Confirmed: George Zimmerman Passed Lie Detector Test After Trayvon Shooting

Autopsy results after the shooting revealed that Trayvon Martin had only two injuries on his body – a fatal gunshot wound and bloody knuckles.
Via The FOX Report:

On the other hand, George Zimmerman did have injuries, including a fractured nose, two black eyes and cuts on the back of his head.

Then there’s this…
George Zimmerman passed a lie detector test the day after the Trayvon Martin shooting. During the questioning Zimmerman told police that he was attacked by Trayvon Martin.
The Smoking Gun reported, via FOX Nation:

A day after killing Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman passed a police lie detector test when asked if he confronted the teenager and whether he feared for his life “when you shot the guy,” according to documents released today by Florida prosecutors.

According to a “confidential report” prepared by the Sanford Police Department, Zimmerman, 28, willingly submitted to a computer voice stress analyzer (CVSA) “truth verification” on February 27. Investigators concluded that he “has told substantially the complete truth in regards to this examination.”

Zimmerman, the report noted, “was classified as No Deception Indicated (NDI).”

Along with questions about whether his first name was George and if it was Monday, Zimmerman was asked, “Did you confront the guy you shot?’ He answered, “No.” He was also asked, “Were you in fear for your life, when you shot the guy.” Zimmerman replied, “Yes.”

Now, why was this guy arrested again?

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  • Ragspierre

    The technology is not considered reliable by any court in the land, that I know of.

    They are no better than a coin-toss. Worthless.

  • Abe

    If this was a white 17 year old there would be not a word from Jackson and Sharpton, they wouldn’t give a rats ass…that is racist.

    And until this incident I’ve never heard the term white Hispanic. And if there is such thing then aren’t there also white Islamic, white Indian, and white African American citizens as well?

    Why can’t we all be “American”? Alot of citizens are of German and England decent but we’re not referred to as European Americans, it’s exact same thing.

  • retire05

    And now, throw this into the mix: Matt Guttman, reporter for ABC, admitted on his twitter account that SPD lead detective, Chris Serino, was actually Guttman’s “leaker” for information not yet released by the SPD in an ongoing investigation. ABC made the decision just hours after Guttman’s admission to ship Guttman off to their Tel Aviv office.

    Serino, according to the SPD, (and take this with a grain of salt) has requested to be relieved of his duties as a detective and is now being reduced to being a beat cop, in a patrol car most likely, working the grave yard shift. Seasoned lead detectives do not request duty that is usually done by low seniority cops. And where is the statement by the SPD that the illegal leaking of not yet released information is a violation of Florida statutues and is being investigated by IA? The SPD announced that it was Serino’s decision (to reduce himself to a low seniority status) and Serino will maintain rank and pay grade. (double face palm)

    If Serino was running his mouth to Matt Guttman, who else was he running his mouth to? Benjamine Crump? The guy who owns Julison PR that was making the rounds and admitted on his own website that he had spent the day with (tah-dah) Matt Guttman, and who is working for Benjamine Crump? Was Serino the source for Benjamin Crumps almost immediate statement about Skittles and “iced tea” when the drink was actually Arizona watermelon drink? And why has Serino, who clearly violated Florida law, not suspended pending the results of an IA investigation? Is it because his actions will have lasting damage to Angela Corey’s witch hunt?

  • Abe

    I agree that Zimmerman is giving them ammo. dummy. There looking for anything they can to make (a made up) example out of him, the white (hispanic) guy

  • George

    He was arrested because “white hispanic” people are not allowed to defend themselves against
    black teenage thugs. If Zimmerman did not have the gun, he would be dead. Tryvon would just be another black teenage thug arrested and sent to prison for murder, and the story would have been nothing more than a footnote in the local news media.

  • retire05

    #21, Rags, while you are correct that the voice stress test is not admissable evidence during a trial, the fact that the lead investigator, Chris Serino, was leaking priviledged information in an ongoing police investigation is. Anything that Serino might testify to now has been tainted and will be questionable. He will be discredited by the defense.

  • Patty

    Passed it Twice. Seems that is not good enough in a nation with some many differing opinions. Seems the law Stand Your Ground may only apply when others do it.

    Separating in a way Them and Us. This is a Witch Hunt.

    The Harvard professor said the prosecutor made “a deliberate, willful, unethical, unprofessional, and illegal decision to withhold that evidence…from the courts and from the affidavit that she filed in support of an overblown second-degree murder prosecution.”


    And now, the prosecutor in case is suing Professor.

  • Patty

    Dershowitz Doubles Down on Trayvon Martin Case

    Dershowitz said that the special prosecutor, Angela Corey, “was aware when she submitted an affidavit that it did not contain the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. She deliberately withheld evidence that supported Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense.” As I argued in an earlier AIM Report, the media and certain politicians have played leading roles in fanning the flames, and this story has a long way to go.

  • Multitude

    I get so frustrated when good people get all worked up about how wrong something is, believing that realization, if just recognized by the left, would illuminate the utter hypocrisy. You know, the constant shock that the news media is unjust and biased, the shock that the prosecutor here ignored the facts, etc. It’s as annoying as the left’s own perpetual inane shock when economic news comes out and they regard it as “unprecedented! *gasp*” for the 66th week in a row.

