out of Djibouti’s proximity would become a net loss due to the need to accommodate the graft.

    Worse is the ultimate dagger in the side: getting hamstrung by Djibouti”s internal politics which are as “pro-American” as Saudi Arabia’s or Turkey’s. Think about the Saudi and Turkey bases in OIF and how an entire US Army division and Air Force group – actually an entire Wing! – suffered “mission kills” when those countries balked at crunch time. “Allies” such as the Gulf states and Britain did more damage to the US war effort than the Iraqis and “insurgents” ever did.

    Rumsfeld made the right call in relegating Djibouti’s base to an afterthought and NOT a permanent duty station. However, that started to change when Rumsfeld left. Gates started taking cues from the State Dept in regards to “Africom”. It REALLY picked up when Obama got in and started sending cashloads of military requisitions through Djibouti’s ports.

    Bottom line: Djibouti is simply the African version of the attempt to establish a base in Yemen. There is very little support in the military to expand this base into anything approaching an African version of Europe’s K-town; the people are bad, the culture is decrepit, and come war-time, nobody from the junior enlisted to the field officers believe that the locals can be trusted (You can say that about a lot of hosting countries of course). You’re going to lose A LOT in retention if you start assigning billets in Djibouti for no other purpose than to make nice with these natives.

    Obama administration is almost desperate to get a foothold in Africa….or more to the point, Obama seems desperate to get an African foothold into the US military. This base move would give the people in the horn of Africa a HUGE say over US operations, one completely out of proportion to their potential contributions as “allies”. Investing and relying on the Horn of Africa to the point that they will virtually have a veto over US operations is madness. “The horn”, not “Djibouti”. Remember, politics here are not “national” so much as “tribal” and they cross borders which look good on a map but don’t necessarily apply in reality.

    Bottom line: The State Department is the one pushing these expansions – have been for more than a decade. But everyone who disagrees with it has, of course, been nudged out the door. It’s exactly like their aborted attempt to gain a foothold in Aden, Yemen. When that backfired on Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright with the USS Cole attack, they claimed ignorance and just pointed the finger at the skipper, Lippold.

    The media, of course, just nodded.

    Same thing here. Just replace “Yemen” with “Djibouti”, “Madeleine Albright” with “Hillary Clinton” and “Bill Clinton” with “Obama”. Most disturbingly, the decision making process is much the same in Obama’s administration as it was in the Clinton administration:

    There are some things going “for” the base in Djibouti. There are a LOT of things going “against” this base. But either way, the US brass never got to make a serious case “for” or “against” because the conversation was entirely one-sided:

    Obama: “I’m going to establish the biggest US Military base on the continent right in the middle of the horn of Africa between warring tribes.”

    US Navy: “Huh? When did this happen?”

    Obama: “Just now, Hillary says we have to do something big.”

    US Navy: “Can we talk about this?”

    Obama: “Oh, if you insist, but make it quick. Actually, go talk to Hillary, my tee time is in an hour.”

    Obama has a serious inferiority complex when it comes to talking to Military brass. Again, it’s not much different from Clinton. I think it’s become apparent to him (and to the brass) that he’s out of his depth; he knows that he can’t Bullsh!t them. That’s why he avoids the briefings and requests for conference from the Military as much as possible and almost never reveals his thought processes in making a decision.

    There’s nothing “there” there.

    He knows it.

    They know.

    And given that mindset, it’s not surprising that he would find solace in talking mostly with State Department people. They’re bureaucrats who are just as full of Bullsh!t, but they’re also experts at stroking Obama’s fragile ego.

    This Presidency can’t end fast enough.

  • Redwine

    OT – but connected to the tyranny that is the regime/Politburo. This is a direct assault of the First Amendment freedom of the press.

    Obama Labor Dept. Forces Journalists to Use Government-Issued Computers
    Journalists are crying foul at a new Obama policy that will deny them the right to use their own computers to write stories from economic data issued inside the halls of the Department of Labor. Instead, the DoL says, journalists will have to use government-owned computers, government-selected software, and government-owned Internet transmission lines to write their stories about the data issued by the department.

