This is just bizarre.
Obama offers dating tips then winks at the camera in the latest bizarre campaign offering.

In latest campaign gimic Obama offers dating tips on how to score a woman like Michelle. Then he winks at the camera.
The Daily Mail reported:

Dating can be a nerve-wracking occasion for any new couple, but it seems the President of the United States managed to impress the First Lady from the first date.

Barack Obama took Michelle for lunch at the Art Institute of Chicago in Michigan, before a leisurely stroll to the movies to watch a 1989 Spike Lee film which had just been released.

The Obamas gave an interview recalling the first time they went out for dinner as a promotion for a competition the president’s campaign is running, offering winners the chance to dine with him and his wife…

…’The walk – patient,’ she adds.

Mr Obama grins, shrugs his shoulders, looks at the camera and says ‘Take tips gentleman’ before winking.

Get a room.




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  1. It’s funny watching it with the sound off. Mooch looks pissed off and Obama looks like a cast member of “Queer Eye For The Straight Guy”

  2. Gag.

  3. Cover for his gayness.

  4. They keep failing to mention the fine print! The “winner” of this little contest has to pay taxes on the total “worth” The None estimates that the prize is worth – over $4,000. Just like you had won the lottery.

    If you don’t have several hundred available to throw into The None’s campaign coffers, you might want to rethink that smaller donation . . .

  5. And we should be interested in this pile of crap because…?

  6. Ha ha ha ha What a loser couple

  7. They mention a Spike Lee film. As I recall, Spike Lee’s grossly irresponsible “Do the Right Thing” was released in 1989, so that must have been the film. That seems completely consistent with the Obamas’ views on racial matters and business owners.

  8. Self absorbed, arrogant jerk meets condescending control freak; they were meant for each other.

    Now, let`s get them their own island so they can leave the rest of us the hell alone.

  9. *gag*

    He’s totally diminished the respect and class of the Presidency, taking it down to such an embarrassing frat-boy, tacky, amateurish level. Good gawd, November can’t come fast enough.

  10. Who wants to date Cheetah?

  11. Obama shouldn’t have worn the light colored shirt under bright lights. You can see the outline of his wife-beater.

  12. Next they’ll be selling their DNA. Nothing is beyond them.

  13. If I wanted to make love to a woman who looks like LeBron James in a dress, I would take up meth and hang out at a soup kitchen.

  14. Did he have the dog ?

  15. #10 June 25, 2012 at 11:59 am
    JenBee commented:

    People (rightly) complained that Clinton destroyed the gravitas of the Office of the President, but Barry has made Billy Jeff (and Jimmah) look virtually Reaganesque in comparison. Clinton may have been a political opportunist of the first water, Barry has totally pegged the crass, tacky meter for being the supreme narcissist.

  16. Total fiction. More like, Michelle, this is Barry, we’ve arranged a marriage, kids, home, the works! All you have to do is play along. Your reward? How’s First Lady sound?

  17. Ok, so like I really need advice for Gay Dating?!?

  18. That Tee Shirt–yuck…

  19. i can’t imagine that taking my future wife to a spike lee movie would have resulted in a positive outcome. i never wanted to date sasquatch anyway…

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