Israel: Stuxnet Is Our Baby – Obama Disclosed It For Reelection Campaign

Israeli Mossad agents told Haaretz that Stuxnet was developed by Mossad and not the Bush Administration. The agents also claim the Obama Administration disclosed the program to help Barack Obama’s reelection campaign.
Israel Matzav reported:

A group of Mossad agents speaking with Haaretz’s Yossi Melman on condition of anonymity have said that the Mossad – and not the Bush administration – developed Stuxnet, and that President Obama is now trying to take credit for it in a bid to help his reelection campaign (Hat Tip: MFS – The Other News via Atlantic Wire). Please recall the David Sanger piece in the New York Times about Stuxnet, which I blogged last week, which claimed that the Bush administration had begun developing Stuxnet, that President Obama had ordered it accelerated, and that Israel had only joined in later. Now, look at what Melman has to say about it.

The Israeli officials actually told me a different version. They said that it was Israeli intelligence that began, a few years earlier, a cyberspace campaign to damage and slow down Iran’s nuclear intentions. And only later they managed to convince the USA to consider a joint operation — which, at the time, was unheard of. Even friendly nations are hesitant to share their technological and intelligence resources against a common enemy.

More… John McCain told CNN today the Obama Administration is behind the security leaks.

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  • Jim

    Lie, cheat and steal, the liberal way to gain and keep power.

  • Redwine

    The Fraud-in-Chief, Emperor Narcissus, continues to plunder and steal from others for his own personal gain.

  • Kip Allen

    How can any Jew possibly vote for Obama?

  • Patty

    Obama has been caught in one of the most dangerous situation of his presidency. There have been many domestic failures but this has far reaching damage to who once were are friends in other nations.

    Now, who will stand up and say besides the many on the right, that Obama is the MOST inexperienced president in U.S. History.

    How in the world could he ever believe that those who have been in Washington could remain silent when knowing the truth about our security intelligence. Then he takes credit for something that was know in the Bush administration.

    Bush has remained silent but his surrogates are speaking out. One thing I can say for Presidency, he would never have put his hand into this cookie jar.

    President are brief on what are secrets and what must never be leaked into the public.

    I am so livid about these leaks and fortunately by side of the political isle are to but I hope that Obama will NOT, this time, come out of this smelling like a rose.

  • bg


    thought we already knew that??

    ergo, cal me confused, well, sort of anyways.. 😉


  • Patty

    They even named the Doc that got the DNA of Bin Laden. Now, the Doc is in prison and probably being tortured.

    This is serious and there must be calls for an INDEPENDENT LAWYER. NOT ONES PICKED BY HOLDER.

    Obama is suppose to be the leader of the free world who has totally made us look like fools. And this hasn’t just started with Secrets and National security leaks, it started from day one of his presidency. Gitmo, no tribunals for terrorists, will get to the bottom of interrogations, Gulf and mandates on oil drilling, Closures of Coal industry, take over of Car industry and banks, Obama care the list is endless but this is deeper, yes, he is placing our NATION’S SECURITY AT RISK.

    Look at Holder, he is another one who has been covering up atrocities, Emanuel got out while the getting was good. Yet, he is a socialist too.

  • Hugh

    You hear that sound? That’s what is called an implosion.

  • bg


    believe it or not, it’s even in Wikipedia..

    [In May 2011, the PBS program Need To Know cited a statement by Gary
    Samore, White House Coordinator for Arms Control and Weapons of Mass
    Destruction, in which he said, “we’re glad they [the Iranians] are having
    trouble with their centrifuge machine and that we – the US and its allies
    – are doing everything we can to make sure that we complicate matters
    for them”, offering “winking acknowledgement” of US involvement in
    Stuxnet. According to Daily Telegraph, a showreel that was played at a
    retirement party for the head of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Gabi
    Ashkenazi, included references to Stuxnet as one of his operational
    successes as the IDF chief of staff.]

    well, that is for now, someone is sure to change edit it..

    oh yeah, there are many more articles,
    but this one struck me as a doozy.. 😀

    Thursday, September 30, 2010

    Israeli Stuxnet Cyberweapon Taking Over the World?

