GREEN SCAM: 80% of Green Energy Loans Went to Obama Donors – 19 Companies Went Bust (Video)

80% of Green Energy loans went to Obama donors.
The FOX News analyst says 70% in the video but actually 80% of DOE dollars went to Obama backers. 19 of these green energy companies went bust.

And, it’s expensive.
Solar power is 35¢ per kilowatt compared to coal, gas and oil that costs 5¢ per kilowatt.

Here’s a list of the green companies that have gone belly-up since receiving Obama dollars.
Heritage reported:

For those who only hear about these failing companies one by one, the following is a list of all the clean energy companies supported by President Obama’s stimulus that are now failing or have filed for bankruptcy. The liberal media hopes you’ve forgotten about all of them except Solyndra, but we haven’t.

Evergreen Solar
Solyndra (received $535 million)
Beacon Power (received $43 million)
AES’ subsidiary Eastern Energy
Nevada Geothermal (received $98.5 million)
SunPower (received $1.5 billion)
First Solar (received $1.46 billion)
Babcock & Brown (an Australian company which received $178 million)
Ener1 (subsidiary EnerDel received $118.5 million)
Amonix (received 5.9 million)
The National Renewable Energy Lab
Fisker Automotive
Abound Solar (received $400 million)
Chevy Volt (taxpayers basically own GM)
Solar Trust of America
A123 Systems (received $279 million)
Willard & Kelsey Solar Group (received $6 million)
Johnson Controls (received $299 million)
Schneider Electric (received $86 million)

That’s 19 (that we know of so far). We also know that loans went to foreign clean energy companies (Fisker sent money to their overseas plant to develop an electric car), and that 80% of these loans went to President Obama’s campaign donors.

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  • sandy

    This reminds me of the movie Brewsters Millions where the guy has one month to get rid of $10 million in order to inherit billions. Obama doesn’t care who he gives this money to as long as it disappears out of our treasury.

  • http://. WillofLa

    I didn’t mean to say that in the last sentence. I meant any money outside of what the Constitution, we don’t owe. I don’t give a damn what, all these years the Democrats have been spending money, if it’s not what the Constitution says we’re to spend money on we can’t owe because it’s illegally funded. Illegally would mean if it’s not for something that the people are supposed to take care of themselves and the Constitution is clear on what is to be spent, that’s it, we’re not supposed to spend any more for other reasons. I understand “appropriations” but if it’s for something the Constitution says “nix” on, and the Democrats take some money from somewhere, like they cut some authorized funding and take the money and spend it on something illegal, and then later on they come back and claim we owe the money, that’s a lie, we don’t owe the money because it’s outside of the Constitution. The only money we owe is a income tax and that is only if you signed the W-2 form at your place of work, and if you didn’t you have to be responsible for nothing but Social Security, but only if you have a business license. If you don’t, then you don’t owe a dime.

    See, the law that nobody talks about is the fact that, yes, we do have to pay a income tax but since it’s against the law to create a “income tax” outside what tax the Constitution says is a authorized tax, the lawmakers made the tax “voluntary”so the Supreme Court would pass it. That means if you elect NOT to sign the W-2 form when you have been hired by someplace, then you are NOT responsible for paying the income tax. Did any of you know that? But what Democrats did was they passed a law that said they have to collect all “applicable” taxes from EVERY employee they hire. If they allowed people to opt out of having the income tax taken from their paycheck like the law says they have the right to do, the government would take the tax out of that companies proceeds. In other words every company has to pay the income tax on every employee, so the company forces you to sign the W-2 form so the tax doesn’t come out of their pocket. That is forced taxation and it’s against the law because it takes the right to not have to sign the W-2 from them. Then the lawmakers added Social Security tax on top of that. So we’re paying tax we shouldn’t have to pay, but do because otherwise we couldn’t get a job.

    Catch 22 anyone?

  • http://. WillofLa

    #21 Sandy,

    Yeah, Sandy, I’ve seen that movie. And one way he thought of to get rid of a bunch of it was to run for political office as “None of the Above”. Wasn’t that what he called himself? Or something like that. That’s what I wish we could do and that is vote for “none of the above” and no one is elected President. Just make the Congress and Senate hash out all the laws and put them into law by a unanimous vote in favor, like a Parliment. But even a parliment has a Prime Minister, and in Russia they have both a Prime Minister and a President. That’s weird.

  • Sparky

    The companies were never meant to be profitable. This completely intentional by Obama. The only goal was to find a way to funnel money to reward his major campaign contributors and bundlers.

    Americans were asleep at the switch and the Chicago thug machine took the WH. The fallout will continue and will be huge!

  • http://. WillofLa

    Obama’s spending illegally our tax money when it is plainly against the law, is the reason why I say that Obama needs to be prosecuted for his crimes, like any other criminal. Except in his case he needs to be prosecuted for lying about being a “natural born” citizen. He should spend about twenty years in prison then when he gets out, he should be deported back to Kenya. In the meantime his wife who is a Socialist should have her citizenship revoked and deport her to the country of her husband, which is Kenya, not fricking Hawaii. Oh no, she doesn’t get to lay out on the beach waiting for Barack to get out of prison, oh no. Her butt goes to Kenya so that she can get herself employed to prepare a home for her husband when he gets out of serving time for his crimes. And he is not allowed to ever come back to this country ever again, nor will he have any business here in America for any reason or back door method either. Just cut him off completely.

  • Patty
  • Patty

    In other words, what these radical want they seem to get. Whether we like it or not. Is that the attitude in our nation today.

    Nothing gets done that is bi partisan or fair. Nothing gets done for this nations employment. Many will no longer have unemployment checks, then what, crime, homeless walking the streets is large groups, children dirty and home will be the norm. What is it with Obama and Holder, where is their true compassion.

