Creepy… Democrats Hold Massive ‘Omming’ Séance at Wisconsin Capitol (Video)

OK. This is weird.

Poll after poll shows that Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is losing to Governor Scott Walker in the recall race.

Democrats are so distraught that they’ve resorted to mass “Omming” at the Wisconsin Capitol.
Via Revealing Politics:

Good luck with that.

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  • shbiumi

    I hate to admit I know this, but I think the OM thing is meditation, which is different than a seance. However, I didn’t watch the video, so they could indeed be combining the two- OM= meditate, seance= talk to the dead.

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  • merlin

    OMMING is them calling the gods, pagan as it were, them asking for a god to intervene, while conservatives know to thank God, and not to ask Him to do the work for us. Plus, Democrats really love their cults.

  • Multitude

    Quite the misappropriation of Buddhism. One does not “appropriate” the Buddha for political causes, invoking claims of political privilege through sacred ritual. Any progressive that has participated in this has certain bad karma, greater than “crapping on the cop car” that we saw with Occupy.

    It is repugnant that these hollow people would try to steal such a meaningful ritual for their short-term power gain, but then again, the progressives in the Taliban blew up the Afghani Buddha statues in a remarkably similar ritual. “It’s all about our power” say the progressives, “and no religion, faith or ritual will stand in our way. We’ll steal it if need be.”

    What can we make of tonight’s bizarre ritual? Progressives in the 1930s mixed numerous faiths together, including the Occult, as they attempted to construct a faith that would give the otherwise atheists a reason to believe they were capable of transformative “HOPE” and “CHANGE”. Here’s what unfortunately happens when these hateful progressives try to steal other religions for the sole purpose of attaining violent power over others:

    (Raiders of the Lost Ark, on progressive ideology and its strange fascination with faith)

  • jainphx

    ohm, Yeah thats the ticket. Why don’t they ohm us a balanced U.S. budget? how about they ohm us a tax break, Nah they want the opposit. OHM OHM OHM, ok what did I get?

  • NeoKong


  • http://. WillofLa

    Boy, I’ll bet there are going to be a ton of Black Masses tonight by all the Satanists across the country. I was listening to Coast To Coast AM last night and he was talking about all the Satanists at the Vatican that are all over the place and have been for centuries. I would think so since this is the first organized religion for the Christian’s there ever was. What does that have to do with anything, being the first organized church for Christian’s? It took place in Rome which has the longest history of assasinations of leader, debauchery, intrigue, tyranny, murder. I say that was the one place where you could find a “god” for every kind of thing you wanted and religious leaders of all those religions that were just as unGodly as they could be. Satan worshipers were everywhere so why not the Catholic church, and that’s what’s been a known fact for a long time except they just don’t make it public.

    And that is that strange little funny feeling that everybody has, that funny little thing that we feel is going on that we just can’t put our finger on, something going on that doesn’t feel like it’s good, but we don’t see exactly what it is just yet, it’s the growing amount of evil that is billowing out all over the Earth now more than ever. We are coming to the beginning to the Tribulation that is in the Bible. It begins at the end of this year and the beginning of next year. You know, like, the real Tribulation, the Anti-Christ? If you don’t believe it then you should read up on it and firstly giving your soul to Christ through salvation. Just read Mathew, Luke, and John and accept Christ into your heart and have him forgive you your sins, and then you will be ready for anything that is coming.

    The world is overflowing with Evil. It is in the White House, all through our government, all over our nation. Wouldn’t you think that Satan would want this nation to fall? Don’t you think that our death as a nation because he and his followers could get us to not care enough about our own country that we just let it fall into the hands of those who hate Christian’s, conservatives, Jesus, our Holy Bible, and Jews. There is so much hate in this country it’s not even funny. Of course there is alot more good and love, but the problem is you just don’t see much of it with ordinary Christian’s. We just don’t show it unless you need our help then you see it.

  • davidt

    Sounds like a hive, which I guess fits the hive mentality.

  • Tim in Cali

    Did they do it ’till they were blue in the face…then please continue
    You’re doing fine,it’s a beautiful shade of blue

  • Wild Thing

    How weird and yes typical progressive leftist bs.

  • Mary P.

    Great comment, Multitude. To use the “Om” for selfish gain is the stuff Hitler was made. It’s not common knowledge, apparently, that he was a student of the Occult and of the esoteric. The “Om” of the Buddhist, corresponding to the Christian’s understanding of the word of God, as the cause of the creation and characterized by perfect love, is hardly meant for the selfish purpose of these less evolved selfish and separative weanies seeking to triumph over their fellowmen by any means necessary.

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  • bg


    they’re channeling Lucifer..


  • bg


    “The Divine & Demonic”

    bit more here & scroll thread for much more..


  • bobdog

    Perhaps they could all join hands, light candles, and sway back and forth together.

    All we are sayyyyyying… give peace a chance…..all we are sayyyying… give peace a chance…..All we are sayyyyyying… give peace a chance…..all we are sayyyying… give peace a chance…..

    Repeat ad nauseum until the polls close and the lawyers are bussed in.

  • progressoverpeace

    I think there was a little feedback coming coming out of the speakers and the whole human microphone thing just took off on it. Leftists are funny like that.

    You can only tell if this is a heartfelt, ashram “ohmmm” if they try to lift the state capitol afterwards. They did get the Pentagon up 1/4 inch back in the 60s, but the guy with the camera was talking to a chick and missed it.

  • Highlander

    Liberals are truly mentally ill, and the really disturbing thing is that a large percentage of that crowd is composed of TEACHERS. Am I the only one who sees a problem with letting mentally imbalanced people like that teach our children and indoctrinate them with their warped political and ideological viewpoints? I hope not …

    I suspect a lot of people agree with me, and have had about enough of this crap. This election is going to be a referendum and when it’s over, the momentum is going to carry through to the elections in November. I hope we see a good house-cleaning in government, in our schools, and in the entire public sector workforce….

  • jorgen

    A seance makes sense: they are asking the dead to vote for Obama like last time.

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