Figures… Obama Stiffs Restaurant on Lunch the Day After He Accuses GOP of Sticking Him With Steak Dinner

You just can’t make this stuff up…

On Tuesday, Barack Obama accused Republicans of stiffing him with the bill for a steak dinner.

“They (Republicans) order a steak dinner and martini and then, just as you’re sitting down, they leave, and accuse you of running up the tab.”

Then, on Wednesday, Obama treated two military members and two barbers to a Father’s Day lunch yesterday.
Then he stiffed the restaurant.

ABC reported:

Amid the bustle of President Obama’s surprise stop for barbecue Wednesday the White House apparently overlooked one key detail: the bill.

Celebrating Father’s Day early, the president had lunch with two service members and two local barbers at Kenny’s BBQ on Capitol Hill.

As the group chatted about fatherhood, the president enjoyed a steaming plate of pork ribs with hot sauce, collard greens, red beans and rice and cornbread.

The bill for the president and his four guests was $55.58, but was left unpaid at the point of sale, according to pool reports.

Hat Hit Lorraine Yuriar

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  • Odd


  • KornKing

    Nothing new here
    “I’m Buyin'”, then stick someone else

  • SacTownMan

    It’s kind of like going to a resturant and ordering steak, martini’s and walking out…”

    Oh!! So that’s what he meant in that speech!!

    Can you say “Dine and Dash”?

  • Sam Stone

    I’m sure he just put it on the credit card like all his other spending.

  • Hal

    What was that about eating at a restaurant and leaving someone else with the bill? Talk about hanging yourself with your own words. Didn’t take long, did it?

  • USMC Thomas

    SØBama’s legacy from Bush.

  • anti-bho

    guy on the right in the video looks like Herman Cain.

  • Dave-O

    an apt metaphor for his entire Administration . . . . order anything you want off the menu, and let somebody else pay for it!

  • Adirondack Patriot

    He has the wrists of a girl.

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  • dwd

    OUT OF TOUCH MUCH? People jumped all over Bush41 about the scanner at the checkout… at least Bush41 knew you had to pay for things before you leave the establishment. Obama just walks out and doesn’t pay. Maybe he thought the restaurant had already made enough money?

  • cjrian

    It’s GW’s fault
    Or the Japanese tsunami
    Or ATM’s
    Or airport kiosks
    Or the TEA Party
    Or an “obstructionist” Repub Congress (which is really 1/2 Dem)
    Or because of Slurpee’s

  • I’m HUNGRY!

    The guy in the forground, left, just says, “For God’s sake, man, can’t you just shut up so I can eat this barbque sandwich?!”.

    Meanwhile Mr. Host blathers on and on and on and on and on and on….

  • I’m HUNGRY!

    ..and drink my 20oz soda!

  • blahblahblah

    The real question is, when is Team-Obama going to lay down an attack strategy they don’t instantly step in themselves? I mean seriously, attack after attack has seen Obama himself become the punch-line, usually instantly.

    How stupid is this man that he cant even throw a punch without somehow watching it land on himself each and every time?

    Its comedy gold if it wasn’t so painfully pitiful for the country…

  • Odd

    3 New Words —— Its Bush’s Fault

  • ebayer


    You just can’t make this stuff up!

    Just yesterday in Baltimore he said this:

    President Obama explained that President Bush had eaten a steak dinner and then run out without paying the tab: “It’s like somebody goes to a restaurant, orders a big steak dinner, a martini and all that stuff, then just as you’re sitting down they leave and accuse you of running up the tab.”


  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    maybe he thought they were treating him. after all he is the WON.

  • paul52

    Two-bit grifter. Probably took the silverware and salt and pepper shakers.

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