    Crime, I fear will be on the rise. People can only take so much until the break.

  • Patty

    OT Sort of:

    Pathological Liars Disregard Integrity

    Among liberals, integrity and honesty seem to be little more than campaign slogans. Warren and Obama have no reservations about lying when it comes to their past or personal history. Ms Warren is once again caught up in her own lies and the MSM and the Liberal faithful seem to be unconcerned; actually, they are repeating the lies without fact checking, but the rest of America is wondering if they are willing to trust another pathological liar in a position of authority.

    The day after she announced her candidacy for U.S. Senate, Democrat Elizabeth Warren told the convocation at UMass-Boston: “My grandmother drove a wagon in the land rush to settle territory out west. It was 1889, she was 15 years old…She lived to be 94, to see her youngest grandchild, that’s me, graduate from college…”. Warren’s maternal grandmother died in 1969, the year before Warren graduated from college, and her paternal grandmother was only 2 years old in 1889.

    Obviously, Ms Warren didn’t major in math and figures the rest of us can’t do simple arithmetic, but perhaps the story of her grandmother is a composite of women, much like the story of Obama’s girl friends in his fanciful biography. {..}

    Pathological liars, most certainly this was written for Obama and Americans are sick of the cheat, liar and spender.

  • jainphx

    Does anyone know what happened to all those papers taken from Solyndra by the FBI in that raid. I said at the time they would just disappear. What if anything do we know.

  • BurmaShave

    #24 Sparky commented:

    “Americans were asleep at the switch and the Chicago thug machine took the WH. The fallout will continue and will be huge!”


    I pretty much agree with you; but I would add that there was also a very deliberate effort on the part of the media to hornswoggle America.

    I always point out the REAL VILLAIN is the DNC media, not Obama; he is merely their Frankenstein creature, and their agent.

  • Patty

    OT mo BARF ALERT…………..

    The Devil Wears Obama: Anna Wintour Offers Chance of Mingling With Rich and Fashionable

    Are you rich and famous and very fashionable? Probably not but good news! Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue magazine, has invited a couple of you peons to experience a momentary thrill in your dull lives by hanging out with the glitterati at an exclusive New York fundraiser for Obama. Here is Wintour, on the heels of yet another terrible economic report, making her offering to briefly breath the same air as the liberal elite:

    Hi, I’m Anna Wintour. And I’m so lucky in my work that I’m able to meet some of the most incredible women in the world, women like Sarah Jessica Parker and Michelle Obama. These two wonderful women and I are hosting a dinner along with the president in New York City to benefit the Obama campaign on June the 14th.

    And here is Wintour, upon whom the character of Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada was based, opening up the possibility of mingling with the fashionistas:

    It will be a fantastic evening and you can join us. We’re saving the two best seats in the house for you but you have to enter to win. You can enter right now by going to

    Sarah Jessica and I both have our own reasons for supporting President Obama but we want to hear yours. So please join us but just don’t be late.

    That Wintour pitch, coming in the middle of tough economic times, seems to have the same feel as Marie Antoinette offering a couple of peasants a chance to hang out with King Louis XVI and the aristocrats just as the Bastille was being stormed.

    The most amazing thing about this Wintour video was it was actually released to the public by the Obama campaign itself. Perhaps they wanted to supply us with more comedy material.
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    Read more:

  • BurmaShave

    The possible good news here that this major scam scandal just might significantly discredit the Green movement, which has been wrecking our country — for our own good, of course — for decades.

    Drill ANWAR!

  • Patty
  • Patty

    Soros holds all the Oil and Obama likes it that way. So, does Soros!! :(

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  • Little David Puddy

    Bernie Madoff got 150 years in prison, but compared to Obama, Madoff is a small time crook. However, Obama is not the problem. The real problem is an electorate so incredibly stupid and dependent on the the government that they elected Obama in the first place and may do so again. It’s no coincidence that as a nation, we are statisically dumber than we have been in decades yet Obama still appeals to half of the electorate.

  • kato

    That’s news to me that Johnson Controls and Schneider Electric are failing companies. The fact is, it’s completely false.

    Schneider, I believe, just got taken over at a very rich price by Eaton Corp.

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  • GP Fan

    #29 June 2, 2012 at 2:19 pm
    jainphx commented:

    “Does anyone know what happened to all those papers taken from Solyndra by the FBI in that raid. I said at the time they would just disappear. What if anything do we know.”

    I had forgotten about that. Which is exactly what they wanted to happen.

    #5 June 2, 2012 at 11:59 am
    Redwine commented:

    “The regime’s Green scam is an enormous money laundering operation. It dwarfs Madoff’s pyramid thievery, especially since it has stolen, and continues to steal, taxpayer money – OUR money – for the regime’s special interests. The whole lot of them, from Comrade Barry to his czars, satraps and cronies. need to face prosecution and punishment under the law, once we get the criminal Holder arrested for his numerous crimes and clean out the (in-)Justice Dept.”

    That’s what should happen. But, as the quote above implies, and as F&F and all the other illegal injustices of this shameful DOJ and this out of control dictator and illegal admin and the hundreds/thousands of unconstitutional/illegal things they all did/do, and because most of the rest are just self enrichment enablers, nothing will happen. There appears to be no justice to be found anywhere in our country anymore. Except maybe a baseball player, who isn’t allowed to lie to congress, but all those who really matter, can, and do. Blatantly. And that’s okay. What an absolute disgrace and embarrassment. This dictator should have been stopped before he ever got started. Campaign crimes, czars, it should have been immediately stopped, investigated, and prosecuted. I never thought I’d see our country as the complete Banana Republic it has been allowed to become. I pray. Write, and pray.

  • bg