    All news organizations have been ordered to remove their computers, tools, and other electronics from the Department of Labor by June 15 and will not be allowed to bring any of their own electronics into the place from that point forward.

    Read it all.

  • lynno

    what ever happened to the unit that was sent to the congo?

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  • CAPT

    This is not what you think or what you are making of it. The Brigade will not be permanently assigned to the continent, our African Partners don’t want that. With the draw down in other areas, there will simply be a rotating Brigade assigned to Army Africa from which they can draw personnel to do training and exercises in Africa.

    As for the “Peace Corps”, that is not what this is. The General either did not do a good job of communicating this or was not fully quoted. I am with a different service and have been living on and off the continent for 4 years doing the same type of mission. We are training with our partner militaries in areas such as NCO and Junior Officer Leadership, small unit tactics, maintenance and logistics support. We typically train in 1 – 4 week blocks and then go back to the US or Europe to await another assignment. It is no different than what we do with militaries from our Asian, South American or former Soviet Bloc partners. We are working with the African Militaries to bring African Solutions to African Problems.

    In the area I am working we have seen considerable progress in the past several years. We are teaching (especially the young NCOs and JOs) the right way to do these things. I am not bleeding heart, am quite right leaning and have a lot of years in military service. This is simply training and exercises aimed at increasing the capacity and capabilities of the militaries on the continent to handle their own problems in a professional manner.

    The other 3 services, especially the Navy and Marine Corps have been doing this since 2007 through an initiative called Africa Partnership Station (APS). You can google it to find out more information. The Navy focuses on Maritime Safety and Security. The Air Force has recently started Africa Partnership Flight (APF – Kinda copying the Navy) doing similar things with partner Air Forces. I am sure the Army will do something similar since these initiatives have been successful.


  • FurryGuy

    Ah yes, Clinton’s Meals on Wheels Military, Redux.

  • Limousine Barry

    Well, what could possibly go wrong?

    Let me be clear, this is only a temporary relocation of troops – until I lose the war in Afghanistan.

    Believe me I am trying to lose the war as fast as I can. I hope to have it lost by November. Besides, if the troops are in Somalia or Kenya it will be harder for them to vote. Ha ha!

    That makes good sense. Very good sense since my campaign sucks. Good day.

  • dwillmore

    Please, if you are in the military…..retire now. I know your honor tells you to protect the American citizen, but it is too late. It is time for you to look to your family now.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Wonder how close they’ll be to Soros’ oil and farm interest?

  • wtd

    3000 US soldiers deployed across the African continent? To do what exactly? I recently came across this dated but revealing article about the diplomatic placement of one individual who has since been promoted within the State Dept. Her observations & experiences on the African continent are quite revealing.

    Meet Linda Thomas-Greenfield currently Director General of the Foreign Service and Director of Human Resources at the Department of State (via “1995 WashingtonPost column”

    “…meet Linda Thomas-Greenfield, and hear her story. “ [pre-9/11 . . .1995, Mr. Richburg’s account well worth reading as well]

    Thomas-Greenfield is a black American diplomat at the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, her third African posting; she spent three years in Gambia and 2 1/2 in Nigeria. After completing her studies at the University of Wisconsin, she had spent time in Liberia, and she remembers how elated she felt then making her first voyage to her ancestral homeland. “I remember the plane coming down,” she said. “I couldn’t wait to touch down.”

    But when I talked to Thomas-Greenfield last summer, she had just finished nine months in Kenya. And she was burned out, fed up and ready to go home.

    Her house in Nairobi had been burglarized five times. She had had an electric fence installed. “When they put up the electric fence, I told them to put in enough volts to barbecue anybody who came over.” When she continued to complain that even the fence didn’t stop the intruders, the local Kenyan police station posted two officers on her grounds. But then the police began extorting payment for their services. “I’ve gotten to the point where I’m more afraid not to give them money,” she said. “They’re sitting outside with automatic weapons.”

    Now she was having a higher, 10-foot-tall fence built around her grounds. And she had become so exasperated, she told me, that “I’m ready to sit outside myself with an AK-47.”

