Barack Obama Calls Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt to Congratulate Him on Big Win

Barack Obama called Muhammed Morsi last night to congratulate him on his milestone win.

Morsi campaigned on his hatred for Israel and jihad against the Jews.

CNS News reported, via Lucianne:

President Obama phoned the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi on Sunday evening to congratulate him on becoming Egypt’s new president, the U.S. Embassy in Cairo said in a Twitter message around 7 PM eastern time. Earlier, White House press secretary Jay Carney in a statement called the Islamist’s election a “milestone” in Egyptians’ transition to democracy. “Millions of Egyptians voted in the election, and President-elect Morsi and the new Egyptian government have both the legitimacy and responsibility of representing a diverse and courageous citizenry,” he said.

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  • David

    Honestly, I don’t think the US or for that matter the world can afford another day of Obama, let alone 6 months

  • richwill

    One muslim calling another.

  • donh

    Milestone ?….It is a Millstone to be hung around the neck.

  • Economan

    More Islamic nation-building for Obama. I’m sure the Israelis are thrilled to have a militant Hamas-friendly state on its southern border.

  • knldgskr

    It took “O” a week to congatulate Putin. Actions speak louder than words.

  • Warthog

    I guess the Israelies will be taking back the Siani then?

    It’ll be a shame to see all those beautiful M1-1s we sent the Egyptians burning on the desert, but they were the cheap, export version anyway.

  • The Way, The Truth & The Life

    (Ezekiel 38-39) I wonder how much of a part we have in this…good or bad? Gen 12:3 “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse.” Obama, I hold you responsible if we come to destruction in this. I stand with Israel!

  • JT

    Excerpts from the conversation:
    Morsi: “Allahu Akbar!”
    Obozo: “Allahu Akbar!”

  • Obama’s connections to Muslim Brotherhood…………

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  • And started out the conversation with “Congratulations my brother. Soon the rest of the plan shall fall into place. Allah Akbar.”

  • Finncrisp

    Let’s be fair – he did not let the event interrupt his 101st round of golf. He does have priorities…

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  • No Man

    When he flies over there to kow-tow to the prezi-terrorist, he also can to go and kiss the sphinx’s arse.

  • bg
  • bg
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  • There are some in the government who are concerned that Egypt will abolish the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel that was signed by Carter and the representatives from Egypt and Israel back then. I can’t remember their names but that is unimportant. What is important is the peace agreement that has protected Israel from the arms that Egypt has would be used on Israel to make war are going to be given to the PLO now. And Egypt has a very stable income where they can afford a war, be it a short one. But how long was the war with Iraq supposed to have been proposed to last? And look how long we were there. But also to we didn’t have every man woman and child shooting at our soldiers either. That’s the way it would be if Egypt rolls in to fight and try to destroy Israel. The PLO would be in the mix, Syria, Lebannon, Iran, Iraq, and maybe even the Saudi’s might be wanting to get some to.

    The Bible says “when all eyes are on Israel, the end is near.”

  • how dumbed down are we bg


    June 25, 2012

    The Evils of the Muslim Brotherhood: Evidence Keeps Mounting

    [In short, the Muslim Brotherhood has not changed; only Western opinion of it has. As it was since its founding in 1928, the group is committed to empowering and spreading Sharia law—a law that preaches hate for non-Muslim “infidels,” especially Islam’s historic nemesis, Christianity, and allows anything, from lying to cheating, to make Islam supreme. Now that the Brotherhood has finally achieved power, the world can prepare to see such aspects on a grand scale.]

    yeah, i know, back to sleep until they’re
    literally marching down your street.. 🙁


  • Obama should be happy, since he gave them 147 million dollars of OUR money to help with their political efforts to win this election. It paid off for him. Now he has friends in the Muslim Brotherhood that he bought with taxpayers money that didn’t go through the lawful channels of appropriation like it should have. Where did he get that money? Did he just order Bernecke to give him the money out of the Treasury? Did Congress authorize that money from legal appropriations like they should have? Did they know where that money was going? Did Obama lie and say it was “economic aid” money when he, and after his little meeting with these terrorists at the “people’s house”, worked out about how much they would need in order to gain the upper hand in the elections? Or what?

    Either way it goes Obama lied about the money, who it was going to, what it was going to be used for, and Congress was cut out of the process…..again.

    And Obama has added this to his long list of crimes that he surely needs to serve time in prison for. Who’s going to procecute him? And when is that going to happen?

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  • how dumbed down are we bg
  • how dumbed down are we bg


    re: #23 June 25, 2012 at 5:52 pm bg

    unfortunately (#28), no surprise (#23)..


  • how dumbed down are we bg


    June 23, 2012

    The twin faces of Islam

    [The complexities of the “Muslim issue” in America are often exploited and
    bandied about between two extremes — one that wants to be believe that
    Islam is universally peaceful and no “real” Muslim could be a radical, and
    the other that has become suspicious of every American Muslim. The vast
    majority of Americans are hopelessly confused somewhere in between.
    They are fearful but searching for solutions and looking for hope.

    The greatest security threat we face as Americans has one common
    ideological thread across the globe — not spiritual Islam but political
    Islam (Islamism). That threat is a byproduct of a soulful Muslim battle
    between liberalism and Islamism.

    Liberalism in this context is the Western post-Enlightenment political
    movement centered on reason, natural law, individual equality and
    unalienable rights “under God.” Contrarily, Islamism is the theopolitical
    movement of Muslims wedded to the “Islamic state” and its legal
    infrastructure, its clerics, scholars and their shariah law “under Islam.”

    Put another way, Muslim reformists are at odds with Muslim revivalists.
    The battle is not between moderate and extremist Islam. It is not
    between non-Muslims and Muslims. It is inside the House of Islam.

    Sadly, America has been absent, paralyzed by fear of religious discourse
    and political correctness. Unfortunately, Americans cannot sit this one
    out. Hope is palpable from the narrative of many Muslims who, when
    given a choice, choose liberalism.

    more @ link..


  • billy sol

    why does his stupidity surprize anyone? the guy’s a marxist idiot!

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