    [The virus, named “stuxnet” is also causing
    all sorts of damage to China as well.

    A computer virus dubbed the world’s “first cyber superweapon”
    by experts and which may have been designed to attack Iran’s
    nuclear facilities has found a new target — China.

    The Stuxnet computer worm has wreaked havoc in China, infecting
    millions of computers around the country, state media reported this

    Stuxnet is feared by experts around the globe as it can break into
    computers that control machinery at the heart of industry, allowing
    an attacker to assume control of critical systems like pumps, motors,
    alarms and valves.

    It could, technically, make factory boilers explode, destroy
    gas pipelines or even cause a nuclear plant to malfunction.

    The virus targets control systems made by German industrial giant
    Siemens commonly used to manage water supplies, oil rigs, power
    plants and other industrial facilities. [BreitBart]]


  • lizzy84

    This is an extremely dangerous code and now a lot of lives have been compromised and endangered with the leaking of this secret operation for oBama’s political gain. It is not possible that it was not know that this code, would, with almost certainty, in turn, be used against us. He needs to resign or be arrested.

  • Spike

    ” #3 June 10, 2012 at 2:41 pm
    Kip Allen commented:
    How can any Jew possibly vote for Obama?”

    They must all be Hollywierd Jews to whom nothing else matters except $$$$$$$

  • Yrral Dleifsarb

    What Zero knows is that neither his base nor his handlers/master(s) will ever hold him responsible for betraying Israel as an ally. Unfortunately for him, his master(s) do hold him responsible for being overtly traitorous because it alienates some swing voters, those who are not delusional yet too uninvolved or busy to be paying attention to what Zero really is. Fortunately, (for the U.S.A.), his master(s) are stuck with him for this election cycle.

    While I would never suggest that personal harm come to Zero, I suspect I can legally wish harm to his teleprompters. If those were to suffer mysterious failures, the non-delusional electorate would have many more opportunities to see what a schmuck was mistakenly elected in 2008.

  • bg


    re: #8 June 10, 2012 at 2:55 pm bg

    September 30, 2010

    Stuxnet ‘cyber superweapon’ moves to China

    have no clue what happened to the Brietbart link, will keep searching..

    October 2, 2010

    Israel’s Stuxnet ‘cyber superweapon’ moves to China

    links @ link..


  • Patty

    #3 June 10, 2012 at 2:41 pm
    Kip Allen commented:

    How can any Jew possibly vote for Obama?

    Well, you know those in Israel won’t be! :)

  • sandy

    So what if this leads to WW3 or to the demise of the State of Israel as long as Obama gets a second term.

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  • sandy

    Obama has already admitted that he never reads his speeches before they are loaded on his teleprompter. Wouldn’t it be great if the person loading those speeches wrote the truth about Obama and his con game.

  • bg


    it’s all about me, and don’t you forget it.. BHO


  • sandy

    How can any Jew vote for Obama, how can any Catholic vote for Obama, how can any middle class person vote for Obama, how can any senior vote for Obama, how can any young person vote for Obama etc. In short how can any person with a brain in their head vote for Obama?

  • Redwine

    It was risky for the Mossad to actually make this disclosure. It’s another one of Emperor Narcissus’ ploys to stab an important ally in the back for his personal gain. (Oh, he’s “got Israel’s back” all right – with an axe in it.)

    American Jews in Israel aren’t falling for the Fraud-in-Chief. They’ve started a new group to campaign for Romney, Americans in Israel for Romney:

    Hope this catches on here with American Jews.
    Also, Jewish conservatives (like me) are starting to have an impact. We do have a voice.

  • Matt

    If they can do this by themselves, let’s leave them on their own.

    This is a lie.

    I haven’t heard of one technological source who believes that Israel had the capability or that the US didn’t do this.