    In April, Thomas-Greenfield traveled to Rwanda for an embassy assignment. She had been in the country only a day when the presidential plane was shot down and an orgy of tribal bloodletting began. Most of the victims were Tutsi, and Thomas-Greenfield, a towering 6-foot-plus black woman, was immediately mistaken for a Tutsi. She recalls cowering in fear with machine guns pointed in her face, pleading repeatedly: “I don’t have anything to do with this. I’m not a Rwandan. I’m an American.”

    In the end, it was not just the crime and her close call in Rwanda but the attitude of the Africans that wore down even this onetime Africa-lover. Thomas-Greenfield had never been invited into a Kenyan home. And doing the daily chores of life, she had been met constantly with the Kenyans’ own perverse form of racism, under which whites are granted preferential treatment over blacks.

    “There’s nothing that annoys me more than sitting in a restaurant and seeing two white people getting waited on, and I can’t get any service,” she said. Once, at a beach hotel on the Kenyan coast, she complained to the manager about the abysmal service from the waiters and staff. The manager explained to her, apologetically, “It’s because they think you’re a Kenyan.”

    “I think it’s an absolute disadvantage” being black in Africa, said Thomas-Greenfield, who, at the time we talked, said she was considering cutting short her assignment. “Here, as anywhere else in Africa, the cleavages are not racial, they are ethnic. People think they can tell what ethnic group you are by looking at you. And if there’s any conflict going on between the ethnic groups, you need to let them know you’re an American.”

    She added, “I’d rather be black in South Africa under apartheid than to go through what I’m going through here in Kenya.”

    Government officials, both elected and appointed take oaths to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States of America. By extension, their positions are to protect American interests . . . not those of Africa.

    I have sons and have advised them against enlisting under this appallingly misguided regime.

    Between the gay agenda inflicting their wounds on our military, an inexperienced CIC who conspired with the enemy ‘hundreds of times” & who continues supporting and encouraging the Muslim Brotherhood expansion throughout the Arab Spring, etc. It can surprise no-one that military recruitment numbers are no longer in msm headlines. It’s no coincidence The Pentagon Changes Hollywood Scripts to Drive Military Recruitment . . .given these very questionable deployments by a sitting president whose loyalties are clearly divided between the homeland of his father (if not himself) and this country whose citizens made a dreadful mistake in electing him in the first place.

  • Africa is the up-and-coming center of economic growth (think of Asia’s “tiger” economies 30 years ago), and seems to have emerged as a new object of geopolitical rivalry with China. Chinese enterprises and investors are very active in Africa, investing in infrastructure, productive enterprises such as light-industry factories and farms, and resources including minerals and oil. Establishment of the US Africa Command (AFRICOM) is aimed at building military and civil bridges to the governments of these fast-developing African states, and help preserve their independence — or at least prevent their dependence on China.

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  • mg4us

    What the heck are we doing in Africa. . . This will be a worse situation than Vietnam. . . tribal feuds are worse than gang feuds here in LA. . .

    Call your congressman and complain. . . better yet, when Obama is voted out, send him and Holder there. . . perhaps Pelosi and Reid will join him. . .

    As an almost bankrupt country, the last thing we need is to expend resources for ill-conceived missions with no clear objective nor rules of engagement. . Bring our troops home. . .

    As for Africa being the next Asia Tiger. .Please. . .do you homework. . China’s interest in Africa is strictly about stealing raw materials. .commodities. . .not building factories. . .

    China needs to keep their factories humming to feed their Billion plus people. . . They hate blacks. . . they have no hesitation enslaving black workers to exploit the resources of that African country. . .

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  • 66chevelle

    Afro-Sheen Hunger Force?

  • RKflorida

    The article said “next year”. Let’s all remember that between now and then is a small event on November 6th. This expedition will never happen.

  • As for Africa being the next Asia Tiger. .Please. . .do you homework. . China’s interest in Africa is strictly about stealing raw materials. .commodities. . .not building factories. . .

    I believe I am fairly well-informed, having lived and worked in Asia since 1990, and being an advisor to US and European companies investing in Korea, China, and Vietnam, and Korean companies investing in places far afield including Africa. Believe me, Africa’s next.

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  • thegoldman

    Tell me again what country are we in ?

    Screw the UN they don’t control the US Forces !

