It’s not just union workers, Jews and black voters in North Carolina.
Even New York City libs are questioning their support for failed President Barack Obama.
NewsBusters reported:

Via NewsBusters:

Might the man who once said of himself “there’s been nobody who’s a bigger Obama supporter” vote for Mitt Romney? Maybe. On today’s Morning Joe, Donny Deutsch—ad exec, man-about-the-Hamptons and quintessential wealthy NYC liberal—declared that his support for President Obama is “wavering.”

Deutsch said that it was the bad jobs numbers of a couple weeks ago that “changed everything for me.” Reacting to Deutsch’s surprising declaration, Willie Geist broke out a variation on LBJ’s line about Walter Cronkite. Said Geist: “if I’ve lost Donny Deutsch, I’ve lost Middle America.” View the video after the jump.




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  1. Weekly new jobless claims rose to 386,000 this week, up 6,000 from last week and will most likely be revised upward by next week…….

    Blaming Bush & European markets don’t cut it any more Mr. president, time to admit that you don’t have a clue about running a country.

  2. Man,if Donnie Douche has been lost, then…

  3. If you have lost Donny Deutsches Reich , you have lost George Soros.

  4. Donny Douche leads “Middle America?” Who knew?

  5. The May forclosure rate jumped by 12% with 109,051 American families losing their homes.

    Where is your plan Obama? A night of “Checks in the City” with Sarah Jessica Parker and blaming others?

    Go home to your “Choom Gang” where you belong.

  6. President Kardashian has lost the morons on liberal t.v. !? Wow!

  7. Must be pretty bad, even some of the stupid people are asking questions.
    When push comes to shove however……

  8. 2010 The Shellacking ,Wisconsin,”the Kennedy seat”

    These are just the beginning Libs, 2012 The Shellacking Pt II ,is in the headlights

    At least you have the SCOTUS decision on Bozocare, to look forward to later this month

  9. It was the jobs numbers just two weeks ago? Did he just choose not to pay attention until two weeks ago? I call BS–lefties are seeing the writing on the wall and are starting to jump ship. And this guy is one of the most repulsive.

  10. Middle America, they say. We don’t need Richie Riches to speak for Middle Americans. Obama lost them long before this.

    But thanks for Sharing your opinions, which don’t matter to any section of America.

    I do believe all of us have come to this conclusion about this inexperienced President.

    Get a clue, guys.

  11. still wil vote for Obama. Total disconnect. anyway it is the Leftie,socialist church theuy believe in. they’ll toss Obama overboard in their head but the church of leftism goes on

  12. Obama coming to NYC today. Due to visit World Trace – at rush hour. Trains to New Jersey halted between 3 and 6pm due to his appearance. Somehow I don’t think this is a way to win friends and influence people to vote for him.

  13. Donny is the d_ckhead who said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that what his beloved OWS movement really needed to catch fire was a ‘Kent State’ moment. Pathetic!

  14. I saw this early this morning. He is a die-hard lib, so for him to be “shakey” is amazing. How this “entrepreneurial guru” can side with Obama in the first place has always been beyond me since “entrepreneurial” and Obama are opposites.

    He is a phony.

  15. Douchebag Donnie has lost that lovin’ feeling? Maybe the idiot will jump off a bridge.

  16. They will speak publicly about not voting for ozero… but they will cast their for for king putt…it’s in their blood

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