    People, the left does not THINK like you do. That’s why you are unable to reason with them, convince them if they just looked at the facts, they’d come to the same conclusion. They do not think structurally. For instance, many in the tea party show awareness of the concept of limited government, which comes directly out of social contract theory. From Hobbes to Rousseau and Locke, we understand that in the state of nature, man is lawless and vicious. In order to live together without stealing each others stuff and clubbing each other to death, we enact a logical construct into social spaces via a “social contract.” This contract is constructed such that it only has the rights it is expressly, explicitly authorized. All other rights remain with the people.

    This closed-system approach (government only can do what it is authorized via contract) seems second nature to tea party conservatives. Progressives out of an entirely different model (and subsequently represent a radical takeover by an extremely virulent form over the Democratic party, as traditional liberalism is also contract-based). It is open-ended. Law is a matter of active intervention; law is made at the level of singularity, not a universal. Law has no limits; government does what is needed. There is no consent required of the people; the government is the people and its enlightened ones chosen to rule as sovereign are the deciders, those who tell the sheep what is necessary.

    Progressivism in name is a farce; it is a return to reactionary feudalism. Rule by power over the serfs. It was developed through the elites stealing the symbolism of Marxism in order to feign a promise to the people in order to avoid further French Revolutions, but was actually a ruse. In exchange for promising presents (free health insurance, minimum wages, early retirement, etc.) that were nothing more than a Ponzi scheme of funds stolen from one peasant and given in fraction to another, it was a method to ensure each gift would snare the peasantry. Progressivism is the dark mask of contemporary feudal control.

    There is no equivalence with these people. Being shocked that they do not recognize social contract theory, limited government, rationality, etc. is a waste of time. They recognize only two things: power and control. It’s understood this prosecutor was compelled to produce a case against Zimmerman because the Progressive State needs a target of hate to stir up the plantation slaves and redirect their anger at high unemployment and all toward a manufactured enemy. If she succeeds, she’ll be promoted (SCOTUS nomination? Future assistant Attorney General?). If she fails, she’s thrown under the bus and into the pit with the other spent souls.

  • political_proxy

    Yes, never let a crisis go to waste, we know.

    Lacking a crisis the next best thing is to generate one.

  • squeaky

    my knowledge of drugs is just so out dated. i’m sure i have plenty of company……..the conservative treehouse had a post up during the downtime and a street drug called lean.

  • Abe

    Hi Patty, sounds like it would take some time ie: internet research and practice to beat one of these lie detectors…Wasn’t Zimmerman given the lie test the same night?

  • donh

    and George Zimmerman’s father will now be arrested for driving 36 mph in a 35mph zone in ….5,4,3,2,….

  • Joanne

    Okay, Zimmerman who looks Mexican, but the media cried from the rooftops that he is ‘white’, shot a black teenager. How dare a Mexican looking man who the media determines is white shoot a black man – that’s what other black men are for. It fits the media’s agenda, the black movement agenda, the democrat agenda, and Obama’s agenda. I’m afraid it is a black world in America today.

  • Joanne

    #29 – so true. As the Russian defector KGB Agent said, paraphrasing, that until the boot is actually on these people’s rears, they won’t be able to acknowledge or face the facts. There is no middle class in socialism – there is only the poor and those who hold power and control of the poor, and they are the rich.

    Socialism is a mental illness. There are people who believe they are above, smarter, better, and deserving of having the power and control over those THEY deem pee-ons.


    George also said that when he shot Trayvon Martin, Trayvon sat up and said “You got me”.
    But, we know from the autopsy report that Mr. Martin was shot in the heart and died
    instantly! I am sure they did not ask him how a dead man can speak in the test. Mr.
    Zimmerman also indicated that his gun was in the back of his pants. If he was on his back
    with Martin on top of him how did he pull his gun. The truth is that it was Trayvon who was
    fighting for his life when Zimmerman pushed that gun into his chest and pulled the trigger.
    You can hear Trayvon screaming in terror on one of the 911 tapes right before the “pop” of
    the gunshot.

  • Ragspierre

    #26 retire05—DUDE! Focus! The point is NOT about admissible evidence or anything else. It about this test being FLUCKING WORTHLESS. In reality. Not just in court.

    # 28 Patty—Dershowitz is full of crap OR O’Mara and the entire Florida criminal defense bar are incompetent.

    O’Mara could file a writ of mandamus to MANDATE that the trial court conform with the law. Nobody is doing that. Ergo, the law is not offended by Corey’s charging instrument.

    Look up the Florida Code Of Criminal Procedure for the contents of a conforming charging instrument.

  • Patty

    New Forensic Evidence Is Consistent With George Zimmerman’s Self Defense Claim

    If this evidence turns out to be valid, the prosecutor will have no choice but to drop the second-degree murder charge against Zimmerman — if she wants to act ethically, lawfully and professionally.

    first for me, huffpo site.

  • Patty

    Again, past lie detector test NOT ONCE BUT TWICE.

  • Ragspierre

    #36 “But, we know from the autopsy report that Mr. Martin was shot in the heart and died

    No. We know no such thing. It is a stupid myth that someone shot in the heart “dies instantly”.

    You can destroy someone’s heart and lungs, and still have them kill you. Look it up. LOTS of variables go into how a living thing reacts to a fatal shot.