  • Patty

    Article Feb. 2011

    US setting up secret drone bases in Africa, Indian Ocean

    The move comes as Defence Secretary Leon Panetta and top US military officials have predicted that remnants of the al-Qaeda may be planning to shift bases out of the South Asia following unprecedented American pressure which has already led to the killing of their top leader Osama bin Laden in May.

    Fleets of ‘hunter-killers’ drones – capable of firing hellfire missiles and satellite guided bombs – have already been based on the Indian Ocean island of Seychelles and in Ethiopia to form a ring round Yemen and Somalia, The Washington Post reported.

    “The rapid expansion of the undeclared drone wars is a reflection of the growing alarm with which US officials view the activities of al-Qaeda affiliates in Yemen and Somalia, even as al-Qaeda’s core leadership in Pakistan has been weakened by US counter-terrorism operations,” it said.

    Another installations is being established in Ethiopia, a US ally in the fight against al-Shabab, the Somali militant group that controls much of that country, the paper said.

    According to The Wall Street Journal, the US has used the Seychelles base for flying surveillance drones, and for the first time will fly armed MQ-9 Reapers from the Indian Ocean site, supplementing strikes from a US drone base in Djibouti.

    “US officials say they are concerned that al-Qaeda — under pressure from US operations in Pakistan — is moving to expand operations through its affiliates in East Africa, and that a new charismatic militant leader could emerge there,” The Journal reported.

    Make know mistake the Military forces in Africa was planned a long time ago. So, war in Afghanistan is winding down and Obama planned on Africa to be the his next mission.

  • Patty

    Him likes his Drones. But hates interrogations!

  • Skip

    As if we needed more…this is another reason to vote Obama out of the White House in November.

  • just-saying

    ” by teaching military tactics, medicine and logistics”

    We don’t need to teach the tribes how to fight, but need to stay out of their fights.

  • Redwine

    wtd @34 – Great post. Thanks.

  • Paddy

    Sadly, it will take another Mogadishu catastrophe to demonstrate the complete folly of our coward-in-chief’s latest misuse of our glorious troops.

  • anti-bho

    Hollywood movie makers will love it. Now we can have Blackhawk Down II, III, IV, &V.

  • O is a neolib interventionist. As we engage in politically expedient retreats from Iraq and Afganistan, in Libya we attacked on behalf of our enemy. In Africa, we have supported the muslims against Christians, and now we fight (?) against hunger. Right. In Egypt, while there was no military action, we openly pushed for the rise of the radical muslim brotherhood. And O has decimated our anti-missile defense program. It wasn’t costly, it was a pointless senseless desecration of our future ability to defend ourselves against nuclear attack.

    The neolibs fight for what is against us. It’s almost that simple. Insane.

  • xiphos

    “I’m not there”. No, it couldn’t be OUR soldiers are there.
    This worthless lump should change his first name to I’me.

  • kathteach

    We’ve already had special forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo – per Obama and Hilary Clinton :

    And yes – this is exactly how the United States engagement in Vietnam started.

    Funny – all the liberals I know in Madison rolled up their PEACE symbol flags and signs that decorated their houses as soon s Obama beat George Bush in 2008.

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  • David

    Didn’t one person read further than the headlines? If someone had gone past the headline they would have read that these Soldiers will only go into Africa for 2 weeks to 3 months at a time. Restoring eyesite, preparing African Soldiers for peacekeeping missions in Somolia, medical and civil affairs missions. Training African Armies to support civilian authority and their country constitutions.
    There are times I am so embarrassed to serve my Country in War and Peace and this is one of those times. Sharing misinformation, not reading or knowing what you are talking about. If you went only one paragraph further in John Ryan’s article you might know what he is saying. If not, why not ask a veteran. Why not ask someone like myself who has served in Africa a week here and a week there.
    Why do you want to share lies and not the truth? Take an excellent article and misrepresent that. That is not American. Frankly that is like burning a flag and it sickens me. Out of those 3,000 Soldiers maybe a quarter of them, probably not even a quarter will make it to Africa once. And they will participate in missions that are already being done by the Reserve and National Guard. Folks, spend a little time reading and researching what you are talking about. Stop the LIES!